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Big Tits

She stared back at the ice blue eyes that she once knew so well. Propping herself up on edge of the sink. She took in the tattered, once white tee that draped on her slender body. The once voluptuous, muscular build and cherub like face were ruins of what they had been after what had transpired over the past six months. Now small and skinny, easily thrown around, with tattoos painting her arms and scars littering her skin, the only thing that reminded her of herself were her eyes. But even those were losing their light. She sighed a deep breath that somehow didn’t reach all the way into her lungs.

Opening the bathroom door, she wandered back down the hall. Stopping along the way to see the rooms she hadn’t got the chance to. The house was massive, almost like a mansion. Each room as black and white as the next. The only thing that even gave away that a person lived there, was the half-drunk bottles of booze sprinkled around the kitchen. The girl grabbed the decanter of what looked like whiskey off the counter and sauntered over to the balcony. Not particularly caring what kind of alcohol it was, she began swigging heavily and gazed around the grounds which were as minimal as the house. Surrounded by neatly planted trees and a carefully placed stream, it was like a staging of a magazine. Jesus fuck, she thought, I gotta get the fuck out of here.

She went back inside and crept into the bedroom. The woman was still sleeping in the bed, her long honey colored hair strewn across her face. The sheets were on the ground where they had found their final resting place the night before. The girl took in the body that was before her. It was perfect in a sense: virtually flawless skin, big lips, perky breasts with pink nipples that pointed to the ceiling, toned stomach rising and falling in time her breath, and perfectly waxed pussy in between thick thighs. The girl felt a twinge of sadness. Perfect isn’t what she was looking for. The woman in the bed started to stir and the girl came back to earth. She ran to her bag, grabbed her jeans and was out the door before the honey blonde could open her eyes.

The girl felt back at home in the city. Invisible and nondescript among the masses of people under their umbrellas all hurrying their way through the rain to point B. The girl navigated her way through the crowds to the small dank bar in one of the back alleys. She shoved her hood off and walked to the back.

“Well hey there, where’d you get to these past couple days Kat?”

“None of your god damn business John,” the girl said jokingly.

“You were fucking that bitch who came into the bar, weren’t you?” John asked with a devilish grin.

“As many times as she could take it. Then more,” Kat said, winking and smiling. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She turned away, smile fading quickly, not wanting to compare with John about ‘what bitches we fucked.’

“I’m gonna go prep.”

She made it through her shift with only a few assholes then left the bar as soon as she could. Today was a good day so she ran home, ready to be alone and at peace. Kat walked in her front door, taking in the small studio with blank grey walls. It reflected everything she felt. In an effort to forget her life that had crumbled a mere six months ago, she had erased any object or reminder of it. She moved here, where even her family didn’t know the address of, then started skewering herself on any dick she could find and burying herself in between the legs of any woman that would let her. She did keep a few things from her old life around, two friends, Angie and Erin, so they could let people know she was alive.

Kat sunk down into her couch, closing her eyes and shutting out the world. She reminisced on her past two days with the honey blonde. The way she moaned when Kat slid her fingers into the tight, smooth, juicy crevasse between her thick thighs and how she whimpered when Kat slid her tongue along the ridge of her clit. Tasting how sweet she was and feeling her violently tighten on Kat’s tongue over and over. Kats hands found their way to her own thighs, starting to undo her jeans and reaching down to start touching…the phone rang. Fuck, she muttered. She looked down at the phone and cringed, it was Angie.

“Hello?” Kat asked tiredly.

“Kat! Where have you been?! We’re going out to night and you’re coming with.”

“No thanks Angie. I’m in for the night”

“Don’t be such a little pussy! Get your big girl pants on, we’re going out and drinking seas of whiskey!”

Jesus, thought Kat, why am I even friends with this bitch? “Fine fine.” she mumbled aloud.

“That’s my Kat! Meet at Stifle at 10.”

With that, she hung up the phone. Kat glanced at the clock and rubbed her eyes, 9 pm. Jesus, kill me.

Kat arrived at the pub an hour after Angie had said. Angie was there with her usual group of blonde bimbos and they were already hammered. Probably because they never ate, Kat thought to herself. She walked up to the counter, got a stein of their darkest beer then walked over to the girls.

“Hey what’s up guys?”

“Omg! Kat you look like shit what happened to you?” Angie said.

“Yeah it’s like, you, like, are homeless or something” Sarah said, giggling. Sarah was one of those girls who brags about getting it with every guy but she secretly just loved eating pussy, she was just too ashamed to say it. Sarah was hot as hell, equipped with fake güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tits, a tiny body, giant emerald eyes and strawberry blonde hair. But Kat had made that mistake before. Kat stared Sarah dead in her eyes, one eyebrow raised, until Sarah looked away.

“Yeah well I’m just having one beer then I’m going home. I have to work tomorrow and John is gonna lose his shit if I come in late again.”

“Whaaaat? You dumb bitch. Who cares about him. Just have fun with us!” shouted Angie.

“No seriously. One and done.” Kat said firmly.

“Fine. Be a whore!” Angie said with a laugh,

Kat sat in silence next to the group of giggly girls for the rest of the night as she sipped her beer. Half way through she got up and headed to the bathroom. She had made it to the door when she felt a small hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw Sarah. Drunk as the rest.

“Take me home with you,” she mumbled.

“Sarah, no. We went over this.”

“Pleeeease. No one has made me scream like that.” she whispered into Kat’s ear while she nibbled her lobe and ran her hand down in between Kat’s thighs. Kat gave in easily.

“Fuck…fine. This is the last time.”

They walked back to the table, said they were getting food then left. As they were driving home Sarah tried her best to seduce Kat but the alcohol her system made it too hard. Kat slid her hand in between Sarah’s thighs and moved up under her skirt. No surprise to Kat, she wasn’t wearing underwear. Kat started using her fingers to probe and tease Sarah’s pussy, using her juices to wet her fingers. She started rubbing gently on Sarah’s clit where her fingers slid easily in a circle then softly just on the underside where she was most sensitive. Catching glances of Sarah’s face in ecstasy, parting her full lips to let low moans escape, and her body writhing did amazing things to Kat’s own body. Kat continued, dipping her fingers into the pool of cum that was slowly dripping out of Sarah which made her moan and grind with the movements of Kat’s fingers. Kat made sure Sarah only got the softest of touches, teasing her until they arrived home. Sarah hastily got out of the car and ran to Kat’s side, practically yanking her out of the car. Kat chuckled to herself as they fell into the house, Sarah trying to rip both of their clothes off. The eagerness was a turn off, thought Kat, but hey, anything to fill this fucking hole.

Kat firmly told Sarah to stop and shoved her down to her knees.

“What do you say?” Kat demanded.

“Please?” replied Sarah fervently.

“Please, what?”

“Please fuck me. Please Kat, please.”

“Good girl.” Kat grabbed her by the hair, straddled her and shoved her face in between her güvenilir bahis şirketleri legs. Kat felt the warm, accepting tongue lap at her clit. Using her hair as a handle, she rode Sarah’s face until she pushed away. At this point Kat threw her to the ground and pinned her thighs down so she was open and prone. Kat lowered her head and lingered around her opening, kissing and nipping her hips and inner thighs. Feeling the warmth pulse off of her, Kat sank down into Sarah’s pussy. Slowly opening Sarah’s lips with her tongue, running just the tip of it over her ridge. Then, concentrating on just the sensitive part, right below the peak of the ridge, she moved her tongue in small circles. Sarah’s hands moved into Kat’s thick hair, lost in pleasure. Kat stopped and climbed up so that her shins were now pinning Sarah’s thighs down. Then moved her hands to make cuffs on Sarah’s wrists, securing them above her head.

“Are you supposed to move?” Kat asked, disappointment in her voice.

“No.” Sarah said in almost a begging tone.

“Then why did you?”

“I can’t fucking help it. It feels so fucking good.” She pleaded while writhing under Kat’s grasp.

“Good girls don’t move. Can I trust you not to do that again?” Kat asked sternly, sucking and playing with Sarah’s nipples.

“Yes. Yes you can.”

“Ok.” Kat slowly climbed down spreading Sarah’s thighs wide holding them open with her own. She sucked on two of her fingers as if in thought, ran them on either side of Sarah’s clit then slowly slid them into her. Rubbing her middle finger on her G-spot in circles. She started to go faster and faster, plunging her fingers in deep and rough. Then, dove in between her legs just as Sarah’s breathing turned fast and heavy. Sucking on Sarah’s clit while her fingers still worked inside her, Kat brought Sarah crashing over the edge. Kat felt the rapid tightening on her fingers, felt the cream on her hand and tasted it in her mouth. Sarah continued to buck and grind on Kat’s lips, her thighs closing and encircling Kat’s head. Kat grabbed Sarah by the thighs and flipped her over so she could ride her face. Kat came up for enough air to give her one order: “Cum again.” Then Kat’s hands clamped down making it impossible for Sarah to escape even if she wanted to. She rode Kat’s face, making her tits bounce while she grabbed her own hair and shouted out strings of profanities. Kat watched from below, cum dripping into her mouth. Kat closed her eyes, burying herself in between Sarah’s thin thighs, trying to reach oblivion, but it never came.

When Sarah could no longer feel what was between her legs, she dozed off in the bed. Kat, unable to sleep, walked over to her window and sank into her couch. Feeling emptier than usual, as she did after every fuck she had, Kat stared distantly over the lights of the city. Her thoughts slipped down into the cavern that was tucked away at the back of her mind. The place where she usually never allowed herself to go and started wondering. Wondering if he was out there, wandering among the lights.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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