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This story carries the usual ‘trolls’ warning, if you don’t like sexually explicit stories go somewhere else this one is about consenting adults and a wimp husband so if you dont like these fuck off somewhere else and do your moaning!

The sweat was dripping from my brow and my chest glistened in the mid afternoon sun, as I mowed the lawn of Mrs Stephenson, or Julie as she liked to be called. I glanced over again at the inert figure laid out on the sun lounger. Julie was lain there in a skimpy bikini her legs open just enough for me to keep catching a glimpse of the shape of her pussy lips taut against the skimpy material. The school holidays were a bummer, up until then I had mowed the lawn without a distraction, but for the past few times ‘Julie’ had taunted me and my throbbing hard on by laying around with her ample tits and tight assed pussy just hidden from view to the point it was becoming a major distraction.

I was getting ever closer to her and my view was getting ever better of my wandering eyes, I could hardly walk straight behind the mower. Julie wriggled a little on the sun bed and her legs opened even further, my cock almost jumped out of my shorts. As I looked back towards her, her head was tilted up and her chest glistened with sun cream. Her eyes hidden by the dark sunglasses, she called out to me; “Mark will you come here a minute?”

I stopped the mower and tried to walk over my hand hiding my straining cock in my shorts. “Yes Julie what can I do for you?” I asked.

“Can you rub some cream into my back I want to tan all of myself in this glorious weather? I watched as she looked straight at my groin area and smiled, as she turned over to allow me to rub sun cream into her back. She reached around and undid her bikini top, allowing me the knowledge that her ample tits were now free from restraint.

I started rubbing some cream into her back, my hands sliding easily over her smooth sculpted back until I couldn’t resist taking a chance and sliding them down her sides so to touch the sides of her squashed breasts. She moaned slightly but didn’t stop me. I became braver and slid my hands further down until I was almost cupping her breasts in my hands on each manoeuvre. I could feel her nipples taut and hard as I flicked them with my fingers. My cock was by now poking out of the top of my shorts in excitement.

I moved from rubbing her tits to stroking up the legs with cream, not one word was being spoken, as I massaged sun cream into aksaray escort her upper legs and indeed her legs opened even further until I dared to rub one of my fingers over her mound and bikini clad ass. Her moans got louder and I took this as a sign she wasn’t about to stop me so I got even more daring. I slid a finger all the way up the outline of her pussy, making Julie moan loudly “Oh Mark that feels so gooood!”

I began to use two fingers pushing the thin material into her crack and wriggling them around. Julie began pushing her ass back towards my invading fingers, “Oh God yes!” she hissed as I shoved two fingers and material in to my first knuckle joint and twirled them around and over her now erect clitoris.

By now I was determined I was going to fuck this woman, this cock tease and with making that decision I told her to turn over so I could do her front as well. Julie wriggled over and lay there mouth open and tongue licking her lipstick lips eagerly. I only had one thing I needed to know before I returned to my seduction of this married beauty. “When does Ben get home?” I asked

“Not for hours yet!” Julie moaned. I smiled as I thought of all the sordid things I intended to make this hot little minx do for me. I pulled the loose bikini top off of her and immediately dropped my mouth onto her right tit and nipple, kissing and suckling on her like a calf to a cow. My right hand twisted and tweaked at her left tit making her moan.

“Do my tits hard, I like to have them played with harder!” she groaned as I obliged by nibbling on her teat with my teeth harder. My left hand had found its way inside the bikini bottom and was busily twirling around in a very wet pussy. One finger fully embedded inside her pussy while the others rubbed her clean shaven mound, bumping against the hard little nub of her clit as they did. Her moans were getting louder and by now I had also wriggled out of my shorts. My cock standing fully erect and my balls achingly swinging between my legs.

I slipped myself between her legs, and pulled the thin material aside, then grabbed her legs and pulled them apart. Positioning my cock between her puffy wet lips, I grabbed her hips and shoved hard, my erect cock disappeared into her juicy love hole. Covering my rock hard rod of steel in her copious juices, I began ramming into her as fast as I could; loud squelching noises began to fill the air.

Julies began moaning and soon her moans were getting louder and topkapı escort more frequent;

“Oh gawd…yes…yes ….yes oh God!”

“Don’t stop..Fuck me fuck me harder you fucker!” she moaned.

“You fuckin love it don’t you? You cock teasing little bitch!” I grunted between thrusts. I had every intention of teaching Mrs fuckin, Julie fuckin, Stephenson the schoolteacher, pay for teasing me for weeks when I cut her lawn. Now I was determined to cut her fucking cockiness down a few pegs, and ensure she learned a solid lesson.

My cock slipped easily from her well abused cunt, sliding up the crack of her ass, dragging the combined mixture of our love juices up and over the tight rosebud of her ass. My mind worked evilly as I grabbed my cock in my hand and positioned it at her anus. Before she could object I shoved the first couple of inches, my knob end, into her tight asshole. The moan that escaped her was almost enough to drive me to sympathy, if I hadn’t set my mind on submitting her completely to my will.

“That’s it bitch, you like your ass being filled eh?”

“Oooh Too Big, Too big!!..You’re ripping me open fuck! fuck! Fuck!…Aaaaargh!”

“Take it like the slut you are, open your ass for me, use your hands to make yourself open up for my cock!” I grunted.

Julie obediently obeyed, her red painted fingernails bright against her taut white ass, as she pulled her asscheeks wider to allow my continued fucking of her ass. I watched amazed, pleased and satisfied as inch by glorious inch I went deeper and deeper with every thrust, her puckered asshole was frothing and foaming as the cum covered cock slid in and out of this newly invaded hole. I loved the way her ass gripped my rigid cock, the way it gripped and grabbed at it as it assaulted her virgin asshole. Julie however had gotten over her initial pain and now seemed to be enjoying my ass fucking.

“Oh my god that feels good….don’t stop!….oh yes! Yes! Fuck my ass you cunt!” She grunted as her animalistic feelings took over. her mind now totally into what was happening, the thoughts of her poor husband now gone completely and just concentrating on the sexual feelings and enjoyment I was giving her.

I then decided I wanted to stifle her moans and groans so pulled my cock from her well abused ass and pulled her up onto all fours before presenting my filthy cock to her, “Suck it bitch!” I ordered. Julie opened her mouth and without hesitation slipped her mouth sarıyer escort over my ass used cock.

Her mouth slid up and down on my pre-cum and ass juice covered cock, cleaning me off like a good little slut, the slut I had made her. Her mouth moved almost seamlessly to my well coated balls, her juices and my pre-cum covered them both hanging between my legs like a couple of pool balls in a sock. Swinging loosely, but dripping in combined juices, her tongue flicked out and collected the first of several long strands of these juices before popping my balls one at a time into her eagerly sucking mouth. Julie then laid down on her back and used her hand to pull my cock back towards her mouth making me straddle her head.

Her tongue and mouth were furiously lapping and sucking on my balls, her tongue occasionally flicking down the crack in my ass to lick at my back hole. I grabbed her head and pulled her mouth over the top of my cock.

I had my right hand wrapped in her long black hair forcing her head and mouth over my cock. She was gagging for it, sucking like a fucking Hoover, desperate to drain my balls. I wasn’t wasting my free hand; I was busily stuffing four fingers up her dripping wet cunt. Frigging her furiously her moans filled the air as I straddled her grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Knowing I was near to Cumming I took my cock from her mouth, beating it furiously with my right hand, my lefts held my balls squeezing them gently. Until I shot stream after stream of hot spunk all over her pretty face and into her mouth. I began calling her all sorts of filthy sordid names.

“Uhhh Slut…fuckin slapper…gonna paint your face with my spunk you cunt!” as stream after stream of my pent up lust splattered over her face almost covering every inch of it.

“That’s it bitch..Take it like the slut you are.. Go on your gagging for it a’int you?”

When my cock started to go limp I shoved it back in her mouth; “clean it you slapper!” I ordered.

When she had sucked and licked it clean I would take my cock out wipe it all over her spunk covered face and shove it back in her mouth for more cleaning treatment. “Don’t forget my balls you bitch!” I reminded her after several face wipes and cleanings.

Julie eagerly lapped it up until every last drop was gone and my cock laid limp against her cheek, my balls cleaned and hanging limp against my inner thigh. Julie looked up at me and said “Can you cut my grass more regularly Mark?” Now who said I can’t help a slut in need?

Six months on and with winter approaching the driveway, guttering, car and pathways around the property apparently require my undivided attention throughout the winter months on a weekly basis. I aint complaining would you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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