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Chapter 1: The New Job

Copyright 2014 by the A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved

[This chapter contains some bisexual male sex. I know some people are really turned off by it, so if you are, this notice serves as a warning. There isn’t a lot of it, and the later chapters don’t have any.

This story took longer to write than I hoped. I’m pleased with its start, but I don’t think the later chapters turned out as well. Still, I hope you enjoy it.]


Ana stood rooted in the doorway to the bedroom, watching Ryan fuck his sister, hard. She couldn’t move; she just watched him slam his cock, a good-sized one at that, into Amanda’s pussy. They were brother and sister, and they shouldn’t be fucking each other. When Ana had taken the job she had expected to see the Harris family have sex, but she never expected incest.

She had been on the job for three days, but up until now nothing unusual had happened. Until this moment the Harrises had been, as far as she had been able to tell, a perfectly normal family. When Mrs. Harris told her that the family was into rough sex and orgies, she had half suspected to find clothes flying and naked people lounging about, but no, it had all been a very normal housekeeping job, up until that third day when she looked into Amanda’s bedroom and saw her fucking her brother.

A week before, Ana Medina-Aguilar had answered the ad for a live-in housekeeper, having just fled her latest jerk of a boyfriend a few weeks before that. With her welcome at her friends’ apartments growing thin from her chronic couch surfing, she figured that a live-in job would be perfect. It would give her a place to stay while she paid off the credit cards her boyfriend had maxed out and until she had saved enough for first and last month and security deposit on a place of her own.

Ana was twenty-seven and had never been married, but over the last few years she had lived with a string of not-so-nice boyfriends. Her parents had emigrated to California from Mexico, but she had been born and raised here in the States. A good student in high school without working hard at it, she could have gone on to college if she wanted to, but didn’t. While she was good at school, academic work didn’t appeal to her.

Out of high school she had worked for a couple years as a hospital orderly, the best job she could get with only a high-school diploma and no work experience. That job really sucked. Helping the patients was nice, but orderlies didn’t get to do that too often. Mostly her job was just cleaning up shit, often literally. Even worse was the blood. Cleaning the ER after an accident victim comes through is pretty disgusting work. Plus, the pay sucked. So when a friend offered her a job in a housecleaning service she left the hospital and didn’t look back. House cleaning isn’t bad work, at least not once you’ve been doing it for a while and have built a clientele of good families who are decent to work for.

From the start it was obvious to her that the Harrises weren’t normal in one respect. They were wealthy. Not doctor-rich, or big-city-lawyer rich. Really rich. Bill Gates rich. Well, maybe not that rich, but they had many times more money than anyone else Ana had met, and she had cleaned a lot of homes of rich folks. The Harris house wasn’t just a mansion, it was more like a palace. It had wings. She had never even seen, much less been in, a house with wings. The money was inherited. Mr. Harris’s dad had inherited a modest amount of money, put it into the stock market, then hit it big with tech stocks in the 1980s and 90s, and the family moved into the class of super-rich. Mr. H, Mike to his friends, didn’t work, except to manage the family’s money, which was pretty much a full-time job.

When she first saw the house, Ana figured she would never get the job. It was out of her league. Then when she found out that she would be the only live-in, she wondered if she really wanted it. One person could never manage that house on her own. It needed a whole staff, not just one live-in maid. But Mrs. Harris, Susan, was very nice in the interview. Ana wasn’t sure what she expected, but Mrs. Harris wasn’t it. She was in her early forties, and beautiful. A tiny, little spitfire of a woman. Brown-haired with big, wide eyes, she was barely 5′ 2″ and had a nicely sized pair of breasts—Ana supposed that one of the perks of being rich is store-bought tits. Mrs. Harris looked more like a trophy wife than an original. Plus she was really down-to-earth and friendly, not stuck up or pretentious.

Mrs. Harris explained the job. The live-in wouldn’t be doing any heavy cleaning. They had a crew come in twice a week for that. All the live-in would have to do was make the beds, do the laundry, clean up “spot messes” as Mrs. Harris called them, do some shopping for the household, and odd little duties like bostancı escort bayan that. There was a cook who came in on weekdays and on weekends when the family was entertaining and who did the grocery shopping and, of course, the cooking. Mrs. Harris said that live-in’s duties probably wouldn’t take more than a few hours a day, and her schedule would be pretty much her own.

Then she told Ana the salary, and Ana’s jaw dropped. It was thirty thousand, plus room and board. Ana would have basically no expenses other than clothes and whatever she wanted to buy for herself. She would be able to pay off those credit cards really quickly. Mrs. Harris showed her the suite where the live-in would stay. It was in the east wing of the house, above Mr. Harris’s office, and consisted of a bedroom, a good-sized private bath, and a small sitting room with a television. It was great, and Ana figured she had no chance of getting the job. But Mrs. Harris told her that she wanted to have her back to meet the family; as it was a live-in position, she wanted the whole family to be in on the decision.

The only odd thing about that first interview was that Mrs. Harris kept emphasizing that the job required “utmost discretion.” Ana figured that was a bit weird, but she knew the very rich are different than the rest of us, so it didn’t concern her too much. They were probably just private people. With that much money, she could understand why.

She came back a few days later to meet the family. Mr. Harris was a handsome guy, tall, toned, and in really good shape, also in his mid-forties, with brown hair that was going gray in a very distinguished fashion. Their son Ryan was eighteen and just finishing his senior year in high school, a handsome kid who looked like his father and was almost as tall. The daughter Amanda was away at college. Ana didn’t meet her that day, but she saw a picture, and Amanda looked like a younger twin of her mother. The two men mostly kept quiet during the interview, and it became clear that Mrs. Harris was the one in charge of the household. Ana also met Tanya the cook, a stunningly beautiful, African-American woman, light-skinned, and slim. She was in her mid-thirties, but looked like she could be twenty.

Then Mrs. Harris got down to business and dropped the bomb. The reason for all the privacy was sex. The Harrises had a lot of it. The entire family. She said that they had guests over regularly, and all sorts of things went on right out in the open. Lots of rough sex, S Mrs. Harris figured that she wouldn’t be squeamish about cleaning up bodily fluids. And Ana finally realized why the salary was so high. They were paying for her silence.

Then she took Ana down into the basement and showed her the dungeon, which had been skipped on her earlier tour of the house. It was dark, but not dank. Padded all around, it contained all sorts of sex furniture, stuff Ana had only seen in the porn movies her last deadbeat boyfriend watched all day long. There was a sex swing, a set of stocks, and various cages and benches where a person could be tied down. It would also be Ana’s job to keep the dungeon clean, as the twice-a-week cleaning crew didn’t come down here.

Mrs. Harris also said, and this really blew Ana away, that if she took the job she would be welcome to take part in the sexual activities. It wasn’t a requirement for the job, and if she didn’t want to, that was perfectly fine. And if she did and later decided to stop, that would be fine too. She would still have her job. But the offer of sex was there if she took the job.

Then she sent Ana home to think about whether or not she still wanted the job, saying that she’d call Ana back in a day or two.

Ana debated whether or not to take the job, but there really wasn’t any question. While her sex life up to that point had been positively tame compared to that of the Harris family, Ana didn’t have any hang-ups about what other people did. The Harrises were obviously a lot kinkier than she was, but it was all cool. And the cleaning didn’t bother her. When she worked at the hospital she’d cleaned up a lot worse things than some dried spunk and lube. And the money and apartment were too good to be true.

But as for participating, she didn’t really see that happening.

Mrs. Harris called two days later asking if she wanted the job. Ana moved in the next day.

Then three days after that Ana stood in the door of Amanda’s bedroom watching the girl get fucked by her brother. Ana hadn’t met Amanda yet. She had arrived back from college late the night before, but she recognized her from the family pictures. She was a younger version of her mother, with smaller, perky tits. She was shaved down under, which for some reason Ana found to be really sexy, this young girl, barely nineteen, shaving herself for wild, incestuous sex. It was ümraniye escort plain old, missionary-position sex, but it was brother and sister, and that just blew Ana’s mind. When Mrs. Harris had said the whole family participated in the sex games, Ana hadn’t imagined it was with each other.

She was mesmerized, unable to move. She knew she should move away from the door, letting the siblings have their privacy, although they had left the door open. She didn’t know what she would do if they looked up and saw her, but still she couldn’t move. Her hand slipped down, as if of its own accord, and started to rub her crotch through her jeans.

She watched Ryan’s cock slide in and out of his sister, their eyes locked on each other, a fierce look of desperate pleasure in their glares. Ryan was really a good-looking guy, big cock, at least seven inches and reasonably thick, plus he had a cute butt. They were a cute couple.

“Isn’t that a beautiful sight,” a woman’s voice said in Ana’s ear. It was Mrs. Harris. “There’s nothing quite like a brother and sister making love.”

Ana was frozen with fear, even though she knew that she should have nothing to be afraid of. Seeing the family having sex was to be expected. But knowing something is going to happen and having it happen are two entirely different things.

“Although, watching my husband fuck my daughter may just be a bit better,” continued Mrs. H. “Doesn’t Ryan have the nicest cock?”

Ana nodded in agreement. She couldn’t really see if it was nice, but it was big.

“It’s more shapely than his father’s, although Mike’s is a bit bigger.”

Ana tried to look round at Mrs. Harris without turning her head, but Mrs. Harris was directly behind her, speaking right into her ear. Ana could feel Mrs. Harris’s breath on her ear and neck. By this point Ana was pretty sure that Mrs. Harris was trying to deliberately excite her, but without seeing her she couldn’t tell for sure.

Then Ryan threw his head back, emitted a moan, and shot his load into his sister. He collapsed on top of her.

“That’s just like a man,” said Mrs. Harris, “leaving the woman high and dry. I guess I’ll just have to finish for him.” With that she swept past Ana into the bedroom. She was wearing a bathrobe, which dropped to the floor, and she climbed into the bed, moving Ryan aside, and bringing her head down into her daughter’s crotch.

Ana watched this woman go down on her daughter just after the girl had been fucked by her brother. Then, unbelievably, Mrs. Harris moved up her daughter’s body and started kissing her, and Ana realized that she had sucked out her son’s cum and was depositing it into her daughter’s mouth. They kissed for a while, sloppily swapping saliva and cum, then Mrs. Harris returned to her daughter’s pussy as Ana’s hand returned to her own crotch.

She dove right in and started lapping away at her daughter’s clit, inserting a finger into her vagina, then two, then three. Amanda threw her head back in pleasure. Then the younger girl started writhing and bucking as the orgasm hit her. She did her best to buck her mother off, but the older woman’s mouth was firmly attached to her daughter’s pussy. Finally, Amanda sank back, whimpering quietly. Only then did Mrs. Harris release her hold on her daughter’s pussy, moving up to kiss her daughter again, deeply and desperately.

At that point Ana realized that Ryan was looking at her. He smiled and cocked his head, wordlessly inviting her to join him. Ana was frozen, unable to respond. She might have shaken her head “no,” but she wasn’t sure.

“Well my dear boy, are you up for another round yet,” said Mrs. Harris to her son. “Your mother needs to get fucked this morning.”

“I’m willing, but not up to it quite yet.”

“I can fix that.” And with that she moved and took her son’s cock in her mouth, positioning her pussy near Amanda’s head. Her daughter needed no prompting and buried her face in her mother’s cunt.

Ana’s hand moved from rubbing the outside of her jeans to shoving itself down the waist, so it could rub her clit directly.

After a few minutes, Ryan was again hard as a rock, and his mother stopped her sucking. Ana got her first good look at his whole erection, and it was as nice as Mrs. Harris had said it was, a good eight inches long, thick, uncircumcised, and very nicely shaped.

Mrs. Harris grabbed her son by the shoulders and threw the much larger boy down on his back, not that he was resisting. She then climbed on top and guided that beautiful cock into her cunt, starting to rock back and forth.

Amanda straddled her brother’s face, lowering her pussy onto her brother’s tongue. The three went at it, the boy servicing his mother and sister simultaneously, while the two women kissed.

Ana just leaned back against the wall, unbuttoning her jeans for better escort kartal access and continuing her rubbing.

After a few minutes the threesome switched up. Mother and daughter moved into a sixty-nine with Susan on top, while Ryan fucked his mom doggie style. Amanda alternated between licking her mother’s pussy and her brother’s balls.

Amanda was the first to come this time, with her mother following immediately after. Amanda’s orgasm didn’t seem as intense this time around, but Susan was as expressive as her daughter had been a few minutes ago. Then Ryan blew his load in his mother’s pussy, pulling out in time to let the last few spurts fall into his sister’s waiting mouth.

“Mmm. Tastes as good as ever, Ry,” said Amanda. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed that while I’ve been away.”

“Okay, shower time,” said Susan. “The shower in my room is bigger, big enough for all three of us.”

Susan took Ryan by the hand and, scooping up her robe on the way, led him out of the room, winking at Ana as she passed. Ryan just grinned a stupid grin at Ana. Amanda followed, but stopped short when she noticed Ana standing by the door.

“Oh, you must be Ana. Nice to meet you.” She leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Her breath smelled like cum. “Join us next time. You’re welcome to.” Then she followed her mother and brother to the shower.

Ana was floored. She couldn’t believe what she’d just seen. Incest was wrong, but what she’d just witnessed had been so hot. She just didn’t know how she was supposed to react. Her mind told her that she should object, or at least pretend she hadn’t seen it, but her pussy was wet and ready. She hadn’t been on the job for more than a few days, but in that time she’d come to trust Tanya, the cook. Tanya had a level head on her shoulders, and she’d been working for the Harrises for several years. She could help her sort this out. So Ana made her way down to the kitchen.

She walked into the kitchen and found Tanya half-naked, sprawled across the kitchen island with Mr. Harris fucking her in the ass.

He saw the live-in right away and smiled, but Tanya was too far gone in the throes of passion to notice that Ana had come in. Her head was down on the countertop, eyes closed, moaning, and yelping a little every time Mr. Harris drove his cock especially deep into her. Ana had never watched an ass fucking for real. She’d tried it once at the insistence of an old boyfriend—not the latest, but two before that, another deadbeat—but he’d hurt her and she hadn’t liked it, although she did feel some pangs that made her think that she might really like it with someone who knew what they were doing. And Mr. Harris seemed to know. At one point he pulled out of Tanya, lubed himself up with more vegetable oil—it being the kitchen, that’s what they were using for lube—and then thrust himself back into her.

Mr. Harris had a really nice cock, just like his wife had said. It was a bit bigger than his son’s. And the sight of it against Tanya’s milk-chocolate skin was just too much for Ana. She felt herself getting wet again, and it was all she could do to keep herself from masturbating right there. She was afraid that if she started, she wouldn’t be able to stop and would end up fucking Mr. Harris and losing her job—she still hadn’t internalized the idea that it was okay for her to fuck the boss, that his wife wouldn’t not only mind, she’d encourage it.

Ana slipped out and headed back to her room. This was all too much. Once there, she shut and locked the door. She was on fire with lust. She stripped, threw herself down on the bed, and started masturbating furiously. She didn’t even bother breaking out her vibrator. She was in too much of a hurry and knew she wouldn’t need it.

Her clit was fully erect and poking out of its hood. Scooping up some of her vaginal juices with her fingers for lube, she just started rubbing it, closing her eyes and sinking her head into the pillow. Recollections of everything she’d seen that morning cascaded through her brain, a kaleidoscope of images. Mrs. Harris going down on her daughter. She’d never seen two women get it on outside of a porno. Brother and sister fucking. Mother and son fucking. Then Mr. Harris giving it to Tanya. That was the image that sent her over the edge. Tanya was so beautiful, and the contrast of his white skin on her black flesh was just too much for the pleasure center of her brain.

It was like her brain short-circuited from sensory overload. Too many images and too much clitoral stimulation all at once. She didn’t actually lose consciousness, but may as well have, because her higher brain functions essentially stopped working. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. It was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

She came back to reality a few moments later, lying in a pool of wetness. She wasn’t sure, but thought that she may have squirted. She’d never done that before.

Weak-kneed, she made her wobbly way to the shower to get cleaned up. After all, she had a day of housecleaning ahead of her, and she knew of at least two bedrooms whose sheets needed laundering.

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