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It was late December of my senior year in high school and I had just turned 18. My boyfriend Mark, a year older than me, invited me to one of secluded mountain bike trails in the woods between the high school and the airport. We rode for an hour, and then took a break at his place. Mark embraced me, and that was when he finally noticed that I was not wearing a bra underneath my tank top. I thought that he might have noticed sooner, since I am not exactly small at a 34C. As I pressed my breasts against him, I felt his member get firm. I pulled back briefly not expecting his reaction, and then my reaction was a bit unexpected as well, as I became aroused and felt a bit of dampness in my shorts. I gently felt his rod as he kissed my deeply. Now I was getting wet.

I then took off my tank top, as he gazed at my ample, somewhat perky breast. We lied down on his bed, and he started to suck on my breasts and reach into my shorts and start to finger fuck me. I was now extremely horny, I wanted him.

“Mark, take off your shorts. I know you have a boner.”

He took them off. It was the first time I had seen a penis. He already had a bit of pre-cum on the tip. I felt it, gently stroked it and found it rock hard.

“Debbie, do you want to suck it?”

“No, the thought of oral sex kind of grosses me out.” I was about to say that I wanted it inside of me.

I took my shorts off and pulled him on top of me.

“Mark, finger me some more”.

“Debbie, are you looking to have sex?”


“You’re Manavgat escort a virgin.”

“Now, yes.”

“I don’t have a condom.”

“That’s OK.”

He fingered me some more, bringing me to an orgasm. Then he was on top of me, as I spread my legs. I felt his rod against my lips as he started to enter me. I felt a brief pain, like something popped.


“You OK? You want to stop, or keep going?

“It’s OK, you just popped my cherry. Well, I’m now longer a virgin”

He continued to enter me, giving me feelings of intense pleasure, not like anything else. Even my most intense masturbation sessions didn’t feel like this.

Then it hit me. No wonder why I am so horny, I’m just a few days short of halfway through my cycle. And I’ve never been on the pill, and I’m unprotected. I’m minutes away from being a teen mom. My sister was a year older than me, and had her first baby just before she graduated, and I am going to wind up looking like her. As Mark continued to thrust into me, bringing me toward the peak, I had to tell him.

“Mark, you need to know, I’m almost halfway through my cycle. I’m fertile, I’m close to ovulating.”

“What, Debbie?

“Yeah, I know, I just thought of it when you entered me.”

“So now you’re afraid of getting pregnant.”

“Yes, I’m still in high school.”

“So what’s wrong with that? Some of your friends got pregnant, and so did your sister.”

“So now you’re gonna get me pregnant?”

“What’s wrong Manavgat escort bayan with that? You would look great graduating with a baby bump. Tell you what. You stay quiet, and I’ll pull out and cum on your belly. If you even whimper I will finish inside you, and you will let me fuck you on the other fertile days as well”

So he made it a game. I’ve heard about guys saying that they would pull out, and don’t. This was just a variation. He wanted to knock me up.

He then resumed thrusting his cock into me.

I don’t know what came over me, but my legs just wrapped around tighter. I was resigned to getting knocked up, the pleasure was too much to stop.

“I want you to cum inside me, I want you to fill me with your seed!”

“But you’ll get pregnant. You’ll wind up looking like your sister.”

“I don’t care, just finish inside me! Put a baby in me!”

He picked up the pace, driving into me harder faster and deeper.

“Mark, I’m so close! OMG I’m gonna cum! AAAHHH!”

Mark let loose an animalistic grunt, and then I felt him pulsate inside of me as his cock exploded, filling me with his baby batter.

Afterwards we just lay there. I cleaned off his semen and my juices. Yes, his sperm was in me, seeking an ovum. Just the thought of that was arousing. We then rode home.

I knew that I could have gotten pregnant from that one time, but that wasn’t a certainty, especially since it was early in my fertility window. I had four more days left, and he was Escort manavgat going to fuck me on each of the days. I had friends in high school who had gotten pregnant, and I had wondered what it would be like if it happened to me. And I had fantasized about it at times. And now there was no question, I wanted it to happen. I wanted the round belly, the swollen boobs. DD’s? And now the opportunity presented itself, and I would have Mark fuck me daily to make sure it happened.

We had more sex the next few days up to the halfway point of my cycle. If the first time didn’t get me, this would. I just wanted more of his sperm in me.

I finally did it. My bf and I had sex. I turned in my V-card. We had no protection, and he pumped my womb full of baby making seed daily for five days. Each time was uncontrollable pleasure. Well, then was the two week wait to see if I’m going to be a mommy.

It’s Time.

I want to let go, have him take control and use me for his own desires. I want to give myself completely over to him and let him do as he will over and over again. Don’t think, let go and lose myself in the depths of desire. How much I want it? He will take over from here, I will finally have what I want and I will be his forever.

Three weeks later, in mid January, my period was a week late. I took several pregnancy tests, all positive. The morning sickness wasn’t too bad. By mid February, I wasn’t showing much maybe a little bloat, but I was already at a 34D. March though, at 12 weeks, I already had a suspicious looking bump. By April, I was definitely showing at 16 weeks, already in maternity clothes and obviously pregnant. I was six months pregnant when I graduated, and we got married a month later I gave birth to a little girl in September, and looking forward to having another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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