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Elie got a telephone call early in the morning. “You got to be kidding me. She did? Who said? No way, he is impossible. I did not even know.” Elie put the phone down.

Xena asked, “Who was that Elie?”

“I am forbidden to say until the appointed time.” Albert was right, there was a lot of secrecy around.

Elie was on cloud 9. The Doc later that day gave Elie medical clearance. When all the girls came into the club that night, there were wide grins all around, only Elie knew why. The barman came over and ushered Xena front and center on the main stage.

There was a lot of work being done to the upper part of the stage. Xena just thought it was maintenance. She thought nothing of it. Elie wanted to tell her friends but knew they would give it away.

The Master indeed knew he was tapped to do the honors. Everyone got their drinks and headed for the main stage. The Master made a phone call to a friend to help. He was told he was in the office and to call when he needed him.

Xena will be shocked at who was in attendance. There is just one reason the club is set up as it was. Xena notice the club was just about 50% full.

After the bouncers confirmed all the VIPs were there the doors were locked. The bar was emptied and an edge of excitement filled the air.

Just for fun the bouncers came down to Xena and chained and manacled her wrists and ankles. She was dragged up the stage and unceremoniously dumped on the ground.

Xena looked to Elie and saw she had a huge smile on her face. “Did Elie like that she was getting ruffed up?”

Now, several people moved down front wearing robes and masks so you could not identify who they were. The Master picked Xena up and yanked her over to a small X on the floor and was commanded to stand there. The Master took off all the restraints with a big smile on his face.

Xena asked the Master why everyone was smiling at her and he shushed her and put a put a finger on her lips.


In a loud voice in unison all said “YES.”

“Three-Two- One now!” All the sudden confetti rained down on Xena, all different colors and shapes.

Elie whispered into Graces ear. With a huge smile Grace raced up to the stairs and got in front of Xena and kneeled.

“Congratulations, Mistress.”

Xena started to get very cross at Grace, then looked at The Master, then Elie.

They all nodded their heads. It took a while, partly because she was in shock. She said, “I made it?”

There was a massive standing ovation, it seemed to last forever.

The people in the front row took off their robes and masks. First was Cheri, then Liam, then, Sean, then Vicki, then Rex, then Emma and Mia all walked up join Elie and Kia to give Xena a hug and a kiss.

The Master faded into the background to make his call. Xena was crying. There was a large figure that walked up to Xena and The Master gave up the podium. He also was in a robe and mask.

“I praise you Xena, especially when Elie was out. You had no Idea that I knew what happened to Elie, I was here that night. When you said you had to honor that promise that you could not tell me, just shows the strength of your character.”

“At that time you only had two votes so you could not graduate. I want you to know Elie got five votes, which is impressive since most just get the required three.” The whole room nodded.

“I am very sorry Elie, but you have been dethroned,” Elie grinned. “This morning we got a flood of calls from elite Masters and Dommes. Some calls were indeed unprecedented. The total votes received just today were seven plus the two she had, which makes a total of 9 votes”

The crowd gasped, a new record and a plaque stating so.

Before Xena was handed anything the mystery person took off his mask, it was Albert and he gave Xena a huge hug and Xena just could not believe what was happening. Who would have thought Albert to be a master, he is so kind hearted. Another standing ovation.

Xena did not realize it, but Grace was still kneeling on the floor. Xena scooped her up and gave her a French kiss and said “I could not have done this without you.”

Albert said, “Xena now that you have graduated, Grace graduates from common sub to personal sub and will move into your suite so she can be with you 24/7.”

Xena, no longer Di, walked over to Mia and thanked her for her help to grow.

Mia said “Thank you Mistress.”

Xena queried “May I ask a question Master?” “Grace is working onto being a Mistress as well as a sub, she has now advanced as a sub and Mia is her sub so did she also advance on her path to Mistress?”

That is a good point Xena, can elite Masters and Domme’s please come up to the back of the stage to discuss this important question?

Albert, Elie, The Master and four or five others came up on stage for the discussion. It was an important discussion, it literally effected some one’s life. They talked for 45 minutes.

The result was she did indeed get credit for being a nişantaşı escort Mistress because she making decisions at work. However, it was only at 50% of the rate she got for being a sub. The reasoning was she can make up the difference with Mia helping her. Xena was excited, she promised Grace that she would give them some nights off to practice with each other.

Muffy had ben of Mia’s mind. Mia talked about if she could attend Muffy’s auction and if she could buy one. Elie thought she could attend the auction but warned “Xena gave you to Grace to be a sub for her. I would concentrate on being the best sub you can be.”

” I do not know why you have this mean streak against your daughter but you must have a combined talk with Xena, you, Grace and Kia on your down time. At the very least let them know what is going on with you.”

“Remember you have two Mistresses and a sub that is further along than you are. I would lean heavily upon them especially Grace as she is your Mistress. Xena has power over you, she will delegate decisions to Grace. Kia has no power over you but she has been there so she can be an advisor.

Finally, the day of the auction came. Grace and Elie had to attend, Grace because Mia was her sub. Elie, well let’s just face it, it was because she was Elie. This class was much smaller than Stephi’s and the prices will be far below even $10,000.

There was nothing special about Muffy, screwing half the state was not that important.

The format was different also. There were three cages in the front of the stage. So the guards brought the first group to the stage and put them into the cages. The cages were raised 20 feet. This was a way to test their reaction to fear.

They were all naked of course, all oiled. The people who were bidders could come down and inspect them. As the auction began. Not a great interest was at the auction. That is why they numbered the three cages so they could auction off three at a time. All three went for $1,500.

Muffy was in the next group. Mia was intrigued. Muffy got no interest what so ever, the timer was going down and down and the other two went for $2,500.

With 30 seconds left Elie bid $3,000, she knew what happened to subs that went unsold. The auctioneer was notified there was a deal in the works so the clock stopped.

The people who bought Goldie said that if Elie wanted they would pay half of a $4,000 bid? Muffy could not stay with them as Goldie was there. Being a slave would make it easy to be alone during the day.

Muffy would also get a better price than the rest of the group. The other party told the auctioneer that there was a $4,000 bid for a two person deal. The auctioneer said to the crowd there was a $4,000 bid on the table. There was no other bidders.

Elie came down with a collar and leash. After collaring Muffy, Elie pulled the leash tight.

Elie walked over to the other owners who had Goldie with them. “Muffy these are your other owners and there is your sister Goldie.”

Muffy broke down and tried to apologize to Goldie.

“Muffy Goldie cannot talk to you, she can only bark.”

Muffy just broke down. All three Masters said shut up slut and Muffy got three slaps on her face.

Elie called Xena to tell her to take Grace and Mia out as she has Muffy.

They took Mia’s car and took off for the club. Muffy knew better than to open her mouth to Elie unless she was told to speak.

Elie called The Master to show Muffy what a slave is all about, basically kick her ass to break her. The Master laughed. “Sure my subs can do that.”

Elie called Xena and said to go to suite as The Master is going to break Muffy.

Elie shoved Muffy onto the floor when she got near The Master. Muffy was right when she thought his subs would make her life hell.

He thought alligator clips put on her nipples and pussy with one pound weights on them were a good start. Have an adjustable open ring mouth gag put into her mouth.

The Master told his subs to put her in the stocks and put it center stage.

The Master went into the office, when he made it to the stage he was laughing. Then Muffy heard a familiar sound. Lhen saw huge locks of blonde hair fall to the ground.

After that he went to the audience and got several tubes of lipstick from different ladies. He collected 6 colors, however, none were to go onto Muffy’s lips.

They were to go onto her face in some random pattern which resembled more of a polka-dot look to make Muffy look as hideous as possible.

Now the subs tied Muffy’s tits so tight they became purple. The Master was having everything recorded and having it projected onto the big screens.

The subs went over and got plastic gloves used for fisting, and Muffy’s ass looked like just the spot. Then the other slave joined the first in the fisting.

Albert came up to the stage and asked if could punish his step-daughter? Permission was granted. He selected a large paddle to use on her ortaköy escort already clamped tits. The more he swung the more the weights moved.

Then he started on her pussy, whose weights swung the opposite way so she could get no rhythm at all. Albert moved in front of her and said “Lick my boots whore.”

Muffy did it barely. Muffy collapsed on the stage. She was dragged off the stage and drug through the aisles where people spanked her, whipped her, threw drinks on her, spat on her just about everything to her.

By the time Elie made it to the stage, having spent some time in the suite, she asked The Master, How is this cum bucket, gang banger, cunt, slut and whore behaving herself?

The Master said “This ass-licker, pussy eater, and slave. And cunt has not been behaving at all.” “I suggest you tie her ankles to a chair and give her your tweezers so she can show us how to pull up pussy and ass hairs up by the root. “A pair of tweezers were produced, along with straps and a spreader bar for better viewing.

Muffy could not hold back the pain as she pulled hair after hair, she knew her ass was raw from the double fisting so she could not handle that. Once done, Muffy was panting.

The whole club enjoyed the self-inflicted screams.

Elie handcuffed Muffy while she slammed two extra-large vibrators in her pussy and two eggs in her ass.

So now when Muffy started to convulse she did not fall out of the chair.

The doc was on hand to prevent serious problems.

Elie took out the toys, ordered a bed pan, bottles of water and a sandwich which would be fed to her as she remained tied.

The lipstick dried long ago and Muffy doubted it would be coming off anytime soon.

Vanity was an important thing for Muffy, having her hair shaved, face made ugly, and humiliation in front of a large crowd repulsed her, but she was too stupid to break.

They put a posture color on her, tipped her chair back so she faced directly to the huge big screen. Then the camera zoomed in so all Muffy saw was her head.

Master after master took shifts. They were there to punish any bad behavior Muffy might have.

Soon all the masters left, but stayed behind the stage, so Muffy was alone, tied up to a chair force to watch herself.

The disco ball was turned on to guarantee she will not get any sleep.

Not only was Muffy’s hair shaved she was shaved totally bald, then she had oil put on her head.

Muffy started to do some soul searching, as she was forced to look at the grotesque head on the screen, something she should have done ages ago.

Elie came down to check on Muffy and talk to her. How are you doing Muffy?

Mistress I have been thinking very hard.

Elie untied her and uncuffed her. They walked over to a private table Elie ordered food and drink for Muffy.

“Mistress may I speak freely?” Elie nodded.

“Well I have decided, with your help, that I have been treating people like a privileged bitch who thought I was better than everyone else so I treated them like shit. I did not know shit. I want to turn over a new leaf. ”

“I realize I cannot talk to the people I love right now, but in time I hope to. I also want to be referred to as Marta not Muffy. I figured you already have started to figure out where I should live as I have burned so many bridges. Can you please help me carry the wood so I can build them back up?”

“Since I am, at least in part, your sub, can I live in your apartment? I will do everything you say. I can cook, clean and I do windows. I would just need money for groceries and household items which I can give you receipts for. Give me a one week trial.”

With a one week trial and Elie could see Marta wanted to try, and her sub training can be done at a separate BDSM club.

“I will have to introduce Marta to the club and then to a different club where you can practice.”

“Yes Mistress.”

The food came and Marta just waited for permission.

“You better eat that before it gets cold.” Marta scarfed the food down.

“I think we will change your appearance.” “Let’s try a short cut brown hair, no make-up at all, you will not hide behind a mask ever again. ”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I will figure out your clothes but they will be a different style. We are going to go for a complete transformation.”

Elie called a fashion friend. “Alfonzo can you meet me at my house tonight? We have to do a complete transformation.” “No make-up, we do not want her to hide behind a mask ever again.”

I will send you a picture and yes she is bald, we have a beautiful child and she has to make up for a lot of wrongs she has done, but we have to start somewhere. The mention of Elie got everyone to work.

Elie got out several conference call speakers so she could divide the different continents. Once all of Alfonzo’s people got there and the speakers were connected and everyone was on line, Marta was put in a chair and told to relax. pendik escort

Alfonzo started naming some of the requirements.” NO MAKE-UP!”

Elie does not want Marta to hide behind a mask anymore.” There was lots of grumbling but everyone conceded.

“She is a natural blonde but we are going for a short cut brown hair. As you can see she is bald so we need to work on a wig until her hair grows out.”

Elie pulled out her computer and attached it to her 80″ HDTV. “Everyone get on Skype, we need visuals of what you are talking about.”

“OK Europe, you will handle all the bedroom wear and lingerie. Asia the outerwear. North America the elegant wear, like formal party. South America will do casual wear. Oceania, wigs, hats scarf both formal and practical. Oceania also gets sub BDSM wear.”

Everyone got subdivided so each house can work on small amounts of items and they were responsible for them. Annoying Elie was not an option.

Everyone took about 90 minutes discussing. Elie was starting to get upset. Soon everyone but North America was making things, North America had formal wear so it was harder to design. Because of the time difference LA had the harder stuff and New York had the more simple stuff.

“For lingerie we want five styles but three can do for now. This process probably will take two weeks, so Marta can get the basics to start. LA we need a LBD (little black dress) pronto.”

Soon Elie started to inspect finished products with a magnifying glass. Any questions were answered. Soon boxes were being shipped overnight to Elie’s house.

The fashion house owners took some time to look at the workers job. They were proud of their houses for performing so well under extreme pressure.

Soon LA was showing Elie the LBD. “Very Chic LA.” That got boxed up and sent off.

The next morning Elie was greeted with several boxes on her stoop. Truck after truck were still coming.

“Marta we got clothes, I want to see every piece on you NOW!” They looked wonderful and fit like a glove.

Marta giggled when she saw the lingerie.

“I will expect this house to be cleaned. We do not have enough room for all the clothes so just put some of the main pieces away for now. Order every house to send a lists of costs including shipping, do not take “No” for an answer.” “I will endorse the best from each area.”

Elie looked through the new boxes when she got home. She decided to go with silk stockings. Garter belt, the LBD and the gorgeous wig she got. 4 inch spike heels and elegant white gloves contrasted with the dress. Pearls would looked so great but Marta was starting a new, with not so much bling.

Elie took Marta to the main stage and asked for everyone’s attention. “I want to you to meet a friend of mine, this is her first time here so I want her to feel welcomed. Marta this is everyone, everyone this is Marta.”

Some were confused for a while then one guy in the back said “Welcome Marta” and stood up and clapped. Soon everyone did the same and Marta was getting a standing ovation. The loudest of them all were Xena, Grace, Mia and Kia.

Elie stepped away giving Marta her moment.

Marta just could not stop crying. Elie was going to take Marta to the other club, but she was emotionally drained.

By now a procession line had started. Grace and Xena shoved their way to the front then Grace shoved Mia into the front and commanded her to go to her daughter and stay with her until the line finishes.

Marta broke down completely when she saw Mia. “Mommy I am so, so, sorry.” Mia dried Marta’s tears and stood hugging her from the back as everyone welcomed the very stylish woman.

Elie looked around the crowd and she got several nods. She wished she could do this properly but doing it is the important thing. Elie ran to the nearest bouncer and told him something.

He grinned and said “Yes Mam.”

It would take a while for the line to finish. All the staff was gone. A bright staff member said a ladder and a tall fan may work. It was agreed. They worked for 30 minutes and the crowd was nearly at the end. Elie told everyone to please stay.

“Xena, front and center, you have a job to do.” Elie bent over and talked to Xena, Her eyes bugged out. She got a goofy but excited smiled on her face.

Xena commanded, “Grace front and center.” Everyone was confused. Xena bent over and gave a kiss on each cheek and a big hug.

“Grace, Elie just surveyed the crowd and found something most pleasant.” “It has been decided that tonight you have been promoted one level in your sub level because of your hard work.”

The crowd cheered.

The fan came on and 50% of the confetti was used. Grace thought that was it, so she started to walk away.

“Where are you going slut, have I dismissed you?”

“No Mistress.”

“As you know we only could promote you a half level for your master course.”

“Elie also found out you are to be elevated 1.5 levels in mastery to tie you with your sub ranking.”

The fan started again and the other 50% of the confetti was blown out.

Marta was the first to Grace even though Xena was just two steps away. A big hug ensued and another standing ovation came.

The club was exuberant tonight. They also knew Marta had to train elsewhere.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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