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The guy was nervous and anxious at the same time. His appearance was one of a younger man, yet I knew that he was at least twenty-one years of age.

How he had managed to keep his virginity for so long was a mystery. He was cute with the kind of features that if he kept fit, would only get better with age. About 6’2” he had beautiful sea blue eyes and his brownish hair had been turned blonder by the sun. I smiled at him trying to ease his anxiety. He leaned back into the sofa a little, attempting to appear calm. I could tell this was going to be an enjoyable afternoon.

Slowly I reached for his had and drew him up out of the seat. Saying nothing I walked with him to the small door behind my desk. Entering he stopped short at the sight of the built-in, extra-king size four-poster bed that was the focal point of the small room. I turned the key in the door and his shoulders jerked upright at the soft click that locked us in.

I was wearing the kind of skirt that Ally McBeal would be kicked out of court for wearing, and a shear blouse that showed my bra underneath. As he had been instructed the boy was wearing tight black jeans that revealed every curve of his loins and tight ass. He was also wearing a tucked in white dress shirt that failed to hide his rippling muscles underneath. I reached up and massaged his shoulders with one hand as I walked around to face him.

He gazed straight ahead so I brought my hands up to bring his face down to mine.

“Kiss me like it’s the first time you’ve ever kissed a girl.” I whispered up to him.

The tip of his tongue wiped his lips before hesitantly they touched mine softly and stop. I kiss him back and he continues pressing a little bit more. I part my lips but do not open my mouth as his tongue licks attentively at my teeth and over my lips. My hands grab hold of his shoulders and he grabs my waist as I open my mouth to his exploration.

His tongue is larger then I first thought and I match his movements Maltepe Escort until both of are breathing hard. He begins to mold my body to his until I can feel his penis hardening next to my pelvis. I pull away quickly from his embrace; I don’t want him overly excited just yet.

I give him a moment to reign in his hormones before going onto the next step.

“Remove my blouse and bra slowly, you can let them fall to the floor.”

The boy fingers reach up and touch the top set of buttons. His hands stop though as he gazes at me for a moment before fumbling with the first button. Quickly though he works each of them and then slowly pulls of the blouse dropping it as I told him to. He reaches around my back and unclasps my bra quickly removing it as well. His eyes become locked at the site of my full and heavy breasts.

I tell him that he can hold them as I undo his shirt and run my hands down his chest and abs. I lean in and kiss his left nipple, flicking my tongue over it before nipping at it and suckling it causing it to become had as a pebble between my teeth. Then I repeat the action with his right nipple. His head has tilted back as a low moan escapes his lips. Smiling I lean back and tell him to show my breast the same attention.

His hand that have been cupping my breasts lift them high as he mouth beings to lick one nipple and then the other. Going back and forth, his tongue holds them as his mouth switches between biting them roughly and then suckling them softly. His hands massage the flesh, pushing back and forth under his fingers as he then crashes them together. Then he puts both nipples in his mouth at the same time. His attention to my breast is impressive and I take loner then normal letting him get his fill.

Finally I pull back; taking both of his hands, and lead him to the beds edge. Before pushing him back onto the bed, I shock him as I slip my hand down the front of his jeans and grab hold of him, confirming that Anadolu Yakası Escort he is not wearing underwear. Quickly I unbutton his jeans, then push him down into a half sitting half lying position so I can remove his pants altogether. They join my clothes on the floor.

His balls are heavy and I kneed them with my fingers, pulling them and tugging on them to test their elasticity. His face is red as he gasps. I tell him to move up onto the bed and as he lays stretched open I pull he fully erect penis up off his belly and carefully begin to pump it. He groans and I stop.

Climbing up onto the bed I tell him to slip a hand up my skirt. He does so and his blue eyes widen as he feels the heat that is between my legs.

“You want that don’t you?” I whisper in his ear.

He nods not able to speak.

“Then you better not come yet, you still have a few chores left to do before your reward.”

His eyes are very expressive as they beg me to hurry, but I’m here to teach so I instruct him to push up my skirt.

With my skirt up to my hips I tell him to roll me over and begin orally satisfying me. His rippling muscles carry me over in one movement and his hands open my thighs wide. He lifts my ass off the bed, before his head comes down on me. His confidence has risen measurably during his brief time in the room. And going by some deep internal instinct to do well, he gives as much concentration to my pubis has he had my breasts.

His mammoth tongue is vigorous as it suckles me. He finds my clit and holds it between his teeth and licks it hard and fast. I find myself digging my fingers into the sheets and I strain not to cry out. I can feel my juices begin to pore and I begin to shake, coming violently. I cry out for him to stop and slowly he pulls away lowering me back onto the bed with a dazzling smile as he wipes my juices from his mouth.

Gathering my energy, I sit up and from him down onto his back, raking my fingers Ümraniye Escort over his chest I squeeze his tits before moving down his ribs. Grabbing his hips I push down as I lower my head down and wet the tip of his head like a lollipop.

Then hovering over his penis I have to hold it back with my hand as I position myself above him.

“Are you ready?” I ask him sweetly as I lower my pubic mouth over his penis.

His hips rise attempting to enter and I pull up not letting him in.

As he settles back down I purr, “Are you sure?”

“YES!” He shrieks.

I ease myself down on his sleek stem. I let it inch its way carefully, wanting him to fell every movement I make around him. It is so long that I can’t get all of it in, so I begin to rock back and forth on him.

“Does that feel good?” I ask, reaching behind me to grab his balls, massaging them with my hand.

“God, Yes!” He moans.

I lift myself all the way off him and back down as he continues to moan, repeating this action a few times. Then unexpectedly he grabs my hips and I find myself lying flat on the bed as he begins to drive himself into me.

Where I had not been able to fit him all the way in before he begins to push slowly further and further stretching my insides upwards. I cry out as I rap my legs around his waist.

He digs his teeth into my neck and one of his hands cup my breast flicking my nipples between his forefinger and thumb.

Before his final penetration he removes himself all the way out of my hole before ramming himself swiftly back in with such a fore that I am propelled upright and I feel him go off inside of me.

While he slowly depletes, he roles over bringing me to lie on top of him while still maintaining his location inside of me. He holds me as I find myself convulsing as the muscles in my vagina restrict and contract quickly.

Exhausted but smiling the man nuzzles my swollen neck, kissing it lightly.

“Was I good?” He asks.

Gazing down at him I smile and kiss him softly.

“There is nothing I can teach you.”

His eyes close and he falls asleep. When he awakens I will be onto the next client but for now I allow myself to hold him inside of me for a little while longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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