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You will need to read the first Chapter of the Lawnboy to follow the thread of this story.


Earl was a stocky bull of a man and his cock, fully erect as he strode towards the side of the bed, was huge. It must have been at least 9″ and thicker than one of the polish sausages my mother served at home! The veins were pulsing and the uncircumcised head was flaring and almost purple. It was so rigid that it hardly moved as he neared us!

Even though Sheila had her legs wrapped tightly around my waist so I couldn’t escape, I felt the rapid deflation of my cock – so hard and ready to explode only a moment ago.

“Earl Honey; this is Bobby, our lawn boy; I don’t think you have met. Bobby, this is my husband, Earl”

Earl glowered at me and then did the most surprising thing – he leaned down and kissed Sheila hard on the mouth and once this was done, said in his deep bass voice, “You started without me, Baby! Now I have some time to catch up to you!”

Sheila turned her head to the side on the pillow and, opening it wide, allowed Earl to slowly feed all 9″ into the back of her throat! I gasped as he grinned over at me and my cock started to grow again inside her flowing pussy. I was soon thrusting again as she moaned around the hard shaft in her mouth. Earl was fucking her face while I fucked her cunt; I was so turned on I was almost ready to cum. My eyes were shut as I tried as hard as I could to hold off when I felt a gentle kiss brush over my lips.

I looked up to see Earl’s face drawn close to mine and he pressed his lips to mine again, this time harder and I felt his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. With a groan, I opened my mouth in welcome and sucked on his long hard tongue. That was all I could take and I came with an explosive force inside Sheila’s warm pussy just as Earl filled her sucking mouth with his full load. This wasn’t the first load of cum she had swallowed in its entirety kadıköy escort but certainly the largest since I had been seeing her (other than mine on several occasions) and she obviously relished it! She had a shit-eating grin on her face as she pulled my mouth down and shared a taste of Earl’s cum with me – I found it wonderful!

As Earl pulled his still hard cock from his horny wife’s mouth, I pulled mine – also still hard as a rock, from her flowing pussy. Cum was dripping from her overfilled cunt and mouth and her fingers wiped both excesses off and, mixing them together as we watched, licked her fingers and hands clean. “Yummy!” she laughed.

Earl pushed me to the bed on my back and straddled my head with his cock prodding my lips. Precum was flowing from the pee hole and his shaft glistened with the combination of his cum and Sheila’s. As I felt his lips suck in the head of my cock, it was like a shock of electricity that went straight to my brain; I was about to taste my first male cock and it was so beautiful I almost felt like crying.

I reached out with my tongue and lapped at the pee hole to pull in the precum that was residing there and as I did, more filled the void. As I took more and more of the tangy thick fluid into my mouth, I heard Earl groan and his mouth clamped firmly around the tip of my very hard and excited cock. I was so turned on that I wanted to cum right at that moment but I felt a hand encircle the base of my cock and squeeze gently and the feeling passed. I glanced to the side to see Sheila with her arm outstretched to my crouch and I mouthed my thanks.

As she smiled and nodded her acquiescence, I opened my mouth and felt the silky hardness of Earl’s domed cock head slide between my lips. The fleshy hardness was so enticing and I could feel more precum as it flowed over my tongue to the back of my throat. There was so much of it, I almost gagged kartal escort but managed to start my swallowing reflexes and it glided down my throat easily. I could hardly wait until I felt his hot thick cum follow the same pathway!

Earl’s mouth moved slowly down the length of my cock with his tongue laving me all the way. It was as if I was fucking Sheila all over again but with a completely different feel. I can’t describe the power I felt as I heard him moan around my cock as I opened my mouth as wide as I could and his magnificent 9 inches slid 2/3 rd’s of the way in. It was so thick, I could hardly breath until Sheila’s voice broke through telling me to pull him most of the way out so I could catch a deep breath before continuing. It didn’t seem to bother Earl who had obviously done this before; I could hear him breathing rapidly through his nose between deep throating my cock.

Suddenly, Earl flipped us over so I was on top and could better control the angle of my mouth as it descended on the erect object of my desire. I heard another moan – this one softer than Earl’s – and I raised my eyes up to the head of the bed. What I saw drove my mouth even further down Earl’s cock as I felt him throbbing in my mouth; there was Sheila propped up on the big pillows against the head of the bed with her legs spread wide and four fingers buried deep in her squishy cunt and her other hand was pulling furiously on first one nipple and then the other as they became red and raw with passion!

She was alternatively fucking herself wildly with her fingers and then taking all four soaked digits and sucking her cum off them before returning to her glistening wide-spread pussy! Crying loudly “Suck those cocks, damn it!” she screamed as she was racked with a series of orgasms that quite literally sprayed my face with her cum across the 2 foot distance between us.

Those cries were enough for kurtköy escort me to jam my cock hard into Earl’s hot mouth while I sucked and stroked the remaining part of his shaft – now all but 2″ inside my mouth and throat – until I could feel his cock expanding in my mouth so much that I could scare breathe and with a howl he let go with burst after burst of his thick gooey cum. It coated the insides of my mouth and flowed down my throat as I struggled to take it all in!

There was so much that it frothed out around the edges of his cock where it was wedged in my mouth and I withdrew far enough to try and take more in as I sucked furiously to drain his huge balls dry. I was so enthralled with the taste and ensuring that I captured every drop, I didn’t sense Sheila’s approach until I her lips beside me as we worked together cleaning Earl’s cum off his balls and cock. Then they both pushed me back on the bed and proceeded to lick and suck my cock until it was almost completely clean.

The three of us collapsed on the bed with Sheila in the middle and while I sucked on one breast, Earl did the other with both of us stopping occasionally to reach across and exchange a lingering deep kiss. As Sheila arched her back to force her tits higher and into our mouths our hands slid down her body and met at the shining wet pussy just waiting for our fingers to bury themselves inside her. As Earl’s strong thick fingers (2) entered her, I slid my slimmer two inside along side his and we alternatively stroked her to another series of thrashing orgasms!

As she settled down, we lay again alongside her and she crawled between our legs and sucked us off together. When one was buried in her mouth, the other was being stroked seductively; and then she switched. By judiciously squeezing our cocks as we started to cum, she stretched it out until we were both almost crying for release! She then sat back on her heels and stroked us both until be erupted together, covering our bellies and her hands. She bent over to thirstily lick off all the cum and then collapsed into our arms and, spooning behind me with Earl behind her, we all fell into an exhausted sleep, dreaming all of us of the summer still to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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