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I sneak into the locker room to surprise Cooper after the rest of the team leaves. I peek around the corner and spot him changing out of his uniform. He’s naked except for his jockstrap. I take a running leap onto his back.

“Congratulations, Mr. Coastal Series Champion!”

I wrap my legs around him and pepper the side of his face with kisses. He lowers me to the ground. We embrace.

“Uh oh, Hailey. You’re going to get me in trouble with coach. No girlfriends allowed.”

“Maybe I like trouble.” I flick his cup with my fingernail. “How does it feel to pitch a perfect game?”

“Pretty fucking amazing. I’m still in shock. And I like your shirt.”

I look down at my crisp new Salisbury Skinny Dippers minor league championship tee.

“Yeah, they had these things ready to go. Where did the rest of the boys run off to?”

“Picking up drinks. There’s gonna be a celebratory tailgate in the parking lot.”

“So we’re all alone?”

Cooper puts his hands on my waist.

“We are.”

“We should take advantage.”

“What did you have in mind?”

I snap his jock strap.

“Take it off.”

Cooper strips and stands in front of me in all his glory. I touch his stomach with my fingertips. He presses my back against the lockers and kisses me deeply. I hold his cock in eve gelen escort my hand.

He takes off my shirt to reveal a still-damp bikini top, and he gropes my breasts over the cold fabric. My nipples are tight. I taste the sweat and dirt on his skin.

“You’re a dirty boy,” I say. “We should take a shower.”

“Good idea.”

He hoists me up, and I kiss his neck as he carries me over. He twists a couple faucets. The hot water steams all around us.

Cooper peels off my soaked jean shorts. They drop on the ground like a ton of bricks. He lies on the gross floor like a gentleman, and I get on top. We make out passionately as the water beats down on our skin.

I rub my clothed vagina against his crotch. He moans and clasps me to his chest. I grind harder. He pulls my bathing suit up until my ass cheeks are exposed. I grab him by the balls.

“I didn’t realize there was entertainment tonight.”

We turn our heads. Rylan and Drew are casually drinking beers at the edge of the shower room. Cooper props himself up on his elbows.

“What are you guys doing back so soon?”

“We took the normal amount of time,” Drew says. “You were just distracted.”

Rylan nods at me.

“Hey Hailey!”

“Hey, guys!” I push the gaziosmanpaşa escort wet hair out of my face. “Congratulations!”

“Thanks,” Drew says. “But it’s really all because of this naked motherfucker right here.”

I hold Cooper’s face in my hands.

“Don’t I know it!”

He kisses my forehead and looks back at the guys.

“Where are our beers?”

“I’ll make you a deal, sport,” Rylan says. “We’ll take care of drinks, but only if we can stay.”

We both speak at once.


“Sweet,” Rylan says. “We’ll get that delivered real quick.”

The two of them get comfortable on the floor. Cooper and I turn our attention back to each other’s wet bodies.

He moves his hands in circles on my ass and licks the water flowing down my neck. I’m so turned on. I flip my hair and stick out my ass. He unties the back of my bikini, then the top. It falls to the floor.

Cooper grips my waist, kisses my breasts, sucks my nipples. I moan in ecstasy. He tugs at my bathing suit bottom until it’s riding up my pussy, too. The fabric stimulates my clitoris.

I sit up, arch my back, and mount him cowgirl style. Corbin and Moises have joined the guys with a half-empty case of Budweiser. I grin at them, and they gölbaşı escort wave back.

I move my bathing suit all the way to the side and let Cooper penetrate me. He releases a low groan. He bends his knees and braces himself on the slippery floor. I ride him hard. The water beats against my naked chest.

I look at the guys, and look back at my boyfriend.

“Should I?”

“Up to you.”

I stare straight at Rylan. He’s stock-still. I lick my lips and touch my breasts. I can feel him wanting me. He takes his clothes off as he walks into the showers.

Cooper pulls out, and I crawl over to his teammate seductively. Rylan turns on a couple more showerheads so the water engulfs him, too. I kneel in front of his long hard cock. I steel myself.

I take Rylan into my mouth. He puts his hands on the back of my head and lightly thrusts into my mouth. Cooper sits behind me, kissing my shoulders and the nape of my neck. I suck and suck and wrap my tongue around his shaft.

Corbin gets naked and stands next to Rylan. I rub my jaw and move down line. I suck and massage Corbin’s balls, then I lick his shaft from top to bottom. Drew and Moises step into the shower, and all four of them stand in a semi-circle.

I move wildly back and forth, and I jerk them off with both fists. Cooper joins too. They all climax within minutes, and they cum in my mouth and on my skin. Their semen washes down the drain.

Cooper expertly pleasures me with his fingers, and the guys watch excitedly while he brings me to orgasm. He kisses my stomach. He kisses my lips.

“How’s that for a celebration?”

Originally published in “Stories To Bang By, Vol. 41: Cock”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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