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After the first time at the office me and Stephanie had been going pretty steady. We weren’t dating, we were just fuck buddies. We would meet up once or twice a week at night or before school and have a little fun. During our time together we got to know each other a little better. Stephanie explained that she wasn’t a shemale, that she was born a girl but with a penis, and how a large penis was probably hereditary as she had seen her dads cock and sucked her uncles. At first I thought having sex with an uncle would be kind of weird but after seeing a picture I wouldn’t care if that was my brother. The sex we had was usually very good for both of us and lasted around half an hour. If one of us was rushed we would do kinky stuff or use toys but on the whole we were having nice sex. We discussed things like boys, she was hi-sexual like me and there was a cute guy at a bar she hung out with and a hot girl with big tits that worked at her firm. We discussed sexual fantasies. Hers was having sex with 6 guys, like with all of them inside her or being pleasured by her at once kind of thing. I reckoned that would be pretty hot but public sex was more of the thing that turns me on.

It was approaching my birthday in summer and the sex we had was all sweaty and sticky and sometimes instead of lube we had a kind of kinky challenge to only use our own sweat, cum and spit as lubricant. Having sex in my pussy was fine, lube was only rarely needed to fuck that hole, but many nights I would go home, barley able to walk, red ass filled with cum. Her apartment was a medium size 5th floor room, with kitchen, bathroom and large living room. After only 2 months I wasn’t sure if there was anywhere we hadn’t fucked on or coated with cum. My tits, being the larger ones, were great for tit fucks and the end was amazing because the massive cum load would burst on my face and go everywhere. In my mouth, over my bursa escort face in my hair and it made me feel like such a woman.

The on my birthday I had an awesome party. For my 17th we had a big cake and my parents have my 200 dollars. I had loads of friends over and we had a real mockery of a 6 year olds fairy princess party. Their were wands, pointy hats and the whole place had so much glitter and pink it looked like the inside of tinkerbells vagina. We played spin the bottle and as the was only one guy there we almost always had to kiss girl on girl and we made it extra saucy for the amusement as the guy tried to hide his massive erection. There were many laughs and I was given a few secret gifts that consisted of a 16″ dildo, a ass and pussy vibrator, and a small metal g spot thing that doesn’t look like much but feels great. After everyone left me and my parents cleaned up and filled 3 trash bags with streamers. My parents wished me a happy birthday and I went off to bed. I waited for my parents to fall asleep then tested my new toys. I tried the g spot stimulater first, not expecting much but finding myself orgasming sighing 5 minutes. I lubed up my ass and was about to insert the vibrator when I got a text. It was Stephanie and it just said “meet me on the beach”. I put the toys in my purse, my oiled up ass hole squelching between my firm cheeks. I got in a revealing outfit then left. The 12
O’clock air was cold and brisk but the walk to the beach was only 400 meters. I reached the hill that lead down and was careful not to trip on its steep slope. I got to the ocean and looked around. Where was she. I looked behind me and saw Stephanie walking toward me in her pink lace bra and panties.the ones I found her the hottest in.

“I’ve been a bad girl” she said in a seductive, childish tone. “I forgot to get you a birthday present so I think you should do whatever you want bursa escort bayan to me” tone losing its childish edge as she un lapsed the bra. I walked over to her and put my handbag on a park bench. “You remembered my fantasy” I said and pulled of my skirt revealing two oiled up melons, no bra or panties in site. I pulled her down and sat at a table, guiding her head to my vagina. She began to lick it, then added two fingers, wiggling them up and down, knuckle deep. I groaned and shifted, grabbing my boobs and squeezing, I orgasmed in her mouth and she stood up and I knelt down and started sucking her dick. I gently sucked the tip, gently beginning to bob my head up and down on her shaft. During the past two months my throat had become accustomed to her dick, and It wasn’t long before my lips were around her balls as her shaft went down my throat. Her warm dick felt good and as I slowly released I gasped for air, and It was only then I realised she had cum. “Did you just cum down my throat?” I asked “yeah” Stephanie said “I did, you’re getting so good at that” and her dick was floppy. “So now were both naked in a public beach, what do you want to do while we wait?” She asked. “I have some new toys I got from some friends” and pulled out the 16″ rainbow, ribbed dildo. She gasped and I put a quarter In my ass. I shook my ass and it looked like I had a tail. I knelt down on the grass and out my forearms on the grass. And Stephanie went in the same position, and inserted the rest of the dildo inside her. Then is started to move. I decided I didn’t want to be tender, we were in public, having sex were anyone could see and I was going to have the best sex ever. She cried out in pain and confusion, and I moaned in wanting and moved faster. She began to move her hips as well and the dildo was rocketing between us then Stephanie pulled out a and stood, she was done and her dick was hard again. I escort bursa moved onto the table and she moved toward me. She positioned her dick at my ass and thrust.

She moved slowly and I said “stop being gentle, this is my fantasy and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, if I say stop, ignore me, fucking rape me” looking back this was a weird thing to request but it got the job done. Stephanie shoved her dick far inside me. She thruster hard and I screamed. It hurt so much, and felt so good and I rubbed my pussy to stop from crying. Then Stephanie went into my purse and pulled out the anal vibrator. I was in tears now and I begged her not to but she pushed the 1″ thick vibrator deep inside my ass. I grabbed the table tightly and cried, Stephanie’s face was going red and she was working hard. The vibrator was working magic on my pussy and It felt like god was fingering me, then Stephanie came and it filled my ass and sprayed over my stomach. She grabbed my head and rammed my head onto her dick, forcing me to suck the final delicious drops of cum out of her dick. I fingered my ass and cum came out and I sucked it off my fingers. I put the vibrator in my pussy and after a few moments I orgasmed and Stephanie scooped it up and forced me to drink it. Then she got dressed and went home. I lay there for a moment, the cum lazily seeped out of my ass, and the cum in my mouth coated my gums. I realised the vibrator was still in so I took it out. I put it back in my bag and looked for my clothes. I scrabbled on the ground but they were gone. Stephanie took my clothes.

I ran up the slope, ducking behind a tree when a man wandered past. I ran down the street, buck naked, d cup tits bouncing up and down and I reached my door. I walked in and went up to bed. When I woke I saw a message from Stephanie saying she had my clothes and her cum had vacated my ass and was all over my sheets. The memory of last night made me horny and I put the shit caked vibrator all the way in my pussy. And then my parents walked in and it was the longest 10 minute conversation of my life

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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