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This is a real-life story. It is not written in the usual style of “porno” stories, but rather like a story would be told between regular people. So if you’re looking for silly and unrealistic language, and action, read something else. If you want to learn of real-life erotic experiences this should interest you.

I’m now in my mid-forties and have had a very interesting life that includes several interesting and erotic sexual experiences. I’m sure most of you have such experiences and still enjoy remembering them and being, once again, sexually excited as you recall each touch, word, sight, sound, smell, and feeling.

This is story relates some experiences I had while in my late teenage years with an incredible young couple in my neighborhood. They were in their late twenties or early thirties (I never asked, but I believe that’s a good guess). I’ll call them Bill and Sandy. I’ll call myself Bobby. (I don’t want to use real names because you never know who will read this and identify me or them).

Bill was very athletic and handsome. He worked as an engineer in one of the local businesses. He was very friendly and introduced himself to me and the other guys in the neighborhood soon after he and his wife moved in.

He put up a basketball goal in his driveway and invited all of us to use it any time. He often joined in and was much better than any of us. We also played football and baseball in their back yard. He played football in college, but was injured and had to quit in his freshman year.

Sandy was absolutely gorgeous! She was every guy’s dream girl. You know, the cute cheerleader-type with big tits who gives great head. You know the look. She had a wonderful personality and a ready and beautiful smile that displayed perfect white teeth. Blond hair, sky blue eyes and a perfect body gave all of us teenage hormone factories an instant hard-on.

Bill often asked me over to work out with his weights in his garage. We would strip to our gym shorts and lift away. He would lead us through a grueling workout of arm curls, bench presses, and the rest. It was obvious he enjoyed the workout as well as my company. I must say that I also enjoyed them and found myself beginning to like Bill a lot.

Sandy would often join us during the workout and mostly just watch, but sometimes would spot for us or do some light lifting herself. She would wear some loose fitting gym shorts (no panties!) and a tee shirt. When she would bend over, I would get a peek at her ass cheeks and just enough of her cunt lips to start my juices flowing. It was really “hard” to complete the work out.

During one of these sessions, Sandy doing squats with her legs spread! Her breasts were flopping around and her nipples were protruding through her tee shirt. She bent over to help Bill with a weight and stuck her butt up right in front of my face. I got a full view of her blond pubic hairs and the bright pink, puffy pussy lips that they protected. Good god, I could hardly breath! I’m sure my mouth was hanging open and my eyes popping out of their sockets.

She completed her assistance to Bill and saying she was going to take a shower, left us. Bill bench pressing; me panting with a gigantic hard-on.

Bill looked over at me and grinned his biggest grin. He said, “She’s pretty hot, huh kid?” I just nodded, unable to speak. He glanced down at the big “tent” where my dick was and laughed out loud. “Looks like you could use some help there”, he said smiling. “Huh”, I muttered, “Oh, yeah.” Then I could feel myself turning red. He said, “Hey, it’s okay. Look at me!” I looked at his crotch and, sure enough, his dick was standing straight out too.

He smiled and pulled his shorts down and let his cock spring out. I almost choked! I had never seen anything like it. I had seen a lot of naked guys in locker rooms, showers and Boy Scout outings and had seen some pretty big dicks, but nothing like this. His cock was at least 9 inches long, as thick as my wrist, and had this huge head. It looked like a big apple stuck on a baseball bat!!

Again, I just stared. He took hold of it and started to slowly stroke it. I was finally able to look up and see he was still grinning. He said, “Okay, lets have a look at yours.” I was taken aback. I was not a queer, and had never even thought about any kind of homosexual activity and certainly would never have thought of Bill as a queer. He seemed to read my mind and said, “It’s okay, I’m not a queer or anything, but I do like sex and I’m sure you do too. Let’s just have a little guy fun. I know you jerk off. I do all the time. Come on lets have a look. I can tell you’ve got a big one. I just want to see it.”

There something about the way he talked that made me feel better, and, besides, I couldn’t deny that my dick was about to explode. So I slowly pulled down my shorts. My dick sprang right up to attention. Mine was about 7½ inches long but not as thick as Bill’s. The head was pretty big, but again, nothing ankara rus escort like Bill’s.

He looked and said with another grin, ” Not bad for a beginner. I bet the girls like getting hold of that, don’t they? How many girls have you fucked?”

I told him only two and named two girls in the neighborhood that I’d fucked. He gave an approving wink and said, “Not bad. I’ve been looking at them myself. What do think, would they go for an old guy like me?” I said, “I’m sure they would, if they could get that monster cock of yours in them.” He laughed and said, “Oh that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve got this thing in more pussies than you could imagine.”

All this time he was slowly stroking his cock. I’d grabbed mine too and was doing the same. He came over and said, “Let me do that.” I was in no condition to stop him! He reached over with his right hand while switching to his left to jerk his own cock. He slowly began sliding his hand up and down moving my foreskin up and down my hard cock. It was wonderful. I sat slowly down on a nearby chair. I couldn’t stand up much longer. He knelt down in front of me and continued to jerk my cock. He then bent down and gently placed his lips on the head of my cock. He slowly slid his mouth down until my entire dick was in his mouth. I groaned out load with pleasure. I’d never felt anything like that! He moved his head up and down stroking me with his hand as his head moved. I was in ecstasy! It only took about three trips up and down my cock before I exploded in his mouth. I’d never cum like that before. It was like my entire body shot through the end of my cock. I let out a muffled scream and cut loose. I filled his mouth over and over. He swallowed it all!

When I finished, I just collapsed and let out a huge sigh. He wiped his mouth with a towel and grinned at me and said, “I think you enjoyed that as much as I did.” I said, “God I’ve never felt anything so good!” He said, ” I know, I felt the same way the first time a guy did me”. He said, “There’s nothing better than fucking and eating pussy, but sucking cock is great too. Would you like to give it a try?”

I said, “I’m not sure. I’ve never even thought about it. I’m not a homo or anything.”

He said, “Good grief, neither am I. I don’t love guys or anything. I don’t want a relationship with or move in with one. But I do like sucking cock and having a guy suck mine. I don’t like kissing guys or butt fucking either. My college coach was the first man that sucked me, and he’s the furtherest thing from a queer that you could imagine. He has a beautiful wife and several kids. He just liked cocks. I’m the same way. Nothing wrong or unnatural about that. I’ve discovered that there’s lot’s of men that like cocks, but are not gay.”

What he said made sense, and I sure couldn’t deny that I wanted to suck his cock. So I said, “Well, I’ll give it a try”, and got on my knees in front of him and took hold of his monster cock.

It was surprisingly light, but hard as a rock. It sort of curved up a little. I began stroking the loose skin up and down and watched, as the head got almost purple as I squeezed the shaft. I bent my head closer and put my lips over the top of the head. The smell was extremely exciting. The feel was something totally unexpected. It was sort of spongy and soft. I licked my tongue around it while keeping it in my mouth. As I squeezed the shaft and continued to move my tongue around the head, I slowly moved my mouth downward.

His cock was so thick it was like swallowing a bat, so I didn’t get but a few inches in. I moved my mouth back up and brought my hand back up with it. I continued moving my head and hand up and down and my tongue around and around over his dickhead. I could hear Bill moaning and opened my eyes and looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his mouth opened. He looked down and said, “That’s great. It’s like you’ve done that all your life. You’re a natural!”

I wasn’t sure how to take that, but I liked what I was doing. I was surprised at how exciting it was. I was getting hard all over again. I began to stroke my cock with my left hand.

I continued sucking Bill’s cock for a couple more minutes when I could feel him tensing up. He said, “I’m going to cum! I’m going to blow your fucking head off, you little cocksucker!” I moved my head and hand faster as his cock got swelled up. Then he exploded. His cock shot load after load of warm, sticky cum in my mouth. I gagged at first, but then began to swallow as fast as he came. It was musky and salty. Again I was completely surprised at my reaction. I was enjoying it immensely!

Just as he was spurting his final load, I came. It was my second explosion in just a few minutes. As I let go of his cock, I just sort of collapsed in to a pile on the garage floor. We both did. We just sort of giggled at each other. Both exhausted, but completely satisfied.

Part II

I was vaguely aware of light ankara türbanlı escort applause coming from the door leading to the kitchen. When I looked up, there was Sandy standing in the doorway. She was completely naked! Her body was glistening with dampness from her shower and her face was slightly flushed. She was breathing heavily. She was totally awesome. She looked like a goddess. She gasped and said, ” Good job, guys! That was quite a show, thanks!” As I scrambled to get my pants up, Bill said, “Glad you enjoyed it, but it was better from my perspective.” Bill then noticed me, and said, “What the hell are you doing? The hottest thing on two legs just walked in and you’re pulling up your pants?”

I stuttered something and just stood there again. I was getting pretty good at that.

Sandy looked at my half erected cock and said, “Bill that looks like a winner to me. How is it?” Bill said, “As good as it gets, babe, you should try it on for size!”

Sandy started walking toward me and said, “Don’t mind if I do, sweetheart.” She got as close as possible and put her arms loosely around my neck and looked me in the eyes. She smelled wonderful, and projected sensuality in her every move. She smiled, then leaned forward on her tiptoes and gave me the gentlest and most sensual kiss I’d experienced. Her tongue went all over my mouth like a snake. She pressed her hips into me. My dick flattened against her stomach. I could hardly breath. She broke off the kiss and started kissing and licking my chest and my nipples. I gasped out loud. I’d never had that done to me before and it was electrifying! She continued down my body as she knelled to the floor. When she was even with my cock, she took the head into her mouth and began to massage my balls. Her mouth took every inch of me easily. She played with my balls and sucked my cock up and down faster and faster. Her hand began to jack me off as she felt me tense. She began to moan deep in her throat. She took her mouth off long enough to say in a low, sultry voice, “I want your cum, all of it, now!” I exploded for the third time and came and came and came. She almost choked on it, but took every last drop. When I stopped, she let my cock slip from mouth and grinned up at me. “How’d I do, sport? Was I as good as your buddy over there?” I couldn’t talk. I just nodded, exhausted.

Bill came up behind her and lifted her ass up. He started eating her out from behind. As he was cramming two fingers up her sloppy wet cunt, he asked me, “Have you ever eaten pussy?” I said, “Sort of, but I’ve never really learned how.” “Then now’s the time, buster. Get your ass down here!”

Sandy turned over on her back and lifted her legs up locked in her elbows. Bill pulled me around so I was looking directly into her pussy. She reached down and spread the lips wide. She was drenched! She had this incredible clit! I’d heard about clits like that and read about them, but had never seen one. It stuck out of a little hood-like fold of flesh. Bill reached down and with the tip of a finger, started to rub it back and forth. Sandy started to hunch her hips up and down and moan and twist her body. Bill said, “Here, suck on this and move your tongue up and down on it as fast as you can, like this.” He demonstrated, and Sandy went fucking nuts! I lay down on my stomach and buried my mouth in her pussy. It was soaking wet and smelled wonderful. I took the stiff little cock-like clit in my lips and started moving my tongue over it as fast as I could. Sandy began to slam her hips up and down. She grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy so hard I thought I would smother. We locked together like this for what seemed like an eternity. Then her entire body began to quiver and shake. She let out a moan like I’d never heard. Then she screamed out, “God, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fuck me, fuck me!” I didn’t know what to do. Bill pushed me out of the way and slammed all nine inches of his thick cock into Sandy’s cunt and began to fuck her like a wild man. I just knelt there and watched in amazement as they slammed into each other grunting and moaning. Finally, they both let out a final groan and collapsed.

After a few minutes, Sandy said between breaths, “That was wonderful! I find it hard to believe that you’ve never learned to eat pussy. You were fabulous. Now, you just lay back. As soon as I get my wind back, I’m going to fuck you blind!”

It was just a few minutes later that she straddled me and eased herself down over my cock. As I slid into her, she moaned “Oh god that’s so good.” As she moved slowly up and down on my dick, Bill stood by her and she took all of his nine inches in her mouth. She fucked me and sucked him until all three of us came almost together.

I was totally wiped out! I couldn’t move. It was, by far, the best sex I’d ever had or even dreamed of. But there would be more to cum with Bill and Sandy!

Part III

There were other similar events bahçelievler escort with Bill and Sandy. Sometimes just Bill and I. Sometimes just Sandy and I. Sometimes all of us. That was a great summer.

That fall, I was raking leaves in their yard for Sandy. Bill was out of town for the week and she’d asked if I would help her out. She said with a wink, she’d make it worth my while. I could only imagine what that meant, and I was happy to oblige. I came home from school, grabbed the rake and ran down to their house. I started in the front and moved around the house to the back yard. While I was raking, I saw Mrs. Anderson who lived next-door go in to visit with Sandy. Sandy waved and smiled and asked if I needed anything to drink. I said no, I was fine, and returned to my work. I was a little irritated that Mrs. Anderson was there as I was hoping for my “reward” as soon as I finished. Oh well, good things come to those who wait, I told myself and kept raking.

I should point out that Mrs. Anderson was the mother of a girl that I dated occasionally. She was about 35-40, tall and reasonably good looking, but struck me as prudish and old fashion. She was always very strict with Betty, her daughter, and watchful when I was over there. Betty and I had had a few brief sexual encounters – mostly heavy petting and once she gave me a very forgettable blowjob. She gagged and almost threw up when I came in her mouth.

When I finished raking, Mrs. Anderson still had not left. So I just went up to let Sandy know that I was finished. As I opened the back screen door, I could hear soft moaning in the living room. I though it was the TV and walked around the corner. I almost stopped breathing when I saw what I saw!

There was Mrs. Anderson setting back on the couch with her big tits hanging out of the top of her unbuttoned dress, the bottom part of which was pulled up to her waist, and she was holding her legs up and wide apart. Sandy was kneeling in front of Mrs. Anderson with her head buried in her cunt and shaking it like a dog with a bone. Mrs. Anderson’s head was thrown back on the back of the couch and her eyes were closed. She was holding Sandy’s head and moaning, “Oh my! Oh my! You’re wonderful! I’ve never felt anything like this!” Neither woman knew I was there. Hell, the whole football team and marching band could have paraded through that room and they wouldn’t have noticed!

Once again, I was reduced to just standing there gaping with my mouth hanging open.

As Mrs. Anderson was getting closer and closer to coming, her hips stared to move faster and faster. Her moaning and talking got louder and more intense. Sandy had two fingers of her right hand pumping in and out of Mrs. Anderson’s ass while finger fucking her own pussy with her left hand. What a sight!!! I was as hard as a rock and took my cock out and starting beating off furiously.

With a shriek, Mrs. Anderson’s body gave a final twitch as she slammed her hips into Sandy’s face that she pushed with all her might into her twat. She came hard then collapsed in a pile. Sandy, pulled her face out of Mrs. Anderson’s sloppy cunt, wiped the pussy juices from her face and licked it off her hands. She pulled her fingers out of the well-fucked asshole a stuck them into Mrs. Anderson’s mouth who lapped up every last drop without having the slightest idea what she was doing!

It was then that Sandy turned and looked directly at me, smiled and asked, “Enjoy that, stud?” She knew I was there all along. Mrs. Anderson gasped, sat straight up and tried to pull her dress down and up at the same time. She turned several shades of red and sputtered something like, “oh my god, what have I done!”

Sandy just sat down by her and said softly, don’t worry dear. You’re perfectly safe. Bobby here won’t say a word to anyone will you Bobby?” I said, “No mam.” Sandy stroked Mrs. Anderson’s still exposed breasts, pinched a nipple and said, in fact, I think Bobby should join us.” She signaled me with her finger and I started toward the couch.

Mrs. Anderson started to scrunch up on the couch like she wanted to just disappear. I said, “It’s all right Mrs. Anderson. Sandy and I have done this before. There’s nothing to worry about. Sandy said, “That’s right Mildred, Bobby, Bill and I have been fucking each other for months. I thought it would be nice to share him with you. I know how much you like sex and he’s the best stud I know next to Bill. I know you like big cocks since we’ve been fucking you for weeks.” Sandy reached over and unzipped my pants. She took out my hard cock, and Mildred Anderson gasped out loud. “My god”, she said. “See”, Sandy said, “I knew you’d like him”, and started sucking my cock.

Mrs. Anderson watched, fascinated. She put her hand between her legs and started to finger-fuck herself as she watched Sandy suck me off.

Sandy pulled off and said, “Here, honey, see what it’s like to suck a teenage cock again!”

Mrs. Anderson eagerly grabbed my dick and started sucking. She was great! It was like she was starved to death for cock. She moved her head up and down and jerked my cock furiously. Sandy said, “Hey girl, slow down, you’re going to rip that thing right off his body!” Mrs. Anderson just kept slurping and gulping my cock like it was her last meal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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