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Chapter 3

The next few weeks went by shockingly fast, and I truly am having the time of my life. I”m doing all the work that I have to do, but only spending at most eight hours a day doing so, and then spending the rest of the days in the shop with Shelby, who stayed in there most of every day playing and having fun, since he”d proven to me that he”s more than smart and capable enough to be left alone in there. I”d finished off all the projects that I”d been working on, and then started the one for Ted”s friend, and went all out on it. He”d included pictures of the land where it”s going, even the direction that it”s facing, so that I know where the sun”s at, at every time of the day, and I designed around that. The land is on a cliff on the ocean, but half of every day there will be a very good beach, and he wants a really good dock for a boat, since he”s always wanted one, which I was to design as well, but also meant that I had to design a way to get down as well. I got all the preliminary things done first, and then started working on fine details. He had given me how many bedrooms and what other rooms he”d wanted, even approximately how large he wanted it to be, so I just have to work around all that, and design it my way. His property too is off grid, so, no direct power or communications, which means I have to design all that for him too. There is a road to get there, but the way I understand it, most supplies and access will come via boat, so, having an elevator up from below, as well as stairs, really will be far better as well.

My builder, Bill, called and said he only has another few days before he”s ready to hand over everything to me, so, Shelby and I went and got boxes so that we can start packing up all that we want to take. Once done packing, and all the room mates are moved out, which is next week now, then the thrift store, that I”m donating absolutely everything else to, will come in with their trucks and pack the rest away, but they already know all this, including the tools, which I”m sure they”ll happily sell. I know Zane has already started, he”d kept me up to date on his progress as well, and he”ll be ready the day after Bill is, since there”s just a few last minute details to take care of once the construction crew are out of the way.

So, naturally, I called the car dealership and asked if they have an ETA on my new truck, because I need it in less than a week. My sales guy laughed and said it might be a photo finish, but that it”s supposed to arrive at the end of the week, and being Monday, that”s just a few days away, but, we all know just how much things can be delayed by the least little hiccup. Of course he said he”d let me know as soon as he sees it roll in.

Tuesday morning, I had to go into work for a couple hours, so I asked Shelby what he”d like to do, and he said he”d like to go look around at the mall just down the street from my office, to at least get out and do something, since we actually haven”t left the house, other than to go to the grocery store once or twice a week since we met, which lasts at best half an hour, so not lots of time spent out and about, that”s for sure. That sounded good to me, and so, I agreed.

We checked our diaper bags, got changed and dressed, and then headed out. I just dropped Shelby off at the mall, since I have to pass it anyway, and then went to the office for a bit. I stopped in and talked to Ted, telling him that his friends place is coming along nicely, and that I”ll be sending the preliminary plans to him probably next week some time, and he”s happy to hear that. I then went to my office and started doing the paperwork that I need to do, which I do despise doing of course, but is necessary. From now on, most of this will be done from home, since all this will be transferred to my computers there as well, so, I”ll only need to come into the office once a month or so, but I”d never put all this on my home computers, so that I had to come into the office to take care of that, since I know myself well enough to know I probably never would”ve come in otherwise. It took nearly three hours to go through everything, and then on my way out, I said goodbye to Ted, and that I”d see him in about a month now.

I”d given Shelby my cell phone, so that I can call him when I”m done, so to meet somewhere, and in case he needed anything, and I”d done so already. He said to meet him in the food fair, that he has a surprise for me. Well, not one for surprises, that kinda worried me, to tell the truth, but I just headed there anyway. I parked, headed into the food fair, and found Shelby sitting at a table with no one else around it, with a young boy sitting across from him. From a distance, the young man is cute, not Shelby cute, but definitely cute. As I get closer, I can see that he is. He has shaggy brown hair, deep sad brown eyes, little round face with little round nose, crooked teeth and dimples in his cheeks. He”s definitely too skinny to be truly healthy, and his clothes are thrift store specials that look like they were bought too large and probably from the rags bin, and left for him to grow into, which he has now, and could stand to be replaced.

“Hi there Handsome, who”s this?” I said as I sat down.

“This is Brady, Brady, this is my dad, though I usually call him Lex, short for Alex, because, like I said, he”s only just adopted me, but I don”t really want or need a dad, that”s just for people to keep their noses outta my diapers. So, Lex, Brady here, as you can probably see, and maybe even smell, needs our help. I caught him being a little naughty, and so, I followed him to make sure, and oh yeah, he”s a very good naughty gay baby boy.” Shelby grinned.

“A very good naughty gay baby boy, now there”s a statement one doesn”t normally hear. How so.” I laughed.

(Just so that you know, I did actually witness some of the next part, but I didn”t follow him, even though my dick wanted me to, but there is no question what was driving the young man that became Brady)

“So, I first saw him as he appeared to be following a man and his little three or so year old son, who was very clearly a very soggy baby boy, not only were his pants drooping because of how heavy his diaper was, but he had cute little wet spots on the back of his cute little baby jeans. It only took a moment to realize exactly what Brady was thinking, and what was leading him, because as you can see from his pants, they”re not very good, certainly not thick, and definitely not big enough to hide his little baby bone, that he so clearly had while watching the cute little guy. I watched as he followed them to the family room, and I spied on him, and then, as soon as man and baby left the family room, he snuck in there, grabbed the very soggy used baby diaper, and then ducked into a back hall.

“And that”s when I nearly came, because I watched as he sucked the diaper as dry as he could, and then slipped it inside his underwear, which of course exposed his very hard gay baby diapered dinky nicely for a second, and so, I had my answer, full on gay baby boy diaper lover. So, I went up to him as soon as he”d finished being so wondrously depraved, and told him I”d seen everything, which naturally caused him to burst into tears. I”d waited until I”d clearly seen him pee it before I”d done so, of course, so, I said pass me the diaper, so, he did, and as soon as he did, I pressed it to my face and sucked his and the baby boys pee out of it, and then passed it back to him, telling him to reinsert it where it clearly belongs.

“Which he did right away of course, but now it”s pretty much in ruins, so, he had to take it out, so that it didn”t make more of a mess of his pants then they already are. Of course I”d told him all about me, and what I want, need, desire, and deserve, and that I”d happily take him and diaper him like he deserves, but that my diapers will be much too big, and his pants much too small to hide it, so we hadta wait “til you were here, so that we can get him some better clothes and diapers to fit.”

“Very nice Brady, you really are a very good naughty little gay baby boy, aren”t you.”

He blushed cutely, but nodded happily enough.

“Am I to take it, Shelby, that we”re adopting you a little gay baby brother?”

“I was hoping you”d be agreeable to that. Brady desperately needs it. As you can see and smell from his clothes, and the fact that he looks nearly like a skeleton, he”s not exactly a fan of his father. He also wets the bed every night, as well his pants fairly frequently, and desperately needs and wants diapers, and his dad spanks very hard for either infraction.”

“Okay, so, how old are you Brady, and what information can you tell me of your father?” I asked after getting my phone from Shelby, so that I can type it all into my phone for the lawyer to take care of.

He told us that he turns eight in only a little more than a month, who his father is, where he works, that he knows nothing of his mother that supposedly dropped him on his dads doorstep when he was just three months old, and that his father didn”t want him either. There was not a lot of information, but more than enough to do what we need to do, so, I emailed it to the lawyer to take care of, telling him that Brady says that he”s ran away from home for more than a week at a time, several times, and his dad never notices, so, he”s going to come stay with us.

“Well Baby Boys, I guess our first stop is for clothes and shoes, and then we”ll stop and get diapers, and since we need more as well, we”ll get some too.”

“Okay.” Shelby said.

“You don”t needta buy me anything, I have lotsa clothes at home, I can just go and get them.” Brady said.

“Do they all look as bad as these ones do?” I asked pointedly.

“No, most of them are worse, but they”re all I need.”

“That, I”m afraid to say, is exactly what I expected you to say, so, yes, you need all new clothes, and that”s final, no arguments.” I said, having to add the last part, because he was just about to argue it.

“Fine.” He said softly.

We only grabbed him three sets of clothes, but somehow we forgot to buy him underwear, oh well, there”s always next time right, two packs of socks in the style he likes, one pair of shoes, and a pair of sandals. Then we head to the medical supply store, and we all go in, and get what we need from there. Shelby and I only need one pack each of the night time ones, since we still have some daytime ones left, given that we wear our night time ones most often, but Brady needs one of each, so, that”s what he gets, as well we grab him wipes, lotion, and cream of his own. Finally all loaded up, we head home, where we all need a change, and then lunch.

When we get home, I showed Brady where he can stay, it”s not officially a bedroom, and is in the basement, but, it”s really only for a week. We then all get soggy baby bum changes, though of course Brady just plain has to get diapered, and then we meet in the kitchen and make and eat lunch. As we do, we of course talk.

“So, Brady, I haveta ask. You were clearly incredibly horny for a three year old, would you actually have done something with him had the chance arisen?” I have to ask.

“No, he”s too young, he was super cute, and seriously soggy, I just wanted his soggy baby diaper. I woulda given almost anything to have seen him in only it, though, but, no, he couldn”t have asked me for it, so, I know that”d be wrong.”

“I saw your looks, I think you”re lying, you totally woulda done him.” Shelby said.

“Yeah, but only if he said it was okay, and knew what he was asking for. I don”t really want a baby boy so young, he wouldn”t be able to do much for me, but I”d sure like another gay baby boy my age, or maybe even older, that”d be awesome. To tell you the truth, when you caught me, and told me you were the same, I was kinda hoping you were gonna bring me home, diaper me, and diaper fuck me “til we were both dead, not gonna lie, kinda wish you still would.”

“That”s good.” I said.

“I know, and I totally woulda too before meeting Lex.” Shelby grinned brightly.

“How will I find a baby boyfriend of my own though?”

“Hard to say.” I said.

“I”m sure we”ll figure it out. So, Lex, have you made the offers to Geoff and Art yet, and has your friend at the art gallery given Art his offer yet?” Shelby asked, because I”d told him I wanted to wait until the house was done before I made any offers.

“Not yet, and if he has, Art hasn”t said anything about it yet, and we”ve emailed a few times.”

“Bummer. Maybe he”s just thinking it over. We totally needta get him and Geoff together.”

“For sure.”

Which then led to the explanation as to who Geoff and Art are, how we all met, pretty much everything. As soon as the explanations were done, Shelby asked me if he could borrow my computer for a few minutes, and I said sure, so, he went and grabbed it, booted it up, and worked for a few minutes. He was typing away madly for most of the time, so, I”m guessing he”s emailing someone. When I asked, he said he”ll tell us when he knows anything, that right now it”s just a hunch. Then it dawned on me, I”d totally meant to buy Shelby a computer today while we were out, I was going to do so after work, but other things came up instead, which kind of sidetracked that a little. Yes, he can use one of the big desktop units in the office, and that”s fine, but when we”re relaxing for the evening in the den, sometimes we both want to use the notebook computer at the same time, so, we need another one, but, now, I suppose, we actually need two more.

“I haveta run to the store Babies, something that I was gonna grab after work, but kinda got distracted by something else, you can just stay here, and I”ll be as quick as I can. If he wantsta, Shelby, show Brady the shop, or you can play games, whichever you two decide. I would rather I was there when we teach him in the shop, though, so no actual working if you do go out there.”

“What are you grabbing?” Shelby asked.

“Now, if I”d wanted to say that, I woulda said it when I said what I was gonna go get, now wouldn”t I. Turnabout is fair play, as they say, so, you”ll find out when it happens.” I grinned cheekily to him, and he grinned just as cheekily back.

“Fine, be like that.” He said happily enough.

“Yep, I will.”

I got ready to go, and headed out right away. There”s a computer store not all that far from the house, it”s where I bought my last few units anyway, because they”re reasonable, so, that”s where I head to. My notebook computer is now also nearing three years old, so it”s due for replacement, which, again, had been on my list of things to do, so I plan to get three now. When I arrived, I looked for a few minutes before going to the guy who”d offered help when I came in, and told him which model I want, and how many of them that I would like, so, he went and grabbed them, and while he was gone, I got us each a good cordless mouse to go with them, since, I actually detest the track pads, they”re fine in a pinch, but a proper mouse really is so much easier. I grabbed a few other things from there that we”re needing, and as soon as I was done, I paid and headed back out. I was back home almost forty five minutes later, with an arm load of goodies.

“What the hell did you buy?” Shelby asked as I set it on the table in the dining room.

“What”s it look like?”

“You”re not supposed to buy me things like that. I told you, I buy my own stuff from now on.”

“I know, but I was buying ones for me and Brady anyway, and I wanted to get it for you, so, enough with the useless pride bullshit and say thanks already.” I smiled warmly to him.

“Thanks.” He said meekly. “Sorry, it”s, just, no one”s ever escort kocaeli done anything nice for me, now it just feels bad.”

“I know Baby, I know. No worries, okay.”

“You bought me one too, but why, you don”t even know if I”ll be able to stay for sure or not?”

“Even if for some stupid reason you can”t stay here, there”s zero chance I”m letting you leave without having a way to keep in touch with you. Now, say thanks and don” let pride rear up its ugly head in you as well Baby. You do deserve it, same as Shelby and I do.”

“Thanks. Other than at school, I never get to use a computer, and even there, there”s thirty five kids in my class, and only twenty five computers, so, I rarely ever getta actually use one, because the real people deserve it far more than lowly little ole me.” He spat out.

“Ah, I take it the kids don”t treat you well because clearly you”re poor and not very well taken care of.” I said.

“Yeah, you could say that. I may as well be a filthy, disgusting rat with how they treat me. Even the teachers won”t come near me, for fear of getting lice or something.”

“Oh, really. I want their names.” I said, grabbing my phone to email my lawyer friend, because that certainly needs to be looked into as well.

Brady gave me the names of all teachers who”d ever said anything bad to him, and since they”re all at the same school, which name he also gave me, it should make it very easy. I know kids will bully each other, there”s very little that anyone can or will do about it, but there”s absolutely no call for an adult to bully a child, ever, and teachers especially just can”t do so.

“So, what”d you baby boys do while I was gone?”

“I took Brady out and showed him the shop, showed him all the things I”m working on right now, then told him how I can”t wait to move, so that we getta truly enjoy the new shop, which of course meant I hadta tell him all about our new house and all that as well. At least I told him everything that you”ve told me, because you still haven”t shown me the plans, and clearly if you haven”t gone to see it, then I haven”t either.”

“And I”m still not going to either. Obviously I know what it looks like in 3D computer images, I”ll know virtually every detail about the place, and while I”m sure that the finished product is going to be very close to the computer version, it”s still not the same. So, when I finally getta see it, so too shall the both of you. And just so you know, I still haven”t told you all the utterly amazing details, all the features and benefits of our new house, so, while you know lots, especially about our shop, trust me, you don”t know all yet.”

“Well, we should only have a few more days to wait, so, that”s good.”

“Yeah, and even I”m getting uncharacteristically impatient. Trust me, normally I can be patient and wait for months, or even years, and never give it a second thought, but this is the house I”ve dreamed of since I was Brady”s age. This is probably also the twenty to thirtieth version, and I finalized most of the details when I was sixteen, and have only tweaked things here and there over the years as I learned more. So, yeah, I”m getting really impatient to go see it complete as well.”

“Wow, cool.” Both Shelby and Brady said together.

“Yeah. So, should we get our computers all opened up, booted up, and set up Babies?”


So, we did. It only took an hour to do, and probably the only reason it took that long, is because I had to help both boys with theirs as well, because it normally doesn”t take that long, but I wanted them to do the bulk of the work as well.

“Well, now that”s gonna make life easier, especially once we get to the new house, and we get you two baby boys set up for home school, since clearly going to school will be pretty near out of the question.”

“Oh, never thought about that.” Shelby said.

“I wondered if you had or not. That was the second reason for me buying you two new computers.”


“And since we have boxes, and lotsa stuff that can be packed, we may as well get started.”

“When do the others all move out?” Shelby asked.

“I think one is moving tomorrow or the next day, and the other two were supposed to move on Friday. Not like it”ll take any of them that terribly long.”

“So, once we have everything packed up and we”re pretty much gone, then what?” Shelby asked.

“Then, like I believe I told you, the thrift store comes with their trucks and takes everything else away. Including the old notebook computer, since we no longer need it. Once they tell me they”re done, then a cleaning company comes in and cleans the entire place spotless and gets it ready for sale. As soon as they”re done, the Realtor comes in, takes all his pictures, and lists it. Because this property is so large, on the outskirts of town, the house will probably just get torn down, and three houses put on, but that”s fine by me. I coulda done the subdividing, had Bill come in and do all that for me, and I”d probably make a shit load more money doing it that way, but that”s not what I”m into, I prefer doing the same thing on a little larger scale.” I grinned.

“Yeah, to the tune of millions of dollars in debt.” Shelby snorted.

“Meh, it”s just money.”

Which then, of course, led into the explanation of what we”re talking about to Brady, because he had not yet been told this tale.

“Fuck, you were that far in debt, but are already almost out, that”s scary.”

“To some, I”m sure it would be, but it didn”t scare me in the least.”

“I”d shit my diaper to overflowing if I ever saw my bank account go that far below zero.” Brady admitted.

“Yeah, me too.” Shelby laughed.

“Whereas it made me almost giddy, because I knew just how much money they were gonna end up making me once they”re complete.”

“Well, yeah, but who”s to say what the future brings, they could end up sitting empty, then where are you.” Shelby pointed out.

“The odds of that happening just aren”t there, but, yes, that”s a risk every developer accepts. That”s also why I didn”t do just one, and I made most of them as mixed use, it essentially diversifies and helps to protect my investments a little better. Still not a guarantee, but, everyone needs housing, of that there”s no question, and office and retail space in the downtown core are always sought after. Same with the medical building, they”ve needed more of that for years, hence that entire building almost already being leased before it”s even finished.”

“That”s good I suppose. So, what all are we packing then?”

So, we went through the house, and I told them what we”re packing up for now. Some stuff, of course, has to be left out, and we”re leaving lots behind too, but there”s still much to pack. We”ll go and get the shop all packed up as well, but I think we”ll hold off an extra couple days, so that we can still go and play, and try and finish off the projects that we”re on at the moment. We packed up what we can, all working together until dinner time, marking each box as to what”s in it, and stacking it neatly in the garage. After soggy baby bum changes and dinner, we all kicked back and watched movies for the rest of the night.

The rest of the week went by well, we played some in the shop, and on Friday, once Shelby and I were finished what we were working on, we packed everything up, and took it to the garage as well. The last of my room mates just finished loading up all their things, and is now gone as well. It was just after noon, when I was called to say that our truck has just arrived and finished its inspection. So, the baby boys and I all went for our super soggy baby bum changes, had a quick lunch, and as I ate, I emailed the few people I need to, to say that I”m coming to pick things up, and about how long I”ll be.

When we arrived to the car lot, I saw my new truck, and it”s very nice. This will actually be my first time truly driving a truck, and once I get the trailer, that”s gonna be another true first. I”d already paid to take a course on how to drive a truck and trailer, how to back them up and all that, and while the instructor did get me out on the roads some, most of our work was done in a large industrial complex where he trains big rig drivers how to navigate that sort of place, how to back up and all that. So, while I”m fairly comfortable doing so now, it”s still a little nerve wracking.

I talked to my sales person, told him I”ll be back as soon as I have the insurance covered, but he said they have an insurance agent already here, so, I went and talked to her, and got all that taken care of. I once again told the sales guy I would be back in a bit to pick up my car, which I”ll load on the trailer with the rest once I have it all. Our next stop, clearly, is the trailer. It”s a huge trailer too, so, even though I have the tractor, mill, and kiln to put onto it, the car will still actually fit, well, hopefully. As soon as we have the trailer on and checked, we head to pick up the tractor next, since it”s easiest to load first, then we go to pick up the mill and the kiln, but it was as we were about to load them, that I realized that they have to go on first, because I need the tractor to offload them, so, I unstrapped the tractor and moved it, so that the mill and kiln could be put on in a way that I can still fit everything else, but get the tractor off first. I ended up having to move things a couple times, so that I could centre the weight better, but that”s okay. Finally we head back to the car lot to pick up my car, and thankfully it just fit, but fuck, even this big beast of a truck is feeling it, but it seems to be handling it just fine, and when I asked the guy at the car lot what he thought of what we”re doing, he checked the weights on everything, and said we”re still good for at least another thousand kilos before we even start getting close to the trucks maximum load rating. So, finally we head home.

I backed the trailer into place, put it”s blocks down, and got it disconnected, because we”re removing nothing from it now. We”re actually going to load the car and the tractor full of boxes, and the rest will be put into the bed of the truck, and since I ordered it with a canopy, we should fit everything, and it”ll all stay dry should we get any rain. Almost as soon as we were inside, I called Bill to ask him ETA, because I”m ready to move any second now. Clearly he laughed. I was told, however, that they”re just doing final touchups, and will be finished tomorrow, that he was actually going to call me in an hour or two anyway, once he was certain that they were going to finish, and tell me I”m welcome to come home on Sunday. I made a sound that probably blew the poor guys ear drums out, from whatever side his phone happened to be on, straight through the other side, and blasting both out that side. Once more he laughed. He did tell me that he will be there to go over everything with me, and asked me when I would arrive, and I simply said when are you up, he said he”d be ready for eight, so, I said seconds after that then.

So, now we have one and a half days to pack up the rest that we want to take, and get it all loaded up. Shelby asked what we”re going to do about food, since we”ve used up pretty much all perishable food already, and there”s not really enough left for one of us to eat, so I said delivery. With that being said, Shelby called in an order, since it”s now getting close to dinner time, and I admit, I am getting hungry. I never even asked who he called, or what he ordered, so, it”ll be a pleasant surprise. We”re all in need of soggy baby bum changes once again, and so, before dinner arrives, we go and do so.

For the first time in my life, the desire to leave my bedroom in just my baby diaper was astoundingly high. I”ve already promised myself that once I”m safe and secure in my new home, that I”m walking around in just my baby diapers, with zero shame, I hope the two baby boys won”t mind, but then, in a way, I hope that they do so as well, yet in another, I hope that they don”t, but my hope that they do is so much higher.

While waiting for dinner, because Shelby said it”d be about an hour or so, we continued packing boxes with all the rest of the things we wanted from the house, this is now mostly food, and the few other personal items we no longer need before we move. These boxes, though, as soon as they”re done, we decide to just go and put right into the car, so that we”re not moving them a second time like we will the other boxes, but that”s perfectly okay.

When dinner arrived, I found food from our favourite Chinese food restaurant, not that Shelby and I”ve eaten out together a lot, but of the five times we have now, this was the place we went to three of those times. All I said was, “Goody, I”m starving, and that smells amazing, hope you ordered lots.”

“Oh yeah, I went with the six person dinner. Hopefully it”ll be enough.” He giggled.

“Mmmm, maybe even leftovers for breakfast.”

“For one of us, maybe.”

“Probably true.”

Since we”re taking no dishes, we have all of them still to use, so, we dish up and eat like pigs, but, we plan to do more work after dinner, and then maybe watch one movie before bed. We finished packing up everything that we want from the house, loading it all into the car, truck, or tractor cab, and then kicked back and watched a movie that was on TV, since we”d packed all the movies of course.

We all had a really good sleep, and I”m getting so fucking excited to go see my new house, that my eyes nearly exploded open at five. I am so charged and ready to go, but we can”t leave until tomorrow morning. We do have lots of work left to do, though, but thankfully no cleaning, I”m paying someone else for that.

After getting cleaned, which I went for a nice long hot bath to do so, diapered, and dressed for the day, and once the little baby boys also were, they too both had baths, we headed out for breakfast, since we really have to, because there was definitely not enough leftovers from last night for all three of us, but we”ll probably add it to whatever we decide on for lunch. We had a really good breakfast at a really good breakfast buffet, and since we really do have lots of time to kill, we head to the mall to look around and see if there”s anything else we want before leaving. We all find a few things, but nothing much, and so, it”s all stored and we head home. I backed the truck right up to the shop, where many of the boxes from there still are, since I felt it was kinda pointless to move them all to the garage as well, since I can more easily back the truck up almost right to it and load it easier that way.

It was lunch time by the time we finished, and this time I called in the order for lunch, and had a Mexican feast delivered. We all enjoyed it thoroughly. It was as we were eating, that Shelby had checked his computer, and said he”s invited someone over for a couple hours, and asked me to go and pick him up.

“Um, why?” I asked.

“Remember the other day, when you asked me who I was emailing?”


“Well, there”s a boy that”s a little more than a year younger than me, but he”s in the same grade, who never cared that I was diapered, or that the others teased me for being gay. We weren”t friends or anything, I just pretty much stayed to myself, thinking that no matter what, even if he was nice to me, it”s just so that he could get more ammo to tease me as well. But, I”d started thinking almost a year ago, that maybe he”s a gay baby boy diaper lover as well, and though I tried and tried to get the courage to ask him, I couldn”t, so, I finally did, and yes, he is. Well, we have a hot little gay baby boy who wants and needs izmit yabancı escort a baby boyfriend, and I know of a cute little gay baby boy who will almost guaranteed also want and need a baby boyfriend, and if it all works out, then awesome.”

“That”s great and all, but we move tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I know, but let”s change that diaper when the time comes.” Shelby giggles cutely.

“Fair enough.” I said, I could only laugh.

Shelby said that he”d come too, but told Brady that he should probably stay home for now, just in case, so”s not to scare the boy any. Brady just shrugged and said okay, and so, Shelby and I headed out. When we arrived, Shelby hopped out and went to the door himself and knocked. The house was a tear down if I”ve ever seen one, but the little boy who answered the door was anything but. Damn near as stunningly beautiful as Shelby is, yet in different ways. They talked for only a few moments, before they came to the truck.

“Lex, this is my friend Toby. Toby, this is my adoptive dad, though I usually call him by name, which is Alex, but he prefers Lex.”

“It”s good to meet you Toby. Hop in boys and we”ll head out.”

“It”s good to meet you as well Sir.” He whispered.

“First of all, no Sir, just Lex please, and second, I know I”m new and scary, I get that more than you can know, but there”s no need to whisper around me, okay.” I said softly to him.

“Okay, I”ll try.” He said only just slightly louder this time.

“Great.” I said, and then we headed back to our place.

As soon as we got there, and got inside, Shelby introduced the two boys together as well. Finally we all went and sat down to talk.

“So, Toby, as you know, I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover, and you said that you wanna be as well. We all know that here, and we”re all the same, even Brady. Now, I”m spoken for, so don”t be getting your hopes up with me, and we”re actually moving tomorrow, so we”ll certainly keep in contact via email, but, I finally got up the courage to ask you if you and I were the same, I was too scared to before, but meeting Lex and Brady has helped that, a lot, hence you being here now.” Shelby said, laying it all on the line.

“Really?” He whispered hoarsely.

“Oh yeah. How long have you known, and do you get any diapers at all?”

“I”ve wet my bed my whole life, but my useless slut of a mother won”t buy me anything to help. I”ve wanted diapers my entire life, and when they put me in your grade, and I finally gotta meet you, even though the rumours said you were a diaper baby, it only got worse. I knew I needed diapers at night, but I”d already started dreaming of being diapered during the day before they skipped me ahead in grade three. As for being gay, I think I”ve kinda always known it, but it was two years ago, just after I turned eight, that I finally admitted it that I am.”

“Thought so. Wish we both woulda had the courage to actually talk to each other.”

“Yeah, me too. I wanted to, hundreds, maybe thousands of times, just this past year alone probably, but while everyone all said you were a gay baby boy, and I could clearly tell you were diapered, so far none of the others started teasing me for being gay, and I was so scared to talk to you and have them think I am too, even though I know I am, and really, what difference would it make, they still teased me anyway.”

“I started to think that you even tolerated my existence meant you probably wanted either me or my diapers, or possibly both, almost a year ago, but, I was just too scared. I thought for sure you were just trying to get ammo to hurt me with, and deflect it from yourself.”

“Yeah, same.”

“So, why were you skipped ahead, and how, I asked, and they said no?”

“I kinda made them do it, I didn”t really give the principal a choice. I was so bored all day, every day, the teacher hadn”t taught me a thing at all. It”s getting that bad again, so, I think I needta skip ahead again, but he said absolutely no this time, said once was all I get.”

“At least he let you, he said no to me.”

“Yeah, but I pestered him every day for a month.”

“Oh, I only asked once.”

“I pestered him for the entire month before the end of school again, and finally he told me that he can”t and won”t, and to stop asking, before he expels me. Pretty sure he couldn”t for that reason, but I didn”t wanna push him any further.”

“Let me guess, you wish you could quit school and do it at home, at your own pace, and graduate probably by thirteen!”

“Yeah, but kinda can”t, no way my mother would allow it, and no computer in which to do it.”

“Yeah, I was the same. I”d probably already be graduated had they allowed me to.”

“I”d probably be getting close too. So, where are you guys moving to?”

“A little more than an hour and a half away, up in a mountain valley where there”s pretty much no one or nothing around for kilometres.” I said.

“Wow, that”d be so nice.”

“Yeah, and we can”t wait to see our new house.” Brady said, but Shelby and I nodded as well.

“You haven”t seen it yet?”

“No, I designed and had it built, I know what it”ll look like, but I didn”t wanna see it again “til it was finished. I haven”t even shown the baby boys the plans or anything. They know some, but not all that they”re gonna find.” I answered.

“Wow, I”m pretty patient, for the most part, but I couldn”t do that.”

“Same.” Shelby and Brady said together.

“And clearly I am, but it”s been getting harder, but, tomorrow morning, we leave at six, and go see our new home.”

“Honestly, I don”t even know you guys, and I wish I could go with you. Granted, I know you, and you know me more than I know anyone else, and anyone else knows of me. If I were to just disappear, I doubt my mother would notice, possibly for years, and I know for a fact that she”d never call it in either. She”s happily told me too many times that I was nothing more than a horrible mistake, and that she shoulda just dropped me on the steps of the fire hall the day I was born.”

“Yeah, we”re pretty much all the same in all of that as well, plus or minus a little, of course, and honestly, I”d just be inclined to take you as well.” I said, though I have no idea why.


“Yeah, sure, why not. What”s one more. Do you have anything at home that you wanna keep?”

“No, nothing, even though these clothes are gross and old, they”re the best I had for going to a friends. We don”t have a washer or a dryer, so I haveta wash my clothes in the sink, but if I use too much hot water, I”m spanked, so, I save what little hot water I”m allowed for my one shower a week that I”m actually allowed.”

So, once again, I grab my phone and email the lawyer, and as I ask Toby questions, I type his answers into my phone, giving him all the information I possibly can. I do, however, ask him to hold off on contacting his mother for as long as he thinks he can get away with, so that he can charge her with something, because I”m pretty sure that not calling your child in as missing isn”t actually allowed, and may help me to get custody of him far faster and easier.

“So, now, you and Shelby are close enough to the same size, that you should fit his diapers and clothes fairly well, so, have Shelby take you and get you a diaper and clothes, then we”ll all go out and go shopping for you before we finish loading up the rest of the stuff.”

“Okay.” He says rather excitedly, I”m guessing at getting a nice thick baby diaper.

Shelby was back only a few moments later, saying that he”d given Toby all that he needs, and that he”s changing in his bedroom. It was several minutes later, when Toby exited, looking far better in clothes that look good, fit him better, though are still too large, and accentuate his cute little diapered bum. Yes, others might see, if they know what to look for, same as on the rest of us, but that”s okay, I”m finally good with it on myself, and have been rather enjoying it, a lot.

“Much better Baby. How”s it feel?”

“So good, and since I hadta go pee a bit anyway, I peepeed my baby diaper as soon as it was taped on.”

“Excellent. I take it that that caused you to need to take the extra couple minutes more than we thought you”d need?” I grinned, he blushed cutely.

“Yeah.” He whispered.

“Good.” All three of us said together.

We all got our shoes on, and headed to a couple stores to get Toby all set up, including a computer of his own, which he tried to say no to, but I refused to accept it of course. Finally we head home, because we do still have work that needs doing before we can call it a day, and I want to get it all done today, so that we can leave as soon as we”ve finished breakfast.

When we got home, we continued to load every box that we have into whatever space we can fit it, ordered dinner when it was time to do so, and ate when it arrived, then finished the rest of the loading only an hour later, so, now we are done, other than the bags that we just have to grab on our way out, that has our diapers and other stuff now. I started the dishwasher, so that the dishes are clean for the thrift store, then we kicked back and watched a movie before all going to bed.

Once more at almost exactly five in the morning, which is my normal wake up time, my eyes popped open instantly, and I was revved up and ready to go. I practically ran through the shower after yelling to the baby boys to get up and get ready to go, then got diapered and dressed. As soon as we”re all ready to go, we hopped in the truck and headed out, since we”d hitched up and tested the connections the night before already. We went to the only place I knew of that”s open for breakfast so early, at least somewhat close by, and we all have a really good meal. I know I really cannot leave before six, I know that it”ll take roughly two hours to get there with pulling such a heavy load, but I wanted to just inhale my food and bolt. Fortunately better sense prevailed, however, and I ate at a respectable speed, instead of like a pack of wolves.

“So, does anyone needta go to the bathroom before we go?” I grinned to all three baby boys.

“Nope, just went.” Brady giggled.

“Me too.” I said.

“Just a second.” Toby said. “Nope, just finished.” He giggled a few seconds later.

“Probably not.” Shelby said.

“Great, let”s go Babies.”

We paid the bill, then hopped in the truck, and headed off to our new home. Never before have I been so excited to go somewhere, and as such, I constantly had to remind myself of just how much weight we”re hauling, and how hard it would be on the truck to really push it hard, but I really wanted to make it there in an hour, instead of the two I know it should rightfully take. So, while on the highway, I set the cruise control, so that I didn”t go faster than I was supposed to. When we arrived to the nearest city, and got off the highway, we then get up into the hills pretty much right away. There was a lot of hills, both up and down, way more curves than I”ve ever traversed in my life, and even one nearly impossible to navigate with as big a trailer as we have switchback, not gonna lie, that was a little disconcerting, thinking I was gonna go right off the road. As we went further and further, though, the fewer houses we were seeing, and then the power poles stopped, so, now I know we”re getting into the area where we”re at. I was told that the nearest power was roughly ten kilometres from the start of my property, so, I looked at my odometer, and when we arrived, I looked again, and it was closer to twelve.

“Fuck me, would you look at that place.” Shelby said, but I heard both the other baby boys in the back seat make similar comments as well.

“Wow, it”s even more stunning than I thought it was gonna be.” Even I had to admit.

“No shit.” All three boys say as one.

I looked at the clock, and it was five minutes past eight, so, it took just over the two hours I”d allotted, perfect. Bill exited from his trailer, the only one left, since all the rest of the crew probably packed up and headed home yesterday.

We all hopped out excitedly. I went right to Bill and shook his hand, but as we did, he saw the boys, and gave me a look.

“Didn”t you know I had three sons?” I grinned.

“No, and honestly, before now I wouldn”t have even thought for a second you would either.”

“I know, they”ve all been very recently adopted, they”re abused and throwaway kids that I couldn”t just leave.”


“Thanks, but enough about that, I needta finally see my new house.”

“Feel free, it”s all yours.” He said to our retreating backs, laughing I”m sure.

For more than three hours, we toured the entire house, oohing and awing over all the details. Between the construction crew setting up the entire shop for me, and the designer crew setting up the rest, there is almost nothing left that we have to do, other than put the things away that we brought with us. I”m sure we”ll move things here and there as we see fit, but so far everything just looks so perfect. I”d picked the style of many things, but Zane really had done the majority of the design work, and simply designed around the pieces that I really wanted, though he chose all colours and fabrics, or real, high quality suede leather for many items. All the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, and rec room all look amazing, the pool house is stunning, Art”s new art studio is inspiring, the garage is huge, but the shop, wow, what a shop, and all the new tools look spectacular in there. Finally we headed out to find Bill, who”d packed up everything, and now has his trailer attached to his truck, and he”s just reading something as he waits for us.

“It”s a little trashy, but, I guess it”s the best you could do, so, I suppose we”ll live with it.” I said with as much sarcasm dripping as I possibly could.

“Well, for you, I put only my worst guys on it, two of them are even fully blind, so clearly they did all the measuring and checking for plumb and level.” Bill laughed.

“No shit.” I snorted. “No, it looks fucking spectacular. You guys truly did outdo yourselves. When did Zane leave?”

“He left last night at around eight after he and his crew finished. Me and my crew only finished shortly before that.”

“You mean we coulda come out here for eight last night?”

“Yeah, but twelve hours wasn”t gonna kill you.”

“Says who! You have any idea how hard it was for me to not come out and check this all out. I”m normally an insanely patient person, and almost nothing bothers me, but, the closer it got, the harder it became.”

“I couldn”t have done it, that”s for sure.”

“Yeah, most couldn”t, I know that. Oh well, we weren”t truly ready anyway, so, whatever, we”re here now, and that”s all that matters.”

“So, with that, I”m gonna leave the four of you to your truly amazing home.”

“Thanks. I”ll let you know if we find any issues, but I doubt it. By the way, Ted”s likely to be calling you to do a project for an old friend of his, I”m still in design, but almost done, and naturally he wants you to build it, so, expect to travel and stay in your trailers again, it sounds like it”s a little ways away, I just don”t know where exactly, only that it”s ocean front and no services.”

“Yeah, he already emailed me and warned me that he”s got another high priority coming soon, and gave me the basic details.”

“Oh, izmit eve gelen escort good. By the way, how”ve the solar and turbines been doing, and are the batteries able to keep up?”

“Oh yeah, so far we haven”t even had the generator kick in so much as once since the batteries were put into operation. Hard to say what”s gonna happen once you start really using the shop, but time will tell I”m sure. You added in enough capability to well over double the entire system should you need to, so I think you”ll be fine.”

“True. Thanks, well, I”m sure you wanna get home, so, have a great day. Just email me my final bill, and I”ll get it paid as soon as I can.”


As soon as Bill was gone, I turned to my baby boys excitedly, “We”re all getting super soggy now, we all need super soggy baby bum changes, but there”s something I”ve always wanted to try, that I”d very much finally liketa try today, and you three are more than welcome to do so as well. We all have some mega thick baby diapers, and we have doublers as well. We”ve worn our mega thick, and we”ve worn our regular with doublers, at least the three of us have, just not you yet Toby, but, I”ve read very good things about quadruple baby diapering, and that”s what I wanna try today. And then, once I”m properly baby diapered, for the first time in my life, I wanna walk around my home wearing only my mega thick baby diaper. I won”t do so, though, if it”ll make any of you uncomfortable.” I said, though I want it so bad, that I hope with every fibre of my being that they”ll at least allow me to, but, I really do want to see all three of them in the same way, though I know what it”ll do to me too.

“Oh yeah.” All three of them said instantly and happily.

“You mean it, all three of you”re gonna quadruple baby diaper and go around in just your mega thick baby diapers as well?” I said, and even I hear the groaning in my voice.


“This is gonna be so amazing. We”ll haveta find the rolls of packing tape, but I wanted to do this as soon as I got home, so I ensured I put it in an easy to find place, so, as soon as we”re properly baby diapered, make sure to tape them up extra well.”


I knew where the boxes with all our diapers were put, and I”d thrown a full dozen rolls of tape into one of them, so, I passed each boy all their diapers and doublers, and three rolls of tape, saying that it should be enough for a while. I also found all our lotion, cream, powder, and wipes, so I passed them out as well, and we each have two very large and full boxes to take to our bedrooms, all of us with some damn good ideas as to how the next several minutes, or maybe hours, are about to play out. We had all picked our bedrooms already, though I made mine very specifically for me, and the boys were told which one was mine, so, we all head to our bedrooms to get changed. Wow am I ever hard, that”s all I can say, I”m so excited to be doing what I”m about to do.

Ever since Geoff made me promise to be diapered for the entire vacation, and then having done so, it was like finally getting the one thing that I”ve always needed, and though I truly did know it deep down what I both wanted and needed, it wasn”t “til then, that I truly allowed and/or accepted it. I was so scared, now I”m not, so, making the promise to myself to do this as soon as I made it to my new home was shockingly easy, and having all three baby boys on board with my desires is so far beyond awesome I can”t even begin to describe it.

So, given that I”m so hard, that taping up my very well deserved baby diaper will be near on impossible, I was forced to jack off three times in a row in order to make it go down. Not gonna lie, kinda envisioned Shelby in his quadruple mega thick baby diaper the entire time, while he”s doing all sorts of amazing things to me as he”s wearing said diaper. Never before have I jacked off three times in a row, but wow, now I”m finally soft. Of course, I”m a good gay baby boy who needs his gay baby boy milk, something I”ve enjoyed since I started spewing when I was fourteen, so, of course I slurped up every delicious drop that I pumped out, and every one of these orgasms was probably two to three normal orgasms worth as well, though the final one was at least closer to my normal output. In all fairness, I haven”t jacked off in more than a week either, so that likely didn”t help matters any.

Finally soft and capable of diapering myself up like I truly deserve, I do so right away. I”d already prepared all the supplies, the inner diaper has the holes in it that it needs in order to drain through to the next one, and the doublers are both taped into place in both, my lotion, cream, and powder are ready and waiting, as are my wipes, so, I clean, lotion, cream, and powder up, using at least twice as much of each as is strictly needed, but I do love it so. Finally I do one of the things I”ve dreamed of for far too many years, and taped myself up into the absolutely thickest baby diaper I”ve ever worn. Then I taped myself up extra well using the clear packing tape so as to not disguise the baby diaper designs of these diapers. I went to the mirror in my closet, looked to myself, and I”ve never seen myself smile quite so brightly as that.

So, now, other than my gloriously thick baby diaper, all I”m wearing are socks, and since we need to start offloading everything, I put my shoes on as well, and throw all my clothes into the hamper, knowing that they”re not gonna be needed now, and hopefully never while at home again.

Probably not so surprising, really, but I was the first one out, even though I”d jacked off three times, and didn”t go anywhere near fast at that, but the other three are more than young enough to go for five or maybe even six times before they”re finally satisfied and soft. I hope that they do too, and though I know they”d all let me watch, plus I”d love nothing more than to witness all three stunning gay baby boys pleasure themselves, I simply cannot. Already seeing them how they”re gonna be presenting themselves shortly will be way more than hard enough on me, I”m sure that extra emphasis on hard was not needed.

As soon as I made it to the kitchen, I grabbed the bag that I”d already brought in that has all our tea supplies in it, and started getting a full batch of tea for each of us prepared, which will give each of us two large mugs. This is so great, though, because I”d had Bill install an instant hot water system in, so, no more waiting for kettles to boil, and I”d had him put in the biggest bestest one I could find, so, it easily handled the roughly five litres of hot water that I need for the four French presses we use for making our tea. So, tea in half the time, which is of course amazingly awesome.

While I was waiting for the tea to steep, I got all our mugs out and prepared as to how we all like it. Shelby likes his straight up, the only thing he says he likes straight, I like mine with stevia and either cream or almond milk, Toby takes his with just cream, and Brady takes his with too much sugar, but considering it”s really the only sugar he gets, I suppose it”s not really a big deal. Then, since I still have a minute to kill before our tea is ready, and I am actually really quite thirsty anyway, as well I wish to really test out my diaper, I slam back three very large glasses of water.

When the timer goes off, I pour all the tea into our mugs, put on the lids, and grab my first one and take my first sip, and it”s the perfect temperature, so that”s great. The tea takes six minutes to steep, it”s taken me a couple minutes at least to prepare everything before even that, and it was at least five minutes after I started sipping my tea, when the first of the baby boys arrived, so, roughly ten minutes later than me, and it”s Toby that makes it first. Fuck, he looks spectacular, and I tell him so, then point him to the tea, but also tell him that I”d started with three large glasses of water, because I was so thirsty you see, so, he grinned brightly and does the same. Then Brady arrives just as Toby starts sipping his tea, and wow, he looks every bit as spectacular, and I point him to tea and water as well, telling him what Brady and I”ve done. Then, finally almost five minutes later, Shelby walks in, in all his sexy mega thickly diapered goodness, and oh my, I just went instantly stone fucking hard in at best a quarter of a second. How, how the fuck could I be hard again after what I just did to myself. Oh sure, the two younger baby boys made me chubby, they”re beautiful to be sure, but Shelby is truly the most stunning boy I”ve ever met, like I may”ve said before, he checks every one of my personal boxes, but in that diaper, yeah, I damn near came, though, again, I have no idea how that”s even remotely possible after what I just did.

“Fuck me, you”re just too fucking hot like that.” I groaned.

“Thanks, you too.” He groaned as well.

“Maybe this wasn”t such a good idea. It”s already so fucking hard controlling my urges around you, but, like this, wow.” I said.

“No, it”s not a good idea, it”s a fucking brilliant idea, and who says you haveta control your urges, because it sure as fuck isn”t me. We all know who and what we want and need, and though the law says that what you and I need is illegal, ain”t no one out here gonna see or complain. Trust me.”

“We”re not gonna see a thing, just like once we finally get together, you”re not gonna see a thing.” Brady said, looking longingly to Toby, who only nodded his head in full agreement.

“But what we want will hurt you.”

“Um, says who.”

“Could you even take me if we decided to make love?”

“Oh yeah, and then some.”

“I”m not huge, but I think I”ll be too big for you.”

“I can take it, and then some. Lotsa some in fact.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Are you bigger than this?” He said, holding up his clenched fist.

“Um, no, you haven”t done that to yourself before, have you?”

“Oh yeah, for more than a year already.”

Well, I”m not sure how, but I just went even harder yet, and am in serious discomfort now because of it, not just pretty uncomfortable like I was a second ago.

“Oh. Well, we can hold off still anyway.” I groaned.

“You fist fuck yourself, that”s hot. The most I ever got inside my gay baby bum was four fingers.” Brady also groaned.

“That”s hot, and same for me.” Toby also groaned.

“Oh yeah, it is, but, not gonna lie, really fucking hurt the first time, all emphasis on fucking of course, and even still, I haveta go slow or I”ll hurt myself too much, but now I don”t even limp the next day, and I can take it way faster too. Then again, I started finger fucking myself when I was five or so I suppose, and by the time I was eight, I was four fingers, but I couldn”t reach deep enough, so, I used whatever I could find to go even deeper, and once used a really rather large cucumber, and fucked myself silly. Oh, and bananas like you wouldn”t believe, but I”m now a pro banana eater, if you know what I mean.” He grinned brightly.

“I”ve tried a couple bananas as well, that was hot, but they haveta still be pretty green, but that”s how I liketa eat them anyway, and yeah, I”m getting to be a pro banana eater myself.” Brady grinned.

“Yep, for sure, and same for me too.” Shelby said.

“Same, but I couldn”t take a large one, but the small ones I liked, a lot, but then, I can only just barely get four fingers in me still.” Toby admitted.

“That”s okay, work into it slowly, don”t hurt yourself like I did too many times, though I know that it”s as pointless for me to tell you as it would”ve been for someone to tell me, because I knew it, yet still did it anyway, repeatedly, still do sometimes as much as twice a month.” Shelby said.


“Okay Baby Boys, we have lotsa work that needsta be done, so, we may as well get to it.” I said happily once they were done talking naughty, which hadn”t helped my little hardness issue any. Not gonna lie, instead of waddling like my very thick diaper should indicate, I”m limping now because of how insanely hard I am, and when the boys started walking, I looked, and oh yeah, they all have the same problem, but not even I show just how hard I am, we”re all just too thickly diapered and too well taped up to truly show off our diapered hardness.

“Okay.” They all said together.

Our first chore, was to get everything off the trailer and into the garage. The car came off first, so I pull it right into the garage for ease of offloading, and once parked, the boys started offloading all the boxes that are in it. I then get the tractor off, which I”d started first to warm it up, so, it”s already ready for me. I then get the mill off, and finally the kiln, putting them both where I wanted them to go. I then backed the trailer into the pole barn where he lumber is stored to keep it out of the weather, then pulled the truck into the garage to offload it, and of course to keep it inside as well. By the time I parked the truck, the boys were just taking the last of the boxes from the car into the house.

I started on offloading the truck, since the baby boys have the car offloading well under control. I loaded up my cart with all the boxes I could fit for the shop, and then went and tried out the elevator for my first time, but, by then, the boys were back, and had loaded up their carts as well, so, we”re all together for it”s maiden run, at least by us. Bill had told me it”d worked flawlessly for them, and had made life so much easier too. Because the hydraulic pump for it”s inside a concrete encased room, we couldn”t even hear it at all, so it”s wondrously quiet. Which was why I”d designed that room the way I did, it also houses the air compressor and the incredibly large dust collection system I have, so to keep any unnecessary noise down. Yes, it”s vented so that the dust collector can still work, but even that goes through a sound baffle system to reduce noise.

Since I wanted to get the shop done almost more than anything else, we started unpacking boxes as soon as we have them all into the shop, and work at this until dinner time, which was also when we all realized how hungry we are, because we totally forgot about lunch. Oh well, there were far more important things to do, even though I know that even myself shouldn”t be skipping meals, I don”t have enough fat reserves on me to do so, and none of the boys should be at all, they”re all far too small as it is already. We do make another batch of tea equally as large as I”d made earlier, and we”d all had lots to drink throughout the day, not only to ensure we”re well hydrated, but to absolutely ensure that we peepee our mega thick baby diapers good and proper, because we”re all in full and total agreement, that they don”t come off “til they”re leaking, which means we have to hold off on doing our messy business for as long as possible too, so we needta peepee lots, so that we don”t explode, since of course no one needs that.

Because we really don”t have a lot of fresh food left, we made due with what we have, knowing that tomorrow we really do need to go into town to go shopping. The closest town is only a twenty five minute drive, so that”s okay, and they have good grocery stores, including a Costco, which is all we need.

After dinner, we went and finished the last of the shop unpacking, which only took about an hour more, then we all kicked back and relaxed for the evening, watching a movie before bed. We still have lots of unpacking in the house to do, but we have all the time in the world in which to do so, and we”re all getting good and tired, so, we deserve the break.

Come bed time, we could all tell that we”re getting good and soggy, and it”s debatable as to whether or not any of us will leak throughout the night, but I”m not the only one who grinned while saying I”m gonna risk it. So, we all head to bed in super mega thick, and already gloriously soggy baby diapers, and I passed out what felt like instantly, and had an amazing sleep.

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