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(Author’s Note: Constructive critism only, please. Your proper help would make me better.)

My wife, Amy, always had been the submissive one in our sex life. In the outside world, we always have maintained a status of mutual respect and trust. We both had very strong opinions, and neither of us were hesitant to present our views to each other. But it was totally different in the bed.

Amy just melted as soon as it came to sex. I loved my wife, but unlike her being naturally submissive, I wasn’t naturally dominant, so I never had exploited her submissive nature. You could say I just “role-played” a dominant ass-spanking husband.

I never believed in cheating on my wife. It would be a simple waist of time for me. And with that gorgeous face, those D-cups boobies, and also that excellent personality of hers (I dig that, seriously), you would call me a total idiot to even think of some other woman.

I have been told I was not bad-looking. Frequent workout had booned me with a nice toned body. Amy had always been appreciative of my abs.

We lived in a sub-urb area of the town. Had a decent home, quiet neighborhood. Well mostly quiet, till, in the evening, when you would hear kids playing till just before the sun went down.

Kids, only one happiness that was missing in our almost perfect marriage. Amy had several miscarriages in five years of our marriage. Atlast, doctors said she would never be able to conceive. To say we were devastated would be understatement. Amy was thinking of adoption. We talked about it and decided to look into a orphanage.

We met kids there, played with them, gave them chocolates. After a long time I had seen such a smile on Amy’s beautiful face. I noticed that Amy had something on her mind.

We left the orphanage. As soon as we reached home Amy turned to me and said, “Richard, I have made a decision.”

“What, do you think we are ready for adoption?”, I asked.

“No, the exact opposite. I think we lack a lot of experience for parenting a child. Those kids have grown up. We never changed a little baby’s diaper, saw the baby learning to walk, taught the baby alphabet and so on. These are something a parent has to do and with that the parent also kinda grows with the child, adapting along with the baby.”

She continued as I listened, “Just imagine, if we adopt a five year old, it would feel abrupt.”

She did had a point. So I asked, “So, do you have some idea to solve this problem?”

“You remember Mrs. Freeman and her two little girls, they live down the street.” I nodded. “She had asked me on two occasions to babysit her girls, it was just luck that we had to go to one of your business parties on both nights, so I had to refuse.”

I instantly understood what was she trying to imply, “You want to start babysitting, like a side-job or something?” Amy gave me a grin. I had stolen her words from her mouth.

“To gain more experience with kids. Huh, how does it sounds? I would dedicate myself to this babysitting job for atleast a year or two. Just around our neighborhood, not very far. It would more easy for me, you know. I mean we both know we have so many kids here. I’m sure I would be needed quite frequently.”, she concluded.

“That’s a very brilliant idea Amy.” I said. We both had a great reputation in our neighborhood. Almost everyone considered us like their family. So we spread the word.

And just like Amy said, parents all around our neighborhood had started calling over Amy to babysit their kids.

It was a little tiring for Amy. I had been a successful business dealer, just like my Dad, and Amy chose to be a housewife, even with her Masters and Doctorate in the subject of History. She could’ve been a well-payed professor. When I asked, she said she just loved studying about history, but was not really keen to teach.

One of Amy’s frequent customer was Nicole, a single mother of a one-year old girl, Rachel. She was twenty-five, had a friendly face and lived just two blocks away. Amy told me that she had divorced her abusive husband. Rachel was the only thing her life that mattered now.

Gradually, Nicole, Amy and I had become quite close friends. She knew about our problem and was willing to help. She would bring Rachel with her to our home, hangout with us and then Amy and I would learn to take care of Rachel. This was so much fun. It felt like the missing puzzle piece in our marriage had now been found…

One of these our hangout evenings, after Nicole left, I looked over to Amy and noticed she looked tensed.

“Is there something wrong, darling?” I asked. She slowly turned her head towards me and looked into my eyes.

Oh, those beautiful green eyes. I just stared into those eyes, forgetting about everything else.

My breating got quite heavy. So did Amy’s. Her ample bosom rose and fell in her black T-shirt. I could see those perfect curves, reminding me how lucky I was to be with her.

Slowly our bursa escort lips came closer. We french-kissed, with me feeling her sexy full lips on mine, her tongue running down my throat. Oh, she was a good kisser. She moaned into my mouth as my hands found their ways to her heart-shaped ass. Her huge breasts were crushed in between us.

She broke the kiss, slowly looking up back into eyes and says, “Oohhhh, I beg you Master. Please fuck my tight little unworthy pussy with that magnificent big hard cock of yours, Master.”

Shit. The way she talked had me hard instantly. Her pussy was definitely not “unworthy”, but nor was my cock. With six and half inches and four inches around, I was proud of my dick.

Over years of our marriage I now knew what my wife wanted. But being her “Master” was just a role-play for me. Although I do admit I enjoy it very much.

Breaking our kiss, I said, “Get on your knees!!” Amy shuddered at the sudden change of my tone. Fully clothed, still in the living room, she obediently got on her knees.

“Strip your clothes off.”, I ordered, with a much calmer voice.

Amy’s usually pale face was flushed with a visible shade of pink under my strong gaze. Mixed expression of nervousness, excitement and shame were painted on her face. Slowly she took off her T-shirt, revealing those huge juicy tities, covered in white lacy bra.

With her knees on ground, she put her face on the floor to take her skin-tight pants off, as her gorgeous ass-cheeks, with matching panties covering her ass-crack, came into view.

Musky smell of her sex filled the room. It was clear that she was dripping wet down there. I was so hard, it hurt. My dick was straining in my pants. So I pulled the zipper down and let my hard, thick cock breath.

As soon as Amy got the sight of my cock, she looked as if she was being hypnotised by it. She wanted it, more than anything in the world, and I knew it. With those dreamy eyes, she stared at my cock.

She sat up on her knees, started to reach out for my cock but I pulled away, “Beg for it, beg for your Master’s cock.”

“Oh, Master please, PLEASE let me suck that beautiful piece of meat, it looks so hard. Oh, just looking at it is making me so horny. I would do anything to have a suck on it, please. Don’t take that hunky piece of meat away from me, please.” Amy begged, fueling my pride in the way.

I grinned at her and without saying anything, made my way to our bedroom.

Amy shouted, “No, wait Master, I’m sorry. Please don’t go. I-“, “Follow me.” I said, cutting in between.

In bedroom, Amy slowly came in crawling on her knees, staring at me like a pet dog, eager for the next instruction. “Get up.”, I told her and she did. I grab her hand and forcefully jerk her as she lands on the edge of the soft bed. I pushed her down on the bed, crawling over her, I could see Amy’s eyes grow large, her body shaking with anticipation.

Staring into those eyes, I trace my finger on the wet silky slit of her throbbing twat. Amy gasped, her breathing became erratic. She clenched her fists, grabbing the bed sheets. Just a simple touch was making her go borderline insane. Yes, she had always been that sensitive.

Without warning, I plunged two fingers into her wet fuck-hole, bringing her over to the edge of her orgasm. My vigorous finger-fuck was driving her crazy. Her pussy walls were sucking on my fingers. She looked so beautiful, so vunerable. And now here is the classic S/M dialogue –

“Have you been a bad girl, Amy?” I ask.

Heavily breathing and gasping, Amy replied, “Oooohhh, uuhhh. Oh yes, YES, MASTER. I’ve been a very very BAD girl, ummmmm….”, ending with a low moan.

Her pale skin had a deep pink flush. Her breasts swelled with excitement and pleasure. I could those nipples standing right up, begging for attention, to be licked on, to be sucked, to be bitten on. God damn, she looked so freaking hot when she was this turned on.

She was raising her hips, humping against my fingers along the rhythm to reach deeper.

“Amy, you are such a good wife. But you do know that bad girls should be punished, don’t you?” I took her left nipple in my mouth, sucking on it hard, giving it a light bite between my teeth.

Amy could barely nod as she had a very intense orgasm, sending large vibrations over her entire body. Her eyes rolled away in ecstasy and she was drooling. It took a couple of minutes for Amy to regain her consciousness.

Amy woke up to realize she couldn’t see anything. I had blind-folded her and handcuffed her to the edge of our master bed. Her ass was high up in the air as I applied cold lube into her butt-hole with my fingers.

“Master?”, Amy said in her weak voice, still coping from that intense orgasm.

No matter how submissive my wife was, she still was a little bit scared of my very thick cock inside her tiny asshole. We didn’t have that much of anal sex. So her asshole was tight as shit around my cock. Amy bursa escort bayan was shaking with nervousness and anticipation.

I applied some of the lube over my cock. Placing the tip on her asshole, I said, “Amy, remind yourself of the sins you committed for you to receive this punishment.” Well, because honestly, I never knew the reason why I would “punish” her.

Tip of my cock stretched her asshole. Amy winced in pain. “Oo, Aaow!! Master please be gentle. Your dick is too thick.” I ask her again, “Just say it, Amy.”

“ANGER, Master!!”, Amy yelled. “I’ve been getting annoyed at Nicole. I’ve been starting to dislike her. Master is such good friends with her that I just couldn’t bring myself to show it.”

Wait, what? What the hell was she talking about? I was confused.

“Why don’t you like her?” I ask.

Amy started, “You see Master the other day, when you were gone for work, Nicole and I were just having a chat and then the topic turned to our sex lives –


“WHAT!?!!?? No fucking way. You are submissive? You are joking, right?” Nicole said in disbelief, covering her mouth. I was blushing hard, couldn’t even bring myself to show my face to her. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I just told you that.” I said.

To say Nicole was shocked was an understatement. It was hard for her process this detail. “Wow! This is, uhh… I don’t even know what to say Amy.” “Just don’t tell anyone Nicole, please. You are the only one who knows.” I pleaded.

Nicole quickly responded to my panic, “Okay, okay. Calm down. Just think about it. Even if I try to tell someone, I would be the one they would be laughing at. So, ummm… how do I ask this…. how is Richard…”

“In bed?” I just stared at her, she stared back. I could see her eagerness. I would definitely love tell this woman how magnificent my Master is. How loving and caring he was. But telling the details was so embarrassing.

“Well, I d-don’t think I should say anything about that.”

But Nicole was persistent, “Oh come on. You can tell me. Start with his penis.”

That was sudden. “What? His penis, ummm.. well, he is very thick down there. I still can’t fit him in properly.”

Nicole’s face visibly flushed. “Woah!! Really??” I nodded. “What else you guys do?” And I went on and on about it, from the wonderful foreplay to the kinky stuff.

At the end, Nicole fell silent. It immediately came into my mind that Nicole’s sex-life was basically nonexistent. A sudden rush of guilt went through me.

She got up, gave me a weak smile and said, “I’ll see you later Amy.” “Y-yeah.”, I replied nervously. I wanted to know what was going through her mind.

From then, everything changed. I could see Nicole shamelessly staring at Master like a piece of meat when Master was not looking, even if she knew I was there. She would continuously stare at my Master’s crotch while Master was taking care of Rachel.

I was so angry with her sudden change of attitude. I was regretting telling her everything. My possessiveness towards my Master was making me even more jealous.

My Master had returned from two day trip, and was sleeping. I was in the kitchen, preparing for the evening meal when the doorbell rang.

It was Nicole. She just barged in, “Is Richard here, Amy?” What was up with her. She was already getting on my nerves. I replied, “He is sleeping. He is very tired because of his trip. Just leave him for today.”

Nicole looked disappointed. But then something came in her mind and her face suddenly perked up. “Amy, I know it is too much to ask but can I, ummm….. take a look?”

I knew where this was going. In serious tone I asked, “Take a look at what, Nicole?”

“Ummmm… you know, his.. his penis. Please Amy, please, just once.” Nicole pleaded.

I was furious. I wanted to yell at her, but Master was sleeping. I tried to keep my voice down, “Nicole, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Oh come on Amy. We are friends, right? Just a peek won’t hurt. I just wanted to confirm whether you were telling the truth or not.”

“Look Nicole, you are crossing the line now. Just get out of my house!”

Nicole fell silent, she looked away.

It seemed that something came to her mind because a wicked smile crept on her lips. She, towering me with a couple of inches, stared down at me, with the same smile.

Suddenly, I was scared of her. I didn’t know what she might do. She walked towards me, slowly, her high heels making the click sound as she does.

She was giving me goosebumps. I started to back away. Nicole rushed towards me, I just closed my eyes in fear. Was she going to hit me or something?

I realized Nicole was giving me a tight hug. I could feel her B-cups squished into my D-cups. Somehow, my body betrayed me and I was getting a little wet from this. There was something different about this hug. I couldn’t help but take sniff off her hair. She did smelled great, it was intoxicating. escort bursa But I was too scared to hug her back. I was frozen.

It was then I felt Nicole kissing the back of my neck. Oh No!! Her left hand found my left boob. She squeezed it and then started to tease my nipple over the shirt I was wearing. Oh shit! I didn’t want it but it felt so good.

Nicole’s right hand unbuttoned my jeans, pulled down the zipper and found my pussy, which was gushing with juices.

She started to finger fuck me. I was there, helplessly gasping and squirming. I just couldn’t fight back. Nicole whispered into my ear, “Oohh Amy. Look you are so fucking wet. I guess you weren’t lying when you said you were submissive.” She came closer, giving me a passionate kiss. I just melted in her arms. I felt weak to her advances.

Nicole broke the kiss. She turned my back and forcefully grabbed my neck from behind, resuming her assault on my pussy. I went limp, but her strong arm on my neck held me straight. She led us together in my Master’s bedroom, where he was sleeping nude, just soft cover sheets hiding his cock.

Nicole stopped everything for a moment, just stared at Master, “Oh GOD!! He looks sooo cute when he is asleep.”, she said. The she turned to me, ” I am so jealous of you Amy. You have everything. Good looks, a man like Richard. Aren’t you ashamed that you couldn’t even give him one happiness he yearns so much for. Your pussy is definitely fuckable, but it is worthless if it can’t even make him a baby.”

I was wide-eyed. She was right. I felt so ashamed. I was a worthless piece of shit. I can’t even make my Master happy. I started crying. Nicole, in the meantime, gave my G-spot a vigorous rub, it brought me to several intense orgasms, one after the other.

Nicole let me go, I went limp and fell to the ground. She walked towards the sleeping form of my Master. I wanted to stop her.

“Don’t worry. I would not fuck him. Not now. Even if I wanted to, he would toss me aside would rush towards you.” Nicole turned to me, looking down and continued, “But there is something I could give him”, touching her womb as she said. “Mark my words Amy, you don’t deserve that man, I do.” She left, leaving me there on the floor.


– I’ve been scared from her everyday since then. She would take my Master away from me because I couldn’t give you babies. But I don’t want that. Please Master, don’t leave me. You could do anything you want with me. If you want you could divorce me, marry Nicole and have lots of babies with her. Just let me beside you, please promise me Master you would keep me as your slave.”

Amy’s blindfold was wet from tears. She was sobbing. I was dumbfounded. How could this ever happen? I didn’t know Amy was going through so much trouble. And that bitch Nicole, how could she even think of something like that?

I got up from bed. Amy visibly tensed, “Master, where are you go-“. I uncuffed her hands. Slowly, I removed the blindfold, revealing her beautiful teary eyes. I spun her over our bed, landing in missionary postion.

Staring in those big teary eyes just broke my heart. I could barely hold back my own tears. I knew what Amy was going through, not being able to bear a child and then this. I could no longer play the dominant one for now. I just wanted to love my wife.

“Amy, listen carefully, no matter what happens, I would never leave you, okay. That’s it. What Nicole did was terrible and to even think about separating us is something very wrong.”

Amy started sobbing harder. I gave her hard and wet kiss, exploring her mouth with my tongue. “Amy, call me by my name. Just this time. Tell me to fuck your pussy real hard. Tell me Amy.”

Amy just kept looking into my eyes. Then she started, “R-Ri-Richard.” She could barely say it. “Yes Amy?” I said.

“Richard………. Oh Richard!! Please fuck me, Richard. Fuck my tight little pussy with that thick cock. Devour my fuck hole. Pound it like there’s no tomorrow.” That was all I needed. Giving her a smile, I thrust my cock into her wet cunt without any warning. Amy screamed with both pain and pleasure.

I gave little kisses over her neck, going down on her collarbone, reaching the right boob, I caught the nipple between my teeth. Amy squirmed in response. Our bodies were soaking wet in sweat, but it didn’t matter. We were both gasping for air as my balls slapped her ass cheeks repeatedly.


I was reaching my limit. Juices from her pussy were sucking my entire length into itself. I was close to my climax. Cum rushed through my piss hole, squirt after squirt, all into Amy’s womb. Soon, Amy’s entire body shook with her own climax. She moaned so loudly, I feared that neighbours might hear us.

Amy fell asleep. I just looked at her peaceful cute face. I still couldn’t believe Nicole would even try to think of something like that. She definitely need to know what happens when you hurt my wife……

To be continued.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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