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The Outdoor Life Pt 7

Working at an outdoor centre was always interesting, one day was never like another, and sometimes things changed due to unexpected circumstances.

One of those days just happen to happen, on a nice warm, early summer’s day, when I was stood at the front of the main house, just finishing a can of pop, at the end of lunch time.

As I stood there, having a quiet minute to myself, the companies green LandRover, with Terry, the assistant manager, behind the wheel, and a couple of people in the back, drove past me, and continued rapidly down the driveway, and off out of sight.

It was then, as they disappeared from view, Erica, one of the senior instructors, a tall, skinny, fiery red head, who was also Terry’s long-time girlfriend, came marching up to me, and in her usual firm tone said “Steve. There’s been a change of plan for this afternoon. Terry’s had to rush a guest to the hospital, to be checked out for an injured arm.”

“Yeah. I saw him leave!” I replied back, before I asked “What happened?”

“The girl tripped down the main stairs. She’s probably fine, but Terry’s had to take her anyway, to be sure!” Erica replied back.

“Probably for the best.” I then said, in agreement, before Erica then said “Yeah. Well, that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is, the rotas had to been changed, because Terry and I were supposed to be on the overnight camp tonight, but as he’s not here… You’re now down to do it with me!”

“Really?” I asked back, with an excited smile, because I instantly knew that meant a whole night, away from the centre, in a tent, with just Erica.

“Yes.” She replied back, letting a small smile cross her lips for a moment, because secretly, we were having a quiet affair together, and it had been a few good weeks, since we were last together.

“So, go get your rucksack. Fill it with some spare uniform. Then go to the kitchen and get all the food we need for the night, and then meet us back here in 15 minutes, okay?” She then said, quickly returning to her usual firm self.

“Sure! Okay!” I quickly replied, now very excited.

So, I quickly shot off, doing just as she ordered, and 15 minutes later arrived back at the front of the house, where she was stood, with a group of children, and their accompanying adults.

“Great! Let’s go!” Erica then exclaimed eagerly, as she put on her friendlier, happier appearance, around the guests.

We then marched off across grounds of the centre, walking pass all the other activities, instructors, and guests, before we reached an old wooden gate just past the maintenance shed, that led into the next field, and beyond.

Now, the overnight camp was exactly as it sounded.

It was an overnight camp, in tents, and it took place in a field a few miles away, that a nice local farmer let us use, so our guests could experience camping in the wild, for the first time.

Anyway, we strolled on through one grassy field after another, and even though it was only a few miles away, it still took most of the afternoon to get there.

But, we eventually reached the field, and after a short break, we then started to pitch the tents, before we then showed the group how to start a small fire, and then how to cook an evening meal on it.

After that we played a few games, then sang a few camp fire songs, and as the day light began to fade, and it was turning to night, it was eventually time for bed.

So, our little group of minors climbed into their tents, and after they had settled down, so did the adults, and then finally it was time for me and Erica to turn in.

We moved to our tent, pitched a little further away from the others, but not too far.

Then Erica unzipped it, took off her boots, and then crawled inside, before I did the same.

Once we were both inside, I zipped the tent shut, then turned, and looked at my red headed senior instructor.

She instantly leant towards me, pressed her little red lips up against mine, and we started to kiss.

Our tongues excitedly started to explore each other’s mouths, and then our hands began to pull at each other’s clothes.

Quickly we undressed each other, pulling off our uniforms and discarding them in different directions, until finally, we were both completely naked.

Erica then pulled her lips from mine, and looking lustfully at me, said “I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon! Fuck my arse Steve! Fuck it all night long!”

“Okay!” I replied, eagerly back.

She then laid back on her sleeping bag, lifted her long, pale, skinny legs up over her head, and then grabbed hold of her ankles, to hold herself in place for me.

In that position, her bald pink pussy and bare pink arse ring were on full display, and they looked so inviting, in the dull light of our torches.

So eagerly, I moved towards her, then lowering my head down, I stuck out my tongue, and brushed it between her pale spread arse cheeks.

Erica instantly let out a soft moan of Mersin Escort pleasure, but then had to bite her lip, when she realised our guests might hear her.

That was something of course, neither of us had thought of, but too keen to carry on, and not wanting to give up this perfect opportunity, I eagerly brushed my wet tongue across her arse again, and happily, she again moaned, as she bit her lip to muffle her voice.

Then I ran my tongue over her little rear entrance again and again, and each time I licked her little pink ring, she bit down on her lip, fighting the desire to moan out loud.

After a good minute or more of licking her little arse entrance, she was definitely moist, and eager for more, and so was I.

So, I finally pulled my tongue from her rear, knelt up over her, and then placing my ready erect cock up against her arse ring, I began to push it into her.

With her feet up over her head, Erica’s arsehole was already a little open, and now covered in my drool, my big round cockhead, found it fairly easy to slide on in, and it did.

That hot skinny red headed, again, had to bite down on her lip, as my thick member slid deep inside of her, and once I was a good few inches inside, I stopped to enjoy the moment.

She smiled back at me, clearly enjoying it too, before I then eased back, and then pushed back into her, and again Erica instantly had to stifle her moans, as she felt my big thick cock, move inside of her.

Steadily I eased back again, then pushed in deep again, then eased back again, then pushed in deep again, and my hot, redheaded, senior instructor, fought hard not to moan out loud, as I started to fuck her arse.

My big hard member, slid back and forth inside her little moist arsehole, and as I happily fucked that hot redhead, she laid back, and moaned softly, clearly enjoying it too.

For several minutes, my hard dick moved in and out of her arse, pumping it over and over again, just like she wanted it.

Then, after a while of fucking like that, she lifted her head up towards mine, and happily, I leant down to meet hers, and passionately, we began to kiss again.

Now, despite the fact, my mouth had just been up against her arsehole, Erica eagerly kissed my lips, and sucked on my tongue, clearly not caring she was tasting her own arse, and we continued to kiss and fuck like that, for several more minutes.

God, it felt so hot and passionate, fucking this hot skinny woman in the arse, despite the fact she had a boyfriend, who was basically my boss, and knowing for the first time, we could fuck all night, without worrying about anyone finding out, it seem to make things even more exciting and fun too.

That’s of course why, as I continued to pump excitedly into her tight little rear, I felt my balls begin to tighten, a little quicker than usual, because I was enjoying it too much.

Then after a little longer, I lifted my lips from hers, and a little breathlessly, I had to whisper “Oh god! Your arse feels so good! I’m not going to hold on much longer!”

“Then don’t!” she whispered back, before adding “Cum in my arse Steve! Cum in it again and again! It’s yours! Fill it up with your sticky cream, as many times as you want to… just don’t stop fucking me!”

I then smiled back at her, excited to hear those words, and she smiled back at me, clearly happy I liked that idea, before she lifted her lips towards mine again, and we continued to kiss.

Eagerly, our mouths embraced each other’s, and our tongues once again began to wrestle, and as they did, I continued to drill into her back passage with my big thick cock.

For another minute or more, I kept pumping away in Erica’s tight little arsehole, sliding my big hard dick back and forth inside her moist rear hole, and as I did, my excitement grew.

Now, my thick member was thrusting in and out of her rapidly, and her stifled moans became a little louder with every thrust, and then I felt my balls tightening up, and with just a few more firm quick thrusts, I finally reached my peak.

It was now my turn to bite my lip, to stop myself from moaning out loud, as I sunk my hard member deep into Erica’s little arse, and then began spurting my load.

“Oh yeah!” I moaned, through gritted teeth.

My hard throbbing cock began blasting out, dollop after dollop of wet creamy goo, straight into her tight little arsehole, and as I unloaded inside of her, she moaned a little louder, clearly enjoying the feeling of what I was doing to her.

For several amazing seconds, I unloaded a lot of white gooey cream straight into her tight little rear hole, then finally, with a sigh, I stopped cumming and relaxed, having spent my first load.

Erica too sighed happily, and for a moment just lay beneath me smiling, and enjoying what had just happened.

But we weren’t done yet, because after a bit, she started to wriggle her little pale arse against my spent member, eager for more arse fucking, and I felt Mersin Escort Bayan her creamy arsehole, steadily begin to slide back and forth, against my dick.

“Oh god!” she then moaned softly, before whispering “That feels so good!”

“Uh huh!” I replied in agreement, because it did.

She continued to move her little cum filled arsehole against me, for a good minute or so, until finally, she wanted to try another position, and then, moving her long slim legs to her right, she rolled over onto her side.

I then laid down behind her, and as I reached around her, and placed my hand on big soft, D-cup boobs, I pushed my hard cock, deep into her cum filled arsehole again.

That hot red headed woman, moaned a little too loudly, before having to bite her lip again, to stop herself from doing it anymore, and then gently, I eased back, and then pushed my hard dick back into her again.

Erica this time moaned softer, before I did it again, pulling my hard wet dick back, then pushing in deep again, and steadily, I began to fuck her arse again.

With her on her side, facing away from me, and me up behind her, holding onto her with one hand, while I pumped steadily into her cream filled arse, it felt wonderful knowing, I could fuck this horny red head as much as I wanted, and no one was going to stop us.

So, for several minutes, I held onto her tightly, as I steadily pumped my hard member into her tight little arse, and Erica happily lay in front of me, moaning softly with my every thrust, and occasionally urging me for more.

“Yes! Yes!” she whispered breathlessly, before adding “Fuck my arse! Fuck it! Oh god, I love it! Oh god, I love it so much!”

So I continued on, pumping my big hard dick, in and out of her wet little arsehole, while she moaned over and over because of it, and I think we were both in paradise right then.

Then after a few more minutes of fucking Erica like this, she turned her head towards me, then reached up with her hand, took a hold of my head, and pulled me in for another kiss.

Our lips once again locked together, and as our excited tongues began to explore each other’s mouths again, she began to move us forward, and gently she rolled onto her lovely flat stomach, and I rolled on top of her.

Now lying fully on top of her, with her skinny pale body pinned between the floor of our tent, and my naked slim body on top of her, my hard cock seem to slide deeper into her tight, cream filled hole, and she moaned softly into my mouth, as she felt me sink balls deep, inside of her.

Then steadily, I began to grind into her, not really pulling back and forth, just moving my hard cock around in circles, deep in her tight arsehole, and as I did, that hot redhead moaned some more, as we continued to kiss.

After a while of doing this, Erica finally pulled her lips from mine again, and looking up at me, whispered “Fuck me Steve! Fuck me!”

So, I eased my big hard dick back, then thrust it down deep, into her wet little arse, and instantly her head turned around, dropped into the sleeping bag she was lying on, and then I heard her muffled moan.

So I did it again, pulling back, then thrusting in deep and hard, into her tight little arse, and as my cock slid in and out of her, and my balls slapped against her bald little mound, she moaned heavily into her sleeping bag again.

Eagerly I did this several more times, just pulling back, then sliding in deep, and every time I did, she had to cover her loud heavy moans, by biting into her sleeping bag.

Then I just started to thrust back and forth like normal, sliding my big hard cock in and out of her cream filled arsehole, and as I fucked her like that, she lay beneath me biting on her bedding, trying to stop herself from moaning louder.

For several wonderful minutes, I continued to pump my firm member inside her arse, thrusting in deep and fast into her cream filled arsehole, before pulling back again, and each time I did, she had to cover her moans of pleasure.

Then, as we continued to fuck, and my balls smacked against her little pussy, I felt my excitement begin to build again.

So, after another minute or more, I leant into her ear, and whispered “I’m going to cum again!”

Erica didn’t reply, she was too busy trying to stop herself from crying out excitedly, so instead, she just nodded in reply.

So, eagerly, I continued to fuck her arse, pumping deep into her tight wet hole, and quickly, I felt my balls begin to tighten up again.

Trying to hold on just a little longer, I let out a muffled groan of desperation, but it was no use, her tight little arsehole felt to good around my hard thrusting cock, and as I slid in deep once again, I felt my cum begin to surge, and then I moaned heavily.

My hard cock was fully embedded, deep between her soft little pale cheeks, as I exploded inside of her, and Erica once again had to bite down on her sleeping bag, as I began filling her little arsehole, Escort Mersin with yet another warm creamy load.

I moaned happily through gritted teeth, as I began spurting big dollops of white wet goo, straight into her rear hole again, and that hot skinny red head, moaned with pleasure into her bedding, as I did.

With my hard cock wedged deep in her tight little arse, and my balls squashed up against her bald moist mound, it felt fantastic to be pumping out yet another sticky load into her, and for several happy seconds I did just that.

Then, after I had filled her arse again with my goo, and had no more to give her, I finally, with a happy sigh, stopped cumming, and relaxed again.

For a moment or two, I then lay on top of her savouring the experience, and she happily lay beneath me, enjoying too.

Erica then, with a big smile, turned her head towards me, and said “Oh god that felt so good! Now, roll onto your back. I want to ride your big beautiful dick!”

“Okay!” I replied, liking the sound of that.

So, eagerly, I eased my hard, cream covered cock out of her tight wet arse, before I rolled off of her, and laid down on my back, beside her.

That hot red head, then quickly got up onto all fours, and despite having two loads of my sticky white goo, oozing out of her little rear, she crawled over me, then straddled my cock, facing away from me.

Then Erica began lowering her creamy arsehole down towards it, before her little arse then landed on my hard cock, and then with ease, she sunk down on to it.

We both had to stifle our moans, as her cream little rear slid down onto my thick member, and then once she was fully sat on it, with it fully lodged up inside her, Erica began to ride my dick.

Kneeling forwards over my legs, she began to lift and drop her skinny pale arse, and in the torch light, I could see her stretched arsehole, sliding up and down my hard member, and it looked amazing.

That hot red head, then had to bite her lip again, as she tried to stop herself from moaning out loud, while she rose and fell on my firm cock, and I happily, I sat back and watched, as she did.

Her creamy hole felt so good, as it always did, as she slid up down my hard cock again, and for several great minutes, Erica rode me excitedly.

Watching her fuck her arse on my cock, was an amazing thing to see, because I still couldn’t believe a hot, red headed woman like her, with a boyfriend, would be eager to do such a thing, but she was, and I was very glad she was.

Then, after a good few minutes of her happily bouncing her little rear, up and down on my hard meat pole, she decided to change position, and moving her skinny long legs forward, she leant back against me, and then continued to drive her cum filled arsehole, back and forth along my member.

Erica bounced hard and fast on top of me, pounding her little wet arse on my cock, and to stifle her moans of pleasure she turned her head towards me again, and clamped her mouth against mine.

For another few wonderful minutes, my skinny, red headed senior instructor, continued to ride hard on my firm meat pole, until eventually she began to slow down, clearly getting tired, so, I took over again, and began thrusting up to meet her movements.

As my hard dick, slid firmly up into her wet rear, Erica pulled her lips from mine, and instantly moaned louder, before quickly she clenched her lips together, to stop herself from moaning any more.

I immediately began to chuckle, and so did she, and for a moment we both saw the funny side of this situation, then I started to thrust up into her again.

My big thick cock, slid into her creamy arsehole firm and fast, and as I did, her skinny pale legs lifted up, giving me a better angle to fuck her with.

For another few exciting minutes, I pumped hard into her tight little arse, as she lay back on top of me, and Erica once again, had to bite her lip stop herself from moaning out loud.

Then, as I continued to pound into her wet little rear, sliding my big hard dick in and out of her gooey back entrance, I began to feel my excitement grow again, for the third time.

It wasn’t surprising, I was really enjoying this night, and with my hard member thrusting back and forth inside her, and her lying naked on top of me, trying to stifle her moans of pleasure, who wouldn’t want to fill her with as many loads as they could.

So, after a little longer, desperately trying to hold on and keep going, I finally had to whisper “Oh god, I’m going to cum again!”

Erica then turned her head towards me, and whispered back “Do it! Do it! Give me that cum! Give it to me! I want it! I want it!”

So, eagerly, I kept pumping up into her, thrusting firmly into her tight little rear, and after just a few more hard, firm, pumps, I exploded inside of her again.

I groaned heavily, as my hard cock began pumping out more wet white goo, flooding her arsehole once again with another sticky load, and as I started to fill her with a third load of cum, Erica bit her lip again, and moaned happily on top of me.

It felt so wonderful, pumping out yet more dollops of white cream, straight into her already wet, cum filled arse, and for several happy seconds, I added more to her collection.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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