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Hey again, this is another shot one that was in a magazine too. It is short, but very, very hot! Thank you.


Carissa looked down at her mother passed out on the sofa and she wanted to kill her. Daddy had plans on taking her to one of the biggest parties of the season but Mom was drunk and passed out, again.

“You fuckin’ bitch! I wish you’d die and get the fuck out of our lives!” Carissa growled, wishing that she could think of a way to get rid of Mom and keep Daddy all to herself.

She saw the skimpy costume lying of the floor and went to pick it up. “Oh cool, this is fuckin’ hot as hell!” Carissa said as she held up the tiny blouse, the mini skirt and fishnet stockings. “I bet he’d get so hard for you, but one of us likes to drink until she passes out and it’s not me,” she giggled and had a wonderful idea.

“I wonder if he’d even know if I went in your place. I could do my makeup heavy and fix my hair like yours. Then…I’d get to fuck him and he’d never go back to you, bitch!” Carissa laughed and had to make damn sure that Mom would not wake up and fuck up her plans.

She ran up to Dad’s room and got Mom’s sleeping pills. After smashing five of them, Carissa dumped them into a tiny splash of wine and poured it into Mom’s big mouth. “The bitch may never wake up again!” she laughed, jerked Mom from the sofa, drug her lifeless body to the laundry room and Carissa locked the door.

“Bye, bye bitch! I’ll let you know how great Daddy’s hard cock felt up my pussy!” she laughed and Carissa had to do a few more things to insure her plan would work. She went to the study, typed something, printed it and went to tape it on the front door. “That should take care of one big thing,” she giggled, grabbed the sexy costume and went to dress up for Daddy.


Dan walked to the front door of the house and saw the small note taped to it.

Dear sweet-heart,

I’m so sorry for being such a bitch about your party and I do plan on making it up to you. I’m wearing the very, very sexy costume that you got for me and I promise that this will be a night that you will remember for the rest of your life!

But, I do have one condition: I will not say a single word the entire tonight and please tell your friends.

Love you always and…I’m so very, very horny. Be ready for a wild time!

“Wow, I wonder if she started taking Prozac or something!” he laughed and walked on in the house to make himself a good, stiff drink. After making it, Dan made his way to the family room and flopped down on the sofa to catch up on the news.

He wasn’t sitting very long until he heard a set of what he guessed to be high heels walking down the hallway towards him. “Holy shit!” Dan gasped when Jackie walked into the room, wearing the tiny, tiny outfit that he bought for her.

Her hair was on top of her head and pushed under the small French Beret. Jackie’s pretty face was completely covered with thick makeup making her look like a very sexy mime. Jackie and his daughter, Carissa were masters at makeup from being involved with so many school plays and summer stock.

Dan looked down to her perky breasts shoved into the small, black blouse and noticed that she had only used one of the three buttons available. Jackie’s large breasts looked as if they were going to spill out of it at any second and her nipples were harder than he’d seen them in years and needless to say, his cock began to grow instantly.

As he looked down, Dan grew more. Her tiny, black mini skirt just did cover her hips and full, round ass. There was no way that Jackie would be able to bend or let alone sit, without showing all of her womanly gifts. But, the thing he loved the most was her long, sexy legs covered with the silky fishnet stockings and she was wearing her ‘I wanta get fucked boots’.

They were black, very shiny and went up to her knees. The four-inch heels looked like spikes; that could be used for killing someone, but in this case they were only used for turning someone on, Dan.

He reached and pulled Jackie completely against his body, making damn sure she felt just how hard he was. “You look amazing and I love it!” Dan moaned in her ear as his hands caressed their way down Jackie’s back and to her wonderful ass. “I hope that you’re in the mood to get your brains fucked out tonight, because I sure am!” he growled in her ear as he caressed and gently squeezed her ass, enjoying a helpless moan coming from someplace deep inside her.

Carissa was helpless as his big, strong hands squeezed her already excited ass and his big, long cock felt so good as he lightly humped against her body. She was so close to an orgasm, but she held it in knowing that he’d satisfy all of her needs later, when they returned from the party.

‘I hope I can make it through the night, without cuming. I want him in my bed, screwing me until my ears bleed or I die in his arms!’ She thought as he continued to caress every, single inch of her ass, but when he tried touching between escort ataşehir her legs, Carissa quickly pulled away, smiled and shook her head no to him.

“I’m gunna get me some of that sweet ass of yours when we come back home,” he said with a grin, watching her act as if she was embarrassed about it, but little did he know, Carissa loved it and couldn’t wait.

He sat back down; watching her as he lightly squeezed his cock thinking of Jackie wondering why she made such a drastic change like this. “So, why’d you change your mind about going? I thought you hated to dress up?” he asked and watched her gesture that she loved him.

Dan just continued looking at her as he finished his drink and knew he should go change for the party. “I’m going to go dress. I was wondering something…since you’re in such a good mood, you should come and maybe help me with this,” he smiled when Jackie acted as if she was shocked and she quickly covered her face.

“You used to like sucking it when I got out of the shower and to be truthful, I miss it and all of the other nice things that we used to do for each other.”

She heard him and her blood started to boil. She was more than willing to do anything and everything he ever wanted or needed. She stood, walked to him and slowly reached her arms around him, hugging with more love than at any other time in her life.

Dan hugged Jackie and he knew that she was going to get pissed at him, but Dan was going for it. His hands slid down her long, sexy back, until they stopped on each of her butt-cheeks and he squeezed, not hard, but just enough to let her know he’d be in it later.

Carissa wanted to die right where she stood and it was hard not to fall on the floor, when he grabbed her ass and squeezed. She knew Dad liked ass and knew that hers would be used later. She had it in the ass a few times, but the guys never knew what they were doing and would end up just hurting her. She knew that the man getting it later would know how to please a woman.

He kept caressing and squeezing her. Jackie’s soft panties felt so good to Dan, it was as if he had taken a Viagra or one of those other dick pills. He loved it when she’d wear them for him and Dan would have a blast. He loved rubbing his cock over her pussy, getting it nice and wet and her so horny, she would do anything, he could think of.

Carissa was so close to cuming, but she wanted it later, here and in her room. She tried pulling from him, but she was held with no release in the near future. She tried to think of something other than his hands, they were gently caressing, squeezing and driving her insane with pleasure.

Dan wanted to go out to the party, but Jackie looked so fucking good and she was in a delightful mood, with the hope of good sex to come later. Who in their right mind would want to go anyplace?

“Let’s just stay home and start getting busy. I need you baby and I’m hurting so bad.” Dan whispered in her ear and Jackie gently returned his hug and backed away just enough for her to gesture to him.

Dan smiled and he had to find out what got her feeling so good. “Yes, I’m sure about it. The boss won’t even know I wasn’t there, if so, I’ll tell him that you weren’t feeling well and I didn’t want to leave you alone.”

Carissa wanted to laugh, but she just gestured a ‘shame, shame’ with both of her hands and if he wanted to stay home, they would. It just meant that this crazy plan of hers would be right now and not later giving her time to think about this sinful thing.

She turned, looked back to him and with one sexy look and a motion of her finger, it was time. Carissa sashayed down the hall, making sure to swing her hips and shake her ass for him. She felt his eyes on her and before Carissa could think, he was wrapped on her back, with his cock between her legs.

Dan quickly stripped and all but ran to catch Jackie. She just about jumped from her skin when his stiff cock went between her legs and found her wet, little pussy. “We’re going to have so much fun!” he growled and chomped down on her neck. His teeth sank into the tender flesh. Dan felt her tense up, but he heard a tiny moan.

“Yeah, that’s what I love hearing,” he whispered and bit the other side of Jackie’s neck and just like before, she moaned and it was louder with more need than the first.

Dan loved this, but he really did want her to talk. “Come on, enough with the mime shit, talk baby.”

Carissa wasn’t sure about talking yet, but figured if she just whispered really low, maybe she could get away with that. “Oh yes, love me!” she whispered so low, she could barely hear it, but Dan heard it loud and clear.

“Baby girl, I’m gunna love you until you pass out in my arms!” he moaned and started pushing her faster, but when she turned towards Carissa room, he wondered what she had planned. “Why are we going in her room?” Dan asked, but he didn’t really care where they went, he was ready to love his woman.

She smiled as he pushed her faster and Carissa kadıköy escort bayan knew that she was going to get it good. “Let’s play a dirty, new game,” she very lightly whispered as his big hands found her aching breasts and gently ran his fingers over her swollen nipples. “Yes, oh god!” she moaned and hoped it wasn’t loud enough for him to know who she was.

“What dirty game does my little girl have in mind?” Dan asked as they walked into Carissa’s room and quickly spun her around to face him.

Carissa giggled and she very lightly whispered. “Daddy’s girl!” she panted like a bitch dog in heat. She needed him to love her while she said “Daddy.”

“Damn, somebody is feeling real dirty tonight,” he whispered as he slowly caressed each of Jackie’s swollen and very excited nipples, lightly twisting and a gentle pull now and then to really excite her.

She just stood there, being seduced by the man of her dreams and Carissa was ready to explode. Her body tingled from head to toe and now she could feel the wetness oozing from between her legs and starting to run down them.

“Yes, I’m dirty and it’s all for you, Daddy!” Carissa moaned and when she did, his cock jumped and she thought that it was going to explode.

Her words filled Dan’s ears and his dick jumped so hard, he thought it going cum all over Jackie. “Oh fuck, that was nice! Say more shit like that and,” he paused to give her a long and deep kiss, while his hands roamed her entire body and his cock continued to torment her pussy. “I’m gunna fuck you to death!” he growled, thinking of how hard he was and how wonderful she was going to feel.

“You’re the boss…Daddy. I gotta do whatever you tell me to. If I don’t…I’ll get me a spanking.” She purred and reached down his body to grab his stiff cock. “Oh Daddy, what’s this? I like the way it feels in my hands!” she purred again and Carissa hoped he wouldn’t cum to soon. He sure did like this game and she knew that Daddy was going to shit when he saw her. Carissa just really hoped he wasn’t going to get mad at her for doing this.

Dan was in heaven. Never in his life would Dan have ever figured this would turn him on, but his cock was hard as an eighteen-year-old boy. “That’s Daddy’s cock. He’s hard because…he likes you.” Dan said as he enjoyed her hands playing with him.

“I like him, Daddy. He feels so good. Can I touch him later, when we go to bed?”

“Yeah, I think somebody needs Daddy to spank her sweet, sexy ass for not asking Daddy if you could touch my thing. And just maybe…teach you something new and very nasty.”

“Mmmm, I’ll kiss your thing if you don’t spank me, Daddy.”

“Oh really, will you do it a long time for Daddy? I miss my baby sucking it.”

Dan wanted one of her ‘world famous’ blow jobs. Back in the day, before Jackie turned into a total bitch, she sucked cock like no other. Jackie, if she was in a good, cuddly mood, she would lie across his lap and suck him for hours. They would lie on the sofa, her over his lap, watching TV, while sucking Dan.

There were also times when Dan would get Jackie high on pot and he’d pretty much take total advantage of her. He’d get her nice and horny to start, by gently sucking and kissing her shoulders. Then, his hands would slowly and, we do mean slowly, reach around her body to find Jackie’s breasts.

Once there and depending on her reaction, if Jackie went wild in his arms, ol’ Dan knew she’d do anything for him, but if she just sat, no moaning, no nothing, he knew it would be a one-sided sex night.

“I’ll do anything for you…Daddy!” she moaned and started rubbing all over his body and Carissa slowly sank down to her knees in front of him. “Is this what my Daddy wants? You want your daughter to suck your cock, don’t you?” she panted, rubbing her face all over his pants, enjoying the hard cock under them and Carissa knew that it was all for her.

“Yes, Daddy wants you to suck it and I’ll buy you anything you want,” he moaned and felt Jackie pulling down his zipping, thinking of being in his beautiful wife’s mouth for the first time in ages and how great it was going to feel.

She moaned as his zipper hit the bottom of his pants and Carissa knew there was only one thing to do now. It was time to free his big, hard cock and play with it. There was no way to back out now, not that she wanted to, but Carissa could have used a little more time to think about this dirty deed that was about to happen.

“Mmmm, Daddy must have really missed me,” she purred, took a deep breath of air and reached into his pants.

She found it instantly or should I say, it found her hand. He jumped just as Carissa reached in and it flopped on her tiny hand. It was so hard and she could feel his hot blood pulsing through it, thinking of it being deep in her body and Carissa hoped she would be able to feel this.

Her hands felt like a velvet glove holding his cock and he knew her insides were going to be on fire. Jackie hadn’t acted this way in a very escort bostancı long time, but he remembered how things were before and what an orgasm they always gave each other.

“I missed my baby very, very much,” he smiled as he reached to unbutton Jackie’s tiny, French blouse.

Her big breasts spilled out of it and they looked wonderful. Her nipples were inflated and they were pointing up and very perky, but he could have sworn that gravity had started making them point down, not up. Her areola circles were also a third bigger than normal and they were a warm shade of pink, not brown, like he remembered Jackie’s to be.

‘This is weird as fuck! What is going on?’ Dan thought as he caressed Jackie’s breasts, watching her pretty brown eyes close and soft moans escaping her mouth, but wait, these eyes were green, like emeralds.

He stopped and stepped back and when the woman on the floor looked up, Dan felt like a total fool. How could Carissa have done this nasty and sinful thing to him and he not know it.

“Oh my God!” he said with shock, as all of this finally made sense to him.

Dan reached down, grabbed a big handful of Carissa’s hair and pulled her up to his face. “How in the holy fuck could you do this?” he growled as he thought of all the turning on, how hard his cock was and how in the hell was he going to get it to go down.

“I wanted you, Daddy.” Carissa said as tears started growing in her eyes. “I’m sick of Mom treating you like she does and…you being so lonely. I just wanted to help you and make you happy, Daddy,” she added and by this time the tears were rolling down her face screwing up her mask.

He hugged her and Dan’s cock was still so fucking hard, but it was for his daughter and things like that were not supposed to happen. “I should spank your ass! I’m so damn hard I hurt!” he said as jerking her nose to nose with him wondering if he should just go on and fuck her brains out.

“Let’s finish, it was fun and I can’t wait to feel that long, skinny thing in my pussy, Daddy!” Carissa growled in his ear as she reached to grab it and pulled it hard. “Come on, Daddy…fuck me! Please!” she begged in the softest and sexiest voice she could manage hoping he would. Carissa needed her Daddy’s cock and she needed it soon.

“You’re so bad, talking about fucking me. I need to spank your ass!” he said with a deep and manly voice as he gave Carissa’s hair another good, firm pull.

“Oh yeah…spank me, Daddy! Spank me and then…make me a good girl, Daddy! I could do nice things for you…like um…playing with this and we could kiss too. I like kissing it for you, Daddy. It makes my special place all tingly and it gets so wet for you, Daddy!” Carissa said with the same sexy voice as before.

Dan’s head was spinning and he didn’t know what to do. She was twenty-two-years-old and free to make up her own mind, but did he want to make love with his daughter.

“Oh girl, this is fuckin’ crazy!” he said pulling from her and he needed a cigarette. “Let’s go sit for a few minutes and let all of this shit sink into my brain.” Dan added as he turned and with Carissa leading the way, they walked back to the living room, where all of this started, but he stopped her and asked. “How long would it take for you to get all of this off your face and to look normal? Even though I love the stockings and heels, I guess you better take them off too.” Dan said knowing this was so wrong, but he felt so young and alive, but very, very dirty.

“About ten minutes, maybe fifteen. Is that ok with you?” she purred, rubbing her lower body all over his stiff cock, praying that he’d go on with this and make love to her.

“Yeah, just try and hurry, we need to talk about this. Oh God, I can’t believe that I’m even considering doing this,” he said trying to sort through this and hope like hell, he made the right decision.


Carissa hurried and had the makeup off of her face in record time and quickly put on her normal kind. She looked through all of her night clothes and found a sexy, white robe that just did cover her hips and the ass he was enjoying so much. Carissa did two more things that she knew he was going to love or get pissed off, but she had to try and keep this wild evening going, no matter what.

He was sitting in the warm glow of a street light shining through one of the windows on the other side of the room, when Carissa came in. “Ah fuck, I should have known you’d do something like this,” he moaned as Carissa stood in the soft light from the window and his cock started to grow.

The tiny robe looked as if it was glowing and her body was a silhouette under it, giving her Daddy a perfect view. Her breasts stood proud, her nipples were perked up and he could see that his baby was indeed excited. She cocked her right leg slightly to the side, giving him a perfect view of the white stockings on her gorgeous legs.

“As a great leader once said, ‘I have not yet begun to fight.'” She said with a fake southern accent, a sexy smile and Carissa sat down on his lap. “I just wanted to show you that I’m ready and more than willing to go through with this. I don’t care if it’s wrong, illegal or a sin…I want you to love me, Daddy.” Carissa smiled as she leaned to kiss him on his mouth.

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