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This draws heavily from some legends of King Arthur, though it takes liberties with the story as so many other writers have over the centuries. Viviane was one of the many names used for the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian tales. She lived on the Isle of Avalon, which was the island of apples. Avalon was thought to be a number of places both in and out of the British Isles. One of the places associated with Avalon was Glastonbury, which had been an island until the lake around it was drained. Monks in the Middle Ages reported finding Arthur’s tomb at Glastonbury, though that was questionable. Morgan Le Fay was Arthur’s sister, sometimes said to be his protector and sometimes his antagonist. Her title Le Fay meant she was a fairy or a magical creature. She had other titles and Morgan was thought to derive from words meaning ‘sea born’ though another derivation was’ Morrigan’ which meant the queen. The Lady of the Lake and Morgan were thought immortal, along with other women who were spirits of the lake and of Avalon. Sorry for the delay, but I think the story will be more understandable after this explanation.


Morgan Simmons wanted a change in her life, though perhaps not the way it turned out. She was an ethnographer studying myths of women in ancient societies. She became fascinated by the stories of the lady in the lake from the Arthurian legends. When Morgan had a relationship end badly, she decided to get away from it all.

Morgan found a remote, yet comfortable cabin in the woods beside a lake. There were few other people for miles around, which suited her completely. There was power and indoor plumbing, but few other amenities, though that hardly mattered. She sold or gave away many of her possessions before she left and then moved the small remainder to her new home.

Morgan spent the first few weeks reading, writing, and taking long walks through the woods. She’d brought a swim suit and went swimming in the cool lake waters a few times. At one end of the lake, it was fed by a cascade from a creek which came down a nearby mountain. For some reason, that cascade both attracted her, but also was a source of unease.

Occasionally, Morgan would go to a small nearby town, both for groceries and to soak up a little local folklore. The natives who had lived in that area felt that the lake was a sacred place and one with great power. Apart from the small cabin that Morgan occupied, the lake and surrounding area had become a park and a protected area.

“You’re staying up by that lake?”

“It’s quite beautiful there.”

“Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most deadly.”

“Bears? Wolves? Mountain lions?”

“Nothing like that — even those animals stay far away from that place.”

“What is so dangerous?”

“It’s not safe even to talk about it.”

“That seems silly.”

“Sorry. Can’t talk. Have to get to work.”

As beautiful as the lake was, it was not a recreational area. The residents were reluctant both to visit it and to talk about it. So it was rather a shock to Morgan when she was walking in the woods one day that she came across a woman sitting beside the lake. She had never seen any other person in that area in the time she’d been there.

Morgan was 5’9″ with brown hair that fell to her shoulders. This woman was a couple inches taller with almost silvery blonde hair that came almost half way down her back. She wore a long white dress that appeared to be linen, along with simple sandals. She had pale white skin and a beautiful face that almost seemed to glow. She sat on a fallen tree trunk by the lake, looking out over it.

“Who are you?” Morgan asked. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m looking out over the lake. Why do you ask?”

“There’s no other houses in this area.”

“That you know of.”

“Where do you live? How did you get here?”

“You have a lot of questions — especially since the property you rent ends some ways back.”

“I was told this was a protected area. No one comes up here.”

“You’re up here.”

“Yes, but I rent — “

“The property back that way. I know.”

“Sorry. I just didn’t expect to see anyone here. It frightened me.”

“As to your very first question, you can call me Viviane. And you, I believe are Morgan. As to how I got here, I have my means.”

“How do you know my name?”

“I know many things.”

“I’m sorry I disturbed you, Viviane. I was just walking to clear my head. I think I’ll go back to my work.”

“I’m sure I’ll see you again, Morgan.”

Morgan scurried back to her cabin, often looking behind and around her to see if Viviane was anywhere around. She returned to her writing and reading, though she found herself thinking about Viviane. That was something of a puzzle, since Morgan had never really been attracted to women — not that way anyhow. Still it was more a fascination with her as a person than a real sexual attraction.

That night, as she slept, Morgan found Viviane appearing in her dreams. güvenilir bahis In one dream, Viviane walked up to her, took her in her arms and began kissing her. Morgan had never kissed another woman romantically, yet in her dream, she responded to Viviane’s kisses, eagerly returning them. In another dream, Viviane took Morgan’s hand and they walked out across the top of the water in the lake.

In her dream, Morgan found herself wearing the same long linen dress that Viviane wore. Viviane lifted Morgan’s dress, taking it off her, and leaving her naked, since she had on no undergarments. After she did that, Viviane took off her own dress and was similarly naked. Viviane hugged and kissed Morgan and she could feel their breasts rubbing against each other.

Morgan woke up in her bed, in her nightgown and panties, but found her panties soaked with her juices. She was still tired and it was too early to get up, but Morgan was almost afraid to go back to sleep. She fell back asleep though and in her dreams, Viviane kissed her way down Morgan’s body to her breasts which she spent a long time kissing and sucking on.

Morgan woke in the morning, aroused and frightened. She was disturbed at having sexual dreams about another woman, and did not understand where it had come from. She was a little low on groceries so she went into town, though she looked carefully around before going to her car. She was half afraid that she’d see Viviane and worried about how she would react.

When she got to town, she looked around constantly. She was never quite sure if she was afraid of seeing Viviane or hoping to see her. She didn’t see her at all, even though the town was not large. She chatted with the clerk at a one store.

“I met this woman up by the lake.”

“You’re the woman who lives up by the lake — very brave.”

“I’m not sure why that’s brave. It seems quiet and peaceful up there.”

“People tell stories about that lake. Not many people ever go there anymore.”

“Do you know a woman named Viviane?”

“I don’t know any woman by that name who lives around here.”

“She was a little taller than me, beautiful face, and silver blonde hair.”

“‘I’ve never seen any woman looking like that in this town.”

“That’s strange.”

“Lady, be careful. They say that lake spawns angels and devils.”

“She didn’t look like a devil.”

“You can’t tell which is which by looking at them.”

“I’m not sure I believe in either angels or devils.”

“If it was me, I’d get the hell out of there while I could.”

“I’ve rented the place for the next several months.”

“What’s your life worth — what’s your soul worth?

“My soul? Seriously?”

“I’ll be praying for you.”

“Thank you, I guess.”

“Have a blessed day ma’am.”


Morgan continued to have dreams of Viviane, which had become increasingly erotic in nature. She didn’t know anyone in the area but thought about trying to find some sort of hookup, thinking that might ease some of her urges. She jilled herself, but found images of Viviane coming into her mind as she did. Her attraction to this woman she’d only met for a few minutes began to disturb her but she wasn’t sure how to dispel it.

Morgan stayed in her cabin for several days, before deciding that was silly. She had been walking south of her cabin near the lake when she met Viviane previously. Now she found herself walking to the north, thinking perhaps that might keep her clear of the object of her dreams. Morgan walked peacefully for about thirty minutes when she came upon a clearing where she found Viviane sitting.

“Well hello again, Morgan.”

“Hi Viviane — I wasn’t sure — that I’d — see you again.”

“And yet, we meet again.”

“Do you — have a cabin — nearby?”

“I live very close.”

“Someone said they thought you might be a devil or an angel.”

“Water reflects the image of the person looking in it. The devil sees a devil, the angel sees an angel, and the fey sees a fey.”

“You’re a person, not water.”

“People looking at me often see a reflection of themselves.”

“I just look at you and see a beautiful woman.”

“As you are also.”

“Your name — is a name from the story of King Arthur.”

“So is yours, dear Morgan.”

“Viviane was the Lady of the Lake.”

“While Morgan was the sea-born, the fairy, the witch, half sister of Arthur and both his protector and antagonist.”

“Are you the Lady of the Lake?”

“Are you the Morrigan — the great queen?”

“I’m — no queen.”

“She surpasses her sisters in beauty.”

“I’ve never been called a great beauty.”

“Perhaps only because others have looked at you through clouded eyes.”

“Are you flirting with me?”

“Should I be?”

“I’m no lover of women.”

“Your dreams might suggest otherwise.”

“How do you know my dreams?”

“We all have dreams, and your response tells me that I was right.”

“I think güvenilir bahis siteleri I need to go back to my cabin.”

“If you must, and yet we may meet again in your dreams.”

Morgan rushed back to her cabin trying to make sure that Viviane was not following her. Still some little voice in her said that Viviane need not be physically present in order to follow her. She closed and locked all the doors and windows, hoping that would somehow shut out Viviane. As she sat in her place, every little sound made her look all around.


When she slept, she dreamed she was standing in her cabin. She wore the same white linen dress and sandals as Viviane. She walked to the door, opened it and walked out to see Viviane standing there. Morgan walked forward and took Viviane’s outstretched hand and they walked down to the lake. They did not stop at the edge, but continued, walking across the water.

As they walked, a fog cleared and Morgan saw an island that she knew did not exist on that lake. They walked until they reached the island, then walked up onto it. There was an apple tree near the shore, and other apple trees around. Viviane picked an apple and handed it to Morgan who took a bite. The apple was as delicious as any she’d ever eaten.

They came to a shaded bower, and both women sat down on the soft grass. Viviane turned Morgan toward her and kissed her. Morgan eagerly returned the kisses as Viviane stroked her head. Their lips and tongues entwined in a dance to a tune only they could hear. As they kissed Morgan somehow knew that her relationships with men had failed because she was meant to be with a woman, and that she’d never been with any other women because Viviane was the woman she was meant to be with.

As they kissed, Viviane ran her hand down from Morgan’s head, down her neck and across her chest to her right breast. Morgan gasped and more fervently kissed Viviane as she slowly and sweetly stroked Morgan’s boob. As they kissed, Morgan reached out to caress Viviane’s titties. It was clear, from the feel that Viviane was braless, as Morgan herself was.

They lay, side by side, kissing and stroking each other’s mammaries, until Viviane sat Morgan up. Morgan wondered if Viviane was done, but instead she took off Morgan’s dress, then quickly doffed her own. Morgan sat staring at Viviane’s body, particularly her sweet areolas and stiff nipples. She felt magnetically drawn and leaned forward to take that in her mouth.

Though nothing came out, she virtually nursed at Viviane’s love mound as Viviane stroked Morgan’s head. After a while, she moved over to the other nipple which she lavished with the same attention. Viviane moaned and held Morgan tight to her enticing love mounds as she reached her climax. She lay there caught up in her ecstasy before pushing Morgan away from her titties.

She pushed Morgan onto her back and assaulted her breasts, licking and lightly biting them. As she did, Viviane brought her hand down to Morgan’s sweetness. Morgan was wet and Viviane inserted her middle and ring finger into Morgan as her thumb found Morgan’s clit. She began to finger fuck Morgan, while stroking her clit and continuing her oral attack on Morgan’s boobs.

Morgan had never felt anything like that with any previous lover and she reveled in the felling of it all. Sadly, most of the men she’d been with, just fondled her enough to get her wet, before fucking her. This felt like true love making and Morgan just lay back and was caught up in the feeling until she was hit with an orgasm unlike any she’d ever felt.

Morgan had brought herself off more than a few times, but it never felt as good as when Viviane made love to her. She lay there gasping as she came down off her endorphin high. As she did, she looked at Viviane and was drawn to her nether regions. Viviane had a short soft blanket of silvery blonde hair of much the same shade as on her head.

As she got close to Viviane, she could smell her sweet musky aroma. Viviane spread her legs wide and Morgan quickly found herself kissing Viviane’s labia, then tentatively licking up the center of them. Morgan had never tasted a woman — not her own juices, and never those of another woman. She had a very slightly tart and salty flavor.

Morgan needed to taste Viviane for as long as she could, and began to lick her, getting her tongue as deep into her as she could. She couldn’t help herself and licked Viviane to at least three orgasms before Viviane pushed her head away. Morgan wanted to return, but Viviane pulled her up beside her and they kissed and touched for a long time before making love again.


Morgan woke up in her bed in the morning. She was half afraid she’d either be naked or wearing the white dress that she’d worn in her dream, and which Viviane always wore. Instead, she was in the same nightshirt and panties she’d worn to bed iddaa siteleri the night before. She felt a sense of relief until she got up and realized that her breasts and pussy were quite sensitive, as though she’d really made love all night.

Morgan began to wonder what was dream and what was reality. If making love to Viviane was a dream, why did she seem to have physical evidence of it now? If it was reality, then why was she back in her cabin in the clothes she wore to bed? Where was the line between dream and reality? Was she crossing the line? Where would she end up?

Morgan got scared. She packed her meager belongings and put them in her car. She then found the car would not start. She called into town and found that there was nothing in the way of public transportation — no Ubers, no taxis, no bus, no trains, no planes. An auto repair shop said they were backed up, but could get her car picked up in a few days.

“Does the engine turn over?”

“Yes, but it won’t start.”

“It obviously isn’t a dead battery, so a jump won’t help.”

“Is there anything you can do?”

“Well, ma’am we have to get it in here and look at it before we know what it needs.”

“How long will this take?”

“We can’t get your car picked up for a couple of days, and until we check it out, we don’t know how long the repairs will take.”

“I’ve had something come up, and I really need to get back home.”

“Ma’am, you’re just going to have to be patient. This isn’t the big city and we can’t do everything those folks can do.”

“Can’t you do something?”

“We can and we will. It’s just going to take a few days.”

She was stuck — at least until her car could be picked up and repaired. She brought her stuff back into the cabin. She realized that depending on how long it took, she might not have enough food. She called to the little store in town and explained her situation.

“Sorry to hear about your problem.”

“Can you get someone to deliver groceries to me?”

“Can’t do it today.”

“What about tomorrow?”

“I think one of our folks can do something then.”

Morgan huddled in her cabin, almost afraid to step outside, afraid of seeing Viviane. She began to wonder if all this was some sort of hallucination based on her ethnographic studies. In her dream, she was given an apple when they went to the island, and Avalon was the isle of apples. It made no sense though, since she was thousands of miles from Arthur’s realm.

By some accounts, Avalon was west of Ireland, though most legends placed it somewhere in the British Isles. Many accounts identified it with Glastonbury, though some of those were suspect. Still other accounts had it anywhere from Sicily to the Americas. She felt there was no way this could truly be Avalon, regardless of her dreams.

Still the locals identified this area as being both magical and frightening. Morgan was beginning to understand why. She searched local data, as best she could on her computer from her cabin. There were few written accounts and most were frustratingly vague. It was almost as though they were afraid to even mention anything. Still she got some sense of local unease with the lake.

She suspected the local unease was part of the reason that folks were reticent to come out there to help her in any way. Given her dreams, Morgan was almost afraid to sleep, and stayed awake as long as she could. In spite of her efforts, she fell asleep and in her dreams, she was again with Viviane, and again making love to her.

Was there truly some magic attached to this lake, and was she being drawn in by it? Why would she possibly be drawn by it? Sure, she had a name associated with Arthur, but she was an ordinary woman, wasn’t she? Besides, in her dreams, she and Viviane seemed to be lovers, but in the old legends, Morgan was married to a man.


Two days later, the tow truck arrived to pick up her car. The young woman delivering groceries rode with the tow driver. She took the groceries to the porch of the cabin but refused to go inside. She went back to the tow truck immediately. The tow driver quickly hooked up her car to take back to town, but seemed in rather a hurry to leave.

“Would either of you like something to drink?”

“No ma’am, we’re fine.”

“It’s a hot day. I thought a cold drink might be refreshing.”

“We’re good, and we got to get back to town.”

“I was wondering about catching a ride back with you, and maybe staying in town until my car is fixed.”

“There’s no place to stay in town.”

“I thought there was a small motel or something.”

“They’re doing renovations and have no rooms available.”

“Nothing at all?”

“Nothing, ma’am. We got to get going now.”

“Any idea how long it will take for my car?”

“We’ll call when we know something. Bye.”

With that, they drove off, taking her car with them. Morgan was puzzled. She knew there were stories about this lake. Could the fact that she was staying there mean that she was now tarred with the same brush? Their fear of the lake now manifested as a fear of her as well. For now, she had food, a comfortable place to stay, and eventually would have her car again.

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