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“Hey, how are you doing, Rod!”

“Grant! Good seeing you. What’s up?”

“Not much. Winding down my last year of school. Graduation’s coming up.”

“That’s great. You heading to the NFL, or what?”

“Nah. Didn’t get drafted. Anyway, Angela—you remember her?”

“Um, yes, I remember her very well.”

“Well, she didn’t like the idea of my making football a career, so I’m giving it up. I’m getting a degree in business administration, so I figure I can get a job somewhere locally.”


“How about you?”

“I have two more years to go. Melissa too. You remember Melissa?”

“You bet I do! Really cute girl.”

“She’s a lot more than that. I, um, like the rest of her family too.”

“Who would that be?”

“Well, her sister Audrey, for one. She’s about to graduate too.”

“You’re telling me you . . .?”

“Yup. She’s great. And then there’s, well, Isabel.”

“Who’s Isabel?”

“Melissa’s aunt. Really interesting woman.”


“Yeah. And also . . . Melissa’s mom.”

“Her mom! You’re kidding me.”

“Yeah, she’s just wonderful. Really affectionate.”

“Well, you seem to be in the catbird seat.”

“I guess so. Julia—that’s Melissa’s mom—somehow managed to reunite with her husband, Arthur, who’d bolted from the scene. He’s back now.”

“You don’t say? That would make four gals and two guys.”


Grant became lost in thought. “You know, that’s pretty uncanny. That’s kind of the situation I have at my house.”


“Yeah. There’s Angela, and then her sister’s come to live with us. She had a rough time with an old boyfriend, but we managed to take care of him, and she’s doing real well with us. Incredible woman.”

“Is that right?”

“You bet. And I think you know about little Marcia.”

“I think so.”

“And of course my mom.”

“Yeah, I knew about that. Melissa told me.”

“Well, my mom has linked up with a real nice guy named Robert. They’re just made for each other.”

“But you still . . .?”

“Oh, yeah, of course. And Robert enjoys the other girls too.”

“So that makes four gals and two guys at your house too.”


Rod now fell into deep thought. “I was just wondering . . .”

“Yeah, I think I know what you’re about to say.”


The matter of course had to be taken up with the women in both households. Everything depended on their response.

“Oooh, I think it’ll be fun!” Melissa cooed when Rod told her about the plan. “I wouldn’t say I’ve missed Grant—how could I, when I have you at my beck and call?—but I do feel a kind of nostalgia for him.” He was, after all, the one who took my virginity. A girl always remembers the guy who did that, doesn’t she?

“And I think, Rod,” Julia said with a twinkle in her eye, “that you’re keen on reacquainting yourself with Angela. From what I hear, you had a very nice time with her.”

Rod blushed furiously. “You might say that.”

Audrey was trying to clarify in her own mind exactly what was being proposed. “Wait a minute, let me get this straight. The idea is for you and Dad to head over to Grant’s house”—why she didn’t call it Jessica’s house she couldn’t have explained—”and, um, enjoy the females there, and Grant and this guy Robert would mosey on over here and slip into our beds.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s it,” Rod said, now turning beet red.

Audrey turned to look at Aunt Isabel. “Are we going to stand for this behavior?” she said in mock outrage. In fact, the idea tickled her. Melissa had gone on and on about what a stud Grant was, and she wanted to find out for herself.

“Seems a trifle worse than wife-swapping,” Isabel said, also feigning mild indignation.

“No, no!” Rod cried desperately. “It’s we guys who would be getting swapped.”

“A fine distinction,” Julia said. “How long do you expect this swapping to last?”

“Oh, maybe a week, perhaps two,” Rod said, looking around apprehensively at his various women.

“Enough to, um, sample everyone thoroughly?” Melissa said pungently.

Rod couldn’t come up with an answer.

Julia turned her attention to Arthur, who had yet to speak.

“What’s your take on this, my man? Do you feel like cuddling up with four women, three of them about the age of your daughters, whom you’ve never met?”

Arthur, in contrast to Rod, became kızılay escort white as a sheet. “Um, I’ll just do what everyone else agrees to,” he muttered.

“Just follow orders, is that it?” Julia teased.

“I guess,” he said, looking at the floor.

“Well,” Julia said, surveying the females in the room, “if you’re all up for it, I guess I am.”

“And I’m sure,” Audrey couldn’t help adding, “the guys will be up for it!”

In Grant’s house, the proposal was met with similar amusement and secret delight; but Jessica at least felt the need to put up a token resistance.

“Really, Grant,” she said, frowning at her son, “this is going a bit far, isn’t it?”

“Why?” he said ingenuously. “I mean, I’ve already had Melissa, and Angela’s already had Rod.”

“I think Rod’s sweet,” Angela chimed in. “I like the shy kind of guy, you know.”

“Well,” Jessica said sharply, “that leaves the rest of us with the prospect of bedding down with people we don’t even know and have never met.”

“Oh, the guys are all right,” Grant said blandly. “Angela can testify on Rod’s behalf. And Arthur—well, Melissa says he’s really cute for an older guy.”

“Are you saying,” Jessica said, with eyes narrowing, “that she has, um, you know, with her own father?”

“Yeah, and Audrey too. That’s his other daughter.”

Jessica was taken aback, but realized she didn’t exactly have the moral high ground to stand on. God knows I’ve let my own son invade my body dozens, perhaps hundreds of times, so who am I to protest?

“I think it sounds like fun,” Sara said, proving to everyone that her horrible relationship with Carl had left no permanent scars on her psyche. “Both those guys seem cute and cuddly.”

“And,” Marcia added, “we’ll get to know them before we actually let them do anything.”

“What do you think about all this, Robert?” Jessica said.

Shrugging he said, “I’ll just go with the flow.”

And so it was decided. The initial plan was for each pair of men to spend a week at their new household, and if the plan worked there might be an extension for another week. The first day for the swap was set for a Friday night, since everyone would be home from school or work and have the weekend free to get “acquainted.” Both Melissa and Angela supervised the cooking of a splendid and elaborate meal for the guys who were coming over, although making sure that no one ate so much that they couldn’t perform adequately afterwards.

The first pairing (at Julia’s house) was Melissa and Grant, and Julia and Robert. At the other house, Rod paired up with Angela and Arthur with Jessica. The nominal female heads of each household were chosen, of course, out of respect—and perhaps other factors. The other women knew that they would only have to bide their time before they found one or the other of their new men snuggling up with them in their bed.

The whole plan, lasting a full two weeks, worked so well that, by mutual consent of all parties, they vowed to repeat the experience at some future date. But now another plan emerged, and interestingly enough it was Grant who offered it. After all his involvements with Angela, Sara, Marcia, and his own mother, he had come to realize what a brute he had been during that slumber party so many months ago. And even though Marcia, one of his chief victims during that event, had long forgiven him, he still felt bad about it. So he told Marcia:

“Why don’t we re-enact that event, but this time making sure everyone—especially the women—gives their full consent? In fact, maybe they should take charge and tell us guys what they want.”

“That sounds fabulous!” Marcia cried. Then, looking Grant askance, she went on: “Um, why don’t we invite Carrie and her pals to join in?”

“You think she’d want to?” he said nervously.

“Oh, sure,” she said airily. “She didn’t have a problem with it, not really. And she says her people—Lionel and Gary and Donna—are all a lot of fun and would love to share in the festivities.”

“Well, of course we’d have to ask everyone. There can be absolutely no forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. And if some people don’t want to participate at all, that should be their choice.”

“Of course. What a gentleman you’ve become!”

It was put to Angela, for some reason, to make the initial inquiries, perhaps because there was something about maltepe escort her that radiated calmness, sensitivity, but also wholesome fun. She first approached the older women—Jessica, Julia, and Isabel—and got their consent, although she sensed a bit of reluctance on Julia’s part. The younger women—Melissa and Audrey in Julia’s household and Marcia and Sara in her own—were of course happy to go along.

Since Jessica’s house was quite a bit larger than Julia’s, it was there that the new slumber party would take place. Since there would be a total of ten women and only six men, the idea was to scatter the women in various bedrooms, perhaps two in each room, and let a given man wander in and propose something—which he would then do only if the females agreed. There might be other arrangements in the course of the evening, and the party might extend all weekend if everyone wanted.

Again, a Friday night was set for the festivities. An enormous dinner was had for all, in the preparation of which at least six of the women were closely involved. It was amazing how well they all worked together, as if they were members of one extended family. Everyone pronounced the dinner a rousing success.

And then the undressing began.

The men simply tossed their clothes all over the living room while the ladies retired more discreetly to various bedrooms—not excluding Grant’s mother-in-law unit—to disrobe. After a suitable interval, the men separated in various directions to see which females they could hunt up.

Grant came upon Julia and Isabel in one bedroom. Already erect, he was greeted enthusiastically by Isabel, who almost flew at his groin, falling to her knees and sticking as much of it into her mouth as possible. Julia sauntered up more casually, allowing Grant to kiss her while he squeezed her round bottom. After these preliminaries, Isabel all but demanded that Grant lie flat on his back on the bed while she squatted over his cock and stuffed it into herself, while Julia daintily settled on Grant’s face and let him lick her sex.

It had been many years since the two sisters had seen each other naked: even during the recent swapping, they had prudently remained in separate bedrooms with their various men. Now Isabel was gazing raptly at Julia as she writhed deliciously on Grant’s face, and Julia admired the firmness of Isabel’s breasts, which so recently had remained untouched by male hands.

Reaching out delicately with her hands, Julia said shyly, “May I touch, Isabel?”

“You may, Julia dear,” Isabel said.

Julia did more than massage those luscious breasts. She bent her whole body and kissed her sister on the mouth, inserting a tongue boldly in. Isabel, a little startled at first, responded quickly with tongue-kisses of her own, and as she rode Grant vigorously she too found her sister’s breasts delightful to the touch. It wasn’t surprising that all three experienced thunderous climaxes almost at the same time.

In another bedroom, Rod, lying sideways with Carrie, entered her from behind while she cuddled at full length with Sara, to whom she had taken a real liking. At some point Sara reversed her position, engaging in a session of sixty-nine with Carrie while Rod continued to pound her bottom. She got an up-close-and-personal look at his huge cock entering and almost pulling out of Carrie’s anus; and just as Rod was about to come, he pulled out entirely and shot his load into Sara’s mouth. She swallowed every drop.

Elsewhere, Arthur was enjoying the “new” woman, Donna, a gorgeous twenty-four-year-old with large breasts and hourglass figure. Also on hand was Angela, to whom he had taken a real liking. At first, both women allowed Arthur access to their breasts, rubbing his face all over with them; then they slid down and licked either side of his cock, also playing with his balls. As he mounted Donna in the customary missionary position, Angela rested on top of Arthur to make a kind of human sandwich, massaging him all over—especially his firm bottom—while he pummeled Donna to an explosive climax.

Later there was a considerable shift among the participants. At Isabel’s urging, Rod and Grant entered her simultaneously—Rod in front, Grant in back—as they lay on their sides. She had never admitted it, but this was a fantasy she had had since her teenage years, and she enjoyed this double penetration to the hilt. She must have come twice mamak escort or maybe three times before she got her men to shoot their seed into her.

Unwittingly imitating Isabel, Marcia let Lionel and Gary into both her lower orifices—and then, as Arthur wandered into the room, summoned him over to her and opened her mouth for an unprecedented excursion into triple penetration. Jessica and Julia, who were taking a little rest from the proceedings, found it vastly entertaining to watch the talented girl satisfy three men at once.

At some point Grant went into his mother’s room, finding her cuddling with Robert. He didn’t wish to disturb the tender moment, so he was about to step out when Jessica summoned up.

“You can come on over, dear,” she said amiably.

“Okay,” he said, and he slipped into bed with the devoted couple.

While Grant clung to his mother’s breasts, as if seeking both literal and spiritual nourishment from them, Robert nuzzled her neck and shoulders, not refraining from giving her bottom a squeeze.

Dreamily she said, “I think I want you boys in me at the same time.”

The two men looked at each other and shrugged. Whatever the lady says, goes.

Grant arranged himself on his back, and Jessica got on top of him, guiding his cock deep into her pussy. Robert at first squatted behind Jessica, but, after inserting his cock into her anus, he gradually stretched out on top of her, hoping that the combined weight of himself and Jessica didn’t bother Grant. It didn’t seem to, and the trio soon got into a workable rhythm as the two men expressed their love for this gorgeous women by showering her with their essence.

At another time, Arthur found himself with his family—his wife Julia and his daughters Audrey and Melissa. The women had devised a plan that involved nothing less than having him penetrate them simultaneously—well, maybe not simultaneously, but one after the other. They all arranged themselves on their hands and knees on a big king-size bed, and Julia said, “Okay, guy, go to it. Two minutes per female. Then you move on to the next one. Let’s see who can make you come.”

“Um,” Arthur said uncertainly, “which, er, hole do I go into?”

“That’s your choice. Right, girls?”

“Sure!” Melissa said. “My rear hole is already opened. Can’t remember who went into it, though!” And she giggled.

“Mine too,” Audrey said. She was pretty sure it had been Rod, and she welcomed a slightly smaller cock in her bottom if that’s where her father wished to go.

Arthur shrugged and thought again, Well, just following orders. Julia was first in line, and he paid her the respect of entering her pussy. She bent her back and relished the familiar sensation. It was all very well to make her body available to all these other guys, but that sense of comfort that came over you when your own husband went into you was not like any other sensation.

After about two minutes, Arthur switched to Audrey. He couldn’t help going into her anus, and she gave her mother a sardonic look that said, Yeah, I thought he’d do that. The two minutes of pounding that tight orifice almost made him explode, but he pulled out with an exquisite mix of pain and pleasure and immediately entered Melissa’s bottom. And sure enough, it didn’t even take the requisite two minutes to draw out his orgasm.

Angela, Sara, and Marcia engaged in something similar with Robert, falling to their knees as he stood in front of them and sucking him in turn until he shot his wad, distributing his come as equitably as possible over their faces.

With the passing of hours, each man had come at least four times, and the women more than that: when they found a given man too tired for additional amusement, they enjoyed whatever female was at hand, using their mouths or their fingers to complete the orgasm that the men had sometimes left them on the very brink of.

At long last, everyone confessed that a good sleep was in order.

By a nearly universal but unspoken decision, everyone came downstairs to breakfast naked. Those who had prudishly put on nightgowns or underwear quickly doffed them. The sight of sixteen naked men and women, each one thoroughly satisfied with what had transpired the night before, was more stimulating than could be put into words. At that, some people weren’t quite done, and every now and then a man would be ordered by some female to sit in a chair while she squatted over him and took him in her. Sometimes the man came, sometimes he didn’t; but he made sure to provide the satisfaction the woman wanted. All this was going on while the others were preparing a massive breakfast, which they ate with every appearance of relish.

They all promised to repeat this entertainment sometime in the future.


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