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For background read The Temp I.

Tuesday, what a lousy day. Raining and miserable. I had originally planned on doing some work away from the building. Now I’d be stuck inside.

As I went to my little cubby hole of an office, I was surprised to see a note on the door requesting I go to the Facilities Managers office. Dropping my lunch on the desk, and picking up my clip board, off I went.

I thought ok, she’s going to fire your butt for yesterday. Well hell, it was worth it, but if that was the case I sure wish I’d have let her finish what she started. That girl could suck!

The door to the office was open and I knocked first before sticking my head in and asked what was going on? Motioning me in, Phyllis said she had a lot of work to do in the new offices that were going to be filled by some big wigs that were transferring to the area.

Getting my assignment with no mention of the previous day I guess was a good indication of what I could expect. No repercussions for the time being.

I went back to my office, as I stepped in I saw the most amazing sight. On all fours, with her ass to the door, was Viv. She was obviously bare below the waist and her ass was framed by black garter straps coming from the belt she was wearing. Walking around to the front of her, I saw she was looking at the floor with her blouse opened and her breast exposed.

Not saying a word, I walked around to the chair and pulled it up to her. I then dropped my pants and sat down, reaching to her and grabbing a hand full of hair, I pulled her to my rapidly rising dick. She immediately grasped it with her hands and placed it in her mouth. I then took her hands from my dick and she began sucking me like there was no tomorrow. It only took a few minutes before I felt the cum start it’s journey, bringing with it the thrill of shiver of an impending orgasm.

As I began to swell in her mouth I felt her tongue around the head and she began sucking harder, trying to pull the cum from me. When I was as far in her mouth as she could take me I felt the first jolt of cum leaping from my dick, she took that and kept sucking until at last I was drained.

Getting up, I pulled on my pants and left the office, I did have a job to do after all and I didn’t want to piss too many folks off.

About 10 in the morning I noticed Phyllis was in the office I had just completed. All I was doing was hanging pictures but she came up and said in a rather loud voice that they were all crooked. I noticed a couple of people in cubes next to the office straining to hear this exchange.

I told her in a quiet voice, she was mistaken. She started to argue, with her voice getting higher pitched and louder when I gave her a level and showed her that the pictures were not only straight and level but were the same height from the floor. She moved away from the door and no one could see her as she examined the pictures in question. Bending over to get the measurement on the tape, I walked up behind her, and brought my hand down firmly on her ass, holding it there for a few seconds and then saying to her, Your office, NOW.

I walked calmly out the door and went directly to her office. My longer legs taking me there in just a few minutes, since it was one floor down. I could hear her breathing hard as she fought to keep up with me. I walked into her office as if nothing had happened then as she came in, again, I slowly closed the door. This time making sure it was locked.

At the sound of the lock turning in the door she spun around and there she was, blonde hair out of place and face flushed from almost jogging to keep up with me. There I was, calm and not breathing hard. Oh, she was mad.

I asked her if she remembered yesterday? Yes she said a little more defiant than what she appeared to be. Well, obviously you don’t remember everything since you insist on making a scene over everything that you feel is out of place before you check on it.

I told you that rude would not be tolerated. Do you understand what I meant by that? Yes she said. YES what? I responded. Yes Sir, she finally answered after taking a deep breath.

I told her she was acting like a spoiled little child, throwing a temper tantrum and did she know what little children get when they act up?

No Sir, but I was not acting ….

Quiet, I said softly. You are using every opportunity to act like the Queen Bitch and I won’t take it. Just like you will not allow anyone here to call you anything but Ms. Smyth. Well, PHYLLIS, this is the way it’s going to be from now on.

Moving closer to her, I was right up against her, I could feel her breast rising and falling with her breath. I told her she was already ruining herself here with the way she acted towards others. Looking into her eyes, I didn’t reach out or touch her in any way. I only looked at her, then looked down. Not knowing quite what to expect, she too looked down but remained standing. Taking one hand I placed it on her shoulder, pushing her slowly to her knees. As sıhhiye escort she started to shrink lower, I removed my hand and watched her continue her journey.

As her knees hit the floor, I backed up a few paces, watching this overbearing woman on her knees made me feel good. She would have to be disciplined but not in such a way that others would hear it. I decided on the most deliciously wicked punishment I knew of. When someone insists on being the boss you allow the outward appearance of that to remain but inwardly you dominate.

Watching her closely, I moved back into her circle of comfort then looked at her and then at the crotch of my pants. She reached up to undo the buttons again, but I moved out of her reach and told her to stand.

Remove your blouse. Her face got red and she started to bight her lip, but refused to move.

One last time, Remove your blouse, slowly her hand went up to the buttons and started to undo them. Her blouse was a dark blue washed silk, clinging and draping nicely on her breast. It seemed as if the blouse were painted on without looking tight.

Please don’t make me do this, please, she begged. While she was asking me not to force her to do this she continued undoing the buttons until the last one was open. Shrugging her shoulders her blouse fell to the floor.

Pick it up I said, as she stood there. Bending over she picked up her discarded blouse and put it on the chair next to her.

Now your skirt. It was a nice skirt too, just short of her knees. Snug around her hips but flaring and showing off her ass so sweetly.

With her skirt and blouse off, I told her to continue. The only things left were her panties (thongs) and bra. Reaching up she undid the front clasp and allowed it to come open crossing her arms over her breasts, I told her no, drop your arms. We both know where we are going with this and it will be much easier if you follow your directions quickly.

Slowly lowering her arms she revealed two very nicely rounded orbs that looked like two half cantaloupes. It was obvious that a bra was only used to keep them from bouncing and to disguise the nipples that were starting to harden in the air conditioned office. Placing her bra along with her blouse and skirt on the chair, I motioned for her to remove her panties.

Shaking her head no, she started again to cover her breasts. At this, I simply took one step closer and she dropped her arms and hooking her fingers into her panties, lowered them to the floor, where she bent and picked them up.

Nice. That is the only way to describe her. Nice hips gently flaring and rounded, tapering to long legs that seemed entirely too long for her height. Her waist was also rounded only in the opposite direction, nipped in and it looked as if I could span it with my hands. The nipples of her breasts were the size of puffy, pink silver dollars. Oh so munchable. Taking a step closer I leaned down and did just that. Taking one into my mouth but not touching her anywhere else, I just sucked on it for a second then bit down slightly. Just enough to let her know I could bite harder if I wished. I felt her hand come up to the back of my head and pull me into her and listened to her moan in passion, low in her throat but I backed up a step and lifted my head.

I told her this is the way it would be. When I wanted it. Not when she wanted attention. This is also the way you will act when I am present.

When I walk into a room you will rise. If we are alone, the only answer will be Yes Sir, or No Sir, and to make you fully aware of your station in life you will at all times be available for my pleasure. That means, at no time will I find you wearing underwear of any sort unless I tell you that you can. The only thing you will wear to work will be dresses, or blouse and skirt, you will wear stockings, NOT pantyhose and you will at all times wear heels no less than three inches high, and even on casual Friday you will wear a casual skirt and blouse.

I……I.. can’t do that. It would ruin me here.

I am not asking, I’m telling you, and I am not forcing you to do anything in front of any person in the building, this is between you and me.

Lowering her head she simply said, Yes Sir.

Good, now to your discipline for making a scene in the other office. Come to me.

Taking a step back, I watched as she slowly came to me and once again I felt the submission she had in her as she stood silently waiting for my next command.

Moving quickly, I stepped aside and picked up her panties, a little moist from her excitement and put them in her mouth. This caught her completely off guard and I told her if the panties came out before I removed them, she would be in for something she really didn’t want to contemplate. I mentioned this as I looked towards the door.

Seeing the fear in her eyes, I then took her by the hand and pulled her over to her desk, and gently pushed her face first on to the top. tandoğan escort This left her bent at an angle which presented her ass to my eyes and I picked up a rolled blue print from a stack that was on a work table.

Making the roll even tighter, I brought it swiftly down and across her back side, leaving a red mark. I repeated this 10 times and each time she jumped with shock. If I had used a board it would have been less destructive since the rolled paper had a nice sting to it as I continued to give her a small taste of what she could expect.

Stopping after 10 strokes I then gently caressed her bottom, and lifted her face by the chin, looking into her eyes I pulled the soaked panties from her mouth, bent down and slowly kissed away the tears of humiliation that were welling from her eyes. I then enfolded her in my arms caressing her back and bottom and let her know that I would NEVER strike or hurt her in anger but I would also not tolerate any more tantrums where others could see and hear them.

I then told her to get dressed. Watching closely as she performed this most natural act only for her it was totally UN-NATURAL, since she had no underwear to put on.

I then took her bra and panties and put them in my pocket and opened the locked door and walked out. It was lunch time.

At 12:10 I called the Building managers office.

As she answered, I simply said, Phyllis, My Office 10 minutes. Then I hung up.

I left the office at that time and went to the cafeteria for a cold coke. Upon my return I noticed that the door I normally kept closed was open a crack. Looking at my watch I see that I had been gone for only five minutes.

As I walked into the office, Phyllis was sitting on my desk. By the time I had taken my second step into the office she was on her feet facing me.

I closed and locked the door then took two quick steps towards her. Taking her by the arm I spun her around and bent her over the desk. I then flipped up her skirt and took note that the red marks from this mornings spanking were still visible.

I then opened my pants and dropped them to the floor, releasing my dick which was sticking straight out. Bending down, I moved her feet wider, then caressing her pussy, I could tell she was excited as she was slick and lubricated enough to put three fingers into her with no hesitation. Taking this for an invitation, I pushed her farther over my desk with her ass sticking up in the air. I entered her completely. Letting my dick soak for a second and savoring the moment, I started to fuck into her quickly, pulling out until just the head of my dick was in her then slamming back into her. I could feel her cervix as I bottomed out in her and feeling myself swell with mounting excitement.

I could hear her high whining moan as she was approaching her own orgasm. I stopped for ten seconds with just the head of my dick in her clutching pussy. My hands on the soft globes of her ass to keep her in position and not push back against me. As her breath settled down, I pulled back slowly then slammed back into her. Hearing the breath whoosh out of her, I fucked her for several more strokes. Knowing I would cum soon I increased the speed until I could feel myself swell again. Then, just as she was starting to reach a plateau, I shot my cum into her, holding her still and burying myself into her as deeply as possible. I could feel her struggling to move to get the friction she required to reach a climax.

I stepped back again, this time pulling myself completely out of her and turned her around, I didn’t have to look at the floor she immediately dropped to her knees and began cleaning me off. I watched as her hands made their way to her crotch but I stopped her and lifted her up. Bending quickly to pick up my pants and buttoning them and fastening my belt. I turned and said, thank you, that will be all. I walked out the door and left her standing in my office, face flushed, knees trembling and frustrated.

I continued my rounds of the building as if nothing had happened. Phyllis seemed to be avoiding me, I wonder why.

At 4:00PM I stopped by her office to check out and as I knocked and then stuck my head in, I noticed she had one of the secretaries in her office. I took a step in and she immediately stood behind her desk.

Asking if there was anything else that needed to be done before I left. She said no. I’ll see you in the morning. Oh, I said, there is one thing I need to talk to you about before I leave. Do you have a short minute?

Stepping around her desk she came to me and I leaned down to whisper in her ear so the secretary in her office couldn’t hear. I told her to remove ALL hair from your body below the neck by tomorrow. I then licked her ear and walked out.


Walking outside I was waved down by Linda, one of the secretaries.

I need a jump, she said.

Apparently she had left her lights on that morning and her battery was drained. tunalı escort So taking cables out of my car and hooking them up, I had her start her car.

Letting it run for a few minutes, she asked if she could repay me. Nothing to it, I replied. As I looked into her car window I couldn’t help but notice her skirt that was hiked up to just below her panties but I could still see that they were almost transparent.

Making a mental note of this I also bent over a little and said perhaps another time. Flashing a big smile and spreading her legs just a little more than necessary to operate her car, she said I’ll hold you to that.

Well, things were looking up. At least for the time being anyway.

Going home, I could only imagine what the possibilities would be if I were to follow up on all the available pussy that seemed to inhabit the building.


Wednesday. The weather had cleared and the sun was out, just another shitty day in paradise, and I was beginning to wonder where I wanted to take this thing with Phyllis. Then there was the possibility of enjoying Linda too.

I pulled into my parking spot 45 minutes early just to see if I could beat everyone into work. WRONG. There was some workaholic in already. I didn’t recognize the car but decided to go in and walk the building anyway to see if they needed something.

Stopping first at my office and pouring me a cup of coffee I set out on my journey.

On the second floor, I saw a light on in one of the outside offices. It was Linda’s office. Stopping by and knocking on the door I asked if everything was all right.

Looking up at me she smiled and said yes. She just wanted to get some work done for a project and was ready for a break.

Swinging her chair around I couldn’t help but notice the short dress she wore and the stockings that went under it. Sweet!

Giving me a big smile, she said to close the door. So, who am I to deny the lady. She is nice looking with a slender frame and nice legs. Stepping into her office I closed and locked her door then went over to her desk.

She stood to meet me half way, wrapping her arms around me, she said she would like to thank me for my kindness of the day before. Leaning down to me, (did I mention she was at least 6’3″ AND wearing high heels?) her lips met mine and her tongue immediately started to slip into my mouth. I stopped it with mine then gently bit down on it so she could only move it if I wished her to.

Backing her up to her desk she naturally sat down and had me between her legs. Moving my hands up the outside of thighs, I also pushed her dress higher as I pressed into her and started dueling with her tongue in my mouth.

I felt the transition from silky stockings to smooth as cream thighs then upwards until I could grasp her ass in both hands. No, she wasn’t wearing panties. I like that in a girl.

I then moved closer to her and continued kissing her full lips when her legs spread even more. I could feel her hands moving the buckle on my belt then opening the buttons on my Levi’s. Once this was done, my pants dropped and I was totally hard and with her legs spread so invitingly wide I just stepped into one of the hottest, wettest pussy’s I have ever been in.

Taking that last half step pushed me into her totally and feeling her legs wrap around my waist as I started a slow in an out movement just felt great. No preliminaries, just plain raw screwing. Leaning her back over her desk, her legs still wrapped around me and pulling me deeper into her. I could feel the muscles in her clinch and release me as she milked the load of cum out of me. The whole time I was wondering what have I got myself into with this woman? In and out long strokes, short strokes and then a twist of the hips when I hit bottom. Every time I hit bottom the desk we were on would move an inch causing me to step a little closer to her. She loved it and kept asking for more until she finally started a high keening sound that told me she was near. As the air rushed out of her lungs a high moan left her lips as she thrust her pelvis up to meet me. She sank to the desk and two strokes later I pushed as far into her as possible, feeling her clit on the bone of my pubis as I emptied the first load of the day into her willing snatch. She used those incredible muscles again to milk me and hold me in her until we both settled down and regained our breath. Then, just as I started to pull out of her again she really tightened down on her inner muscles and I could feel the residual cum being pulled from my dick as I pulled out of her.

Backing off from her desk, I looked down at her and all I could do was shake my head when she said thanks again for jumping me.

I held my hand out to her as she started to get up she reached for me and I helped her off the desk. She kicked off her shoes which only made her 2 inches taller than me then leaned into me again and as our lips touched I could feel the teasing motion of her tongue. As we broke the kiss we looked into each others eyes, knowing this would not be a one time thing.

Looking at my watch, I noticed I had only a minute or two to get to Phyllis’ office to see if she had anything special going on for the day. Linda just said if Phyllis gave me any trouble for being a micro second late just let her know I was in her office moving a desk.

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