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All characters depicted in this story are eighteen years or older. Second part of this story returns to the main action with the daughters.

With a satisfied grin Silver put the finishing touches on the latest tool for his magic. The tool in question was his modern take on a crystal ball. It resembled a widescreen television, about two and half feet wide, one and a half high with a bit of a curve. However it lacked a frame and was connected to the base by three separate extensions. He pulled out a cloth and carefully polished its mirror-like surface until he heard the doorbell. Dropping the cloth he practically leapt to his feet in his rush to the door. As he opened the door he spoke.

“Hey Ken, come in.” Ken followed him inside to the room with his latest project. Ken whistled softly.

“Wow, impressive. Can you really see anything with this?” Silver nodded.

“You want to give it a whirl?” Ken grinned and nodded eagerly. Silver muttered under his breath and moved his hands over the glass. It changed from being mirror-like to bright and showing a beach. However Silver frowned as he examined the image. Ken spoke after a few moments.

“The quality looks like watching TV before we got cable.” Silver nodded.

“And no sound. It should seem as if we could reach out and touch what we see, and it should sound like we’re there.” He made further gestures and the image changed again to a stage in Las Vegas, however the quality if anything worsened. Becoming increasingly frustrated Silver tried again. This time the image was a bar that they frequented when away from home, but the image quality only improved slightly. Silver shook his head and spoke thoughtfully, more to himself than Ken.

“Maybe, if I tune in closer I can calibrate it.” This time the view was of Amaya’s bedroom, where she was lounging with Alyx on her bed. The image quality was better, but it still wasn’t crystal clear and their voices seemed to be coming from far away. Silver muttered and ran his hands over the surface. The image sharpened, although still not where he wanted it, but the sound now seemed to be from the next room. Silver smiled and continued his efforts. Ken blinked and leaned in closer.

“Did they just shudder?” Silver stopped and focused on the two of them. After a moment he shrugged and returned to his efforts.

“Don’t know, I almost have it.” A few more passes and the image improved to the point where it seemed as if there was nothing between them and Amaya’s room. He grinned as they could now hear what the girls were discussing.

“So, Alyx have you done it?” Alyx shook her head.

“Boys are so easily intimidated. If you try anything they go soft.” Amaya shook her head.

“Yeah, your dad is so much better.” She blushed and covered her mouth. “Sorry, that was bad.” Alyx shook her head smiling.

“Hey, your dad’s not bad either.” Ken struggled to suppress a laugh. Silver nodded.

“Well, obviously I knew we were making an impression, but I didn’t think we had ruined them on boys.” Silver rubbed his chin thoughtfully. He muttered.

“I wonder.” This time when he waved his hands over the surface both girls moaned. Focusing intently he pointed to one of the buttons on Amaya’s blouse, which came undone. Neither girl seemed to notice so, he repeated this until all of the buttons on her blouse were undone. Her breasts spilled out and Alyx gasped.

“No bra, Amaya? Whose attention are you trying to get? Mine? Or my dad’s?” Amaya blushed and didn’t respond. She briefly considered redoing the buttons on the blouse, although she had no idea how all of them had come undone at once, but decided to simply shrug the blouse off. Alyx licked her lips, although neither appeared aware of this. Ken whistled softly.

“What else can you do?” Silver considered carefully before touching a spot on Alyx’s skirt and swiftly moved the finger towards her feet, her panties followed the path of his finger to join Amaya’s shirt on the floor. Again neither seemed to notice. Ken gasped.

“How far can you go?” Silver shrugged as he considered what to do next. He saw that Alyx was stealing glances at Amaya’s breasts when she was sure the other girl wouldn’t notice. With a movement of his hand Silver caused her to move head closer to Amaya’s breasts until she was close enough that she might take a nipple in her mouth if she chose. Suddenly Silver caused Amaya to turn her head. This caused their lips to meet. They gasped and they might have pulled back, but with a slight nudge from Silver they deepened their kiss. After several moments they broke the kiss, blinking and struggling to find words. At last Amaya broke the silence.

“Wow, Alyx I didn’t know you felt that way.” Alyx’s response was swift.

“Me, you’re the one who kissed me.” Amaya frowned, but shrugged.

“Whatever, it was great.” Alyx nodded, but neither seemed interested in exploring this further. As Alyx’s attention was still on Amaya’s breasts Silver decided to continue this tact. He tapped Amaya’s nipples and Alyx’s head. Amaya moaned queenbet güvenilirmi softly and Alyx leaned in close. Another tap on Alyx’s head and she closed the remaining inches to take a nipple in her mouth. Amaya spoke quickly.

“Hey, Alyx what the…” The rest of her words were lost as she moaned and switched to putting both hands on Alyx’s head. They watched as Alyx began to eagerly suck on Amaya’s nipple, an eagerness that grew moment to moment. Amaya’s moaning reached a point where Ken and Silver began to wonder if she would cum from just this stimulation. However before they had a chance to find out Alyx suddenly broke the contact with Amaya’s nipples. She grinned and Amaya briefly panted before speaking.

“So, how long have you wanted to do that?” Alyx grinned.

“Since you took your shirt off.” Amaya rolled her eyes.

“No, I mean before today.” Alyx shrugged and lay down, unconsciously spreading her legs to reveal she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Specifically your tits? Today. Sex with you? I don’t know, just if I ever tried it with a girl I’d want her to be you.” Amaya grinned and snickered when she was Alyx’s state of undress.

“My, my, you are eager.” Alyx followed Amaya’s gaze and gasped. She pulled on her skirt to get a better look and then looked around. She spoke when she saw her panties on the floor.

“I can’t seem to remember taking them off.” Amaya shrugged.

“Who cares? I’m ready so, I guess you need to be as ready as me.” Before Alyx could respond Amaya lowered her head between Alyx’s legs. As soon as her tongue made contact Alyx moaned. Within a short period of time Ken and Silver realized that they could hear the moans from the room as well as through his looking glass.

Amaya gripped Alyx’s rear tightly as she licked even harder, eliciting further moans from the other girl. Alyx began to arch her back as she tensed. Alyx’s eyes closed and in her arching she thrust even harder into Amaya’s mouth. However before she achieved orgasm Amaya released her to collapse on the bed. Alyx groaned and glared up at Amaya.

“What the hell? I’m so close.” Amaya nodded.

“Hold on.” Amaya moved quickly to straddle Alyx and she leaned forward to return to licking. Alyx didn’t hesitate to begin licking Amaya. Soon they were moaning, although this was largely muffled by the pussy they were licking, and struggling to maintain their efforts. Alyx’s grip on Amaya’s rear was so tight they thought she might leave marks.

Silver began experimenting with changing the view seen through the glass. He focused on Amaya’s tongue separating Alyx’s lips, trying to explore her depths. After several moments he switched the view to Alyx’s tongue moving rapidly over Amaya’s lips. Despite being muffled by the other’s pussy, both moaned loudly.

Silver pulled the view back to see the girls from the side, showing both heads moving between the other’s legs. The chair next to Silver creaked slightly as Ken squirmed. Silver allowed a slight smirk to cross his face, but didn’t take his eyes off the glass. He adjusted the view to one looking down from the ceiling. Amaya’s hand was now thrusting her fingers into Alyx, while rapidly licking her clit. Alyx’s moaning increased until her mouth detached from Amaya and her head rested on the bed. As her moaning increased Alyx’s hands dropped to the bed and she tensed.

As they watched from this overhead view Alyx’s legs tightened around Amaya’s head until she cried out and moments later she collapsed as her body relaxed completely. When she lay still Amaya slowly rose off of Alyx and sat leaning against the headboard. She slowly ran a hand between her legs and watched Alyx. Silver readjusted the view to the end of the bed allowing them to observe both girls. Soon Alyx’s breathing quieted and she slowly sat up. She grinned.

“Damn Amaya, you might be better than your dad. But I want to hear you scream now.” Ken gasped and muttered, although Silver could just make out the words.

“Never head her speak like that.” Silver spared a glance at Ken, but quickly returned his attention to the glass where Alyx on her hands and knees was crawling between Amaya’s legs. Amaya’s reaction, a moan, but this stopped and then continued, leading them to conclude that Alyx was making rapid movements with her tongue, but nothing sustained. Amaya pulled Alyx’s head in tighter. Alyx must have gotten the hint because Amaya’s moaning became constant. Amaya shuddered and Silver repositioned the view to see that Alyx was licking the entire length of Amaya’s pussy. Amaya’s eyes were closed and she was thrusting her pussy into Alyx’s tongue between the lips and rubbing her clit with an index finger.

Alyx lowered her lips to Amaya’s and continued to thrust her tongue inside while rubbing the clit with her palm. Amaya wrapped her limbs around Alyx’s head and moaned loudly to match her thrusts. Suddenly she tensed up, her ass raised. Amaya made a sharp intake of breath before collapsing and releasing Alyx. Alyx slowly rose to a kneeling queenbet yeni giriş position and waited. Amaya’s breathing slowed and her eyes slowly opened.

“Mmm, that was great, Alyx. Although you know what this means, right?” Alyx shrugged.

“You mean your dad did this?” Ken nearly choked as he suppressed a laugh. Amaya nodded.

“Yeah, he was messing around with a magic mirror. I think he found a way to do more than watch.” Alyx dropped back into a lying position, arms behind her head.

“Does that mean this was all him, we didn’t have a choice?” Amaya shook her head.

“His idea, but I enjoyed it.” Alyx nodded and they gathered up their clothes as Amaya shouted. “Switch off, dad.” Silver grinned and put a hand on top of the glass, all at once it went black. Ken whistled softly.

“Damn. That was quite a show. Well, I’m off.” Silver laughed again as he pulled out a box lined with velvet that he put the glass in.

“Thanks, leave me to face our daughters when they emerge.” Ken laughed.

“Of course. Oh, you mentioned you had an idea to celebrate both their birthdays together.” Silver nodded.

“Yeah, I’ll call you when I’m ready.” Ken waved and headed for the door.

A few days later Ken arrived at Silver’s place and rang the bell. Silver answered within moments.

“Hey man, just in time. The present is all ready, in the living room. The other one for Alyx is in my car. See you man.” Ken waved him off and headed for the living room. In the living room was a box that resembled the boxes that had been used for the earlier trick, translucent and green, however this one was more like the size of a refrigerator box. Ken found the box opened easily enough and stepped inside closing it behind him. Amaya had just come down the stairs and saw Ken enter the box. She grinned and approached it. She suppressed a giggle as she sat on the couch and called Alyx.

“Hey Alyx, Amaya. You should be seeing my dad dropping off a large box. Your dad just stepped into a box in my living room. I think these are our birthday presents.” She heard a laugh on the other end of the call.

“Sounds like my kind of present. Let’s enjoy girl.”

“Bye, Alyx.” Amaya walked over to examine the box. On the front she saw a square about midway between top and bottom slightly raised. Touching it with a hand she found that it slid aside to reveal a round hole about three inches across. The hole was soon filled with a large hard cock. Amaya licked her lips and grinned as she wrapped her hand around the cock. She stroked it a few times before pausing. She released it to lick her hand and returned to stroking. She heard a quiet gasp, but otherwise nothing from inside the box. The box was somewhat in the way, but she eagerly encircled the head with her lips. She moaned softly as she slowly pushed forward, however she barely got half-way before her nose hit the box.

She groaned in frustration, but turned her attention to swirling her tongue around his cock. His reaction continued to be soft and indistinct. She pulled off to stroke him. She looked at the cock as she stroked. She shook her head and began licking the head. She switched to licking the shaft until it was thoroughly coated with her saliva. With most of the cock back in her mouth she took to thrusting it in and out of her mouth at speed. She moaned around the cock and stroked herself between her legs.

After several moments she released him from her mouth and stood. She quickly undressed and idly stroked him as she considered what to do next. Grinning she moved a chair to the box and climbed onto it facing away from the box. Looking back she grabbed his cock and slowly backed up until she felt the head against her pussy. With a little jiggling and shifting she managed to insert the head.

So she put both hands on the back of the chair and pushed back until she felt the box against her rear. She moaned softly and began thrusting back against him. Her breathing increased as she focused on maintaining the pace of her hips. Amaya paused briefly to spread her legs before returning to thrusting back against him. She felt herself begin to tighten around him and continued to thrust, louder than ever. As she tightened further she struggled to maintain the same pace of her thrusts.

However it was soon a foregone conclusion as she cried and made one hard thrust, followed by several smaller thrusts. She finally stopped with him as far inside her as possible. She waited there as her breathing slowed. When her breathing returned to normal she carefully pulled off of him and stood a bit unsteadily. She considered a moment before tapping on the box and moved the chair aside.

“Come on Ken, come out. I want you to really fuck me.” Her grin dropped as she saw Silver emerging from the box. “What the hell, dad? I saw Ken go in there. How?” He shrugged.

“He was also dressed and don’t forget I swapped you and Alyx around with similar boxes.” She nodded crossing her arms and eying her clothes as if considering redressing.

“Seriously, queenbet giriş what the hell?” He shrugged.

“Happy birthday. I also wanted to see how far I could swap two people. Apparently I haven’t reached the limit.” She glared at him, but didn’t speak as he continued. “You done? Or do you want more of your present?” She glared for a moment longer, but now her attention was clearly on his throbbing erection. He slowly approached with a reassuring smile. She didn’t resist as he pulled her into a kiss, but she didn’t participate either.

However his tongue found entrance to her mouth and she cried with pleasure into his mouth. Now she embraced him. Finding her a more willing participant he gently gathered her up and carried her to the couch and seated, she was in his lap facing away from him and he continued to kiss her. He shifted to kissing the back of her neck as his hands slowly moved down her shoulders to slowly work her breasts. She moaned and leaned back against him as she began to grind her hips. He switched to pinching her nipples, eliciting louder moans and more rapid grinding of her hips.

She shuddered as she felt a hand move down her stomach till it was between her legs, palm rubbing against her. When a finger was inserted between her lips her moaning reached its peak and she was thrusting against his finger. She rode his finger for several moments before with a final thrust she almost screamed before collapsing against him. He held her until her breathing returned to normal. When she quieted he spoke softly.

“Continue?” She nodded and turned her head so he could see her grin. He lifted her up with one hand, while the other held his cock in place. She made a fresh round of moans as he slowly lowered her until she was fully impaled on him.

Once she was all the way down he placed a hand on either side of her rear to begin moving her up and down on his cock. She became increasingly vocal as he worked up to speed. She felt herself entirely under his control as he moved up and down, her legs in the air while one arm was wrapped around his neck. He grunted as his thrusts became increasingly single hard penetrations rather than a series of fast thrusts. Suddenly he made one hard thrust, hesitating before another thrust. With her resting in his lap he spoke.

“You want my cum?” She took a moment to gather herself before nodding vigorously. Silver carefully lowered Amaya to the floor. Once on the floor she immediately started stroking him and licking the head. He moaned softly as she opened her mouth wide to take him in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down while attempting to take more in her mouth. He put a hand on her head, running his fingers through her hair as she finally took him all the way in. She stayed all the way down as long as possible, before pulling off with only a little spluttering. She soon plunged back down to the base and he moaned before speaking softly.

“About to…cum.” He expected her to pull all the way out, but instead she kept the head in her mouth while stroking furiously. He took her head both hands and moaned as he thrust slightly further into her mouth. After several moments of cumming down her throat he released her head and she pulled off. She grinned broadly as she continued stroking and using her tongue to clean him up. When she was satisfied she stood to climb into his lap. She spoke while occasionally grinding against him.

“Thanks, dad.” He smiled and kissed the top of her head.

“Happy birthday, baby.” She idly took his hand resting back against him, still grinding absently.

“I wonder how Alyx is getting on.”

Alyx was standing in the living room eying the box that Silver hand dropped off, although she was eager to see what her present would be. Shaking her head at the silliness of just standing there she slowly approached the box. It didn’t take her long to find the panel that moved to reveal the hole. When the hard cock emerged she grinned and quickly undressed. Once naked she got on her knees and began licking the shaft with an almost frantic energy.

However she ignored the sounds coming from the box. Alyx opened her mouth to take the cock inside. Soon she had it as far in as possible and quickly sucked eagerly. She moaned softly as she continued to suck enthusiastically. After sucking for a bit she pulled off and stroked for a little longer. Deciding she had had enough she stood and rapped her knuckles against the box.

“Okay, Silver come on. I’m really horny, so come on.” She stood up and waited as the box opened. She was about to speak, but no words came as she saw Ken step out of the box. Finally she spoke.

“Dad, are you kidding me? Wait, how did you get in there, Amaya saw you at her place?” He shrugged.

“Silver wanted to push the swap even further. So, do you want to try your present?” Alyx stared wide-eyed at him, but her eyes drifted down to his erection, although she continued to fight to focus on his eyes. She gulped as he slowly stroked his cock. Finally she nodded hesitantly as she lowered herself to her knees to take his cock in hand for several rapid strokes. She didn’t wait long before once again taking him in her mouth and easily took him all the way inside. She moved rapidly up and down for several moments before pulling off. She looked up.

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