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My name is Ines. Let me introduce myself a little bit first. I’m a typical French girl, mid thirty, living in Paris with my current friend Raphael. My build is on the slim side with pert little tits high on my chest, giving me still a fairly youthful allure. My raven black straight hair is on the short side, as is my pubic hair. I keep it shaved, maintaining a European wax, leaving only a thin stripe as most Parisian girls do.

Last week my friend showed me an ad on the internet which read something like this:



Here is what you can do: ‘Le Studio X’ is conducting une expérience scientifique with this question: ‘Do you believe that your woman knows you really well?’

If you want to enrol as a participant in this very simple game upload a photo of the both of you together with your answers to the short questionnaire through [this link].

If you are selected we sent you an email indicating where to meet us for more detailed information.


“Why are you showing me this?”

“Well, you did suggest a few times you wanted to try swinging sometime, so it’s something I thought we might like. Two days ago I signed us up. We received an email back…”

An hour later we were at the given address, a house in the 9th arrondissement close to the Place Pigalle. Inside we met the jolie Juliette. She left Raphael with the crew in the play room and took me with her to a back room where she explained the game in more detail and let me sign some paper work.

I could only guess what it was Raphael thought he would gain here. What did he intend to buy with me? He thinks he wants me to be liberated. But he should fear of what he will liberate in me. Rapha, is it your bet or am I your toy…? You should know I’m a player. Shall I be your Parisian wager? Let’s just find the sex of Paris!

Returned to the big room Juliette introduced the players. Staring through her glasses making notes on her clip board she nearly convinced me she really ran a survey for the Sorbonne.

Addressing four men including my Raphael she said: “We want to find out if couples really know each other. Or do they fool themselves… Is the woman always capable of recognizing her man?

“The lovely Ines will be blindfolded, after she will have looked closely at each one of you. She must identify among the four of you which one is her Rapha. First I ask that all contestants take a shower. This is in order to eliminate any body odours. And that includes you Raphael.”

The guys were escorted away by another nice lady, and returned some fifteen minutes later, all wearing a bathrobe. As two of those hang loose and open I clearly saw the guys were naked under the robes. Semi hard cocks swung freely between their legs.

Juliette stepped to me with a blue robe in her hands. As she had instructed me before I lifted up my summer dress and took it off. Left only in my white cotton panties I took the robe and put in on. The guys meanwhile tugged on their cocks openly and unabashed.

“Now I visit each of you contestants. I’ll spray a mouth spray and administer this eau de toilette to make you all smell the same. This way Ines can’t recognize you by your body odour. Ines, now come with me and look at them closely before you will be blindfolded.”

After intensely taking in the contestants I was instructed to kneel on the floor. The second lady came to my backside and put a blindfold over my eyes, effectively shutting out the light mutlukent escort from my vision.

“At the end of a series of tests, there are only two possible outcomes: either you identify your friend who accompanied you here, or you fail to do so, by choosing the wrong guy. If you choose your friend correctly, you will have won a prize of 750 euros. But if you fail by choosing incorrectly, the candidates share the prize money… and you Ines will be their bonus!”

“We begin the first experiment. Each candidate touches the face of Ines for 10 seconds. Number 1, you start.”

My face was touched and caressed by all men. I didn’t have a clue who of the four was my Raphael.

“Now all men will kiss Ines, on her mouth. You can all make out with her for half a minute.”

Now I was pretty sure Rapha was number two. But especially number four made my pussy wet.

“The third game, Ines will bare her tits and you can feel them up.”

I shrugged the robe from my shoulders and let it fall on the floor, around my feet and knees. Now how could this in any way help me identify Raphael. By the way he pinched my nipples? How I was mauled by four horny guys? Not a chance.

The next test was the guys standing in front of me and I had to suck on their dicks. I got half a minute for each cock to try to taste which one belonged to Rapha. Or decide from the size or shape. Now this is also nearly impossible. It ruled out number one for sure. But for the others…

“Now all contestants will lay down on the floor on the back. We will escort Ines along the row of contestants. She will lower herself on your cocks, and fuck each of you for one minute.”

Someone took my hands and lead me to the first guy. She helped me lower myself onto the first rampant dick. It filled my pussy really nice. Maybe this was the best way to decide my friend. The first one was clearly much too thin. The second one could really be Raphael. But than so could number three. I didn’t think it was number four, but that was really a nice cock to fuck. The perfect length for my cunny, it did touch my cervix when I bottomed out. And its thickness made my pussy feel very alive.

“Time! You’ve tried them all for a whole minute. If you can’t decide by now you probably will never know. So Ines, who do you think was your friend Raphael? Was it number one? Or number two? Now take your time, you’ve only one guess. And if you don’t pick the right one, you will have to face the consequences.”

I had already fucked each of them, so what was really the point. Did it really matter much if one of the three players would fuck me some more? Having a good fuck with a stranger without having to cheat for it was actually a bonus to me. So I would definitely not pick number two.

“Did you think number three was your Rapha? Or could it be number four?”

“Number four…?” I said hesitantly, very well knowing he wasn’t my Raphael.

Juliette answered: “I did hear myself explain to you you had only one chance, did I? So I must count number four as your final choice. Are you right?”

Juliette took away my blindfold. I clearly saw playing cards pinned on the robes the guys were still wearing. All robes hang open with stiff cocks sticking out. Rapha stood near me and had a 2 of diamonds pinned on his bathrobe. So I had faltered. Or actually I had guessed my man correctly but declared another…

“I’m sorry you picked the wrong one, Ines, and now you will have to pay for it,” Juliette said with a mischievous smile. “We will give the contestants 250 euros each, and tuzla escort I will leave you in their hands for the next hour or so. Claude, the number four, will decide what they do with you. We will fix Raphael to a chair so he won’t be able to interfere.”

Rapha was pushed in a chair and his legs and arms were fixed with Velcro strips to the legs and armrests. He didn’t fight it but let it happen in resignation. What would he have done if he knew what was going to happen…

I was wearing the blue bathrobe. My panties lay abandoned on the floor somewhere. Claude stepped in front of me, wearing a big grin. His thick dick pointed at me, lewdly sticking out from his robe. A string of precum dangled from the tip, and his rod was still slick from my cunt juice. As it twitched my cunny tingled, remembering how he had felt inside. How it had filled up my coochy. Such a pity it had only lasted for just 60 seconds…

Claude took my wrists and bound them together with velvet lined handcuffs. He pulled a hood over my head way more effective than a blindfold. I could see nothing, not even a shimmer of light at the periphery of my sight. I heard a click near my hands and they were pulled up. Clearly my handcuffs had been connected to a line of sorts that was now being pulled up forcing my arms in the air. My feet were placed some two feet apart and fixed in position. My arms were pulled further up until they were stretched out completely. I was now fixed in a vertical position in the middle of the room. With my arms straight up and my legs apart there was not much room for me to move.

Cunt syrup trickled from my honey pot and stuck to my thighs. After having fucked for four separate minutes my vagina didn’t need preparation and was ready for more. Before soon I was filled again. A thick cock (Claud’s?) was pushed up inside my pussy.

Meanwhile hands felt me up. My buttocks were mauled, as was my chest. My perky A-cup tits were kneaded, making my nipples look happy. A warm thigh feeling spread from my cock filled cunny through my spine to my head. My hips were gripped tighter, and the cock started to pump my cunt. Slow at first, but steadily getting more greedy he pounded faster and faster from below up into my pussy. The angle, although a bit awkward, turned out to be perfect for stimulating my g-spot. Every time the thick boner thrust up inside my vagina it bumped against my sweet spot, sending a sharp jolt through my body.

After I don’t know how long the cock inside me spit out a hot load of cum up into my womb. Shrinking slightly it withdrew from my chute and was rapidly replaced by another, who made my insides jump just like the first one. Bumping on and on against my pleasure spot the on-going fucking made me lose it. Maybe some 10 minutes into the fucking my body started to orgasm, and didn’t want to stop. Because of my upright position and the continuous pounding I hang from my wrists, my body sliding from one orgasm into another. When a cock got limp after spewing it’s content into my body it was replaced by another. For sure within one hour I had been fucked by many more than just the three unknown cocks I had already lowered my pussy on. But did I care…

With my legs fixed some 2 feet apart the men who humped me had just enough room to bang into me from below. And banging they did. The gang fucked my pussy raw, leaving me hanging from my arms and writhing in ecstasy. I definitely got more cock than I had counted on. Actually, I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen the minute I had stepped into this room some two hours ago. Now did anadolu yakası escort I regret being here? Absolutely not!

I had lost count of the number of cocks that had filled my pussy. They all had spewed their seed inside. Soaked with way more than 100cc sticky pearly white gooey I already made a pretty mess. Of course I couldn’t see this, but I definitely felt how the gooey trickled from my pussy down my thighs. It was much more than I had ever felt running down my legs. I felt like a true slut. Meanwhile I hung with my wrists bound together, my arms stretched high above my head. Having done my hour and paid my debt I figured they would soon be lowered, and I would be sent away without my gain but with an impressive life changing experience.

This was not happening just yet. The assault wasn’t over. Juliette was back, or had she never left the room? She lifted my hood, saying “Dear Ines, now how was that? Did you like being used by a few unknown men? Was this enough to get over your curiosity, or can we enjoy you a little bit longer?”

As the hood was lifted off my head completely I could see around the room. First I noticed four cameras on tripods, al aimed at me in the centre of the room. And behind that I saw many many men standing alongside the four walls of the pretty large room. A lot of men. Maybe fifty. They all wore a blue bath robe, hanging open. A lot of flesh was out in the open. Quite a few had their cock in their hand, jerking slowly emphasizing the agitated state they were in, ready to go into action. The three players were among them. I did recognize Claude. His half limb cock was still coated in a white sheen, probably the mixture of sperm from my pussy and my very own essence. His member twitched and rose up again some more when our eyes met, acknowledging it had already filled up my pussy before. At least twice.

My Raphael was still sitting in his chair, his arms and legs fixed with Velcro strips. His head was completely covered with a hood like I had just worn. So he had been an ear witness to all sexual action. I noticed his member stood very upright in his lap. But I doubt if this was because he liked what he had heard, because I saw a thick cock ring around his dick and his balls were tightly bound with string. So clearly his cock had its impressive state not entirely because of the acoustic spectacle I had been the centre of.

Juliette stood next to Rapha saying “Don’t worry Ines. Your Rapha has had his pleasure too. The first part of last hour I have enjoyed your show sitting on his lap, his dick buried deep inside my pussy. He lost a first load inside my cunny when you screamed as Claude spewed his sperm in your tight tunnel.

“Thereafter his pleasure stick has been revived by the talented mouth of our young star Michelle. When he was ready again for action she had pierced her young bald cunt on his boner, rocking him to another height. As yourself he was deprived of his sight, depending only on his hearing enjoying intensely the offered anonymous sex. He did like Michelle very much.

“Luckily for the both of you we’ve filmed all action, so you will be able to enjoy the visual delights yourselves afterwards. I’m happy to say our viewing ratings today are unsurpassed. You’re quiet a hit right now at Ines, we can make you a big star as the Parisian Bitch… And we will!”

With that said Juliette donned my hood again sealing my fate. Within a minute my cunt and my ass were both being stuffed with two big boners. The first two of many. I was being train double tagged by horny porn studs, two by two after each other in a long long row. I did lose my consciousness once or twice, but during a couple of hours I was more or less in a continuous orgasmic state. I floated into a sexual delirium that was immediate addictive, and because of the above par viewed life stream I was propelled into instant porn stardom…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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