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The day was finally here. My husband was going on a business trip for a few days and I had plans of my own. After ten years of begging him to start a family he went out in a fit of rage and had a vasectomy. He came home that day and told me that he never wanted children and this was the only way to make me stop asking. I went into a deep depression. I loved him. How could he do this? That was about two months ago. Last month I made up my mind to leave him. I found a nice little house at the top of a mountain overlooking the city and scheduled a moving company to come today and pick up the small amount of stuff I wanted to take with me.

My husband left the house around 7:00 a.m. and the door bell rang promptly at 8:00 a.m. just as they said it would. I opened the door and standing there was the most perfect man I could imagine. 6’2″ 180 dirty blond. He could not have been more than 22. His piercing blue eyes looked right into my soul. His name was Paul as I could see embroidered on his uniform shirt. The moving company only sent one man because of the small amount to move. After a few word of introduction he went on his way to moving the boxes I had ready for him. I could see his strong arms picking them up like they had no weight at all. As the morning went on I continued to pack boxes and he would load them onto his truck. We made small talk along the way. I told him the story of my husband and he started to open up about his life. He talked about his finance and the life they had planned, a life with many children. Oh ankara escort how I longed to find a man like that.

I started to have thoughts of seducing this young man and steeling him away from her, but I knew it would never happen. But could it be just this once. I knew it was the right time of my cycle. This really nice man could give me the one thing I want and need. I formulated a plan.

We finished up at the old house and he followed me up the curvy road to my new home. My plan was easy get him all worked up and let him fuck me. At thirty five I still could turn a man’s head.

We arrived at the house and he started to unload the boxes. I slipped away a put on something a little more revealing. I would just work very close to him and make a few suggestive comments and see what happens. He was busy at his work but did notice. I caught him taking a few looks, but then back to work. I started taking about his girl friend and how lucky she was to have such a strong young man to keep her satisfied. He just blushed and kept working. As I got more aggressive in my flirting he was getting more agitated. At one point he stopped me from brushing up against him and said he needs to get his work done. I said strait out “don’t you find me sexy.” He said yes but he was engaged and they promised each other to stay pure until their wedding night. Could it be I had the only virgin left, just my luck? So that was that I guess.

He finished up his work and asked me to sign the invoice. I asked if he wanted a bottle ankara escort bayan of water for the road. He accepted and drank the entire bottle before he left the room. It only took a minute for the drug I put in the bottle top take effect.

When he started coming too about an hour later he found himself tied to the bed post and gagged. He struggled against the bindings to no avail. I heard him and came into the room. His perfect body laid before me naked. His sweet shined in the candlelight. I told him not to worry I would take what I needed and send him home with a smile. This made him struggle more. I started at his toes and licked my way up to his waiting cock. It was about 7 inched and very thick. I commented how lucky his future wife will be when he takes her for the first time. I licked up one side of his cock and down the other side. Looking into his face I could see his anger and shame. After take his head into my mouth his body started to betray him. He was becoming hard. He grew to at least 8 ½ inches. I was giving this man his first blow job. Maybe the only one he would ever get. You could see the anger in his eyes but the moans of pleasure coming from deep inside his throat gave him away.

After a few minutes I didn’t want to waste a drop of his vital seed. I licked my way up his chest until we were face to face. I could see him pleading with his eyes for me to stop. He thrust his body to try to get me off of him, but with his thrust he entered me in one stroke. With my deep moan of pleasure he escort ankara realized what he had done and he tried to pull away. I kept him in place with a vice like control, waiting for him to settle done. I looked him into the eyes and said give me this and I’ll let you go. He continued to struggle but this only built up the lust he was feeling inside. I rode him feeling every vain of his cock as it slide in and out of me, building to his release. I didn’t think it possible but he seemed to grow even bigger as he got closer. He erupted inside me with pulse after pulse of hot fluid. He filled me up and it started to leak onto his balls. Not wanting to lose any more I rolled off of him and elevated my legs. That’s what all the baby books said to do.

I looked over at him and he looked back. Still gagged I could see shame come over his whole body. I got up after a while and kissed him on the check. He didn’t struggle, just waited for me to keep my promise of letting him go.

After a while, I asked him if I let him go would he tell. I reminded him that as far as his girlfriend knows he is still a virgin and if he told anyone she would find out the truth. He nodded his head in agreement and I ungagged him. He didn’t say a word as I untied him. He grabbed his cloths, dressed and ran out the door.

In his hurry to get away from me he missed a curve and ran the truck off the road. I heard the explosion in the distance followed a little while later by sirens.

The police stopped by the next day to investigate the accident. I told them he was a very polite young man and was in a hurry to get home to see his girlfriend. That was that.

A few months later I got word that I was expecting. Paul, the Moving Man, had delivered the one thing I really wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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