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The Party is Over (Or is it?)

The last of the revelers finally staggered out the door, Tom shook his head.

“And please don’t piss on the lawn!” he shouted out jokingly. Romeo walked up to him.

“Hell of a party bud!” he stated. Tom closed the door and looked at him.

“No shit, did you see Mary practically strip in front of the whole group!” Tom laughed at this. Romeo broke out into a huge smile and nodded. He gave him a wink. Bet her $20 bucks she wouldn’t he said with a mischievous smile. “Ah money well spent!” Tom clapped him on the back.

“Oh god did you see Linda tonight?” Tom questioned stopping in his tracks.

“Oh yea! That skirt was any shorter…..” Romeo’s thoughts drifted off but he didn’t need to say anymore Tom was already nodding in agreement.

“I got a brief look at her panties,” Tom said picking up beer cans and putting them in the trash. ” A nice shade of red!”

“You are fucked in the head!” Romeo blurted ” They were blue thong!”

“Bullshit I was sitting right there,” Tom said pointing to the couch. Romeo shook his head.

“Who did she wind up leaving with?” Tom asked still cleaning up.

“Don’t know I really didn’t see her leave.” Romeo was now picking up as well. At once they looked at each other when they heard the bathroom door open, in walked Linda, her hair tussled and pulled up into a ponytail. Linda was captain of the cheerleaders and was a perfect one at that. She was the best looking girl on campus by far, her blue eyes stood out almost like 3-D. If you looked at her you were hypnotized, but most guys could rarely get that far. Her breasts were of perfect shape, and they were peaky, her legs were long and muscular proving she danced on a regular basis to stay in shape, and her butt, well most guys couldn’t help watch her walking away, nobody did want her to leave their company but when she left well nobody took their eyes off.

“Oh god did everyone leave already?” her voice was angelic. Tom nodded

“Speak of the devil!” Romeo laughed.

“And she shall appear!” finished Linda. “Want some help?” already picking up some garbage and placing it in the bag Tom was holding. The smell of her strawberry sented perfume filled their nostrils, Tom’s cock jumped.

“Sure if you want to.” Tom said his eyes drifting to her chest which was covered by a low V- neck sweater revealing ample cleavage.

“I’ll go get another bag.” she said turning away and heading into the kitchen. “Where are they?”

“Under the sink there.” Romeo said watching her ass swing to and fro. From where they were standing they could see the sink. She bent over the skirt riding up, both guys stared hoping for a glimpse. They moved their heads around trying to get the best vantage point. Nothing. She stood up. She looked around and saw the bags on the counter. She disappeared ümraniye escort around the door jamb.

“Well did you see?” Tom whispered frantically the bulge in his jeans growing

“No did you?” Romeo said licking his lips gently.

“Twenty bucks says they are red!” Tom stated flatly.

“Twenty bucks says you don’t have the balls to ask!” Romeo laughed at him.

“You are on!” Tom said sticking out his hand. Romeo took it just as Linda came back with a bag in one hand and a beer in the other.

“What are you conspiring?” She said with a sly smile.

“Nada!” Romeo said putting his hand down. He looked at Tom with a “Well?” look.

“Hey Linda…..”Tom started

“Yes?” Linda looked at him.

“Do you….” Tom looked at Romeo who was smiling back at him “Do you play cards?” The question made Romeo bust out laughing and walk away clucking like a chicken. Linda smiled at the curious sight, looking from one man to the other.

“Yes. But I take by Romeo’s chicken impression this was not the question you were supposed to ask. Was it?” Linda gave a big smile. Tom’s face turned red, it burned with embarrassment.

“Well no not exactly.” Tom said picking up more garbage from the coffee table.

“Sooooo….” Linda asked playfully.

“So what?” Tom said moving away from her, this sent Romeo into a rooster crow causing Tom to shoot him a look that threw daggers. Romeo had a huge smile that drifted across his face. He held out his hand. His fingers snapping. Tom closed his eyes.

“What is going on, is there a bet here I should know about?” Linda was still smiling and moved closer to the two. “Hey if it is going to cost you money then ask, because the last thing you want is to lose money to Romeo because he will never let you live it down, hell I am still hearing about a bet I made him for last years super bowl!” Linda was now laughing so hard tears were coming to her eyes. “Ask!”

“Well…..this is kind of awkward…..The bet is the color of your panties.” The suddenness of the question made Tom blush again. Linda laughed even harder. Now her breasts heaving as she laughed. Tom sat there shaking her head.

‘That is it? How much” she asked

“For what?” Tom countered

“The bet”

“Well it was $20 that I couldn’t ask you and another $20 for the color.” Tom said relaxing a little.

“Well you asked so that is $20 and the color is well flesh colored, because I am not wearing any!” This last statement caught both of them off guard, She was again laughing, “Well so who won?”

“Well Romeo said Red, I said blue”

“Well you are both wrong to I get the money then?” she said with her hand out.

“Well to win you have to prove it!” Romeo stated.

“The only way I am going to prove it is to yenibosna escort show you and the only reason I am going to drop this skirt is if I am going to get laid.” She looked at them, their mouths open. “oh my god ” she thought to herself ” I didn’t just say that did I” She looked at them the beer was going to her and she was a little buzzed but not drunk.

“Well I think we can handle that if you think you can handle two” Tom said the bulge in his pants now at full strength.

“The question is can you!” she said and with that she pulled her skirt down to reveal that she was not wearing any panties. She came over to Tom her hand reaching out to him and felling his bulge. “May I” she asked pulling the button loose. She unzipped him and brought his manhood out, “My, my,my aren’t we quite large” she gently licked the head of his member. Tom closed his eyes. Romeo made his way to them. She gathered Tom’s cock into her mouth and held it there as she undid Romeo and brought his cock out, “Wow you both are ready!” She put her mouth on Romeo and gave it a gently suck, Tom moved in behind her Romeo laid down in front of her, She began to suck his cock in earnest now her ass in the air, she jumped a little as Tom buried his face in her twat. his tongue shooting out and catching her clit. She never removed Romeo’s cock as she let out a moan the vibration moving through Romeo’s prick.

“How does she taste?” Romeo asked.

“Fucking fantastic!” Tom said in between licks, he sucked on her love bud until it was hard. She began to pump the shaft of Romeo with one hand as the other kept her propped up. Tom licked her pussy then moved slowly up to her ass there he stuck his tongue into her hole, this made her jump a little and begin to suck hard on Romeo.

“Hey she liked that!” The moaning was coming from her now in steady beats. “Do it again.” Tom obliged his tongue snaked into her asshole and again she moaned louder, The vibrations almost sending Romeo over the edge. She moved her mouth off.

“Oh god someone please fuck me I am so close I need a hard cock in me!”

“Tom I think you had better take care of her!” Romeo smiled Tom moved on his knees behind her pressing the head of his cock against her outer lips.

“Yes do it!” she yelled and with one thrust he was in her she yelled out with Romeo’s cock in her mouth. She was now attacking Romeo’s cock. Tom began thrusting slowly into her pulling the head almost all the way out then thrusting hard into her forcing her forward and making her moan with every thrust. Romeo laid his head back, the fell of her tongue swirling his head forcing a gasp out of him. He looked down at her and she was looking at him with those big blue eyes, his rod disappearing in and out of her mouth. She held on to his cock with her hand an yeşilköy escort laid her head down next to it. Her body stiffened Tom could feel her lips grab at his cock as an orgasm washed over her body .

“OH GOD YESSSSS! FUCK MEEEEE!” she yelled into the pubic hair of Romeo ” I AM CUMMING!” With that Romeo picked up her head by the hair not to hurt her but to place it back on his cock which she again attacked like it was her lifeline. The cum flowed out of her around the sides of Tom’s cock, it was very slippery now and when he pulled his cock to the edge it slipped out on occasion.

“My turn,” said Romeo. With that Tom moved around to her mouth as Moved beneath her, his cock filled her, the wetness combined with the heat of her pussy was intoxicating. Tom felt her mouth around his cock again. She began to ride Romeo with passion now, very fast and hard another orgasm washed over her, and again she yelled out her pleasure, Romeo grabbed her ass and began pulling it to him he moved his index finger to her asshole and allowed one finger to go in to the first knuckle, this made her suck harder on Tom. Tom saw what Romeo was doing and smiled.

“You like having you asshole played with?” He asked her

“Yessssss.” she said removing her mouth but continuing to pump his shaft.

“I’ll be right back!” Tom said as he got up to leave and disappeared into the bathroom, Romeo began to slide even more of his finger into her as he fucked both holes. Tom returned with some lube, he put it around her tight asshole and then put the head of his cock there, Linda made no move to stop him and lowered her head into Romeo’s shoulder, Tom slowly entered her ass, her muscles tightened and the hot searing pain, but then another orgasm hit her and she yelled out to stick it all in. To, did so slowly as Romeo held his cock deep in her, Tom could only manage about half of his cock in her and slowly the men began taking turns thrusting, Romeo was close now as was Tom with each thrust they came closer and closer, Linda saw by Romeo’s face that he was going to come.

‘You guys I want you to come all over my face.” She said in between strokes.

They looked at each other and gave each other a wink. Romeo pulled out and came close to her face Tom was now able to push his entire cock into her ass a few more times and then he withdrew, they stood before her each stroking she sat there mouth open ready to catch the load, Tom went first shooting a stream across her face causing her to close her eyes, Romeo then exploded shooting in her mouth she took most and when they were done she wiped her face with her fingers and placed them into her mouth. The men spent sat down on the couch as she laid on the floor her body quivering.

“I want to thank you two.” She said more to the ceiling than them.

“No problem!” they said in unison.

“No really, the girls from the squad bet me $100 I couldn’t fuck both of you!”

“Oh really, they going to take your word for it?” Romeo questioned.

“No they won’t but they won’t have to I have the blinds pulled enough that they could watch!” Romeo and Tom looked to the window to hear laughter and the pounding of fists on the window.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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