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Author’s note: This story posted by RedTang is actually co-authored by two Literotica authors, BlueTang and Ethyllene. The copyright is co-owned by both authors. Please visit our separate pages for other stories.

Note: this story includes both anal and watersports.


Ava walked into the hotel bathroom, She was aware of Hank looking at her ass as she walked across the bedroom, and liked that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of it. As she went into the bathroom, she looked back over her shoulder at Hank and gave him a little shake.

Ava liked hotel bathrooms, especially ones with granite countertops like this one. She ran her hand along the hard, cool granite, and looked into the mirror. The face looking back at her looked pretty good for being up almost all night contorted in a series of wonderful sexual positions. The memory of her night with Hank (and her morning wake up) brought a smile to her face.

She had just grabbed her toothbrush and put toothpaste on it when Hank walked in to stand next to her. A little surprised, Ava felt a little bashful to have him in the bathroom with her. Although she had been talking with Hank for months, being here with him in person was still a bit startling. She glanced sideways at him, and at his naked chest right at her eye level. She loved the definition in his chest muscles, his muscular arms, and she even liked his nipples. She looked at his face reflected in the mirror and smiled.

“Thanks for that amazing wake up, babe.” Hank said, moving behind her and nuzzling against her shoulder.

Ava could feel the heat coming off of Hank’s body as he stood behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders and slowly began to knead them. She loved the pressure. She rotated her neck around to work out the stiffness of their contortions the night before and then tilted her head back into his as he began to kiss her neck.

“I figured you were going to shower,” Hank remarked.

“I am,” she said, “but I think I’ll brush my teeth first.”

Hank got a devious smile on his face. “I’ll help you,” he said.

Although Ava didn’t know what Hank meant by “help,” she took her brush and ran it under the water. As she began brushing, Hank began to run his hands up and down her spine. His touch gave her chills. She shivered and Hank moved his hands down to rest on her ass.

“You have such a beautiful ass, baby,” Hank whispered into her shoulder, continuing to kiss her.

Ava leaned over to spit into the basin and pushed her ass up against Hank. Hank pushed his hips toward her, bumping his bare cock against her ass. As Ava rinsed, he massaged her cheeks and ran his right hand slowly down the crack of her ass to her rosebud. He began to gently massage the little pink hole that he had just stretched out. “Just want to make sure my special girl is feeling good now. Your sweet rosebud feels like it feels good. “

“Ooooooh,” Ava moaned softly. Her asshole was still tender, but his gentle touch felt heavenly. Already feeling shaky from his touch, Ava put her toothbrush down and started to stand up straight. But Hank put his left hand on the back of her head and held her in place bent over the sink. His other hand slid forward between her legs, past her asshole, to find her pussy. His fingers traced the line where her pussy lips came together.

“Mmmm. What are you doing, baby?” Ava asked.

“Just helping you brush,” Hank said.

Hank began to put gentle pressure on her lips and Ava adjusted her legs to allow him more access. The pressure of his fingers forced her lips to separate, and his finger slid between them and rubbed against the entrance to her wet pussy. Ava pushed back against his hand, trying to force his finger into her and loving the attention. But after a long night and a morning of lovemaking, the pressure of his fingers as she leaned over reminded her that she also needed to use the bathroom.

“Baby, do you mind stepping out for a second?” she asked him.

“Why would I do that?” Hank asked. He kept his hand on her head, and now grabbed a bit of her hair, pulling her head up just a little so he could look into her eyes in the mirror.

“Uh, I just need a quick second, baby, and then you can join me in the shower if you want,” Ava said. She cast her eyes down and her cheeks reddened as she tried to avoid having to discuss bodily functions with Hank.

“No.” Hank said, leaning over her and nuzzling his face into her hair, “I’m not leaving.” Hank took this chance to slide his index finger forward into her, feeling how wet she was inside. His other fingers rubbed against her clit. Ava gasped at the sensation of being penetrated.

Ava loved the feeling of Hank’s finger inside her. She wanted more and didn’t want him to stop, but she did have to go to the bathroom, a feeling that became more urgent when he entered her with his finger. She decided to stop being coy, “Hank, I really need to use Taksim escort the restroom. Just go hang on the bed for a minute and then I’ll be good to go.”

Hank pressed his finger further into her and pulled up, and Ava gasped again.

“Baby, I just want you to hold it. Just for a minute. Feel the sensation of fullness.” Hank says.

Ava did feel full and the pressure Hank was putting inside her pussy made her feel even more full. And good.

“Mmmm,” Ava moaned. “That does feel good, baby,” she said.

“Good girl,” Hank said. He began to move his finger very slowly in and out of her pussy. She was already turned on from their earlier session, and now Ava began to get even more aroused from being the combination of being bent over the sink with Hank’s finger moving inside her and the pressure from her bladder.

“But, baby,” Ava said, her head still hanging over the sink, “I really need to go pee.” There, she said it.

“I know,” Hank says. “Be a good girl.” He pulled his index finger out of her wet pussy and joined it with his middle finger. Together, he gently pushed them into Ava, pulling back on the bit of hair he had grabbed at the same time.

“Ooooh, baby,” Ava moaned. She sucked in her breath as she took his two fingers inside her.

“Arch your back and stick your ass out,” Hank commanded.

Ava did as she was told. She liked it when Hank was in charge. Smack! Quick as a flash, Hank moved his hand down from her head and smacked her uplifted ass. Ava caught her breath quickly as Hank spanked her again.

“Be a very good girl,” Hank warned Ava.

“Ooooh, I am. I am,” Ava crooned. Her ass stung. Hank gently rubbed it to take away the sting. He slowly pulled his fingers all of the way out from her wet pussy.

“Now baby, are you ready to shower?” Hank asked.

“Let me pee first, and I will join you,” she said.

“No, Ava,” Hank said in a stern tone. “Stay with me and hold it just a bit longer.” He turned and walked over to the shower, leaning over to turn it on. He had such a tight, beautiful body and Ava liked looking at it, especially at his ass. She walked behind him and caressed it, first rubbing her hand over his cheeks, and then dipping between them to find his asshole. She kept her finger there, giving Hank his own gentle caresses as he bent over to adjust the shower.

“Mmmm, I like that,” Hank said. “But right now the focus is you.”

Hank turned and took Ava’s hand in his. He walked into the shower and she followed right behind him. The water was hot and felt amazing as it coursed its way down her body. Hank pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply. He moved his head and began kissing her neck.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered.

“Of course,” she answered immediately.

“Good girl,” he said. “Then I want you to follow my directions and do exactly what I say. If you trust me, and you do that, you’ll have several amazing orgasms.” Ava bent her head back into the spray from the shower and let the rivulets of water cascade down her body. “I trust you,” she said.

“Good girl,” Hank said, “Now turn around.”

Ava followed Hank’s directions and turned around. The spray of the shower hit her full in her chest. It felt like a thousand small fingers marching across her breasts. Hank was behind her and he moved his very erect cock up against the crack of her ass. He reached around, putting his hands on her breasts, first lifting them underneath, feeling their weight, then moving his hands further up as his hard-on rubbed against her ass.

“Oh baby,” Hank whispered, “You know I love your beautiful breasts, and especially your nipples.” He ran his fingers very lightly over her erect nipples. He slowly began circling her nipples with his fingers.

Hank began to shampoo Ava’s hair as she leaned back against him. His hands covered with lather, Hank slid his hands down her neck, exerting slight pressure on her throat to pull her back against him, then again took her breasts in his hands. His hands roamed over her slippery breasts, her nipples sliding between his fingers. Hank tweaked them, first gently, and then harder, eliciting a gasp from Ava. .

Standing behind her, Hank ran his right hand down her back to her ass. He turned her around so that her ass was facing the water, and took some suds from her hair to gently wash her crack and the outside of her asshole. Hank bent her over, bringing her mouth down to his erect cock while the water ran over her back. As Ava sucked him just for a minute, Hank reached over to separate the cheeks of her ass to allow the water to cleanse her thoroughly. He then pulled her up off of his cock and kissed her, tasting his precum on her tongue. Ava pressed against him, his cock up against her belly.

Hank spun her around again so that her back was too him, and slid his fingers down her crack, over her asshole, to her pussy again. Pushing her to bend her over Taksim escort bayan again, Hank entered her pussy with his index finger, but this time keeping his thumb on her asshole. He pressed very gently on her ass, not entering her yet, but pushing and relaxing so that she would feel her asshole pulsing in and out. At the same time, Hank wiggled his index finger in her very wet pussy.

Ava felt so full. She liked the sensation of fullness in her bladder and loved the sensation of Hank’s fingers inside her, and even the pressure on her asshole. But her need to pee was becoming more urgent again. I can’t just duck out of the shower without him knowing, she thought. Hank withdrew his finger from her pussy for a second, and Ava thought it might be her opportunity, but the chance was frustrated when he pushed two fingers back in. Hank was becoming more insistent with his probing fingers, creating waves of sensation within Ava, but she felt more and more full. It was too much.

“Hank, I really need to pee,” Ava whispered, more insistently this time.

“Go ahead,” Hank said, crooking his fingers in her pussy, feeling for her g-spot.

Ava began to straighten so she could exit the shower.

“Do not leave,” Hank said calmly but sternly, and holding her back so she couldn’t stand.

“What? What do you mean?” Ava asked him, looking over her shoulder.

“Do not leave the shower,” Hank said, looking her in the eyes. He pushed his fingers further inside her pussy. He also began to push his thumb into her asshole.

“Oh shit,” Ava gasped, closing her eyes at this additional sensation.

“Ava… if you have to pee, you have to pee. I want you to release. Right now.”

Ava’s eyes flew open. “Here?” Ava asked him, looking around.

“Yes. Here.” Hank said, looking at her. “It is just us, baby. Just you and me. You can do it.” Hank had mentioned watersports before, but she wasn’t really sure what that would entail. Was this it?

“I’m not sure I can.”

“You can. Do you feel me in you?” Hank twisted his fingers in Ava’s pussy. He also moved his left hand and gently pushed on her stomach.


“Do you feel full?”

“Oh yes!”

“Then you can do it.”

Ava was glad her back was to Hank and he couldn’t see the flush of excitement that was creeping up her face. Hank was so naughty. She knew she was naughty too. But she didn’t know if she could do this. And she certainly had never done this before.

Hank began to stroke her clit with his index finger while still pressing against her bladder. “Does that feel good, baby?” he asked.

“Yes. It does,” Ava sighed, breathing heavily with competing sensations in her abdomen and pussy, leaning against the side of the shower.

Hank leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Then think how good it will feel when you release.” He began to put more pressure on her stomach, and her full bladder.

Ava could feel his fingers still gently rubbing inside of her and his hand on her full bladder. Maybe she could just let go? No, it was too much. She couldn’t do it. But she needed to.

“I can’t do it, baby,” she said.

“Yes, you can. Concentrate,” Hank replied, pushing harder on her stomach, his fingers pushing harder in her pussy as well, his thumb pressing in her ass.

She cleared her mind, focused only on the sensation, and thought about pushing the urine out in a pale yellow stream. She wanted to. She tried. But nothing.

“Seriously, I can’t.”

“Ava.” Hank said, even more sternly. “I’m only going to tell you one more time. I want you to release.”

With that, Ava pushed hard against Hank’s fingers. She balled her hands up in fists at her side. And she pushed. And she released, peeing all down Hank’s hands. She felt the warm fluid slide out of her body and rush down to the floor of the shower like a tap that had just been turned on. She was so full, and could feel herself peeing for a long time. As she was peeing, Hank continued to move his index finger on her clit, and she felt the sensation of being incredibly turned on at the same time she could feel herself peeing. She shuddered in a near-orgasm as he pushed against her clit. Finally, Ava’s bladder was empty. Hank began to move his fingers in her pussy again, and Ava gasped at the sensations that were resuming there as well.

“Mmmmm. My dirty girl,” Hank said, leaning into her neck. “Didn’t that feel good?” Hank begn to massage Ava’s clit more insistently and now pushed his thumb deeper into her ass as well as pushing his fingers deeper in her pussy. His hard cock was bumping against her side as he fingered her from the front and the back. “Didn’t it feel good to pee?”

“Yes, baby,” Ava whispered. “I’m your dirty girl.”

“Yes you are. Standing in the shower with me. With my fingers in your pussy and your ass. And peeing on me because you were so full. So dirty. Such a bad girl. But it felt so good, Escort taksim didn’t it? And it’s going to feel even better.” Hank continued to move his fingers in and out of Ava’s pussy, accelerating their movements.

Ava moaned, pushing back against his hand, pushing his thumb deeper in her asshole. . The sensations were too much. Knowing she had just peed, and was full of Hanks fingers, Ava began to spasm. Hank could feel her pussy contracting around his fingers. Ava moaned, “Oh …. Yes … baby…. Shit … yes… oh,” trying to force her legs tight together around Hanks hands. She started to collapse, but Hank caught her with his left hand, and then slowly pulled his right from her pussy and ass. Ava’s legs were weak, and Hank helped her sit on the ledge in the shower. She relaxed, leaning against Hank.

“Mmmm, baby, you came so sweetly that time.”

“Mmmmm, oh yes. I did,” Ava said, still out of breath.

“You’re such a dirty girl. Did you like that?”

“Yes, baby, dirty, and good. Thank you baby.”

“You’re welcome,” Hank said, “But you know you aren’t done yet, right?”


“Yes. More.” Hank said. He let Ava catch her breath, sitting on the ledge. After a minute, she reached out for Hank’s cock and pulled him into her mouth again.

Hank let Ava suck him for a minute, her hand rubbing under his balls. Then he pulled her to her feet, kissing her again. Then he turned Ava around and bent her forward, rubbing his cock against the crack of her ass. “Yes, baby. You’re going to get much more.” He slid his cock into her pussy. Ava was very wet, and stretched, and Hank slipped in easily. But after a few strokes he pulled out and shifted his position, aiming at Ava’s beautiful asshole.

Ava felt the hard tip of Hank’s cock rubbing up against her rosebud. She arched her back and pushed back against him. His cock felt so good up against her swollen asshole. She caught her breath and pushed herself back into him — feeling the tip of his head start to enter her swollen hole. Her asshole was tender, but she loved the feeling of him stretching her so much.

“Gentle, baby,” she said, “Go gentle.”

“Shhhh,” Hank said, kissing her neck, “I know what you need. Relax.” He moved into her, moving so very slowly. Relaxing Ava felt her asshole begin to open up to accept his wide head. As his head pushed fully inside, past her outer rim, Ava shuddered, almost cumming, and she let out a breath she didn’t even know she had been holding.

Hank slowly began to push into Ava’s ass, but although he was moving slowly, his entry was inexorable. Ava felt him moving deeper, deeper, filling her until she thought she was going to have to cry out to tell him to stop. Just as she was sure she couldn’t take any more, she felt his hips press against her ass. Jesus, he’s in sooooo deep. Hank was deeper in this position than earlier, and she could tell the difference. Ava moaned softly again, enjoying the feeling of being completely full.

Hank slowly pulled back, pulling out half way, and then slid back in. Ava could feel him sliding along the rim of her asshole. She also felt a sense of emptying out as he withdrew, and refilling her insides as he slid back in.

“Oh, God,” she moaned.

Hank withdrew again, pulling out a little farther, and sliding back in. Each time he pulled back, his cock exited a little more, but slammed into her deeply on every downstroke. Ava felt so full.

Ava fully relaxed, allowing Hank’s cock to move in and out more easily. Hank began to move in and out a little faster. And a little harder. He pulled back slowly, relishing the feeling of her smooth, hot ass around his head, and the tight ring of her anus around his shaft. Then he thrust in hard. Ava gasped at the rapid intrusion. Hank grabbed her hips, and began pumping in and out of her at a regular pace.

Ava’s ass felt full, and wonderful. Keeping just one hand on the wall, she brought her other down to her pussy, starting to rub her clit in time to Hank’s thrusts. She thrust two of her own fingers into her pussy. “Shit,” she gasped, pressing the base of her hand against her clit.

Hank continued to move in and out, his cock sliding smoothly in her ass. The sensations were beginning to be too much for him. His breathing ragged, he slowed, then sped up, giving two or three hard strokes, then slowing to allow his orgasm to recede. He felt himself building to the point of no return. “Ava,” he gasped, “get ready. I’m going to cum.”

Hearing Hank, knowing he was going to flood her ass with hot semen, Ava felt her own imminent orgasm. Rubbing her clit frantically, she pushed her ass back against Hank as he thrust in, forcing him even deeper. Then Hank went still, she heard his guttural moan, and she felt the first pulse of hot liquid hit her inside. Hank began to pump in her again, but slowly, deliberately, twice, three times, four times, each time leaving her with a scalding splash of hot cum. With this 4th burst, Ava came too, her pussy spasming around her fingers, her ass tightening on his cock. She heard Hank gasp again at the tightening ring on his cock. He thrust once more, spent, and she shuddered through her own orgasm, her hand pressing on her clit.

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