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As Michelle watches this tall, tanned man bend down to his knees, he lifts her legs over his shoulders and leans his head closer to her clean shave, sweet smelling pussy. She feels the wetness run through her pussy. He moves his fingers in close to her and spreads her lips. His face gets closer into her and she feels the slightest touch of his tongue inside of her. Never experiencing anything so gentle and sensationally before, Michelle becomes light headed and can’t wait for more. Michelle runs her fingers through his thick gray with streaks of white hair, it feels so soft in between her fingers. Michelle gives his hair a little tug and he moves his tongue further into her pussy. She feels this sensation run through her body and the adrenaline starts to rush through her veins. The further he moves his tongue into her pussy, the more she tugs on his hair and can’t believe the sensation that is running through her. The feeling of his tongue exploring her wet pussy sends her head in complete circles. Michelle feels her legs start to twitch against his shoulders and can’t stop them, she feels herself become wetter within his mouth.

He slowly removes his tongue from her pussy and looks up at her and starts to remove her short skirt that he had not bothered with before. Once it was removed, he tells her to turn over. When she turns, she feels his fingers run over her ass and wonders what is next. She feels him spread her cheeks and runs his tongue down the crack of her ass. Michelle is caught unexpectly by this and doesn’t know what to think. He grabs her hips to raise her body further into the air. She feels his fingers slide into her ass and her pussy. The feeling of being seduced is unbearable. As he slides his fingers in and out of her, she moves her hips back and forth. Michelle moans loud, the wife walks by and hears this and knocks on the door. When nobody kocaeli escort answers, she slides the door open and watches as her husband seduces Michelle with his fingers. At first, the wife, Jessica, is astonished, but then watching her husband play with Michelle, she starts to become wet.

Jessica watches her husband kiss, lick and play with Michelle, she slowly takes her hand and moves it down to her pussy. She feels the wetness that has soaked her panties and slides her fingers in herself. She twirls her fingers inside of herself and starts to moan as well. The moaning arising from Jessica arouses her husband so much that he removes his fingers from Michelle and stands up. Michelle feels his hard dick slide into her ass and she gasps for air. He thrusts his body against hers slowly moving faster and harder against her body. He grabs a hold of Michelle’s hips and thrusts himself so far into her that she becomes disoriented. As Jessica watches her husband fuck Michelle, she slowly slides her pants down her body. She moves over to the couch and slides her body under Michelle, while taking off her sheer red thongs.

Michelle watches as Jessica moves her body closer to hers. Jessica spreads her legs and arches her lower back, Michelle can smell the sweetness of Jessica’s pussy being released. Michelle slides her face down to Jessica’s pussy and starts to caress her lips with her tongue. Jessica’s pussy is trimmed so neatly and clean that Michelle can’t help but want to taste it. Michelle licks the lips of Jessica and the the clit. Jessica feels herself release and wants so much more. Before entering her tongue into Jessica’s pussy, Michelle takes a small piece of ice and slides it into Jessica followed by her tongue. The cold sensation of the ice and then the warmth of Michelle’s tongue overwhelms Jessica.

The husband, Jason, watches as he removes his penis kocaeli escort bayan from Michelle’s ass and slides his face under Michelle’s pussy. Jason starts to circle Michelle’s pussy with his tongue. The more he does, the more intense Michelle gets with Jessica. Michelle takes two fingers and slides them into Jessica’s wet pussy while kissing and licking Jessica’s thighs. Michelle circles her fingers inside of Jessica, feeling the warm moisture move throughout Jessica’s pussy. Jason inserts his tongue into Michelle, tasting the sweetness of her body. Jason can feel the twitching of Michelle’s body against his face. She smells so delicious and tastes even better. Michelle is feeling the sensation run through her body and the adrenaline is rising. Michelle feels her body become paralyzed with the intensity and she tastes Jessica’s pussy as it becomes wet in her mouth. The taste of Jessica is so unbelievable that she wants more.

Jason removes himself from Michelle and stands up and walks towards the wall. He leans against it, Michelle sees his hard penis being stroked in his hand. Michelle removes her face from Jessica and slides out from under her. Jessica looks at her and starts to unbutton her sheer white blouse to uncover her red laced bra that is lying on top of her size 38 D breasts. Michelle moves closer to Jessica and looks into her eyes. Michelle leans in and starts to kiss Jessica, passionately but seductive at the same time. Jessica feels the tug of her hair as Michelle kisses her. Jessica slides her shirt down her arms and throws it on the floor. Michelle removes her face and slowly kisses Jessica’s neck, sliding her face down to Jessica’s chest. Michelle moves her hands to Jessica’s back, unclasping her bra. As the straps fall off Jessica’s shoulder’s, Michelle notices the tanned lines and feels the softness of Jessica’s skin. The bra falls a little izmit escort further, exposing the hardness of Jessica’s nipples. Michelle moves her hands to Michelle’s breast, feeling the perfectly roundness off Jessica’s breast. The smoothness of them in her hand, she slowly circles Jessica’s nipple and then takes the other into her mouth. Michelle uses her tongue to moisten Jessica’s nipple, circling it and making it harder. Michelle starts to blow just a little bit of air, Jessica lets out a little moan. Michelle moves one of her hands down to Jessica’s pussy, feeling the wetness. Michelle caresses Jessica’s pussy, inserting her fingers into her. Jessica gives a little moan.

Jason moves closer to Michelle, she feels him lift her skirt and slowly insert his hard penis into her ass. She gasps just enough for Jason to hear her. As Jason thrusts his hips against Michelle, she inserts her finger further into Jessica. Michelle twirls her fingers, feeling every little spot of Jessica. Jason thrusts his hips back and forth against Michelle. Hearing Michelle moan and the adrenaline rushing through his veins, he becomes harder within Michelle’s tight ass. Michelle feels Jason become thicker inside of her. Michelle tightens her legs and arches her back. Jason pushes his penis inside of her, she become wet. Jason moves his body over Michelle’s and moves his hand up her thigh into her pussy. He feels the wetness of her and slowly slides his fingers into her pussy. Jason thrusts against Michelle’s body and moves his hips harder and faster against Michelle. Michelle’s body feels her the heat rise through her body. She feels her head become light and full of excitement. As Jason releases himself into Michelle. Michelle feels her legs trembling, it moves up her body and out of no where, Michelle squirts.

Michelle can’t believe what just happened, she removes herself from Jessica and Jason, turns onto her back and lets out a sigh of relief. The sensation that is running through her body is unbearable and she can’t wait to experience more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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