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He walked into the living room, and saw her fast asleep on the couch. She was wrapped in her favorite blanket…

“Baby,” he whispered, kissing her forehead and squeezing her ass gently.

She woke slowly, wiping the sleep from her eyes. A huge grin spread across her face, and she rolled out of her blanket cocoon onto him. As they hit the floor, he heard a loud clink and looked down… The metal wand that had worked her pussy over fell to the floor, and he noticed she was still completely naked from a play session hours earlier.

“What were you doing?” He teased, laughing.

“I… I was practicing for you… I want you so bad!”

Standing up, he pulled her onto the couch next to him and tugged the blanket over her.

“Baby, I wanted you so much… she felt his cock stiffening. She noticed immediately went for his cock and started rubbing it through his pants, while also staring into his face.”

“Please, Baby!” She paused, waiting for his reply.

Swatting her hand away playfully, he stood and removed his pants completely. His semi-erect cock was hanging there…just out of her reach. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and took it off too, standing before her nude.

“C’mere…” She groaned, reaching for him.

Her hand slipped between his thighs and grabbed his leg, pulling him closer to her. She took his cock in one hand and kissed the tip. She stroked down to the base slowly, then back up to the head as his rod grew even harder in her grasp.

“Baby…” He bit his lip, growling.

And then she took him in with one quick motion, her hot, wet mouth enveloped the head of his member and her tongue began to dance around the tip. She started sucking softly, enjoying the feeling of him throbbing against the roof of her mouth. His hands slipped into her long hair and wrapped around the back of her head…not forcing it, but instead holding her as she greedily sucked at him.

“Baby… I’ve missed your mouth so much.. This is why you are my favorite.” He spoke softly, lost in the sensations wracking his body.

She pulled his cock from her mouth, the head making a popping noise as it sprang free. Her hand was still slowly stroking his shaft as she looked up at him with need in her eyes

He sat down on the couch and pulled her up to him, his hands hooked under her arms as he tugged Anadolu Yakası Escort her onto him. As he kissed her, he could faintly taste himself on her lips… She always loved kissing after she had been sucking on his cock. Slowly, he pushed her away and laid back on the couch.

Leaning back down to take him into her mouth again, she slipped a finger into her mouth and pulled it back out covered in her spit. Her lips split around the head of his cock and then as she took it all, she pushed her finger into his rosebud before hooking her finger upwards and tugging it back out slowly.

“FUCK!” He screamed, humping his cock up into her face hard.

She picked up some speed, sawing her finger in and out of his ass quickly now… she kissed him before pressing against his prostate a few more times and telling him she wanted him to wait right there.

Confused, He did as she asked and laid there just slowly stroking his rigid member. He had no idea what she had in store for him, and it was driving him crazy.

“Baby…” She called for him.

He stood up and walked into the bedroom, where he found her standing at the foot of the bed with a harness he’d never seen before on her bottom. From the middle of the harness hung the dildo she had bought to play with his ass a few months earlier, and it was already coated in lube. She was stroking it slowly, squeezing the head and staring at him.

“I know you’ve wanted me to fuck your ass for a while… I think tonight should be the night!” She grinned really wide at him.

He couldn’t believe it… They had talked about her actually fucking him several times, but never got around to it. Sure, there had been some ass play, but they always got off and got sleepy before she ever got around to actually taking his ass on her cock. They hadn’t even bought a harness, but she had picked up a nice red leather one while he was away.

“Baby girl…” He tried to talk, but was at a loss for words.

He walked over to the bed and got on his knees facing her. She grabbed him by the hair and kissed him before her hands raced down to his waist. A firm shove later and He was lying on his back, staring up at her.

“I want you on your back the first time, Baby! I want to see…to know that you are okay” she whispered.

She climbed over onto him, and leaned down for a kiss. One arm held her up as the other moved the little dildo over his asshole, the head dragging uncomfortably across his skin. He grabbed for her ass, straining and groaning as he reached for her. She giggled at him.

“Baby, you are a little whore for me sometimes. I like it.” She stepped away from him.

She grabbed the tub of lube and popped the top of it off. It was thick and greasy looking, but that’s what they needed for this first time. She dug four fingers into the tub and smeared them over his asshole before starting tight little circles around his tight hole. As the lube warmed to body temperature it thinned some, but got much slicker and as His feet drove firmly into the mattress his ass lifted from the bed.

“Baby… I want you inside me.” He growled at her.

She slid her middle finger back and forth over his hole, watching his cock tremble until he finally thrust his bottom downward against her hand.

“Baby!!” She squealed.

His ass had taken her middle finger all the way to the knuckle easily, and his erection throbbed visibly at her. As she slowly worked her finger in and out of him, he groaned and writhed on the bed. Little moans and groans escaped from his mouth.. They were often punctuated by breaths caught in his throat. His eyes rolled around in his head as those of a man possessed. Before long, She worked a second and third finger into his ass and was slowly warming his bottom up for the toy.

Laying her head on his thigh, she kept stroking her digits in and out of his puckered hole. Over and over they sank to their limits in his body, and each time he shivered with excitement. With a slight pop she suddenly pulled them off his butt and then got on her knees between his legs again.

“Are you ready?” She asked, trailing her slick fingers down the shaft of his cock.

All he could do was nod to her, so she grabbed the dildo by the base and pointed it at his greedily waiting hole. She pushed very softly against him and then wrapped her arms around his legs, pulling them against her chest.

“Take a deep breath baby… I’ll be so good to you.” She whispered.

With that, she leaned into the back of his taut legs and pushed the dildo against his hole. It was probably bigger than they should have started with, but as his breath poured from his lungs his hole relaxed. The head slipped in slowly and he gasped, his eyes widening at the feeling of his beautiful woman taking his asshole.

“Just keep breathing…” She reminded him.

His breathing was already ragged and his cock head was glistening with precum from the workout she’d already given his butt. He stared at her, her tits smushed against his legs and a huge grin on her face… Then she pushed again. The dildo slipped into him quickly and he cried out in pleasure, in sweet agony at the feeling of her stomach bumping into the back of his thighs as she filled him!

She reached around his leg and down to his cock and grabbed it by the base and started stroking it slowly before she started thrusting into him. Her hips rocked and kept pace with her hand, each push matched with her hand sliding to the hilt of his hardness. As she plowed the dildo in and out of his ass, more precum oozed from his swollen member and his skin turned splotchy red.

“Baby… Fuck this feels good… Fuck me…” He spoke softly.

She took that as permission and then leaned hard into his legs and started hammering away at his ass, working the thick lube between his cheeks and on his hole into a frothy white mess. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she pounded away at his asshole and tugged furiously on his cock. Thrashing about, He was lost in his own mind. He felt as if he was floating at the end of the bed, watching his asshole be taken by this apparition of depraved sexuality.

“Baby, I want you to come so fucking hard while I rail your tight ass!” She ordered him.

This was a first for them… She was taking control and was fucking him as hard as she could, her body crashing into him as she plunged her cock deep into his body over and over. She looked down into his eyes and told him again.

“I want you to fucking come hard, and I want it NOW.” She growled at him, tugging on one of his nipples.

As she did, she felt him start pulsing in her hand. His cum spurted from his cock all over both of them, squirting against her stomach and dripping down on him. She squealed with delight as he sprayed cum all over her stomach and slowed her thrust to lean down onto him for a long kiss.

“Thank you Baby…” She kissed his forehead.

Slipping from his tight ass, she curled up beside him and wiped the cum from their bodies before pulling a blanket over them both. She laid her head on his chest and they drifted off together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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