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In Part 2, Tom got to fuck Josh while his wife was out, solidifying his love for cheating on her.

Part 3 – Under Her Watch

“Oh, Myra, don’t take it so seriously! I’m just cuddling,” Josh said, flashing the brightest teeth she’d ever seen. “If I liked women, I’d cuddle with you. And Tom is okay with it, right Tom?”

“Myra, just let him snuggle. It’s not harming anyone. Aren’t you happy to see your friend happy?” Tom asked.

Myra saw how happy Tom seemed at this moment. The two most influential men in her life sat across from her, both beaming. How could she say no?

“I guess,” Myra said. “It’s just a little weird, that’s all. But it’s fine. You’re fine.”

Myra thought about her conversation over coffee with Josh. How he’d copped to cheating on his husband as if it was no big deal. About his attempt to convince Myra that, if Tom was cheating, not to confront him. Was she supposed just to accept the possibility? But Josh was right. Without hard proof, there was no point in ruffling feathers.

Josh lay his head in Tom’s lap. Tom put his large arm across Josh’s side, resting his hand just above his waist. Having finished his drink, Tom’s free hand caressed Josh’s hair.

“Babe, I’m out. Can you grab us another drink?” Tom asked his wife, who was watching the television, trying to ignore how uncomfortable she felt with the closeness of her husband and her best friend. Although Josh is a wild card, Tom isn’t gay. So there’s no need to worry.

“Sure, hon. What would you like, Joshy?”

“A bloody mary. Is that weird? I know it’s nighttime, but I want one. A fresh one, please. No mix. Extra horseradish,” said Josh.

Myra stood frozen for a moment. She was happy to get these guys drinks, but why is Josh asking for literally the most involved drink possible? “I’ll be back in an hour,” she quipped, walking through the dining room to the kitchen.

“Dude, stick it down your throat. Hurry,” whispered Tom. Josh didn’t hesitate, already unbuttoning Tom’s jeans.

Josh pulled out Tom’s nearly 7 inches. Thick and engorged, Josh stuffed it down his throat with Tom’s large hand bahis siteleri on the back of his head.

“Oh fuck, yeah. Swallow that cock whole,” Tom whispered. He thrust while Josh moaned. Tom knew from their previous experience that that meant he needed something in his man pussy.

Tom extended his arm down Josh’s back. Josh, significantly shorter than Tom, arched his ass, giving Tom easy access to his hole. Tom squeezed his hand between Josh’s smooth ass and his jeans. He probed for Josh’s hole–his pussy, as Josh liked to call it–and inserted his middle finger. Tom enjoyed knowing Josh was slutty. Josh’s hole was loose and often didn’t require lube for a finger or two. This time was no different.

Josh moaned around Tom’s cock. He loved having his best friend’s husband’s finger inside him. “We’re so bad,” Josh said after taking Tom’s cock out of his mouth. He looked up at Tim with an evil grin.

“You like my married cock, don’t you?” Tom asked quietly.

Josh moaned. He started sucking again.

“You want my married cock in your ass, don’t you?”

Josh moaned around Tom’s cock. The vibration sent chills over his body.

“Get up,” Tom said. He gently pushed Josh, who stood, his ass exposed.

Tom shifted on the couch to lie on his side with his back against the cushion. He reached for a blanket draped over the couch behind him. “Come here, little spoon.”

Josh laid on his side in front of Tom, his ass pressed against Tom’s cock that stuck out from his pants. Tom draped the blanket over their bodies so that no one could see Tom’s cock slowly sliding into Josh’s ass. They both held their breath as Tom slid in, the warmth eventually engulfing his length.

Josh sighed, “Oh my god.”

Tom, ever the best big spoon, put an arm around Josh. To any passerby, they looked like a couple innocently cuddling on the couch, but the two were fucking bare.

Tom gave Josh tiny thrusts. They heard a rattling sound and stopped moving.

Myra entered the room with a tray of drinks. She was surprised to see her husband and best friend spooning. Josh needed some touch since his husband, canlı bahis siteleri Connor, was constantly traveling.

As she offered the drinks to the wide-smiling guys thanking her, Myra hated seeing them together. He would meet her with the same explanations if she protested. Although it made her body tighten and nerves fray, Myra said, “You’re welcome.”

“You’re next, babe,” Tom said to Myra, setting his drink on the coffee table and playfully hugging Josh, pulling him in closer.

Myra smiled and resumed her spot in the chair near the sofa. The three of them watched TV in silence. Tom’s heart was racing. His cock was inside Josh’s ass, and his unknowing wife was in plain sight. The thrill of such a radio act was all-encompassing. His body felt alive. His skin was sensitive to every fiber of his clothes, the warmth of the blanket, and Josh’s back against his chest. He felt Josh contract his man-pussy anus around his cock.

Josh said something to Myra while he gripped her husband’s dick with his ass. Myra, smiling, responded. Tom couldn’t pay attention to their conversation. Instead, he looked at her with glazed eyes. He noticed her beauty, her light brown skin covered in tattoos. Her jet black hair fell on her back, and her wide smile was a perfect white. She was fit, gorgeous, loving, and oblivious.

Her unknowing nature turned Tom on even more. Myra–a good person and a fantastic lover–looked at her husband and Josh and had no clue. Tom’s heart melted, and his dick grew. He loved her more than ever. She chose to be with him, a bad husband who did naughty things about which she knew nothing. Her innocence had always turned him on and led to great sex. He was having fantastic sex this second, but with Myra’s friend.

Tom loved his newfound fetish: cheating. He’d learned that he wasn’t the only one. Many thrillingly snuck around, broke promises, and lied to their partners. He was decidedly a part of that group.

Myra turned back to the tv. Josh, now out of her line of sight, shoved his ass further into Tom’s crotch, and Tom couldn’t take it anymore. He came.

Josh felt the contractions canlı bahis of Tom’s cock. Josh’s own was stiffer than a tree inside his pants. The rhythmic expansion of Tom’s rod stimulated those wonderful nerve endings. Josh held his breath so as not to make a sound.

Tom, however, made an odd noise–as if he was both breathing out and in at once.

Myra turned to see Tom’s eyes closed, his head pushed into the back couch cushion. “Tired?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Tom said, feigning a yawn that mainly was ecstasy. His cock continued to pump cum in his wife’s best friend under her eyes.

“Me too.” Myra stood and stretched. “I’m off to bed. You coming?”

Myra was more than ready for the cuddle fest to end. She wanted to reclaim her husband, wrap herself in his arms and remind him that she was his, not Josh.

“I’ll clean up. Be right behind you,” Tom said. He did his best to hide his pleasure. He loved getting away with breeding Josh while she was in the room, looking directly at them.

Myra wandered down the hall to the bedroom. Tom knew she would take time to remove her makeup and brush her teeth.

Tom pulled Josh in close. They had privacy now. They lay there with Tom still inside Josh’s pussy.

“Fuck,” whispered Josh. “That was so fucking hot.”

“I know,” said Tom quietly, his mouth on Josh’s neck. “She had no clue.”

“I should go.”

“You don’t need help?” Tom asked, squeezing Josh into his chest.

“No, I think I’m going to find another load.” Tom couldn’t see Josh’s evil grin.

“Bad boy. Don’t tell Connor.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” Josh got off just as much as Tom did, fooling around behind his partner’s back.

Josh stood and quickly pulled up his pants to cover his ass. He clenched so Tom’s load wouldn’t leak out.

Tom got up, his cock still hard and glistening. “Clean?”

“Gladly.” Josh bent over and took all of Tom’s dick in his mouth. He sucked hard, tasting the cum that was still inside him. He knew taking cock ass to mouth drove men wild. But it also served a purpose: a cock that didn’t smell of ass and cum was a cock that didn’t raise suspicions.

“Thanks,” Tom said. His sensitivity made him shudder.

Stay tuned for Part 4, in which Josh invites Tom over for a quick fuck before Josh’s husband, Connor, comes home from a business trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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