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I’m not sure how good the writing is, but I like this story and where it’s going. Potential Readers, I humbly ask you to start on Chapter One if you haven’t read it, or just to refresh your memory. Let me know if you’re enjoying it as much as I am. Cheers!


I made it to the Pilner building the following morning early, waiting outside Dr. Tammy Wynn’s office door for almost twenty minutes before she arrived. Her heels were clacking across the floor as she walked the hall, and I remember how it drew attention to her legs. Gams, as we liked to call them back then.

“Early bird gets the worm, huh?” she said, approaching. “No need to be early, Mr. Feller… Ryan. Just be prompt. On time.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, as she unlocked the door and invited me inside. I made my way to a chair in front of her desk and stood, waiting for her direction.

“You may sit. You’re probably wondering why I asked you here, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.” The chair was comfortable enough, though I wasn’t.

This memory may be more than five decades old, but I clearly recall how nervous I was in the presence of that beautiful instructor. I’d never seen such beauty back in Kansas, and I don’t mean that to sound dismissive of my home town. There were lots of pretty girls back home. Dr. Wynn was just unique.

She gazed at me, I think taking some amusement in my discomfort. Maybe it was because she was a woman in a position of authority over me, maybe it was because she’d seen me stark naked yesterday (with an erection!), or maybe it was just her beauty, but I was sweating bullets and shaking.

“It’s okay, Ryan, you can relax. I told you yesterday I wanted you to take on additional training, remember? Allow me to explain why.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, stiff. Not in my pants (yet), just feeling awkward in front of the female authority figure.

“This training will improve upon your greatness weakness.”

“My weakness?” I asked. I was young and didn’t like being insulted, and it was easy to construe her words as such. My nerves prevented me from challenging her, though.

“The film footage I saw. Both times, you were the last one off the block at the start of the race. I also examined all of your times that are on record. Do you realize, Ryan, that after your freshman year, you didn’t finish less than third in any event?”

I smiled, bowing my head. “Yeah, my times kept getting better.”

“Ryan, the worst you lost your senior year was by tenths of a second. Had you come off the block as well as you swim, you would have won those, too.”

She had a point.

“Take a look at this.” Dr. Wynn opened the large drawer at the bottom of her desk, lifting a heavy and boxy object out of it, placing it on top of her desk. “Just a moment, I’ll plug it in.” She then got up, wrestled with some cords and found an outlet. The box lit up.

“What’s that?” I gasped.

“See the cord to the button I’m holding?”

“Yes,” I said.

Dr. Wynn pushed the button and a red light blinked on the box, followed by a yellow one and then green. She allowed a brief moment to pass, before pushing the button again. A number on a screen next to the lights popped up reading ‘3.174’.

“Three point one seven four seconds from the time the light turned green to the time I pressed the button. It is accurate to one thousandth of a second. With this training device we are going to practice the time it takes from when the light turns green, to when your body enters the water and begins kicking.”

My eyes lit up. I had never seen such high-tech equipment before. “I get it,” I said. “We get to actually measure improvements in my reaction time. I had drills before, but this is actually useful!”

“We start now, what do you say? You don’t have class until nine, right? That gives us what… fifty minutes at least? Enough starts to get an accurate measure of your timing right now.”

“Oh, I uh.. uh…” I stuttered. “I didn’t bring a suit.” I could barely get the words out.

“A suit? Mr. Feller, I am not sure what experiences you had in Kansas, but just because I am a woman does not mean you get to break the rules of-“

“In Kansas, we wore suits, always, with everyone.”

Tammy stopped. “Oh, I see. Of course, I’ve forgotten some places do work differently, don’t they? A shame. Look, Ryan, you’re just going to have to get used to our guidelines. All the meets in the tri-state area have specific no-clothing clauses at their pools, including this one.

“But the girls-“

“The girls, of course, have different rules. You know boys cannot be trusted to behave like gentlemen if the girls went naked. Rules are rules.”

“What does that even mean?” asked Ryan. “If the girls went naked, why would the boys act differently to the girls, than they do to the boys, when the boys have to go naked?”

“Enough, Ryan. I personally wouldn’t care if you wore a tutu, but it’s not allowed in the pool. Rules are rules. You follow the guidelines, so neither of gets in trouble. Is that clear?”

“Yes, illegal bahis ma’am,” I said, hanging my head.

“This office is right off the south hall to the pool. You can take it to the locker room, or change here.”

“So long as we stop by 8:50. It will give me time to get to class.”

“Will this time be good for you on Mondays and Thursdays? We’re going to work this thing until we cut your speed down by at least twenty percent.”

“Twenty percent?” I cried.

“Seeing a number will drive you to beat it. I will also be asking you to try different behaviors off the block. Different ones than the coach will be using for the rest of the team. You’re pilot testing this program. If it works well for you, the coach will allow me to introduce it as a regular part of training. Regardless, the strength and conditioning program, that I’ll be having you and your teammates go through, will certainly aid in everyone’s improvement off the block, too.”

“I look forward to it,” I said, unbuttoning my shirt. Knowing we didn’t have much time, I stripped down fast and offered to carry the heavy electronic device to the diving blocks. Once there, we found a nearby outlet and stretched the cord to get the machine as close as possible to the nearest block. Tammy pulled a chair up and sat next to the machine.

“I’ll warn you when I click the button, you get in position and watch the lights. The moment it turns green, make your dive. I push the button when you start your kick. We’ll get as many attempts in as possible. I really do believe this will significantly help your block and flight times. You have kicking down pat, by the way, from what I have seen.”

I wanted to believe that this training would help. As I walked the twenty or so paces to the closest block, my cock bounced left and right on my inner thighs. I was still nervous and uncomfortable about being in front of the instructor naked, but at least I wasn’t hard. I stepped up on the block and leaned into position.

“Ready?” she asked.

I nodded. She clicked the button and the first light went off, I immediately recognized the one second interval to the next light and on green, I sprinted off. At a half meter down, I arched up and began kicking, before bailing out of the exercise, coming up. I instinctively paddled toward Dr. Wynn’s side of the pool, to see my score.

“One point zero eight one seconds, Ryan. Do it again, let’s see if you can beat that.”

I pulled myself up, out of the water and not six feet from Dr. Wynn. I couldn’t help but notice her eyes follow my cock for a brief moment as I turned to make my way back to the block again. It was reacting again, just beginning to thicken up, reaching a half-hard state. I quickly stepped to the block and bent over, hoping to shield it from view. “Okay, ready,” I said.

The light turned red, then yellow, then green. I repeated the jump, this time attempting to push off faster, but I blew the jump. I knew it the moment I hit the air and cursed myself as I came up from the water.

“Yep, that was worse,” I heard her say.

“Another,” I said, determined, swimming over. Realizing I may have set a pattern, I once again pulled myself up in front my teacher. She stayed silent as she took yet another long gaze.

A young man can only be exposed to something so erotic before reacting. I wanted to run and hide, but couldn’t, and my penis just grew longer and thicker, rising in the process. When I stepped to the block this time, it was fully erect.

“You ready?” she asked.

I nodded. Again the light flashed, and when it went green, I snapped off the block. A moment later as I came up to the air, I heard Tammy screaming. “That was point nine four six seconds, Ryan! Holy cow!”

I was almost blushing from excitement, and even more pumped to beat the new number. I pulled myself out of the water and my cock was now parallel to the ground. I tried to shift left, but there was no way to hide it, unless I dropped my hands entirely. I think Tammy noticed my discomfort.

“Okay, that gives you a number to beat on Monday. Why don’t we let you get dressed and off to class?” Perhaps she was being merciful, but we had time for another jump or two. Still, I didn’t argue.

It took everything in my power not to jerk off to the image in my mind, of me being naked in front of Tammy Wynn, perhaps the most beautiful woman I’d ever met. For some reason – and maybe it was just the prudishness of my upbringing – I felt that would be disrespectful to her, if I masturbated to that image.

How I wished I would have at least gotten off an ANY image prior to showing up the following Monday morning, though. I was ten minutes early (again) and the door was cracked open. I was dressed in my school clothes, but knew that wouldn’t be for long. What surprised me was my instructor’s state of dress.

She was in a swim suit, one exactly like the girls I had met on my first visit to the natatorium. She immediately noticed how my eyes were drawn to it, with her illegal bahis siteleri cone-shaped breasts pushing against the loose material.

“I’m not a fan of these swimsuits,” she said. “The ones out west are better, but this is what the school sanctions. Very antiquated, in my opinion.”

“And you don’t think the boys having to go naked isn’t antiquated?” I asked. I suppose I was very modern for 1958, but going naked felt like Roman-Empire-era-rules to me, considering we didn’t do it back in Kansas.

Dr. Wynn scoffed and waved me off. “Anyway, I’ll be showing you some positions on the block, and the way you enter the water today.”

I shouldn’t have to detail how easy it was for me to get an erection, working so closely to the beautiful woman. As I stood a few paces behind the block, I watched her bend over, her breasts lightly jiggling with her motions, as she turned her head to speak to me. “I want you to roll your back a bit more, while angling higher. Like this. Push off with the thighs, angling to minimize wind resistance, and lower the distance in the air. You’ll get what I mean after a few tries, I think. Watch me first.”

The tutor turned back and positioned herself. My cock was high in the air when she launched herself off the block. I had been too busy watching her ass to notice much else. When she came up to air, she hollered, “Did you see that? I hit the water further out, at a slightly lower angle?”

“I think so,” I responded nervously.

“Step up to the block,” she said, while paddling toward me. I did, getting closer to her upward gaze. She made it to the edge and said, “Okay, get in position. Round your back at the rear a bit more.” I followed her instructions until she was satisfied. “Right there,” she said.

Finally, Tammy lifted herself out of the pool and I caught a glimpse of something amazing. The loose material clung tightly against her firm, but jiggly breasts. When she was on her feet, she turned to me. “Uh… Ryan, arch that back up like it was.”

I had shifted a bit watching her come up. I quickly got back to position and soon made my dive. She stood above me as I swam to the edge to get out. I looked up to her, clearly seeing the outline of her curves. The material, though a pale green, was light enough that her dark nipples showed through when just the right angle of light shined on them.

My cock was raging erect when I got up. Dr. Wynn sighed and stopped me. “Ryan, look, we’re going to have to address this at some point, but you are going to have to stop acting so uncomfortable around me. When THAT – ” she pointed at my erection – “occurs, you’re going to have to act like a gentleman and ignore it. I believe you will find that you will have much more… control… over it, if you wouldn’t be so nervous around me.”

“I.. I… I’m so sorry,” I murmured, my eyes darting to the floor. “I.. I try.. I try to make it go away. To just think about the dive. I.. I don’t know wh-“

“Ryan, just calm down. Stand up straight. Look me in the eyes.”

I did, but my cock was also pointing right at her.

“Now just ignore it, and go do your thing. Work your drills. You’ll find it won’t become an issue soon, if you don’t focus on it so much.”

“Yes, ma’am ,” I said as I brushed past her to get back to the block. Her tits were distracting me from taking control of the situation, but I tried to take her advice.

‘Just stop fretting it, Ryan,’ I thought to myself. ‘She probably thinks I am such a dweeb.’

I made three or four more jumps and no matter how much time passed, my cock stayed erect. Hard as stone. By the end, I was getting better at ignoring it, but that wasn’t making it go away. Dr. Wynn had pulled her chair up and motioned to me when I got out of the water for the last time. She was writing notes in her book.

“Come here. Take a look at this spreadsheet I made.”

I stepped toward her and bent down. My cock was maybe a foot or so from her face. It was hard, yet somehow this predicament seemed to make it harder. I caught her glance at it on at least two occasions. I’m not sure she could pretend it wasn’t happening, any better than I could.

“We’ll mark days and times here. Here, we track what is happening in your conditioning exercises and your meal plans. We see if patterns emerge on your best times.”

“You really do have this all thought out.”

“It’s the newest methods,” she said, looking up. I had lifted back up, and as I turned toward her, she leaned in, her eyes coming within four inches of my penis. It was only for a brief moment, but my cock twitched, bouncing it up and down. She noticed and immediately shot her eye up to mine. Instead of scolding me, she awkwardly smiled. “Look, maybe this is just new to you. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry about that. It just means you’re a healthy, young man. Why don’t you get on to class?”

She didn’t follow me back to her office where I kept my clothes. I heard her lean back in her chair, breathing in deep. I hoped I hadn’t offended her too canlı bahis siteleri much. My face was red with embarrassment

By this time in our training, I was actively engaged in swim practice with the head coach, as well as the afternoon conditioning programs. If women weren’t around, or we were in the gym with clothes on, I could abstain from getting erections, but it was becoming more apparent that I had a problem.

Once, while we were working our drills, the girl’s swim team passed through the natatorium. Once again, I reacted the same when I did when I was around Dr. Wynn. Any females in general appeared to set me off.

Dr. Wynn and I met for another morning session a few days later. I had been anxious, hoping it wouldn’t be a repeat of the last time, where she wore a swimsuit. With the way her flesh clung to the wet suit, there was no way I would be able to hold back from getting hard if I saw it again. I so desperately wanted to get through this practice without getting hard. I even beat off prior to coming, something I tried not to do to often back then (it was considered deviant behavior).

“How you feeling today? You only eat fish this week as advised?” she asked. I nodded, while she wrote in her journal, logging the date and what we had been doing in the gym, as well as my diet. I began to undress, as she asked a few more questions.

I kept my mind focused on the task, and surprisingly, my cock stayed soft, but hanging. Tammy glanced at it, pausing, raising a brow. Perhaps she was shocked it wasn’t hard. Well, that did it. Just her quick gaze and reaction sent it on its mission. In a second or so, it was once again parallel to the floor.

Tammy sighed and said, “Yeah, about that…” Then she stood up, pulling back her shirt. Nothing was underneath. In a fluid motion, she dropped her skirt and underwear, kicking them off to the side.

“I’ve been thinking about it. You need to get comfortable around me. I think me, being in a position of such authority over you, may contribute to your problem. I’m a forward-thinking and progressive educator, Mr. Feller. I think you, seeing me naked, will help remove your anxiety. We’re equals now, and-“

“No, that’s not it at all!” I yelled, as my cock rose high in the air. “I mean, yeah, you’re my teacher and all, but that isn’t the problem. You’re gorgeous! I can’t help, but get… but…”

“Mr. Feller!” she screamed. “Young man, you better keep those thoughts in check.” She stepped forward, inches from me, naked as I was. She could tell I was embarrassed, my face once again beet red.

There was a lengthy, awkward pause between us. Then, her face burrowed. “Fine, it seems all this time, you have been sporting an erection, because you have been lusting after me.”

I wasn’t entirely sure how accurate that was, but remained silent.

“Get to it, then, young man. I know you’re no virgin to masturbation. I think the humiliation would do you good. You can’t go thinking of me in inappropriate ways, Mr. Feller, then we will discipline you. I am your instructor.”

“Yes, ma’am,” i said.

“So this is it. Your one chance to get it out of your system. Clearly, me going naked is not going to help your situation, so I will have to be dressed during our sessions. But until you beat your cock off, and rid yourself of these grossly, inappropriate hormonal thoughts, I will stay naked. Just this once. Get it over with. Look at me all you want, but this will be the last time.”

It was surreal. Looking back on it, in my mature years, I now realize that Dr. Wynn had played me into one of her sexual fantasies. I may not have viewed it that way back then, but I wasn’t going to deny myself the opportunity to experience jerking my cock in front of such a beautiful woman. She thrust her naked body towards me as I took my hand and wrapped it around my shaft, slowly pumping. For several minutes, I just stared at her, saying nothing. Finally, she said, “Faster, Mr. Feller. We don’t have all day.”

“I wish we did,” I whispered, as I picked up the pace.

She laughed, tweaking a nipple. “Better get your eyeful, Ryan. Store it in the memory bank, too. You’ll need it, as you should masturbate before every morning session, is that understood?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, nervously.

I watched as Tammy lifted up, on the bottom of her left breast, while tilting her head down. It allowed her tongue to reach, circling her nipple. She then let it go, giggling. “Consider this a gift, Mr. Feller. Now that I know you have had inappropriate thoughts about me, I should NOT be naked in front of you.”

“I understand, ma’am,” I said.

“Yet I will give you this ONE time. Beat faster. I don’t have all day.”

I followed her instruction as she stepped closer to me again.

She scanned the room. “Where are you going to cum, Mr. Feller?”

“I don’t know, ma’am. Do you have some tissue?”

“No, I’m sorry. I can go to the restroom and get toilet tissue, or I can continue to stand here naked in front of you. What’s it going to be?”

“But where will I cum?” I trembled, saying.

“I see no better than option than in my mouth.” Did she just say mouth?! My heart stopped. “But only this one time, Mr. Feller. It’s nothing, but a matter of convenience.”

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