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I’ve been reading erotic stories on Lit for quite some time. Kudos to all the men and women who’ve taken the time and effort to write and submit stories. I was shocked at how much time and effort it took. Hope you enjoy. I’m very close on submission number two!


The fragment of meteorite had lain undisturbed for tens of thousands of years in the Arizona desert.

Thousands of similar fragments had, over time, been washed away, irretrievably buried, kicked, driven over, or in some way shifted, eliminating any vestige of the spores which had filled surface cracks and imperfections in its surface.

This particular fragment had survived, unmoved and untouched. Its exposed surface was devoid of spores but, where the fragment was half buried in the sandstone, the spores, hundreds of them, remained intact.

Despite contact with insects and subterranean invertebrates, the spores had remained dormant and reacted no differently than the specks of dust they resembled.

The fragment had been passed countless numbers of times by humans. Early Native American tribes; Hopis, Zunis, and Navajo. Mappers, explorers, surveyors and archeologists. Soldiers, hunters, hikers and tourists.

In point of fact, in 1903, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt himself passed within 200 yards of the fragment’s resting place.

In the summer of 2010 however, the fragment caught the interest of Austin Bradley, professor of Archeology at Bradford State.

He was planning on visiting his sister Donna, and her daughters, in Winslow and he was sure that her oldest daughter Angela would find it intriguing.

After loosening the fragment from the surrounding sandstone, he lifted it from the desert floor.

The pad of Professor Bradley’s right index finger came in contact with the spores.


Shawna Fowler, MD was assigned the 3 to 11 shift at the Winslow Urgent Care facility. It had been a reasonably uneventful afternoon where she had seen only two patients; a 56 year-old man with a minor laceration on his arm requiring several stitches, and an eight year-old boy with an upset stomach from taking his birthday present, a large box of chocolates, up to his room when no one was watching. (He had eaten over half the contents before it started to affect him.)

Now, at 8:00 p.m., she saw a silver SUV pull up in front of the office. An obviously agitated middle-aged woman exited the driver door. A much younger woman, who also appeared upset, stepped out of the right rear passenger door.

A man appeared to be slumped against the front passenger door.

Dr. Fowler came out of the building to see if they needed assistance.

“Please! We need a wheelchair.” The older woman frantically called to the doctor. “He’s really sick.”

Dr. Fowler retrieved a wheelchair from the office and assisted the women in getting the man into the chair, and into an examining room.

The women helped Dr. Fowler by holding his shoulders to the examining table and talking comfortingly to him as Shawna stripped the man down to his boxers.

Other than keys in his jeans pocket she could find no wallet or other identification. She did not find the meteorite fragment in the watch pocket.

As she examined the man she questioned the women to get as much information as she could.

Apparently the women, a mother (Margaret “Maggie” Sloane) and her 27 year old daughter (Stephanie Sloane, though her friends called her Stef), were traveling to Thoreau, New Mexico to visit family. They had just passed through Winslow when they saw the man stumbling through the brush some fifty feet off of the highway.

Their initial thought was that the man was drunk and they decided not to take any chances by stopping.

Maggie had only driven a short distance when she began feeling guilty and had turned the car around. Stephanie was concerned about getting involved but her mother convinced her that she only wanted to make sure the man was okay and not hurt. Even so she had gotten her pepper spray out of her handbag in case she needed it.

When they got back to where they had first seen the man they saw that he had made it to the side of the road and no further. He lay face down on the asphalt.

Both women had approached him cautiously but immediately could tell that the man was severely distressed. His breathing was erratic and labored. He was soaked in sweat and he appeared to suffer convulsions every few minutes.

They had tried to call 9-1-1 but neither one could get a cell signal.

It was Stef who had recalled seeing the URGENT CARE sign back in Winslow so they decided they had to get him into their car and get him help as soon as possible.

They had driven him as fast as possible and it appeared that the man was doing much better by the time they arrived at the medical facility.

Still, he was completely unresponsive and, they both were afraid he was going to die. They also wanted to know if Dr. Fowler had any idea what was wrong erotik hikaye oku with him and if they had exposed themselves to anything that was going to make them sick as well.

Dr. Fowler had checked the man’s vitals when he had first arrived. His blood pressure was extremely high as were his pulse and respiration. He was cold and clammy and was suffering from intermittent spastic responses.

Now, as she checked his vitals again, not ten minutes later, she was completely surprised by the results. Pulse, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature were all normal.

Even more amazing was the difference she noted in the man’s overall condition from the time she had moved him into the examining room until now. The profuse sweating had stopped and the man showed no signs of convulsions or spasticity. He appeared to be sleeping normally with absolutely no signs of discomfort.

Dr. Fowler thanked the women for taking time to tend to, and transport, the patient to her facility. She also assured them that she did not believe that he was suffering from any type of communicable malady. She did take their contact information so that she could advise them of the test results later in the morning.

Maggie and Stef were about to leave the observation room when they heard noises coming from the man on the examining table. All three women were shocked and surprised when the man suddenly began to moan and unconsciously slipped his hand inside of his boxers and began to stroke himself.


The spore’s reaction to Austin Bradley’s touch was amazingly fast.

Sebum secreted from the sebaceous glands in Austin’s fingertips was instantly recognized as coming from a warm-blooded mammal. The spore opened and released the single celled organism which in turn travelled through the gland and embedded in the dermis.

The internal reactions from that point forward were nothing short of miraculous.

The organism surrounded a skin cell choosing it, for all intents and purposes, as an “egg”. Within moments it had “fertilized” the cell and the organism’s DNA began to map the host nucleus.

Once the organism mapped the host DNA it began replicating cells at an astonishing rate.

Even more remarkable was the fact that the replicated cells did not attach to form a mass or tumor at the original site. The new cells were absorbed into capillaries in Austin’s fingertip and distributed thoughout his body by way of his vascular system.

Initially the alien DNA caused Austin’s body to react violently. Many of his autonomic nervous systems responded to the alien invasion harshly. His breathing, heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure all took severe swings from normal. These changes resulted in uncontrolled convulsions and seizures.

The alien cells, having mapped Austin’s DNA, began to quickly adapt to regulate these functions back to a normal range. The organism had no intention of losing its first host after so many thousands of years in limbo.

Each cell had a specific destination and a specific purpose. Some eventually lodged in Austin’s hypothalamus and pituitary glands. Others implanted themselves along his spinal column. Still others moved to his testis and co-mingled amongst his sperm.

Thousands of cells traveled to locations near the sweat glands of Austin’s body. There they would create chemicals designed to trigger the release of powerful gonadatrophic hormones in whoever came in contact with his skin.

The organism was singular in its purpose. Survival.

Millions of years of evolution had produced the perfect symbiotic organism. In order to survive it needed host organisms and plenty of them. It needed to be spread quickly and easily. It needed to ensure that its placement was secure and protected. Most of all it needed to avoid causing harm to its hosts.

Trial and error, and untold millennia of adaptation, had resulted in the perfect delivery mechanism, mammalian sexual activity.


Austin was only semi-conscious of his surroundings and had no idea where he was. He felt strange but also surprisingly good.

He was having the strangest dream.

He was a small catlike creature. He was sauntering through high grasses. It was near nightfall. Three of the seven moons were high in the sky. He heard a noise causing him to freeze in his tracks. All of his senses were on high alert.

He could hear nothing except for the breezes rustling through the field.

He began to sniff at the air. He immediately smelled her. A fertile female.

Immediately he felt the familiar stiffening and it felt exhilarating. He moved in the direction of the scent. He could smell her arousal too. This stiffened him all the more. All fourteen appendages along his thorax and abdomen were almost fully extended, their tips wet in anticipation.

He sniffed again. She was close, very close, and the aroma of her sex was working him into a frenzy. He had erotik hikaye to have her, and he was going to have her. All of his senses were in high gear to accomplish that end.

A break in the grasses appeared and there she was. The holes in her back looked like panting mouths. A dark fluid seeped from each one making a gurgling sound that excited him to the breaking point.

He pounced onto her, each of his members frantically seeking an opening. In some cases two or three attempted to force their way into the same hole.

It felt so good, so tight. If he could just make it tighter and move faster he knew he wouldn’t last long.

To his surprise the female below him made a loud noise that he had never heard before.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The noise shrieked.

His mind had no comprehension of the unfamiliar sound. Not that he cared.

One of his sexual organs was hardening even more than usual and he was gripping it so tightly that…

Austin’s mind cleared instantly.

He was lying on a bed in a brightly lit room. A woman stood near him. The stethoscope draped across her shoulders suggested a medical professional, probably a doctor. She had a bewildered look on her face.

In the background, roughly four paces behind the doctor, stood two more women.

The older of the two was staring at his hand, watching it urgently move inside his boxers. She was frantically massaging her breasts through her blouse; her tongue flicking across her lips in sexual anticipation.

The younger woman had opened her jeans and her hand was moving just as feverishly inside of her cute little powder blue panties. She curled a finger into her vaginal opening and moaned unabashedly.

Dr. Fowler turned when she heard Stephanie moan and was mesmerized by the sight of Maggie and Stef, oblivious to their surroundings, pleasuring themselves; Maggie, as she watched her patient masturbate; and Stef, who was staring directing at Shawna in pure unadulterated lust.

Dr. Fowler felt a warm rush all through her body, and then, several shivers as she realized just how exciting the scene was before her. She began to grope and paw at her body too. She couldn’t help it. It just felt so good.

Austin was aroused like he had never been before in his life. Three women were masturbating around him in wanton abandon. They wanted to be fucked. They needed to be fucked. Austin’s sperm-laden balls and blood-engorged club were not going to disappoint.

Austin stood up and removed his boxers. His rigid cock stood straight out, pointing at its first and closest target, Dr. Fowler.


Dr. Fowler was taken aback by the sight before her.

It had been less than half an hour before when her patient had been brought into the center. There had been no doubt in her mind that thirty minutes ago the man had been in acute distress.

Now, not only did he appear perfectly healthy and fully alert, he was openly masturbating in front of her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She had cried out more in shock than anger.

The look on the man’s face when he heard her voice was even more disconcerting. He did not appear to recognize the voice or react to it.

He seemed to be a thousand miles away. (Actually she would have been even more surprised if she’d known his thoughts were actually over 72 trillion miles away!)

Only moments later his demeanor completely changed. She could actually see the recognition in his eyes as he came back from wherever he had been.

He may have recognized where he was. He may have recognized that she was a doctor. He may even have recognized that the other women were in the room. It hadn’t stopped his masturbating for even a second. He was in fact stroking himself harder and faster as he leered at her with obvious lust.

She was going to say something else but she had suddenly become aware that conditions in the room were rapidly changing.

For one thing the room seemed unusually hot, almost as if the air conditioning had stopped working.

The air smelled different too. She had become intensely aware of the variety of scents in the room. The normal smells of the medical facility, alcohol and other pungent odors, had been replaced by the arousing aromas of sweat, perfumes, and enticing body fragrances, both male and female.

Dr. Fowler was confused. To her right she saw Maggie, the older woman clawing at her clothes, attempting to discard them as quickly as possible. Her daughter was openly masturbating without any concerns of Dr. Fowler or her own mother being in the room.

The bottom of Stephanie’s T-shirt was bunched in the crook of her left arm. Her left forearm and hand were out of view under the tee but Dr. Fowler had no doubt that Stephanie was ferociously mauling her tits.

Stephanie’s mouth hung open and she was moaning non-stop. Her mother was doing the same thing not five feet away.

Shawna Fowler’s mind porno hikayeleri boggled at the sights, sounds, and aromatic stimulants surrounding her.

She found herself undoing the ties to her surgical greens and swiftly moving her fingers into her now free-flowing pussy.

The touch of Austin’s cock tip against her right buttock was electric. She knew instantly what it was and why it was there. She quickly spread her legs, bent over fully at the waist, and grabbed her ankles.

It was fortunate that she was as wet and lubricated as she was. Austin wasted no time in shoving the length of his rigid pole deep inside of her dripping tunnel.


The organism had made a complete and successful transference to this new host. It had found that it was optimally designed for the organism’s survival.

Unlike other mammal hosts to which it was accustomed, this mammal reacted to a wide variety of sexual stimuli. A number of internal organs reacted and the host’s glands secreted a complex series of hormones that controlled its sexual reactions.

The organism stimulated these glands and controlled the amounts and frequency of their release. In some cases it genetically modified the chemical balances in the hormones. They became far more potent, and caused the host’s body and sexual organs to react in a far superior fashion than they ever had before.

The organism could translate the host’s electrical impulses within its nervous system. It could recognize how the human body interpreted sexual stimuli. It would increase stimuli that that the host found pleasurable and decrease or completely block unwanted or unnecessary stimuli.

All of the host’s sensory faculties were heightened in this manner.

In the case of Austin Bradley sexual stimulation, even while he was semi-conscious, had begun when Dr. Fowler had removed his clothing to begin her examination. The feel of his clothes coming off; the freeing of pressure on his cock when his jeans were removed; the scent of the doctor’s perfume; even the touch of her skin against his as she took his pulse, were pleasant sensations that the organism recognized.

Unbeknownst to Maggie and Stef, their stimulation had begun even sooner. Genetically enhanced hormones in Austin’s sweat were transferred to them when they had helped him into their car. A short time later Dr. Fowler had come in contact with the sweat as she helped the mother and daughter transfer Austin into the Urgent Care facility.

Though not as powerful as the organism’s reactions in Austin’s body, the hormones and chemicals which had been rapidly absorbed through their skin, acted like a powerful aphrodisiac.

Once stimulated, the women’s own bodies began to release hormones of their own. The absorbed chemicals magnified the effects of these hormones as well.

The results were, to say the least, effective.

Shawna Fowler had never felt anything like the cock on which she was impaled. One moment she felt so empty and the next her pussy was so completely filled that she couldn’t imagine the penis being able to cum in her.

“Where could it possibly go?” Her fevered brain attempted to reconcile.

Then Austin pulled back and shoved forward so hard that his cocktip flattened against her cervix. Shawna lost all comprehensible thought at that moment and simply succumbed to Austin’s relentless onslaught of twists and thrusts.


Maggie Sloane wanted this man so much she was practically unable to move.

Watching the man on the examining table masturbating, even though she could not see his cock, had caused her pussy to gush warm fluid that had totally soaked her panties.

Maggie would never admit it to her daughter but just touching the man had been arousing to her.

She had “accidentally” squeezed his ass and groped his crotch as she helped him into and out of her car. There was something about his inability to respond that gave her a sense of power.

Now watching him pleasure himself was intolerably exciting. She was going to fuck him. Of that she was sure. It would be on her terms though. He was going to make her feel REAL good before he put his sword in her sheath.

“Oh yeah honey.” Maggie’s fevered mind thought as her first orgasm washed over her. “REAL good!”

Her fingers flew around her clit and pushed past her swollen labia, pistoning in and out as she imagined the man slamming his cock into her “special place”.

She had just completed her second orgasm when the man had walked up behind the doctor and rammed his cock into her without thought or hesitation.

It had put her over the edge again and, as the orgasmic sensations raced through her body for the third time, she collapsed to the floor where she continued to watch the copulating couple, fingering herself slowly as she awaited her inevitable turn.

Maggie’s daughter, Stef, was having a completely different reaction.

Though the hormones and chemicals had the desired effect, Stef was not physically attracted to the man.

Stef’s hormones had already started working on her body when she first laid eyes on Shawna Fowler.

From the moment she first saw her, in her mind’s eye, she saw herself with her favorite strap-on making Shawna Fowler squeal like she was now.

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