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It was Tasha’s curiosity, really, that started it all. She was obsessed with Sybian porn. Her eyes would get all dreamy and half-closed every time they watched. And Max had to admit, the thought of watching her climb on and ride one of those things had him going. Besides, he never could say no to her. Still, Max was a business man, an investor. The cost of a Sybian of their very own was cost-prohibitive, to say the least. There were rentals available, but none in their area. That’s when he got his brilliant idea, and that’s how the Sybian Club began—a two thousand dollar investment, clearing out a private room in their basement, and a website. They started by offering free introductory sessions. Max felt a little bit like a heroin dealer… “The first one’s free, man!” But Tasha’s instincts had been right on. Once a woman had a ride on the Sybian, she wanted to ride it again. “If you build it, they will cum!” she said… and man, did they cum… and cum… and cum!


Tasha was nervous. She paced the tiles of the bathroom floor, her four inch heels echoing in the small space, not even bothering to stop and check her hair and makeup in the mirror. On the other side of that door was a scenario that could either make or break their new business venture, and she wasn’t sure she was up to the task.

“Someone’s in here!” she snapped at the door, and the knocker retreated.

“I can do this,” she whispered, pressing her forehead against the door, laying her palms flat there to cool them. “I can do this, I can do this.”

So far, it had only been Tasha and a friend, or a friend of a friend, alone in their remodeled basement “Sybian Room.” Now, it was an entire house full of clients and potential clients, drinking champagne or beer and nibbling on cheese and canapés and waiting for Tasha to start the show.

She took a deep breath, smoothing her skirt over her hips, and opened the door. The sound of women laughing and talking filled the living room and family room. Tasha grabbed a glass of champagne off the buffet and gulped it, taking a deep breath before she cleared her throat.

No one heard her of course. “Hello!” she called over the noise of the crowd. Still, nothing. She raised her voice as loud as she could. “Who wants to have the most total body, toe-curling orgasm of their life?”

The room went quickly silent, twenty pairs of blinking eyes on her, now. The women from the family room were crowding into the living room to listen.

Tasha grinned. “My name is Natasha Rivera and I’ll be your host tonight. You can call me Tasha. Some of you already know me, and have even ridden the Sybian before…” she smiled over at Nicki, who gave her a wink. “Some of you are meeting me for the first time, and have never heard of a Sybian.”

She had their attention now. “As you know from your invitation, you are going to be given a free opportunity to ride the Sybian. If you like your experience, you’ll have the option of taking a full ride for a small fee at the end of the night. You can also join our Sybian Club, Ankara escort and I will give you more information about that, later.”

Tasha covered the distance between the buffet and the television, picking up the remote. “The Sybian is the Rolls Royce of pleasure machines—it’s the ultimate in female stimulation. And it’s something so hard to describe, that you really have to experience it firsthand to understand what I mean when I say it’s the most pleasurable thing a woman will probably ever feel.”

A few of the women were nodding, that knowing look on their faces. Tasha looked around the room. Several of the women were fidgeting, looking embarrassed. Others appeared interested, their eyes a little too bright.

“I’m going to show you a short introductory video, and then I’ll answer any questions you have.”

Tasha turned on the television and pushed “play” on the remote. The room grew even more quiet as the video began, the woman on the screen talking about the Sybian, its attachments, and how it all worked. When she climbed onto the machine and began to ride, there was a little collective gasp, followed by a rapt kind of group attention that Tasha had rarely ever experienced. Every person there couldn’t take her eyes of the screen. The sounds of the woman’s pleasure filled the room.

When the video was over, Tasha turned off the television and asked, “Any questions?”

A young girl in the corner raised her hand. Tasha judged she couldn’t be a day over eighteen—although she knew that she had to be, at least, eighteen. No invitations had been issued to minors. Tasha had double checked that fact when people called to confirm their reservations.

“How long do we get to ride?” the young blonde asked.

Tasha smiled. “Five minutes. I know it doesn’t sound long, but trust me… it’s long enough. And with as many people as we have here, we’d be here all night if we offered longer rides. But the good news is, if you decide to join the Sybian Club, you can ride for twenty minutes at a time whenever you want for a small fee. That’s usually more than sufficient for most women.”

The girl nodded, leaning over to whisper something to the older woman sitting next to her, who nodded, too.

“Any other questions?” Tasha asked.

A busty redhead sitting beside Nicki raised her hand. “Can we pick our own attachments?”

“Oh, right, attachments,” Tasha nodded. “Because of the need for sterilization after use, you’ll be riding tonight without attachments, at least for your free trial.”

There was a collective sigh, the sound of disapproval, in the room.

“But trust me, you’ll still have a great ride.” The room didn’t look convinced. Tasha swallowed hard. “Plus, we are going to have a door prize! To enter, you just have to sign up for the Club and, at the end of the night, I’ll draw the winner—who gets a full twenty minute ride, with the attachments of her choice!”

This time, the collective sound was one of approval and excitement. Tasha smiled. Who didn’t love to win a prize?

“Any Ankara escort bayan other questions?”

“What about privacy?” It was the buxom redhead again.

Tasha gave her a smile. “You’ll be in a private room. I will be there to show you how to work the machine, but that’s all. And as it said on the invitation, we encouraged you to wear a long, flowing dress or an extra long t-shirt. If you didn’t wear one, and you’re worried about your modesty, I have a few extra long t-shirts.”

The redhead nodded, looking satisfied.

The blonde raised her hand again, and said, “My boyfriend really, really wanted to come and watch…”

The roomful of women tittered and grinned.

“Is that allowed?” the girl finished, giving the room a sheepish smile.

“Ahhh I know the menfolk would love to watch,” Tasha winked. “But honestly, the poor guys get so excited that it just ends up being such a mess…”

The women laughed knowingly, giving each other sidelong glances.

“However, if you join the Sybian Club, we do offer videotaping services,” Tasha went on. The blonde brightened, but a few of the women looked like deer in the headlights. “Of course, if you’re too shy for that, audio taping is available, instead. That alone is guaranteed to get his heart racing.”

The room murmured agreement, and Tasha felt a tingle of excitement in her belly. She had them all interested, their eyes already starry with the prospect of sharing their experience with their lover or their husband. And they hadn’t even mounted up yet. Just wait until they take a ride, she thought.

“Alright, if that’s all for the questions, let’s get started!”

There were no more hands, just a low murmur and a shifting in their seats.

“It’s totally random,” Tasha went on, picking up the little fish bowl off the buffet. “I’ll draw one card at a time out of the ones you filled out earlier. When I call your name, come with me.”

The room hummed with anticipation as Tasha dug through the white folded cards. “Daisy Nash.”

“Me, that’s me!” the redhead squealed and popped up. The whole room seemed to sigh, Tasha wasn’t sure if it was disappointment or anticipation. The low murmur of voices started again as the redhead, Daisy, followed Tasha down the stairs.

“I’m nervous,” Daisy admitted, flipping her long red hair over her shoulder. “My friend Karen said I had to try it, but I was a little… you know…”

“You won’t regret it,” Tasha assured her with a smile. “You should take off your bottoms, obviously, but you can leave your dress on.”

Daisy nodded, putting her purse down on the chair and reaching under the hem of her long sundress to slip her panties off.

“I’ll help you up,” Tasha said, offering her a hand. The redhead swung her long leg over the back of the machine. “Just kind of… settle yourself… right over that flesh-colored ridge.”

Daisy adjusted her skirt around her, wiggling on top of the machine, her pale thighs spread wide. “Oh wow. Mm.”

“Nice already, isn’t it?” Tasha Escort Ankara asked, holding up the controls. “This one is vibration, this is rotation. We’re only concerned with vibration for this ride.”

Daisy nodded, eager. “Can I do it?”

“Sure.” Tasha gave her the controls, setting the alarm on her watch and having a seat The redhead flipped the switch and turned the knob like a pro.

“Oooohhhhh,” Daisy moaned, her hips already rocking back and forth over the vibrating ridge.

“Good, isn’t it?” Tasha murmured, feeling a familiar tingle between her legs as she watched. It was going to be a long night, she thought, crossing one knee over the other.

“Oh god yes,” Daisy whispered, her hands reaching to steady herself on the front of the machine. The hum of the Sybian filled the room, but the redhead was soon drowning out the sound with her moans. Tasha glanced at her watch, counting down the time. It had been two minutes. Should she give her a warning, she wondered? Maybe when there was a minute left?

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” the redhead rocked and rolled her hips over and over the vibrating machine. “Oh that’s sooooo good, oh my god!”

Daisy was cupping and rubbing her breasts through her yellow sundress, pinching her nipples through the material. Tasha could see them standing up even through the woman’s bra. Her pale thighs were trembling as she moved back and forth, fucking the machine.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” she moaned, her fingers digging into her bra for flesh, and Tasha glimpsed the pink shadow of her areola as she tugged at her nipples. “Oh my god, my fucking pussy!”

Her words made Tasha swallow hard, her own pussy gently throbbing in response. How many more women was she going to watch do this tonight? Twenty, twenty-five? The thought made her feel dizzy. She glanced at her watch. It had been four minutes.

Tasha gave her a warning. “One minute left.”

The redhead didn’t seem to hear her. She was bucking on top of the machine like a wild woman, her moans nearly drowning out the buzz of the Sybian.

“Oh yessssssssssss!” she hissed, her large breasts bouncing completely free of her sundress and bra now as she shuddered on top of the machine. “Oh my pussy, my pussy, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!”

And she did. Tasha watched, licking her lips, as the woman’s whole body stiffened with her orgasm, and then began to shake, almost seizure-like, her hair flying around her freckled shoulders. She was screaming, baying at the ceiling, and Tasha knew they must be able to hear her upstairs.

Couldn’t pay for advertising like this, Tasha thought with a grin, as she took the box and turned the switch off.

“Oh… my… god.” The redhead shuddered again, looking at Tasha through half-closed eyes. “I don’t care what it costs,” she gasped. “Where do I sign?”

Tasha smiled, offering her a hand to help her down. “Let’s go upstairs and you can join the club.”


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