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The Outdoor Life Pt 2

It was several days after that time with Erica, and we had all been working really hard, putting in the hours, from early morning, too late at night, but eventually, we finally got a day off.

I was looking forward to a good lay in, I hadn’t had one in weeks, and on that warm, bright, spring morning, my bed felt very comfy indeed.

However, things didn’t quite go to plan, as I slowly came too, because of two strange noises I could suddenly hear in the room.

One was a steady soft moan, and the other, was a weird familiar squeaking noise.

So, slowly I rolled over, and opened my eyes, and then stared over at my roommate’s bed, sat across the room from mine.

It was where the noises were coming from, and as I looked over at it, I stared in amazement as I saw my roommate Benny, lying back on his bed, naked, with a very naked, happy Chloe on top of him.

Now, Benny and Chloe were also new instructors, like me, that started at the same time as me, and it was fairly clear, pretty early on, that Chloe and Benny got on well together, really well together.

They were pretty much hanging around together whenever they could, and it became public knowledge very fast, that they were a happy smitten couple.

So, it wasn’t surprising to see them in bed together, in our shared room, that sort of thing happened often, what was surprising, was to see them naked, and fucking!

It was also surprising, as Chloe appeared to be a lovely, friendly young woman, who clearly loved working with kids, and clearly one day, wanted some of her own, and would probably make one hell of a great loving mother.

But right then, that long haired brunette, with her chubby pale body, big round hanging tits, and thick thighs, was happily riding Benny’s hard dick, and didn’t seem too bothered, I was in the room.

As I lay there watching her thick chubby body rise and fall on top of Benny, I felt my cock begin to stir, then I must have caught Benny’s eye because he looked over at me, and said cheerily “Morning dude!”

“Morning.” I replied back, amazed at how casual he was right then.

Then Chloe, still riding his cock up and down, looked over at me and said cheerily “Morning Steve!”

“Morning, Chloe.” I replied back, not sure what else to say.

She continued to happily rise and fall on Benny, moaning softly as she did, and after a moment, I felt I should probably leave the room.

“I’ll err… just go have a shower or something?!” I then said awkwardly, before I put my feet on the floor, and stood up to go in the bathroom.

“Okay!” Chloe replied cheerily back, before adding “Or you could come and join us?”

“What?!” I replied back, looking very stunned that she had just said that.

“I said… You could go shower, if you really want to?” Chloe then said, before she looked at me, smiled and said “Or you could come and join in! I don’t think Benny would mind, would you?”

“No. I’m cool!” replied Benny back, casually again.

“See!” she then said, before adding “And I’ve still got two more holes you can use!”

I stared at her cheerful smiling face, and then watched her hot chubby body rise and fall, as her big round tits bounced in front of her, and then replied “Okay!”

Then eagerly pulled off my t-shirt, pushed down my boxers, and with my cock already growing hard, I marched towards Benny’s bed.

I then quickly climbed on it, and standing beside them, I offered Chloe, my hard member.

Without hesitation, she reached out, wrapped her chubby pale hand around my thick shaft, and began to stroke my cock.

Chloe continued to ride Benny’s pole, as she stroked mine, and I got a perfect overhead view of her chubby hot young body, rising and dropping, in front of me.

After a just a minute, I was pretty hard in her warm tight grip, and once she could see that, she leant towards me, opened her mouth, and clamped it around my dick.

I groaned happily as her sweet wet mouth engulfed my hard member, and then happily she started to suck me, bobbing her head back and forth, while still riding Benny’s cock.

Her mouth felt wonderful, sliding up and down my hard member, and I happily stood there beside her, enjoying the moment.

For a while, that chubby hot brunette, slid her wet lips along my length, then pulled back again, before sliding them down once more, and as she did that, she continued to rise and fall on Benny.

Then after a bit longer, Chloe finally pulled my hard dick from her lips, and sighed happily, before, still holding my wet hard member, looked up at me and said eagerly “Why don’t you put that big hard cock, in my arse, Steve!”

“Okay!” I eagerly replied back.

She then let go of my member, and I moved around behind her, and as I did, she leant forwards towards Benny, pushing her chubby stomach and big soft tits into his body, and lifting her chubby round arse up for escort izmir me.

Kneeling down behind her chubby white butt, I knew exactly what to do now, so I placed my hands on her soft round cheeks, and eased them open.

Her little pink are ring came into view, and without hesitation, I quickly spat on her ring.

She moaned softly, before I did it again, then again, and when I thought there was enough fluid there, I poked my tongue out and pushed up against her arse, before I started to move it about.

Chloe moaned a little louder, as she felt my tongue pressing up against her arse ring, as I began swirling it around, and then she moaned even more, as I tongued her arse.

For a little while, I tongued her little pink ring, never believing in a million years before this, she would have actually let me do it.

But she was, and she was clearly loving it, and after a few more swirls of my tongue, and her moaning happily because of it, I decided she was wet enough.

Then I knelt up behind her, placed my big round cockhead up against her wet pink ring, and began to press into her.

Chloe moaned softly, as she felt me pushing up against her, then her little arse relaxed, her little rear hole eased open, and my big hard cock slid in.

She then moaned heavily, as I filled her little back passage, with my big hard member.

Chloe’s arse was tight, but not as tight as Erica’s had been, and with another gentle push, I eased most of my hard dick, deep into her rear.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned, as she clearly felt me filling her young arsehole, with big hard meat.

Then placing my hands on her chubby hips, I steadily began to fuck her, easing back, then pushing in, then easing back again, then pushing in again, and as I did, Chloe moaned with my every stroke.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” she moaned happily.

As I fucked her arsehole, Benny began pushing up into her little wet cunt again, and together, we both started to fuck her nice and steadily.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” she moaned happily again, as she began to rock back against our thrusts.

For the next few minutes, my hard cock slid back and forth inside her wet arse hole, while Benny’s slid back and forth inside her wet pussy, and happily, we all continued to fuck, in our eager threesome.

Chloe was now moaning and groaning excitedly, as she knelt trapped between the two of us, loving how we were both fucking her good.

Then, after a little longer, she lifted her head up, and said “I want to swap around! I want Benny in my arse, and Steve in my pussy!”

Well, there was no argument from us two, so, I stopped fucking her, and then eased my hard dick out of her arse, and as I moved out the way, Chloe lifted her chubby wet pussy up off Benny’s hard dick, and stood up on the bed.

I could now see her full, naked, chubby young twenty something body, as she stood there in front of me, and she looked amazing with her big round D-cup boobs, little pink nipples, slightly podgy stomach, and perfectly smooth bald wet pussy.

Then she turned around, straddled Benny’s waist, and slowly lowered her chubby round white arse down, towards his hard dick.

I watched as her arse cheeks dropped onto my roommate’s hardon, and with a happy groan, she sunk onto his length.

Then, when she was fully sat on his hard dick, with it now deep up inside her little arsehole, she sighed happily, before she then laid back on top of him, and then opened her chubby white legs for me.

I eagerly moved around to get between her legs, and as I did, I could see Benny’s hard cock buried up between her soft round cheeks, while her wet, bald pink pussy was slightly gaping open, ready for my member.

So, I knelt down between her chubby open legs, then shuffled up to her, until my hard cock was pressed up against her wet little pink pussy, and then with a gentle thrust, I slid into her.

Chloe moaned happily again, as I slid my thick meat pole into her wet little cunt, and as I pushed most of my cock into her, my hands reached down and held onto her round soft arse cheeks.

Then steadily I began to pump into her, pushing, and then easing back, then pushing in again, and then easing back again, and as I did that in her little wet front hole, Benny began doing the same, in her little wet back hole.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she exclaimed loudly, once again, beginning to enjoy two hard cocks, deep inside of her.

Benny and me, then continued on, pumping into her, as she lay between us enjoying every moment, and for several happy minutes we all fucked eagerly together.

Then after a while, my thrusts began to speed up, pumping into her wet wonderful pussy a little firmer and faster, and as I did that, I felt Benny began to move quicker in her arse.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she moaned excitedly, as we pumped into her more.

My hard cock now slid in and out of her warm wet cunt escort izmir like a high powered piston, plunging in deep before almost pulling right out, before then plunging in deep again, and Benny did the same to her arse as he lay under her, and clearly Chloe loved it, as she continued to moan over and over with our every thrust.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she moaned loudly, as she lay back on Benny, with her chubby legs lifted slightly up around either side of my waist, and her chubby body wobbling like crazy in front of me.

For several more minutes, we fucked her hard and steady, and that long haired brunette, who in public, could have probably passed herself off as a Disney princess, she seemed that nice and innocent, moaned loudly over and over again, as we both fucked her wet little holes.

Then as our thrust got more energetic, our breathing got heavier, and we were making sounds like we were both trying to hold off from cumming, which I’ll be honest, I was a little, and I think Benny was as well, Chloe looked up at me and said breathlessly “Before you guys cum, I want to try one more thing!”

“What’s that?” I heard Benny ask, before I could.

“Well…” she replied, before adding “I want you to both put your dicks in my pussy, at the same time!”

We both stopped dead from fucking her, and literally together, replied “What?”

Chloe looked at me and then smiled, then glanced over her shoulder at Benny, and said again “I want you to both put your dicks in m pussy! I want you to both fuck my pussy, at the same time!”

“Really?” I felt the need to ask, because I had never ever done that before, or ever heard any girl ask me to do that.

“Yes!” Chloe replied back assuringly, before asking “So, will you do it?”

There was a slight awkward silence, as Benny and I, for a moment, hesitated not too sure how to reply to that, before I finally said “Okay! If you want us to!”

Chloe instantly smiled, before she glanced back over shoulder and asked “Benny?!”

“Okay. Okay!” he replied back finally.

Chloe grinned excitedly, before she then suggested I pull out of her little pussy, and let Benny get in there first, because it would be easier for me to slide in afterwards, than the other way around.

So, I did.

I eased my hard length back out of warm wet cunt, before she then lifted her chubby white arse up, off Benny’s hard dick, and then repositioned her little mound over it.

Then with a happy soft moan, she sunk down onto Benny’s hard thick member again, and he moaned happily too, as his hard cock slid up inside of her wet little pussy.

Once she was then settled on Benny’s dick, she then looked at me, and with a big grin said “Your turn!” and after a quick deep breath, I moved up to her little pink wet hole, now already filled with a hard throbbing dick, and positioned myself to get in there too.

I then placed my big round cockhead up against the top of her pussy, almost resting on top of Benny’s pole, which felt a little odd and different, before I then, with a little pressure, began to push into Chloe’s wet hole.

It took a little effort, and bit of pushing, but eventually Benny’s hard membered lowered slightly inside of her, leaving just enough gap for my cock to move into, and with a groan from all of us, I slid inside Chloe as well.

“Oh fuck!” exclaimed Chloe loudly, as her pussy was now filled with two hard cocks.

“Oh god!” I exclaimed, in amazement, I was now inside this hot chubby crazy brunette’s pussy, along with my roommate.

“Oh, okay.” Benny groaned, realising that unusual feeling he was feeling, was my hard dick pressing down on his, inside Chloe’s wet warm hole.

Then without another word, we slowly, gently, both eased back a little and then pushed into her pussy, and instantly Chloe moaned loudly.

Then we did it again, and then again, and steadily, we began to fuck her, in rhythm, at the same time.

“Oh god! Oh god!” she exclaimed loudly, clearly loving the feeling of two hard cocks, moving about inside her pussy.

Both Benny and I, steadily continued to fuck her, pushing in again, then pulling back, before pushing in again, then pulling back, and as we did this, I was pretty sure, we could feel each other’s dick rubbing back and forth against each other.

Anyway, for the next few minutes, we slowly continued, just steadily pumping into her, filling her with two hard dicks again and again, and every time we pushed into her, Chloe moaned loudly as her head rocked back and forth with our thrusts.

Then as we continued fucking her, our movements began to pick up pace a little, Benny began pushing up into her a little harder, as I began pushing in and then pulling back, a little faster, and soon, we were pumping into her eagerly, but beginning to get out of rhythm.

This seem to make Chloe even more excited, as one cock filled her wet little cunt, then another, barely giving her time between thrusts to register what was happening, and quickly, her moans became constant and more excited.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she was barely able to cry out, as we pumped excitedly into her pussy.

As we eagerly fucked her now, pumping her with two hard cocks nonstop, it was clear we were beginning to enjoy this too, and our breathing and excitement began to grow as well.

For another minute or so, we kept pumping into her, filling her warm wet hole, over and over again, while all the while, Chloe’s moans got more excited and ecstatic.

Then I heard Chloe moan “Oh god! Oh god! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

Before Benny then muttered, breathlessly “Me too! Me too!”

Before I then groaned, through gritted teeth “I think I am, as well!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Chloe then groaned loudly, rocking against our plunging cocks, before adding “Cum in me! Cum in me! I want to feel you both blow your loads inside me!”

Well, with that open invitation, how could we say no?

So, eagerly, we continued on, pumping into her wet little cunt, my hard cock thrusting in, then Benny’s, as we continued to slide back and forth against each other, while Chloe lay between us, groaning over and over, and encouraging us for more.

Until finally, that hot chubby brunette, started to groan loudly and uncontrollably, then her body began to tremble, and her face began to contort and she then cried out “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!”

As we thrust into her again, we could feel her wet little hole begin to quiver, as it started to milk our hard thick lengths, and instantly Benny let out a loud heavy groan, and I felt his hard member begin to pulse hard against mine, as he began to cum.

His hard cock then began spurting big dollops of wet white goo, straight into Chloe’s wet, unprotected cunt, and then, as he continued to spill his seed deep inside of her, and Chloe trembled and cried out, I felt my excitement peak too.

“OH FUCK!” I then cried out, as my hard cock exploded, and began spurting my sticky load as well.

My member blasted sweet, wet white cum straight into Chloe’s cunt, along with Benny’s, and with all three of us now coming excitedly, we groaned loudly, and thrust against each other, on that small single bed, like wild excited monkeys.

It was an experience like no other, coming in that sweet wet pussy, with another dude doing the same, knowing I was pumping Chloe’s wet little young pussy with warm cream, just like my roommate was doing, and clearly we were enjoying it, because it seem to last a lot longer than any other orgasm I had ever had.

However, all good things come to end eventually, and finally, with a heavy sigh, we stopped cumming, and we were done, almost at the same time.

Then for a moment, we just stayed like that, catching our breath, and not really saying anything, as mine and Benny’s cum dribbling cocks, remained buried deep in Chloe’s wet little cum filled hole, while that hot chubby brunette lay back, with her eyes closed, savouring the moment.

Finally, Chloe opened her eyes and then smiled, a big happy grin, before she turned her head towards Benny’s, leant towards him, and they kissed passionately.

I knelt watching them for a moment, before Chloe, lifted her lips from Benny’s, then with a little effort, sat up, and with a big grin, pulled me towards her, and then she kissed me as well.

I happily kissed her back, which felt a little awkward in front of what was her boyfriend, but seeing how I had just fucked all of her holes and cum in her, I was sure kissing her wouldn’t be too much of an issue, so we kissed for a short while, until finally she stopped kissing me, and with a happy sigh said “Thank you!”

“Thank you!” I replied back with a grin, which made her chuckle.

Then she said “Right! I need to go shower! Because I’m hungry, and I need some breakfast!”

Chloe then disentangled herself from between us, pulling her wet used pussy, off our spent dicks, and as our softening meat poles slid out of her, so did what looked like several litres of white goo.

Benny instantly groaned unhappily, as several large dollops of white cream dipped onto his stomach, and then onto his bed, as Chloe moved off of him, and stepped down onto the floor.

“What?! I’ve got to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up!” Chloe then replied, before adding “I’m not going to breakfast, with gallons of your cum leaking out of me!”

Then as she strolled towards our on suite bathroom, she then said “Besides it’s your own fault! If you didn’t want to get gooed! You shouldn’t have cum in me, in the first place!”

Benny then looked at me, and with an unhappy look, replied “How am I the bad guy in this?! I thought she wanted us to cum in her?”

I just shrugged back at him not sure how to reply to that, before I reached down off the bed, opened his little white mini fridge, and pulled out two cans of frosty cold beer, offered him one, and together, we drank the breakfast of champions!

Part 3 coming soon!

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