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They kissed softly at first, savoring the taste and sweetness of each other. Drawing closer, their tongues dueled, each touching, caressing the other. The warmth of their bodies enveloped each totally; their desire grew even more.

He was entranced with her beauty and whispered words of tenderness and love. He kissed her soft lips, loving her, taking her mouth and sipping her slowly. Then her cheek he caressed, running his tongue down to her neck, lost in the taste of her skin. He kissed her shoulder, dragging his teeth downward, till he was in her valley. Pausing, he felt her soft heartbeat inches away, almost pulling her closer. He kissed his way up her breast, smiling as he found her already slightly hard. Suddenly, he took her into his mouth, wanting her, teasing her, till she was a diamond lost between his lip and gum. And so with her sister, kissing, sucking, and biting her just as she loved.

With his kisses and caresses she grew fully awake. Hearing his words of devotion she pulled him closer, her hands massaging his neck and shoulders. She held him tightly for a moment in her valley; when he moved up her breast she gasped. Such pleasure as he kissed and swirled around her hardness; “Stay here my love, close to my heart,” she pleaded silently, yet knowing his journey was not over.

Slowly he moved, stopping now and then to kiss and touch here. Soon, her scent reached him, and he smiled, knowing she wanted him. Never did he tire of her scent, her desire for him. He held her close then, resting, and her heartbeat now distant. He gently rolled her over, brushing the back of her neck with his lips, Methodically, he massaged her back, hearing her sigh with pleasure, working his way down. As he illegal bahis touched her globes and caressed them, his kisses came closer, deeper, his tongue licking, thrusting.

As she felt his strong hands on her back she moaned from the sheer delight of his massage. The warmth of his hands, the pressure of his movement contributed to a lazy relaxation as she sank further into the bed. Then his touches on her cheeks, spreading her gently, she relaxed even more from his kisses. Then, suddenly she felt his plunge, his kisses there, his tongue insisting! The sheer excitement of this caused her to rear up, gasping in surprise and delight. Yes, he cared for her so much she almost wept.

He left a damp trail down her leg as he explored her knee and firm calf. Turning her over, he worked his way up the other leg, stopping occasionally to kiss her, taste her yet again. And then, then, he reached her thigh, soft, and tender. Yes, kisses and licks as he was so close to her now, he could scent and see her wetness for him.

As he grew closer to her, she moved toward him, wanting him there. She felt her juices seeping and she wanted him there to taste her. Now. She loved him nearby, but it was not enough. She cradled his head in her hands and urged him closer.

He smiled as she moved, pulling him closer. His mouth moved toward her and his tongue slipped in and tasted her. She moaned gently, and he knew of her desire. Over and over he drank her, kissing her, taking her into his mouth, savoring her softness and juices. She pulled him closer and soon he was covered in her wetness, inhaling her scent, drinking her essence again and again. Then he moved upward, his fingers moving her apart until he tasted her illegal bahis siteleri center. She gasped and moved under him again. He did not relinquish, kissing, licking her there. He took her into his mouth, sucking, loving her, over and over, not pausing, teasing.

As she felt his tongue in her she almost went crazy from the pleasure. She felt him take her into his mouth, raising her to a new level of joy. He was relentless, not stopping, pleasing her over and over till she was lost to him and lost to herself.

He relaxed now, watching her chest slowly stop heaving. He moved up, kissing as he went, till he reached her face, touching her softly there. Gently he kissed her, waiting for her to come back.

Far away she felt his kisses. As she came back, she felt him next to her, his fingers upon her face. She took two of his fingers and kissed them, tasting her upon them. She kissed his face, over and over, drying him, loving him. “You are so good to me, my love, ” she whispered. Softly, into her ear, he said, “I only want to pleasure you lover.”

Her love for him was immense, and she wanted to please him. Slowly she kissed his chest, running her hand in his hair, gently stroking him there. She knew what he wanted, smiling as he shifted slightly, unconsciously drawing her downward. She obliged, and her hands found him, already hard. She pouted just a bit, for she loved to bring him from softness. She caressed him just as he liked, gently, all over, quickly licking up some early juice. Her tongue touched him, here, there, over and over, taking him into her mouth. As her hands massaged him, her mouth loved him, feeling him grow harder still. She stopped; she wanted him inside her this morning.

He canlı bahis siteleri felt her teasing him, delaying from touching him there until we was moving under her. When she did touch him, he gasped from the pleasure. Over and over her touches and kisses gave him pure happiness. Finally, he was in her mouth, and she took more and more of him till he was so close. She stopped, smiling at him, pulling him to her.

She lay back, pulling him to her. She massaged herself with him, feeling his heat against her wetness. She drew him into her, such ecstasy was hers! He was in her, and she wrapped her arms around him, urging him, for she wanted him, only him. They rocked back and forth, each becoming the other.

As she pulled him toward her, his desire for her took over and he entered her, completely, as her kisses covered his face. He was lost in her and she in him. They were so close their heartbeats became one.

Their hands met, and joined in the lovemaking. As her hand felt him moving, her finger slid in also, filling her even more. She gasped from the delight of feeling him hard against her finger in her softness.

The pressure of her finger against him increased his desire even more. He moved faster, and felt her pull him even more. His finger, wet from her, moved down, to where he had kissed before, rubbing, probing wanting her there also.

She felt him moving faster, and she wanted him even more. She felt his finger pushing into her, wanting her. She spread her legs even more, and allowed him in to her there. Ah, she was so full with him, fingers, his kisses at her mouth. Now her finger found it’s way to him, nudging, urging, wanting him.

As his finger entered her, he could feel her push against him. He relaxed, feeling her there, in him, moving, rubbing, and pleasing.

They were one, each full of the other, moving together, until they could stand no more, each releasing to the other their passion and love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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