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On the drive home from the vicarage that evening, after a pleasant meal, followed by an hour of delicious love making with Susanna, when her husband had gone out on a pastoral visit, Sarah still felt curiously unfulfilled with a deep uneasiness inside. The wonderful orgasms with Sue, gratifying though they were, had left her wanting something else. There was still an ache in the pit of her belly. A feeling of hunger. And she knew what it was. She wanted a cock! Thick and hard! The craving was gnawing at her.

These sexual urges had been more frequent recently. Sex was becoming a more demanding part of her life. And with George away, there could be no satisfaction from her husband at bedtime. Not that it would have been very exciting, even if he was at home! Her mind slipped back to the afternoon with Carol and her talk of dogging in the rear car park of the house. She wondered about it. No, she thought. The idea’s absurd. Me? Dogging? But hang on – with spare cock around and no questions asked? Just undiluted copulation. No affection. No pretense. No commitment. Just shagging!

The thought was turning round and mind in her mind. After all, she thought, no-one would ever know. Just a hard fuck! Thrilling! After all, that’s what the female body was created for in basic terms. Copulation! The whole purpose of a woman’s body was to be penetrated by a man’s cock. To procreate. As the idea strengthened, her resolve weakened. Well, taking a look wouldn’t harm, would it? Just out of curiosity.

The thought of a possible sexual encounter persisted as she garaged the car, getting her all worked up. Making sure all the alarms were switched on before entering the house, Sarah went into the study of the private apartment to switch on the CCTV monitor screen. Although the bank of screens were in the Security Manager’s office, they had a separate monitor installed in their private apartment which could be switched between the individual CCTVs throughout the house to check security.

Sarah picked up the remote control, pressing the Copse Car-park button. The screen flickered to life. Her eyebrows raised with disbelief. There were five cars in the park. It wasn’t a very big car park, so the cars were never far apart from one another. Couples in and around the cars, were engaged in various sexual activities. In one car, half-hidden from her, the tail gate was up and a woman was lying on her back in the boot being shagged by a big guy. All Sarah could see of the woman was her splayed legs and ankles above the roof of the car.

That decided her! She wanted some of the action. If she got cold feet when the time came, she could always back off. After her session with Sue, Sarah had not put her bra back on, thinking there was no point just for the drive home. Now, she quickly peeled off her knickers as well, so that she was dressed only in her blouse and dirndl skirt, though she always wore a suspender belt and sheer dark blue stockings, for Sue. Sue found them sexy. After a visit to the bathroom, a quick check in the dressing mirror showed that she was presentable. She certaily was! Well, Sarah was very attractive. Some guy might get lucky!

Passing through the house to the back staff entrance, Sarah disabled the alarms, before slipping out of the door into the copse. It was as though in a dream. Unreal! The light had faded, but the air was still balmy and quite warm. The trees and bushes hid the house from the car park. She would creep into the corner of the park to take a long look at what was going on before deciding whether or not to join in, if the opportunity arose. Opening the security gate, Sarah crept through, treading carefully trying to avoid making a noise, heart pounding and mouthy dry.

But as soon as she emerged from the trees in to the car park, Sarah was confronted by a five-door VW Passat estate parked right in the corner before her. She almost bumped into it! It was metallic grey and very new-looking. Both the driver’s door and the rear passenger door facing away from the entrance to the park, were wide open. Parked beyond that was a top of the range silver Ford Focus, and a black Saab five-door saloon. A fourth car at the far end was a gold Nissan Pathfinder. The fifth car had evidently left. In each car, couples were copulating in all positions. Some inside the cars, but one woman was bending over the bonnet, being shagged doggy style. It was mind boggling! So much to take in.

Sarah’s attention was quickly drawn back to the car in front of her. The interior lights were on, allowing ankara rus escort anyone to see clearly the couple on the back seat. To get a better view of the action, she moved to the driver’s open door. The woman in the back seat was crouched forward on the man’s lap, her hips bouncing up and down. She was a large lady, probably in her forties from what Sarah could guess, with short dark hair and expensive ear-rings. Not particularly beautiful, but who cared?

Her lipsticked mouth was wrapped tightly over the cock of the guy in the front seats. Head pressed against the roof of the car, the guy was kneeling, thighs wide apart, on both front seats so that his cock was thrust forward between the bucket seats. With his trousers and underwear round his ankles, his bare bottom was expansive, the muscles flexing.

The woman had her dark-blue skirt round her waist, straddling the man’s loins, whilst he clawed at her dangling long breasts. The bra was somewhere round her neck, her blouse flapping open. Sarah was awestruck by the sight and the sound of their enjoyment of the action. In fact, she was totally mesmerised, feeling very turned on by the sight of a couple fucking so close to her.

The unmistakable sound of the woman’s vagina squelching up and down on the cock, really started her lubricating glands to work overtime. Sarah felt a momentary embarrassment, though quickly realizing that all the couples in the park were there to exhibit themselves. To show off. It was their fun. Anyone was welcome to watch them. The disappointment was that she was unable to see the cock actually submerging itself into the hairy crevice designed for it. She longed to see the penetration.

Sarah had been vaguely aware of another car pulling into the car park to join the others. A car door was heard to close across the park, but she was too engrossed in what was going on in the Passat to take much notice. There were soft, cautious footsteps behind her, then she felt it! A hand pressing gently on her bottom. Catching her breath, Sarah suddenly tensed, with a cold trickle down her spine. Goose pimples broke out on her arms. Oh my God! Having her bottom stroked lowered all her defenses. She loved her bum being stroked. It was well padded, sagging slightly to form a deep crease below the cheeks.

Resisting the temptation to turn round, she sensed the man standing behind her left shoulder, feeling his breath on her neck. He had to remain anonymous, otherwise she’d back off. A soft cultured voice whispered in her ear.

‘May I? Are you available?’

The moment had arrived. The moment Sarah had waited for impatiently, but the moment she dreaded coming. An irreversible decision had to be made. Her body screamed out, yes please, but her mind was in turmoil. Should she allow this man to fondle her with his strange fingers – perhaps even penetrate her intimacy?

With a dry mouth, her heart beating faster, she tried to reason with herself. She could say ‘sorry! not right now’. But it was no use. No words came. All that she could think of was the hand stroking her bottom. It was then that Sarah had this sudden crazy thought, that the man on the back seat with his cock up the woman bouncing on it, was her husband George. She could imagine watching George shag another woman.

The effect was electric. As if it had a mind all of its own, her left hand reached behind her, wildly groping for the man’s crotch. Wow! Bull’s eyes! Sarah gasped out loud as her hand encountered a hard shaft. His cock! It was already bared for action, she thought, complete with condom. The first cock she had felt other than her husbands for many years! It felt marvelous. But, that gesture was as good as saying yes to the stranger. Actions speaking louder than words. If she didn’t actually say the work, she could pretend to herself that she hadn’t really agreed.

The hand reached down to the rear hem of Sarah’s skirt, scooping under it, fingers stroking the inside of her silk-encased thighs. They came across the creases below her buttocks, trailing a path across both cheeks. With no knickers to impede its progress, it felt so very erotic. Wicked! Sinful! But so exciting! Sarah held her breath in anticipation, squeezing the muscles as the fingers lingered and toyed with her bum. Surely this couldn’t be happening to her, she thought. The idea was too ridiculous. But it was!

It was too late for her to go back now. At least, that what she told herself. And anyway, as the hand slowly explored the softness of the area between her thighs, not yet ankara türbanlı escort touching her soaking vulva, Sarah was desperate to fondle the cock behind her. She concentrated on the contours. Squeezing and stroking. It was a curious shape. It was thick – though not as thick as George’s she thought.

Her husband had what they called a six by six penis, that is the length and circumference, making it quite a substantial piece of manhood. It was straight, whereas the one in her hand being eagerly investigated, had a distinct curve, with the head bent upwards at a sharp angle. Sarah had never felt a penis shaped like this before. It was riveting. She needed time to feel it all over.

By now, the man had reached the ridges of her drooping labia, prodding them, then gently probing the valley in between and the entrance to her vagina. Sarah was gasping heavily. She wanted cock so very badly. Her body was ravenous for it. Her whole being was crying out for penetration. But the man was in no hurry to start the assault. His first interest was to examine the territory. To carry out a sortie of the surroundings and ponder over the ground, which was rather damp. With expert skill, the fingers got into every crevice, feeling each little area, until satisfied that the desirable citadel was ready to be approached and breeched.

Sarah could feel her limbs trembling with anticipation. Unable to wait any longer, she pulled the cock towards her buttocks, pressing it into the crack of her bottom, willing it to penetrate, whilst all the time, imagining the man in the back seat to be George. It was a revelation to her to realize that she would love to watch her husband fucking another woman. Sinking his cock into her supple, private den.

The thought added to her own need. With her free hand, Sarah pulled up her skirt to drape over her waist as she bent forward, presenting her buttocks to the man behind, offering her eager vagina.

Satisfied that there was no obstacle to entering the cave of hidden precious treasures and delight, the man needed no other encouragement. With her eyes never leaving the sight of the couple in the back of the car, Sarah felt the end of the curiously shaped cock edge between her aroused, fleshy labia, seeking the passage to sexual fulfillment.

‘Yes, yes! Do it!’, she muttered thickly, more to herself than the man. ‘Now!’ That fantastic, unique sensation of a hard cock sliding its way into the secret enclosure of the vagina, filled Sarah with a feeling of supreme joy and consummation. She steadied herself by gripping either side of the frame of the car door, bending forward, pressing her buttocks backwards, reassuring the cock of its welcome into her passage of paradise, stretching its walls and stimulating the nerve-linings to unbelievable heights of ecstacy.

Sarah sighed heavily with the sweet agony of it. The strange shape of the cock added to the thrill. For all the extraordinary heights of rapture Sue could raise her to, with her tongue and fingers, in spite of the fantastic sensation she had experienced with the French girl and the Police Sergeant earlier that day, there was absolutely nothing in the world, nothing at all, to compare with the crowning glory of being filled to bursting with a man’s warm hard cock. It was heaven! Paradise! Pure rapture!

The cock thrust in and out with a regular rhythm. Sarah was thinking of nothing else but being fulfilled in the way her body was designed to be used. Glorious! Adorable! Hey eyes half-closed, lost in the incomparable physical thrill of carnal copulation.

As her body slowly rose to the peak of excitement, with squirming thighs and trembling muscles, the rhythm of the thrusting cock was getting erratic. The guy in the car was also grunting, pushing hard at the woman’s mouth. Sarah slid her hand between her thighs, splaying her fingers around the vulva, on either side of the cock thudding in and out, stimulating her clitoris. Oh yes! Yes! Yes!

It was clear to Sarah that he was near his climax, as she was nearing her own orgasm. She couldn’t stop moaning, whimpering, wanting the desperately needed release, though hoping the sensual throbbing would go on for ever. It started slowly, intensely deep in her belly. It pulsated the full length of her erect clitoris. Yes! It was there. It was coming! Swirling! A volcano waiting to erupt! Teeming deep down.

Suddenly things started to happen quickly at almost at the same time. First, the guy in the front seat of the car pulled his cock from the woman’s red-rimmed bahçelievler escort mouth, twisted his waist round in the seat, pointing his rigid cock at Sarah’s face which was facing inside the car. She stared in disbelief at the bulbous head, foreskin pulled back. It was being held between thumb and two fingers – he was jerking it.

After a heart-stopping moment frozen in time, Sarah watched the cock eject a thick jet of starch-like fluid which splattered over her nose and right cheek. The second splayed over her hair, upper cheek and face. The third and fourth covered her upper lip before she could latch her mouth onto the heaving cock, taking the final splashes in her mouth. As she was engaged in suckling the cock, Sarah heard the snap as the man behind pulled out of her, snatching off the condom. He thrust his cock between her hand and pubic hair.

Sarah, now poised on the very peak, pressed it against her groin, waiting for the deluge. There was a second’s pause, then the first discharge gushed into her palm. Then another. Wow! Again and again. Then another and yet another. As the final spasm oozed into her palm, Sarah rubbed the ejaculate all over the shaft and her swollen mound and clit, trying to trigger her orgasm.

Her body was on fire, bubbling over with lust. Rippling on the surface. Oh, hell, where was it? She was crying out for it. ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Shit!’ And it finally hit her. Sarah bucked violently as the volcano within her erupted. Her buttocks jerked and twisted out of control with the beautiful agony. Moaning and mewling, she heaved and trembled with spasms of incredible power shattering her body. The heaving spasms seemed to go on for ever. The cock in her mouth was softening. The cock in her groin had withdrawn, leaving her cupping her vulva in the thick puddle in her palm.

The trembling finally subsided. Sarah pushed herself upright from the car door, shaking her skirt down. Phew! What a fantastic experience! What an orgasm! She walked away reluctantly, without glancing back, into the trees and shrubs. As the sperm on her face thinned and slowly trickled over her lips, she ran her tongue over them to lick it off, savoring the slightly salty, tangy taste. It reminded her of oysters. She loved oysters!

In some sort of daze, she opened the gate and slipped inside, securing the gate behind her. Whilst walking up the path, Sarah felt the sperm oozing from her vagina, trickling down her inner thigh. She lifted her right hand to her face to inhale deeply. The pungent smell of the other sperm, still in her palm. It was quite different to the taste in her mouth. Faintly like bleach.

Inside the house, doors locked and alarms set, Sarah climbed the staircase to the apartment, still in a daze. In the bathroom, she looked in the mirror at her sperm-stained face, droplets still on her chin. Her mascara had run, staining the trickle of sperm that had splashed over her eyelid and dribbled down her cheek. There was a streak of sperm in her hair above her ear. Gosh, she thought, he was certainly generous with his seed.

Sarah scrutinized the palm of the hand that had collected the sperm of the stranger behind her. These were the first samples of sperm Sarah had looked at for years. Well, since marrying George. And that, she thought, is what it’s all about. That sticky mess. Amazing! A few squirts of liquid out of a man’s cock. We women go crazy to get it. And men go crazy to give it. Go to ridiculous lengths to eject it.

After studying it for a few moments, recalling the sensation of the man’s cock thrusting into her, she slipped off her skirt, allowing it to shutter round her ankles. Sarah reached between her parted thighs, scooping the juices that had collected in the base of the vulva on to the pads of the two middle fingers of her left hand. Generously coated, she transferred the fingers to her lips, rubbing her juices into her mouth and tongue, tasting the tangy musky flavor of her own intimate nectar. Mmmm! That’s delicious, she thought.

Then Sarah rubbed the sticky palm of her right hand all over her wet, warm vulva. Ahh, yes! That’s what it’s all about really. That lovely feeling of contentment when you play with your genitals. Sarah wished she could have actually seen the cock fucking the vagina, though. Slipping in and out of the stretched lips clinging eagerly to the shaft. Leaning against the edge of the bath tub, not able to put it off a second longer, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror.

Sarah watched herself masturbate with the two middle fingers rolling in a circular motion over and round her clit. Slowly at first, then getting faster and firmer, her mind dwelling on the activities in the car park. As her imagination replayed the moment the cock had exploded over her face, the resulting soft climax reverberating through her was so delightful! A perfect end to a very active day.

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