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In the first two parts of this story, entitled ‘From Boredom To Stardom’ and ‘Action On The Set!’ I related how I became an adult film actress and met my young lady partner. We were both new to the business and were successful beyond our dreams. We then opened our own adult film studio. We spared no expense for payroll and were thus able to attract and retain the best looking performers. One young lady, Nancy, was our star performer and was the reason for most of our profits. Nancy’s artistry in front of the camera was described in the previous chapter.

Business was robust and profits were handsome when one day we received unexpected news. Nancy’s boyfriend Edmund had proposed marriage to her and she accepted. We were happy for Nancy but were concerned for the future of the studio. Nancy informed us that once she was married, she intended to stop performing and exit the adult entertainment industry entirely. We knew it would be a challenge to replace her.

Edmund wanted a short engagement but a full wedding. He desired to be married in his house of worship, followed by a reception attended by some two hundred family members, friends, and coworkers. Nancy objected out of fear she would be recognized by an attendee or clergy member as an adult film actress. She insisted they elope, using the excuse that this would avoid the expense and effort of planning beşiktaş escort a wedding, money they could instead use to buy their dream home. Edmund acquiesced.

Nancy moved in with Edmund during their engagement and continued performing on screen. Nancy dated Edmund under the guise of an office worker for a talent scout. Edmund adored Nancy and believed anything she said. He had no idea, nor any suspicion, of her true activities.


Knowing her acting career was coming to an end, Nancy was anxious to explore new genres of performing.

Nancy’s preference had always been group scenes, especially with the guys. She delighted in having several guys vying for her favor simultaneously. She now took it to a further degree on screen. She became the woman in charge. We would put three or four hunks in the studio with her and she used them as nothing more than well-endowed subjects to serve her desires. With an erection in each hand, she’d rub the heads of their penises together, then take both in her mouth. She developed a fetish for double vaginal penetration, and often had two boys squirting on her simultaneously. She would favor some over the others, which only increased the ardor of the underlings. They attended their queen with an eagerness that any girl would envy.

Nancy beylikdüzü escort also liked her girls. The new role she adopted was that of a mistress. We grouped our youngest looking submissives together and Nancy would have her way with them. She was sometimes cast as a teacher holding girls after class. She’d order them to strip and line up. She then would hold tits and asses contests. She’d squeeze each girl’s tits from front and back, appraising each for size and shape. She would then have her charges bend over to inspect their asses. The girl with the nicest overall package won the prize of pleasing Nancy first. The other contestants soon followed; Nancy enjoyed two or three girls kissing her vagina simultaneously and would enforce her will.

Other scenes were darker. Some of our submissives liked light bondage and humiliation. We would cast the girls as Nancy’s playthings. In scenes lasting an hour or more, Nancy would strip her girls, perhaps restrain them, and shave their pussies. She’d use their tits as toys and their faces for her gratification. While sitting on their faces she’d lightly spank their bald pussies with a riding crop. ‘Good girl,’ she’d exclaim while spanking them, her pussy in their mouth. It didn’t matter to Nancy if the girl was good or not; she got a pussy spanking. This beyoğlu escort role play brought out the best in Nancy and she squirted on many a pretty face.


Nancy confided to us that, like every boy and girl, Edmund enjoyed going downtown on her. To accommodate her, we’d film her with the guys in the morning and with the girls in the afternoon. Nancy sometimes entertained four or five guys in her group scenes. She didn’t want to bring fresh evidence of her activities with the boys home to her fiance’.


Nancy continued performing in our studio until the day before her wedding.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Nancy was beautiful in her white wedding gown and Edmund was the picture of a courtly gentleman in his tuxedo. The justice of the peace presided with Ashley and I as witnesses. Nancy and Edmund flew away to an isolated Pacific island for their honeymoon. Nancy wanted to stay out of sight as long as possible lest she be recognized, thus possibly destroying her marriage. She figured that after a few months, even if Edmund discovered her past, enough time would have elapsed to prevent Edmund from having the marriage annulled. He could sue for divorce but would probably lose all he owned.

Nancy had told Edmund that she dated only one boy briefly before him. They did it a few times but it was an awkward and clumsy affair. She didn’t like it and they quickly broke up. But now with him, her true love, she explained, lovemaking was heaven on Earth.

Thus Nancy, who had lain with hundreds of men and as many women, perhaps ten thousand times, was wedded to an adoring Edmund as a near virgin.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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