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Creampie Eating


This is the second chapter of a story which broke nicely into four chapters. Two of the chapters could possibly stand alone, but the four fit together better as a single tale. I’ve changed the characters’ names and deliberately left out certain specific details in order to conceal the participants’ identities. The reason will certainly become obvious.


Bill, Kim, and I had been sent by our college to an academic conference. Although each of us had been a faithful spouse (Bill to Sue, Kim to Rick, and me to Terri), the three of us had playfully ended up in bed together. Kim had surprised all three of us when her continuous orgasms only ended when Bill and I collapsed into exhaustion.

THE SECOND DAY BEGINS: A Struggle between Lust and Guilt

I obviously overestimated my abilities. The jarring ring of a telephone jolted us awake at 7:30. “Damned wake-up call!” Bill muttered as he untangled himself from Kim and answered it. “Hey, people! We gotta get moving! God, we’re a mess!”

Kim jumped up and ran naked to the bathroom. Bill and I waited our turns as her urine hissed and splashed into the toilet bowl. She turned on the shower and climbed into the tub, and Bill and I joined her after we finished our turns on the toilet. We scrubbed and cleaned her, and she cleaned each of us. There really wasn’t enough room for the three of us, but nobody wanted to get out. We kissed and cuddled as we scrubbed.

Kim rubbed her hands up and down our erections as our hands roamed freely over her slippery body. Her labia were prominent, swollen, and protruding. I slipped three fingers inside her, and my fingers were immediately coated with cum and her fresh secretions. I sucked everything from my fingers and kissed her, and we both began to tremble with excitement. I felt Bill’s erection sliding and bumping against mine as we moved forward and back against her pussy, he from her rear and I from her front. The heads of our penises were probing and pushing along her slit, and all she had to do was arch her hips or raise one leg and one of us would enter her.

Instead Kim pulled away from us and climbed out of the tub. “There’s dried . . . stuff from you guys in my hair, so I’ve got to wash it. All my supplies are back in my room, so I gotta go there. But we really need to talk about this!”

Kim pulled on her clothes as we stared at her. Her eyes darted back and forth between our erections. The look on her face was one of unmitigated arousal and desire. I could sense that she would have allowed Bill and me to undress her and begin mating with her again. All we had to do was touch her. But we didn’t interfere, and she quickly got dressed.

We agreed that Kim would go back to her room where she would wash and dry her hair. We decided to order a breakfast platter from room service, and have her return to our room in about an hour. Bill and I kissed her as she left our room, and she stood in the open doorway and hesitated. She gave a strange cry, then hurried out the door. I was certain she wanted more sex with us. I certainly wanted more with her!

Bill and I wiped up most of the mess the three of us had made in the bed, but the sheets were soaked and the smell wouldn’t go away. We were both hard, partly from bathing with Kim but mostly from the heady aroma of sex. Our penises were red and a little sore, but neither of us complained. I’d never been erect around another guy before, and it made me uncomfortable. Bill blushed when he looked at me, and I knew he felt the same way. Kim’s scent mingling with the aroma of our cum kept us stiff, and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. It felt wonderful!

“Were you serious? You’ve never put that thick pole where it doesn’t belong? I mean since you’ve been married?” Bill asked. I shook my head. “Me either,” he replied. “And I should feel guilty as hell but it was . . . shit, it was the most incredible and fulfilling sex I’ve ever had!” I nodded agreement.

Bill and I took showers and got dressed. The smell of pussy and cum wouldn’t go away. A young woman from room service brought our food in, took one sniff, and blushed. As soon as she left, we called Kim, and a couple of minutes later she joined us and we sat down to eat. Even though I’d never seen anything like it before, there was absolutely no mistaking the just-fucked glow that covered her face. She looked unbelievably, incredibly feminine. Terri had a better figure, but Kim exuded a primitive sexuality that was irresistible.

As we sat drinking coffee after devouring huge breakfasts, Kim said, “Guys, we’ve got a BIG problem. In one night I went from being a goody-two-shoes, faithful wife, to a double-fucked, adulterous slut. We’ve all got marriages and families. Lots of innocent people could get hurt if ANYBODY ever finds out about this! You know we promised we would never tell! Slumber party rules!”

Bill and I nodded. “Kim, we’re all in the same boat. We talked after you left. Neither of us erenköy escort guys has ever been unfaithful before, either. Maybe the best thing is to pretend it didn’t happen and just get on with the meetings,” Bill said.

Guilt slowly intruded into my consciousness as I stared at Kim with her clothes on. I was still remembering how she looked naked as she climaxed. I followed up on Bill’s suggestion. “Here’s the program,” I said. “Let’s divide up the sessions and meet for lunch. Just like we planned to do.” Kim and Bill quickly agreed, and we made our choices and headed our separate ways. We were late and missed the first sessions, but we managed to get to all of the others.

We gathered at a quiet table in the hotel caf‚ just after Noon. We were strangely quiet. Finally Kim asked, “Well, what did you guys learn?” Bill and I didn’t answer.

“You first, Kim,” Bill said, but Kim just looked down at her food. After a long pause she whispered, “I wasn’t paying attention to anything the presenters said. I kept thinking about last night. I didn’t know I could ever . . . ” And she blushed a deep crimson.

“Same for me,” I whispered in response. “I kept getting hard. All I could feel was the throbbing in my penis. I kept remembering how you looked when . . .”

Kim looked into my eyes. “When I . . . climaxed . . . over and over and didn’t stop . . . and you came inside me?” Kim whispered. I nodded, and she blushed again. Abruptly she pulled out the conference schedule and insisted we divide up the afternoon sessions. Her hands were trembling. We didn’t make plans for supper.

The afternoon sessions were a complete waste of time. I felt guilty that I had cheated on Terri, but because I couldn’t change what had happened, I thought about everything that the three of us had done. I couldn’t pay attention to any of the presentations. My penis went up and down all afternoon. Twice I had to sit in empty rooms and wait until I could get up without being embarrassed. When I went to the restroom, my shorts were sticky with pre-cum. I hadn’t been this excitable since I was in the eighth grade and hormones were just beginning to rage through my system. At least then I hadn’t done anything wrong!

Bill and I got back to our room about 5:15. The maid had cleaned it and both beds were freshly made. The smell of sex was completely gone. We each sprawled on a bed and watched the news on television. Neither of us spoke. We were totally lost in our own thoughts and memories. My penis kept getting hard as I recalled how Kim had looked and felt as she vibrated around my penis and cried out. I could almost feel her squeezing my penis as she pulled me back inside her. Remembering the intensity of sex with Kim filled my mind so completely it finally shoved my guilt aside. My penis was so hard it started to throb in my pants.

Our phone rang at 6:00, and I picked it up. “You guys want to get some dinner?” Kim asked. “I’m starved!” We met her fifteen minutes later in the lobby, and we ate together in the hotel restaurant.

I asked Kim about the afternoon sessions, and she blushed. “I couldn’t . . . I tried . . . I . . . Oh crap!” She muttered. “I’ve always been juicy, but never like this! I couldn’t stop! I had to go into the bathroom after every session and wipe myself off!” She blushed again and looked down at her food.

Bill tried to help. “I know we shot a lot of stuff into you, Kim, but it’s gotta be drained out by now!”

“You dummy!” Kim muttered. “It’s MY juices! I’ve never . . . Look! When you guys just kept going at me, it’s like you threw a switch or something. Inside my body. I just completely lost it! I got completely turned on and I’m STILL turned on! Damn you both!” With that she got to her feet and headed toward the front of the restaurant. She almost ran into the ladies’ room.

Bill and I just looked at each other without speaking. Once again I was so hard it hurt. We picked at our food. Kim came back about five minutes later. Bill and I just stared at her. “It’s been like this all day,” she muttered. “I’m like a leaky faucet! If it didn’t feel so good, I’d be . . . well, guilty as hell I guess.” Bill and I didn’t say anything. Frankly I didn’t know how to respond. I could feel my own pre-cum making the head of my penis sticky and wet.

We ate in silence. I stared at my food, lost in thought, thinking about the night before. The sharp clang as Kim slammed down her fork made me look up. She was staring at me.

“It’s mostly your fault, Bob!” Kim declared.

“Hey, I’ll admit I started kissing and touching you, and I tried to do you, but you pulled off me, so I don’t think . . . “

“Dummy! We all let things go too far! That’s not what I mean!” Bill and I stared at Kim as she struggled to get her thoughts together.

“Kim, all we really did was oral sex until I started . . . fucking you. If anybody’s at fault, it’s gotta be me,” Bill whispered.

Kim twisted her face into a grimace. etiler escort “You guys just don’t get it! I knew we’d probably have some sort of sex when I agreed to that silly slumber party. Oral sex at least. But I’d always made love for a few minutes until hubby and I both came, then we’d gotten calmed down completely before we started again. I didn’t know I could stay . . . up at that level and then . . . climax over and over without stopping.”

Kim’s face was bright red and she was breathing fast. We waited until she caught her breath. “When Bill came in me, I had an incredible orgasm. I thought . . . I tried to wait until . . . I tried to calm down. But you just shoved into me, Bob!” She whispered. “I was so sensitive it hurt at first! But then . . . My God! Something snapped inside me and my whole body . . . kind of exploded! I’d never . . . “

Once again Kim had to stop to catch her breath. I don’t think she was aware that she was wiggling from side to side on her chair. I knew she was really aroused, and my erection began its familiar throbbing.

“Then you finally were done, and I thought . . . I thought I’d be able to get back in control. But then you . . . ” Kim looked at Bill. “You started . . . fucking me again, and I completely lost it. I didn’t want it to ever stop! I didn’t even . . . I didn’t know you had finished until I realized Bob was fucking me again. But everything’s like a hazy dream! I just kept exploding . . . over and over . . . I couldn’t stop! I didn’t even know . . . you were both done until . . . well, I realized you were both asleep and hugging me.”

Neither Bill nor I said anything. I could smell the fresh scent of Kim’s aroused pussy, and my erection was painful in my pants. More than anything else I wanted to mate with her again. But I also felt incredible guilt because I’d never experienced such intense sex with Terri. . . . . I didn’t know if I could allow another man to make love to Terri, even if she could experience what Kim had felt last night. This obviously unfair double-standard only made me feel more guilty. Overwhelming lust and guilt consumed me, but my penis stayed erect.

We finished our meal in silence. Kim’s scent was so strong my food tasted of her. I really wanted to make love to her again, but whatever was making me feel guilty kept me from saying so aloud.

After dinner we silently rode the elevator to our floor. We walked together down the hall, and Kim reached her room first. Bill and I stood together and watched as Kim pulled her key out of her purse. After she unlocked her door she said, “I’m going to make my hubby-and-kiddies call. Give me one of your keys. I’ll come down to your room about 9:00.” I gave her my key. My hand was shaking, and so was hers as she touched me. Then she quickly whirled around and ran into her room. Bill and I just stood there in front of her closed door, then we both started to grin. His face was red and blotchy, and my own felt hot.

The SECOND SLUMBER PARTY: Uninhibited, Unrestrained Sexual Experimentation

“You call home first, Bob. I’m going back to the lobby to get something. I’ll call home when I get back.” Bill gave me his key and headed back to the elevators. His pants were tented by his erection. I looked down, and my arousal was equally obvious.

I unlocked our room and made my nightly telephone call to my family. I still felt guilty, but my penis kept getting hard in anticipation of Kim’s returning to our room. If I hadn’t realized it before, I now knew how much stronger lust was than my integrity.

Bill knocked, and I let him in. I returned his key. He tossed a small plastic bag onto his bed, then called home. Promptly at 9:00 Kim unlocked and opened our door, put her small bag on the floor, then set the deadbolt. She tossed my key onto a table. We all stared at each other. “What now?” I asked.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day. Everything we did last night was a first time for at least one of us. We’ve already committed adultery. If we do it again, what does it matter? I enjoyed it. A lot! We might as well see what else we can do. I want to . . . try . . . other positions . . . and other things,” Kim said quietly. “I had no idea that I could stay . . . so aroused for so long. Maybe because there were two of you and you never stopped. But I really want to do it again!”

Bill and I wasted no time. We took turns kissing and undressing Kim. As we did so, she stripped the clothes off us. When her bra came free, I checked the label. She was a 36D, and that was indeed much larger than Terri! She was normally a 34B, swelling to an extremely sensitive 34C during her periods.

The three of us kissed and groped for several minutes after we were naked. Kim’s nipples were as firm as our erections. Her pussy lips were soon swollen, puffed out, and slippery. She was so wet that her thighs glistened. Several drops of her juice fell out of her and dripped directly onto the carpet.

We didn’t know florya escort what to do next! As aroused as the three of us were, it just didn’t seem appropriate to simply start fucking Kim. Our fondling and kissing were getting us more and more prepared, but nobody made a move.

Bill broke the deadlock “Can we try anal sex?”

Kim grimaced, and shook her head. “I don’t want to do that, Bill. It looks like it hurts, and it’s really perverted.”

“Okay, then can you teach me to make you climax while I eat your pussy?” Bill asked. Kim nodded, and she made a huge smile as she lay back on my bed with her legs wide apart. I stared at her wet pussy as I pushed a pillow under her hips.

I tried to give Bill some pointers, but Kim stopped me. She told him in considerable, clinical detail what he should do. Did I ever learn a lot! Less than ten minutes later, he got her off, loudly and well. Then she gave Bill and me incredible blowjobs. For the next hour or so Bill and I took turns getting her more and more excited, one of us licking at her pussy, the other all over the rest of her body. Her orgasms were coming so quickly that once again we couldn’t count them. . . . . . . . . . . . . Bill and I had been hard again for at least a half hour when Kim rolled off the bed. “I’ve never been so ready!” she exclaimed. “I can feel my cervix opening and closing, and my insides are moving all around! I REALLY need to be fucked hard and fast!”

Kim put several chair cushions on the rug, and when she got down on her hands and knees, we knew what she wanted. After all, we’d all seen the same movie! Bill fucked her first, and he really gave her the hard and fast action she had requested. She had two quick, powerful orgasms before he ejaculated into her during the third. . . . . I took Bill’s place, and I could feel Kim’s pussy convulsing as I slipped inside her. Almost immediately she screamed, and her pussy squeezed my penis several times. I kept moving in and out of her, and her orgasm built even higher. Her legs began to shake and jerk, and I couldn’t hold back. After my final squirt, her legs gave out, and she collapsed onto her side, pulling me out of her. She rested for a couple of minutes as cum from Bill and me leaked out of her and pooled on one of the cushions.

Bill didn’t wait very long. He rolled Kim into the missionary position and began to furiously fuck her. She screamed several times as a nearly continuous orgasm rippled through her body for several minutes. Bill climaxed and collapsed next to her, and she lay on her back, gasping for breath. She looked up at me and said, “More! Put it in my mouth so I can get it hard again!”

. . . . Kim quickly recovered her strength. As soon as she got me hard again with her mouth, she had me lie on my back. She straddled me and slowly lowered herself until I was completely inside her. Then she twisted, bounced, squeezed, and wiggled until she climaxed. When I didn’t ejaculate – which was easy to keep from doing since I’d already come – she tried harder. She screamed and trembled with several orgasms before I finally couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt a burning heat between my legs. I came so hard I got dizzy even though I was lying down. All of my energy was drained, and I could barely move.

I began to fall asleep as soon as Kim pulled off me. Even with my eyes closed I heard the sounds of her riding Bill. Sometime later I awoke as they both crawled into bed with me. Once again Bill and I wrapped ourselves around Kim and we fell asleep in a tangled mess of sweaty, sticky bodies. She was still ready to fuck, but Bill and I were worn out. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized that she would enjoy even more men fucking her. Given her level of arousal, we needed a LOT more guys! Five? Six?

Several hours later I felt Bill get out of bed, then return. Kim had rolled partway onto me, and her behind was facing Bill. She was sound asleep and breathing slowly and deeply. In the dim light I could see him rubbing between her legs. He glanced at me and held a finger across his lips so that I would be quiet. He gently moved her so that she was lying on her side, and he put his right leg between hers, then lifted that leg. His penis disappeared between her legs and he leaned forward.

Kim’s body suddenly jerked in my arms, and she cried, “OW!” Then Bill shoved against her, and she let out a gasp, followed by a yelp of pain. Bill moved again, and she screamed, “GOD! NO! YOU’RE IN MY ASS!” I slipped out from under her and got up. She tried to roll over and get up, but Bill grabbed her hips and slammed his penis completely into her. She stopped moving and began to sob. “That hurts so much. Ow! Ow!”

I turned on a light so that I could see more clearly. Bill’s purchase had been some lubricating jelly from the drugstore in the lobby. Obviously he had greased Kim’s anus and his own penis – and then raped her as she slept. I was shocked when I realized that her obvious pain and humiliation made me rock hard! I wanted to do it, too! . . I hadn’t known that I could be intensely aroused by someone else’s helplessness and degradation. I was unbelievably excited by seeing Bill’s forced anal penetration of Kim. I’m glad she didn’t ask me for help because I wouldn’t have done anything. I was learning even more dark secrets about my sense of honor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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