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The Knight and the Acolyte
Book Nine: Blossoming Danger
Chapter Three: Naughty Elements
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Chaun – The Haunted Forest

“What is this green gunk?” Sophia asked, lifting her robe. “And why was it spewing it?”

“It had a cold?” I suggested, staring at the dead…thing. It was a hideous beast, a brown, misshapen thing, leathery skin giving way to brown scales. It had five legs, three wings, and two mouths with mongrel teeth.

“Are you saying it sneezed on me?” Sophia gasped. “Eww.”

Angela wiped her sword clean on the beast’s hide. “One of the Biomancer failed creations.”

“I’m going to wash off my robe,” Sophia said. “I hope there’s not another one around.”

Xandra giggled as I strummed an ominous note on my lyre. Sophia gave me a hard look before vanishing into the brush, heading towards the sound of the Kemoh River. Angela sheathed her sword and followed her.

“Not one of his more inspired creations,” Thrak said, nudging what might have been a tentacle or a lump.

“I wasted a vial of cum on this thing,” snorted Faoril. “I think it suffocated on that green gunk, and it was a just a coincidence that it expired when Angela plunged her sword into its side.”

“Xera’s arrow took it in the eye,” I pointed out, stowing my lyre in its case. It seemed pointless to keep it out. “That might have dealt the mortal blow.”

The elf turned, naked as always. She was on her second day of heat, her cock dangling between her thighs. I was shocked Minx wasn’t on her knees sucking it right now or just impaling her pussy on it and having Xera carry her around the woods.

I leaned against the tree, my feet sore. After seven days of walking, six just to reach the forest, I had hoped my feet wouldn’t be sore after walking for half a day. But they were. I missed Maiden. She was a good mare. Placid. Kept me from having to use my feet.

Minx flipped a dagger in her hand, a bored look on her face. She had been moody for the entire walk. It was drudgery crossing the Vyman Plain. It was all the same. Grass, grass, and more grass. When I wrote my epic song about our quest, I would gloss over that part of the journey.

“How long is she going to be?” Minx groaned. “We’re going to be a month walking through this forest if she keeps having to clean herself.”

“It’s the first time,” Xera said. “And we won’t be a more than a week.”

Minx threw her dagger. It stuck into a tree, the blade wiggling. She stomped over and ripped it out. “I have to pass water.”

As Minx stalked off into the woods, I realized my bladder was full. I gave my wife a smile. “Be right back.”

“Don’t get sneezed on,” she smiled, her hands clutched behind her back as she swayed her hips. She reminded me of Minx down to the mischievous grin.

I frowned at her then headed off into the brush.

The Haunted Forest was dark away from the river. The trees formed a thick canopy that strangled out the sun. The choking brush by the river faded away to bare dirt wrinkled by tree roots. The dark tree trunks slowly vanished into a dark haze. It was eerie. There were no birds singing in the trees. No animals scampering. Just the rustle of the branches and the distant babble of the river. I could be alone right now, one of the Biomancer’s foul things watching me.

Not that we had much to worry about. We killed the Minotaur. Well, the others killed the Minotaur. I only gave an assist. Support. But that was important. So what could foul creation of the Biomancer or the packs of werewolves roaming the woods do to us?

I groaned as I finished relieving my bladder. A twig snapped. My heart beat faster.

Wind whipped about my cock.

In a flash, a breeze caressed the tip of my dick in a way I had never felt. A surge of pleasure shot through my body. I groaned, leaning against the tree, my eyes searching for the source of the twig snap. For the unnatural wind. Was it another creature of the Biomancer?

I groaned. The wind almost sucked at my dick, like it had come alive to give me a blowjob. My cock hardened to its full girth, aching beneath the wind’s sucking. It was such a different experience. No warm, wet mouth, nor flailing tongue caressed my cock. But the pressure was there mixed with strange gusts that teased of the sensitive crown. My fingers clenched against the tree.

What was causing it? A monster? Something with the power to control the air?

A giggle echoed through the woods. Something mischievous. My eyes darted around as the pressure swelled in my balls. The sucking air bobbed up and down my cock, taking more and more of my shaft, engulfing every inch of it before sliding back up it. The pressure was so much. Precum leaked out, smeared about my shaft and crown by the wind, adding an exciting thrill to it.

It was indescribable.

“Who’s doing this?” I groaned, my head snapping back and forth.

A flash of sky-blue peeking out from behind a tree. More giggles. Another flash of cloth—a swaying hip in a skirt.

“Xandra?” I groaned. “Are you blowing me with an air elemental?”

“Yes,” she answered, leaning her head out around the tree, her delicate face covered by a broad smile. “Do you like it?”

“Yes,” I groaned, shocked. She had opened up so much about her sexuality. “When did you come up with this idea?”

“A few days ago,” she said, her fingers stroking the air totem she held in her hands, puppeteering the air elemental bobbing on my cock. “This is fun. I can almost feel the elemental. It’s like I’m giving you the blowjob.”

“It’s a lot different than one of your blowjobs.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes!” I grinned at my wife. “You are such a naughty songbird.”

She beamed at me, her fingers stroking the totem. The air elemental sucked harder.



My pussy burned beneath my skirt as my fingers danced along the balsa wood totem. I traced the sinuous lines as I controlled the elemental. It was my puppet. I could almost feel what it felt, the throb of my husband’s cock, the slickness of the precum staining his crown. I sent the wind gusting harder into a tight vortex, sucking at him while the elemental reached out and played with his three balls. His head snapped back, ebony face twisting with pleasure.

Oh, yes, this was fun. Why didn’t I think of using my elementals to have fun with earlier?

Because I was taught to use them to serve the aerie. But I wasn’t part of an aerie. I was Chaun’s wife. I left my home to be with him, to live where he dwelt. And that meant my elementals were for our home, to serve the aerie we created.

And so why not have fun with them?

His fingers clenched against the tree. His ears twitched as they thrust from his silvery hair. He was such a sexy man. My changeling husband had such a beautiful face, his body tall and lean. I loved seeing him naked.

“Xandra,” he groaned as the air elemental danced around him, winds undoing knots and buttons of his clothing, stripping my husband naked so I could admire his midnight-black flesh. He wasn’t the muscular rock that was Thrak, but he was still fit.

“Love admiring my changeling,” I sang, rubbing my thighs together. My pussy was so juicy right now.

“I know. I can smell your excitement,” a voice purred behind me.

I let out a startled jump, whirling around to find Xera standing a few paces away, her ears twitching, her dick thrusting straight at me. It looked so hard, so swollen with girl-cum. Her pussy lips wrapped about the base of her elf-dick were engorged with her excitement. Her thighs greenish glistened with her juices. Hard nipples topped large breasts.

“I am very excited,” I told her, my fingers still dancing. “Just look at Chaun. Mmm, I’m playing with his body.”

“Yes,” Chaun groaned as the air elemental whipped about his body, caressing more than just his cock, stroking his flesh, all at my control.

“Can I play with you?” Xera asked, moving before me. “I’m so horny. I need to cum so badly.”

“I’m surprised Minx hasn’t helped you out,” I told her.

“I think she’s bored of my dick,” Xera said, looking down. “And that’s fine. There are other women in the party that enjoy it, too.”

“Yes,” I moaned. Since she was a woman who just happened to have a dick, it didn’t break my marriage vows to sleep with her. I could stay faithful to Luben and still have fun. “Let me summon another one.”

Xera groaned as she fell to her knees before me on the pine-needle-covered ground. Her hands hiked up my skirt as the air elemental gusted about her body the same way the other played with Chaun’s. I could feel both their dicks through the elementals, both so hard and throbbing. My elementals stroked and sucked them.

But Xera had big, fat nipples to play with, too.

Oh, this was so much fun. I felt both their bodies, Chaun so lean and strong, Xera so soft and curvy. I shuddered, the fingers lifting my skirt higher and higher. Her tongue licked at my exposed, inner thigh, traveling up to my pussy.

I found her ears, touching the sensitive tips.

“Yes,” Xera moaned, her dick throbbing so hard in my elemental’s hand. I stroked her harder while sucking on Chaun’s dick.

“This is so much fun,” I sang out, my passions bursting out of my body. I trilled notes of joy as Xera’s tongue climbed higher and higher up my leg. She licked and nuzzled, reaching for my pussy. My eyes fluttered, my small breasts jiggling beneath my sleeveless top. “Oh, yes, Xera!”

The elf’s tongue licked through my pussy’s folds. My spine arched. I rose on my tiptoes. Such wonderful pleasure churned through me. I swayed, fingers dancing, keeping my elementals moving on their body, touching them, pleasuring them, stroking their cocks, sucking on Xera’s nipples. Her tongue dove through my folds, licking with such pleasure.

Such urgent need.

She loved my pussy, moaning as she drank my juices. My song trilled louder and louder, passion pouring out of it. Chaun hummed a deeper baritone, adding to the song I invented, following along to my melody, harmonizing with me as we shared our pleasure.

I smiled at him as I humped against Xera’s licking tongue. My nipples ached beneath my top. “Yes, yes, Xera,” I sang. “You sweet elf.”

Then I caught Chaun’s gaze. He had a roguish smile, his violet eyes twinkling. He bent down and snagged something from the ground. A rock. Then he pointed at Xera and made a gesture so universal—he slid his pointer finger from one hand through a ring formed by his pointer and thumb on the other.

“Yes,” I moaned, my hand shoving into my pouch and finding my kapok totem.

I summoned an earth elemental.

Unlike an air elemental, it had shape, vaguely humanoid as it burst out of the ground behind Xera. I shaped its body, forming a hard, smooth cock thrusting from behind it. Chaun nodded at me, grinning as he fucked his hips, savoring my air elemental’s sucking mouth.

Xera wiggled her tongue into my pussy, her fingers gripping the cheeks of my ass. She devoured me, ears twitching as the elemental played with them. Its winds whipped about her body, catching strands of green hair.

And then the earth elemental grabbed Xera’s hips. It thrust.

Xera tuzla escort moaned, “Xandra!”

“Yes,” I grinned at her, puppeteering the earth elemental. It was like I was fucking Xandra. I could feel her hot pussy walls polishing the earth elementals rocky dick. It couldn’t feel anything, it was just a spirit, but I sensed what touched it. “I’m fucking you, Xera. Oh, yes!”

“You naughty girl,” panted Xera. “Oh, you have no idea what this feels like. It’s so thick. And the air elemental…Matar’s cock, I love it!”

“Fuck her, songbird,” Chaun groaned, his head throwing back.

Xera buried her face back into my pussy, licking even harder as I controlled the three elementals. I was four beings, four different sets of experiences. I fucked Xera, I had my pussy licked, I played with th elf’s cock and breasts, I sucked my husband’s dick. I did it all at the same time. My mind swam with sensations.

Hot pussy wrapped about my cock.

My winds sucking two thick dicks, savoring the precum leaking out.

Soft, pillowy breasts and hard nipples to play with.

A lapping tongue diving through my folds.

I sang out my pleasure, grinding on Xera’s face as I fucked her pussy so hard. I sucked her cock. I jerked Chaun’s dick. I pleasured them both while my fingers danced along the elementals. Flesh slapped rocks as I directed the earth elemental to fuck her faster and faster. Her ears twitched. She moaned into my pussy.

She loved my rocky cock.

“Your pussy’s so wet and tight,” I moaned. “Chaun, your cock’s so thick. I love your tits, Xera. And your elf-dick. Oh, yes! Eat me!”

Pleasure built in my core. All those wonderful sensations shivered through me. They built and swirled and mixed together, forming a hot flood of sensations that had me singing even louder and louder. I puppeteered the air elementals to suck hard on both their cocks. I could almost feel them in my mouth, shaped slightly different.

Xera’s pussy clenched on my dick. Chaun’s cock throbbed in my mouth.

“Xandra,” my husband groaned. “Oh, yes, my naughty songbird.” His back arched. His sexy body tensed as the pleasure burst through him.

Cum erupted from his dick into the air elemental’s swirling winds. I caught the pearly delight, holding the thick jizz as Chaun’s three balls unloaded. He gripped the tree, swaying. I stared at his body, lusty eyes watching each blast of his jizz spurt into the wind.

And then I brought it to me.

“Yes,” Chaun grinned, breathing heavily. “Eat it all, you naughty songbird.”

The air elemental kissed my lips. I was kissing myself, and then snowballing Chaun’s cum into my real mouth, tasting the salty cum finally. I drank it down as the air elemental swirled about my body. My top billowed as it swept around my breasts, playing with my nipples.

The earth elemental fucked Xera harder and harder as my pleasure built. I gulped down the last loads of my husband’s salty jizz. Xera’s tongue flew through my pussy. It was all so much. My fingers danced on the totems, maintaining my control on the elementals.

But it was all so hard.

Xera squealed into my pussy. Her snatch spasmed about my rocky dick. The friction felt wonderful. Hot and wet. My body bucked, grinding on her mouth while she came into my air elementals winds. I gathered her cum, bringing it to my hungry lips.

“That’s it,” Chaun grinned. “Enjoy your pleasure.”

He hugged me from behind, his dick pressing on the cheeks of my ass, still hard. Xera’s fingers kneaded it as she moaned her orgasm into my pussy. I drank her cum, sweeter than Chaun’s, but just as hot and creamy and thick.

“My naughty songbird,” groaned Chaun.

I exploded.

My orgasm burst through me. Pleasure cascaded through my body as I gulped down the last of Xera’s cum. My nipples throbbed as I sucked on them. My dick ached as I fucked Xera’s spasming pussy. Juices gushed from my pussy into the elf’s hungry mouth.

I shuddered in my husband’s embrace, his hands wrapped about my body, stroking my stomach. His lips kissed at my neck, licking up to my ear. I bucked harder, my entire body convulsing with the thrill of cumming.

“Chaun,” I moaned. “Oh, yes, Chaun! This is… Yes, yes, yes!”

The pleasure spasmed my body. My fingers lost all control. The air roaring around me dissipated. The earth elemental fell apart. My dick was gone. But the pleasure… The pleasure still shuddered through me.

Wonderful, delicious pleasure.



I groaned as the rock cock pulled out of my pussy with a wet plop. I licked my lips, stained with her sweet pussy. I stared up at the tremble avian, her flushed face framed by sky-blue hair, her delicate nose twitching. Chaun’s midnight-black hands swept up her pale stomach, lifting her blouse, exposing small breasts.

He cupped them as he nibbled on her nipple from behind.

My dick ached. I needed to cum again. I was so backed up with seed. When my dick sprouted yesterday, I avoided Minx. I saw her looking at my dick, such lust in her eyes. I wanted to let her play with it. To suck it. To fuck it.

Matar, I would love to be in her tight cunt right now.

But it was for the best. Distance. We had to let our emotions separate. To spend time with others. Then this infatuation would die and we could be friends again. I was married. I only loved Atharilesia. My stomach twisted.

“Xandra, that was fun,” I purred. “The elemental fucked me so hard.”

“It was fun,” Xandra said, her voice so sweet and song-like. “It was like I was fucking you. I could feel your hot pussy.”

I leaned back on the ground, spreading my legs. My pussy lips parted. I ran a finger through them, shuddering as I stroked my flesh. My dick throbbed. Precum bubbled out the tip, smearing on my belly. “This pussy?”

Xandra grinned. She glanced at her husband over her shoulder. He whispered, “Devour her. You know you want to.”

Only my keen senses let me hear him. A human wouldn’t have.

“Yes,” Xandra squealed, falling to her knees and burying her face between my thighs.

I stared up at the dark forest. It was an ominous place, devoid of any real life. Despite all the trees, it was like a desert. Before I could dwell on those thoughts, Xandra’s licking tongue slid through my folds.

My dick throbbed with every lick. I groaned and shuddered as she delved her tongue into my folds, her fingers stroking my petals. She sucked and nuzzled, making happy chirps as she wiggled her ass at her husband.

He took the invitation, falling to his knees and grasping her hips. He was sexy, for a male. The only male I ever found attractive. Because he had that soft, delicate face. Beautiful eyes, lips I wanted to kiss. He just lacked soft breasts. But who was perfect?

“Chaun,” squeaked Xandra as he plowed into her pussy.

My ears twitched, hearing the wet slide of his dick against her tight pussy walls. She clenched on him, increasing the friction, changing the sound of their flesh caressing. I shuddered, my dick throbbing again.

Her hand grasped my dick, stroking it as she licked and nuzzled. Chaun’s strokes made her moan into my pussy every time his dick bottomed out in her. She loved it, her heart beating faster and faster. It roared in her chest.

She loved him so much.

Minx’s smiling face shot through my mind.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, humping against Xandra’s lips, concentrating on her tongue and her hand jerking my dick. “Make me cum. Jerk my dick. Splatter my tits with my jizz.”

“Then I’ll lick them clean,” Xandra promised, her sapphire eyes twinkling.

“Good,” I moaned, squirming, my tits jiggling.

“Jerk her faster,” Chaun groaned.

“Eager to see your songbird lick me clean?” I asked, my ears twitching.

He grinned at me, his strokes speeding up. “Yes.”

Xandra giggled between licks. Her hand stroked me hard, her palm silky. Pleasure shot down my dick to my pussy. I groaned, my heels drumming against the ground as the sensations shot through me. Her tongue lapped through my folds, drinking my juices. I smelled both our pussies—hers sweet, mine smelling like marigolds.

Her blue eyes stared at me around my dick. Her tongue licked swirls while her fingers slid lower, tracing my taint and pressing into my butt-crack. I groaned as she found my sphincter, teasing it while her tongue probed deep into my pussy.

“Xandra,” I moaned as her finger thrust into my bowels.

My sphincter clenched on them. Hot, burning itch seared through me. I humped against her mouth, the pleasure building. She teased me in so many different ways. I stared past my bouncing breasts at the tip of my dick. It throbbed and pulsed.

My cum wanted out.

Her finger probed deeper into my bowels, stimulating me. My pussy clenched on her swirling tongue. Her moans hummed through my flesh, stirred by Chaun’s thrusting cock. I bucked. My dick throbbed.

I came.

“Matar’s cock!” I moaned in Elvish as my dick erupted.

Jizz splattered my heaving tits. Hot and warm and salty. I savored the white cream coating my tits. Lines ran down my body. My pussy spasmed. The pleasure rushed through my body, leaving me gasping and moaning.

Xandra squeezed out more cum as she jerked my dick. She lifted her lips from my pussy, juices dripping from her chin, and grinned at me. She licked her lips, her hips bucking back into her husband’s thrust.

And then she crawled forward.

Chaun groaned as his dick plopped out of her cunt with a wet plop. Xandra’s wet tongue licked up my body, gathering the cum that spilled on my stomach. She moaned, savoring the jizz as she licked higher and higher, aiming for my big, pillowy tits. I groaned as her tongue reached my breasts. Her wet tongue climbed up my breast, following the lines of jizz.

She had the same mischievous look in her eyes as Minx, so playful, enjoying herself.

I blinked my eyes, shaking my head. She wasn’t Minx. I didn’t need the halfling.

“Xandra,” I moaned as her nipple engulfed my nipple. She sucked on the nub, savoring the jizz found on it.

I did not need the halfling for pleasure. Xandra, Angela, and Faoril would be more than glad to enjoy my body. And Sophia when my cock vanished. And Chaun… He was a good fuck.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on Xandra’s lips sucking the jizz off my nipple. The only person I needed was my wife. I tried to picture her. I tried so hard.



I squealed as Chaun spread my butt-cheeks apart. His tongue licked through my crack as I sucked Xera’s cum off her nipple. My husband found my sphincter, rimming it, stirring such hot delight down to my dripping pussy. I popped my lips off the elf’s nipple and licked at the cum on her other large breast. It was so soft in my hand.

“Oh, yes,” Xera moaned, her eyes closed. “Clean up all that jizz, Mi…Xandra.”

“It’s so good,” I sang. Then my eyes widened as Chaun’s tongue probed into my asshole. “Oh, and that’s even better. Lick my ass. You want to fuck it.”

“Yes,” my husband moaned, his voice throaty with desire. “You know you want two cocks in you.”

“Yes,” I grinned and licked the line of jizz of Xera’s tit.

I cleaned up all tuzla escort bayan the cum I could, gathering the salty delight as Chaun devoured my asshole. My pussy felt so empty without his cock in it. Or any cock. Juices dripped out as I kissed higher up Xera’s body, his hands squeezing my butt-cheeks hard.

And then I reached her mouth, kissing her hard. My lips stained with both her pussy juices and cum. She moaned, ears twitching as I ground my cunt on her cock. My small breasts pressed into her large tits, still sticky with her cum.

“Slide that pussy down her cock, songbird,” Chaun groaned as he moved up my body. He kissed and licked at my spine, making me shudder. “And I’m going to pound your asshole.”

“Yes,” I moaned, breaking the kiss with Xera and undulating my hips.

“Yes, yes, ride my cock,” moaned Xera. “I need your pussy on it, Xandra. Yours! Fuck me hard! I need it so badly!”

“Mmm, I can tell. I can’t have one of my companions suffering.” I felt so wicked. It seemed so long ago that was I that timid creature scared of having sex outside of Chaun. But pleasure was such a wonderful thing.

I glanced at my husband behind me, smiling at him.

“What?” he asked, his dick prodding my ass.

“I just love you so much,” I told him as my pussy found the tip of Xera’s cock. I groaned as I slid down it. “Just so much!”

He seized my hips, sliding me down her cock. “I love you, too, songbird,” he groaned as I bottomed out on his dick.

My back arched. My pussy stuffed full of cock. Chaun moved behind me. His dick, soaked by my juices, slipped between my butt-cheeks. I groaned as his cock found my sphincter. He pressed on it. My eyes widened. My back arched, lifting my tits from Xera’s.

The second cock slid into my body. Two dicks, one in each hole, filling me up. Stretching me out. Friction burned in both pussy and bowels. They were so thick. So wonderful. My eyes fluttered as I sang out my pleasure.

I loved it. All those poor avian women from my village didn’t have a hot hermaphrodite to share with their husbands. They didn’t know this pleasure of having two dicks filling their holes. But I did. I was so lucky.

My hips undulated as I moaned, “Chaun! Xera!”

The three of us found a rhythm, our bodies heaving and pumping together. Their dicks slid in and out of both my asshole and pussy. The two frictions, one hot the other silky, rippled through my body. I groaned, pressing my back into my husband’s chest, my tits jiggling before me.

Xera’s delicate fingers found my breasts, squeezing them. Her fingers brushed my nipples. I groaned, my holes clenching on both their dicks. I sang out my delight, rocking my hips, grinding my clit into Xera’s pubic mound, and loving their dicks in me. Two wonderful cocks.

“Love your dicks! Fuck me! Let’s cum together.”

“Yes,” Chaun growled, his groin smacking into my ass as he drove his cock deep into my bowels.

His lips kissed at my neck. I groaned as he sucked, marking me as his wife. His naughty songbird. Both my holes clenched on their dicks, the friction increasing, swelling the pleasure. Which only made my hips dance more, eager to be filled by their jizz.

Xera’s hips bucked up, slamming her dick into my cunt as I came down on her. My pussy gripped her dick while her fingers played with my nipples. I stared down at her green eyes burning with desire, her lips singing out her passion while her ears twitched.

I grasped those ears, stroking up to their points.

“Xandra,” she gasped, fingers pinching my nipples hard. “Yes, yes, yes. Do that. I’m going to cum so hard into your pussy.”

“Oh, yes,” I groaned. “Then you can lick me clean. Huh, I bet you want that?”

Xera only shuddered as my fingers danced over her ears. I understand. Chaun’s lips sucking at my neck made my entire body shiver. My holes clenched and relaxed on their shafts, the pleasure swelling in me.

Chaun groaned as he nibbled and sucked. His strokes grew so hard, so powerful His hands gripped my hips as he pounded me, driving me down Xera’s dick. I sang out louder and louder, letting the passion flow out of me.

“I’m going to flood your ass, naughty songbird.”

“Do it! Flood both my holes. I want both your jizz in me. It’ll be so wonderful!”

“Xandra!” Xera gasped, her ears twitching violently beneath my fingers.

I gasped in delight as her cum spurted into my pussy’s depths. It was such a hot thrill. Her jizz splashed through my snatch. I slammed down on her cock, my back arching. Chaun sucked so hard on my neck as my pussy savored Xera’s elf-jizz.

Chaun slammed into my asshole.

My clit pressed into Xera’s pubic bone.

My neck arched.

I sang as I came.

My pussy and asshole writhed about both my lover’s dicks. The hot pleasure shot through me. I milked Xera’s dick as I impaled myself on her cumming girl-cock. I shuddered, writhing, my husband’s shaft thrusting into my convulsing bowels.

He sucked so hard on my neck. His hands gripped my hips. He slammed his cock into my bowels. His triple balls, so full of his yummy jizz, thwacked into my taint. He grunted. And his cock erupted. Two loads of cum flooded my body.

My asshole and pussy swam with jizz.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Luben’s sacred oath, yes! It’s so good!”

“Gods, yes,” grunted Chaun.

“Matar’s cock,” moaned Xera, her eyes fluttering. “I…”

“Are you three done!” snapped Minx.

I let out a startled gasp.

“Sophia’s clean. Everyone’s waiting on you.” Minx glared at us from the trees. “So stop fucking the elf and let’s go. Or we’ll be in these dumb woods forever.”

“Minx,” Xera said.

The halfling darted off back to the others.

“She’s right,” Chaun groaned, pulling his dick out of my asshole. “Let me go get my clothes.”

“Yeah,” I nodded then stared down at Xera. I swallowed. “Is everything all right?”

“Huh?” Xera asked.

I glanced at the retreating halfling. “With you and Minx? You two were so close when we met, but since Grahata…”

“We were never close,” Xera said. “She just likes hermaphrodite dick. But, everything gets old after awhile. That’s all. I have a wife.”

I blinked. “Oh, you do? You never talk about her.”

Xera flinched and looked away.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just… I thought you and Minx… Since you were spending all the time together. But if you’re married.” I glanced down at her cock in my pussy. “Oh, no, is this breaking your marriage vows?”

“I can’t break my vows with a dual-sexed female,” Xera answered. “It’s only cheating if I fuck another elf’s, or other hermaphrodite’s, pussy. That’s how our customs work.”

“Oh.” I smiled. “Good. I would hate for you to be in trouble with Luben.”

She shook her head. “Matar’s the only Goddess I worry about. Well, and Henta, her daughter. But she just keeps you safe on hunts.”

“Oh, Henta. I’ve never heard of her. I thought Matar’s daughters were Slata and Saphique before she, um…” My cheeks warmed.

“Grew a cock and then fucked herself with it to birth Henta and the five hermaphroditic races.” Xera grinned at me. “You blush so cutely.”

“She does,” Chaun said. “And Xandra, you can’t stay impaled on Xera’s cock forever. We have to go.”

“Oh, yes,” I said and then groaned as I rose off her dick. It felt such a shame to pop off of it.

Then her cum spilled out. Poor Xera wouldn’t get to lick me clean.


Acolyte Sophia

“Night, my Queen,” I told Angela, leaning in to kiss her on the lips.

My lover’s hand caressed my cheek as she sat on the stump before our dying campfire. It was growing chilly at night. The days were still warm, but it was autumn and summer was only a memory once the sun set.

“Night,” Angela said. It was her turn to take first watch.

“I hope another one of those disgusting things isn’t out there,” I said. It had taken so long to get that green gunk out of my robes even with magic. It resisted it, which had Faoril all abuzz.

“Thrak!” the mage moaned, writhing in her tent. “Xera! Yes, yes, fuck my holes.”

I glanced at Minx who still sat at the fire, her face downcast. Had she enjoyed Xera’s cock once this heat? Something had changed between them, but what? I sighed and yawned, wanting to inquire, but also wanting to find my bed. We had another long day of walking. And another. And another.

I missed Purity. I loved my mare. She was a great horse. I hoped she was cared for wherever she was.

I slipped into my tent I shared with Angela, our bedrolls already spread out on the ground. I peeled off my robe and sank naked on it. The firelight bled through my tent. Shadows moved as I played with my belly piercing, my tongue stud clicking on the back of my teeth. I grabbed the blankets and pulled them over my body.

I hated falling asleep without my Queen. I loved her breasts pressed into my back, her arms holding me. And it was so much warmer with her in the blankets.

The tent burst open. “Hey, Sophia,” Minx said, bounding in. “Want to fuck?”

My pussy grew wet. I was so tired, my legs sore, but there she stood—she was so short, she could stand inside the tent with plenty of space over her head—a cocky grin on her face. She peeled off her shirt and wiggled out of her tight, leather britches.

She was so small yet so perfectly proportioned. You could mistake her for a child until you saw her naked. Her curves were so womanly. Breasts small and round, nipples hard, pussy shaved, a landing strip of bright-metallic hair leading down to her yummy snatch.

“Yes,” I groaned, throwing back the covers.

“Good,” Minx moaned. “You are the best at eating pussy. Make me scream. Let everyone hear me.”

“Sure,” I grinned, licking my lips as she threw her small body next to mine.

She pressed to me, nipples hard. My hands seized her. I rolled her onto her back, settling atop her. I wasn’t that big, but I felt towering in bed with her. My small breasts rubbed on her stomach as I kissed her lips. They were so tiny.

Our tongues dueled as my hands stroked her sides. She shuddered and wiggled beneath me, her wet pussy rubbing just below my breasts as she humped against me. Slim thighs hugged me as we both moaned.

My hands found her small breasts. I cupped them, loving how they felt in my hand, so small yet round. My thumbs swiped over her button nipples, making her squirm, her pussy growing hotter against my stomach.

I broke the kiss, nuzzling her nose with mine. “Mmm, I’m going to devour you, Minx. We’re going to cum together.”

“Good,” she moaned.

I moved down her body, my brown hair brushing her face. I leaned down, unable to resist nipping those cute nipples. I swirled my tongue around them. She squealed and grinned as I flicked them. Her legs hugged me tight, my tits now rubbing against her hot pussy. She wiggled her hips, sliding her cunt back and forth, brushing my hard nipples.

I massaged her nipples with my tongue stud, pressing the hard, round end on her small nubs. Then I sucked on them. I went back and forth, making her squirm and gasp. Her sticky pussy juices covered my tits. The smell of lavender rose—her excitement.

“Mmm, you are smelling so yummy,” escort tuzla I grinned. “Lavender pussy. Halflings have interesting tastes.”

“Yes,” Minx groaned. With her legs still gripping me, the small halfling flexed her hips and somehow rolled me onto my back, riding up to sit on my tits. She squirmed, her pussy finding my nipple. “Make me cum!”

“Yes,” I moaned, my nipple aching in her pussy’s warm depths.

She slid up my body, dragging her pussy across my body. She squirmed then planted herself right on my face. My hands grabbed her small ass, gripping her as she smeared hot pussy across my lips and chin.

I licked, dragging my tongue stud through her folds.

She squealed her delight.

My fingers kneaded her small ass as I devoured her pussy. It was so tiny. I could cover it with my tongue. I fucked into her depths, caressing her with my stud. She was so elastic. She could take my dildo with ease.

“Yes, yes, eat my snatch, Sophia,” she moaned. “You do it so well! Just the best pussy eater in the world!”

She wasn’t joking about screaming her head off. She was so loud.

She squirmed harder, grinding on me. I found her little clit, sucking on it before I bat it with my tongue stud. She moaned louder, riding me, her small tits jiggling. I stared up at her as she grabbed my hair with her hands, holding tight.

My tongue flew across her pussy, licking her faster and faster as her juices poured into my mouth. I gulped them down as her moans exploded from her lips. She kept screaming my name, her orgasm building so fast.

I was temple-trained to please a woman. No one knew more about giving a woman orgasms than the priestesses of Saphique. And I had absorbed their knowledge. I sensed Minx’s arousal and needs. Right now, she needed me to make her cum hard and fast.

So I sucked on her clit and jammed two fingers into her tight asshole.

“Sophia, yes!” Minx squealed as her bowels clenched on my fingers. “Gods, that’s good. Oh, your fingers are as nimble as Cernere’s! Yes, yes, yes! Make me cum!”

I moaned as sucked hard on her clit, her lavender juices flooding my mouth. My fingers plunged hot and fast into her asshole, teasing her. I savored her hot, tight flesh stretching to take my fingers. She shuddered on my face, tits dancing, her fingers twisting into my hair.

“Oh, gods, yes! Sophia! Yes! That’s how you make me cum!”

Her words exploded out of her mouth at the same moment her lavender cream gushed from her cunt. She squirted. She drenched me in her juices. I loved it, gulping them down. I shoved my fingers so deep into her bowels, making her groan and twitch, grinding so hard on me.

My pussy burned with excitement. I loved pleasing a woman. I loved making them cum. It was so hot. So wonderful. I sucked so hard on her pussy, drinking down all the juices as she spasmed and squirmed.

“You are the best, Sophia!” she shouted at the top of her lungs. “Just the best! No one makes me cum harder than you!”

I blinked at that. Was she speaking to Xera?

“Minx,” I groaned as she spasmed on me. I pulled my fingers from my lips. “Is there—”

“Where’s your strap-on? I want to fuck you.” She threw herself off of me.

“In my pouch,” I told her, smiling. I brought my fingers to my lips, savoring the sour flavor of her asshole.



I ripped open her pouch and found her marble dildo and its leather harness. I shivered. Having a cock was nothing special. Any woman could strap-on a dildo and fuck just as hard as Spray, my nixie lover and thieving boss back in Raratha, did. Or Xera.

I yanked on the harness, pulling the straps so tight to fit my narrow body. The dildo thrust huge from me, the base pressing on my clit. I grinned, stroking it like it were real as I stared at Sophia. She had her legs spread, her shaved pussy glistening. With the firelight bleeding through the tent’s canvas, I could see the swell of her small breasts, her fat nipples. Metal flashed as she licked her lips.

“Come fuck me, Minx,” she moaned.

“Oh, yes, you know I’m the best with a dildo, too,” I moaned loudly for the entire camp to hear. “I just want to fuck you! I’ll make you cum hard!”

“Oh, yes,” Sophia moaned. Then she grinned. “Holy Saphique, give life to my toy so I may give pleasure to all who love you.”

I gasped as the toy hummed to life, vibrating my clit. A hot shiver washed through me. “Oh, yes, vibrating dildos are the best! Who needs real cocks?”

“Exactly,” Sophia moaned as I jumped between her thighs.

My small hands grasped her hips. Her long legs wrapped about my narrow waist. I felt so tiny as I thrust the humming dildo into her pussy. We both moaned our pleasure. The vibrating stone pressed harder onto my clit while it churned her pussy to a froth.

She arched her back, her tits bouncing. I drew back and slammed into her, pumping my narrow waist as I fucked the taller human. Her head tossed back, brown locks—which was such a strange color for hair—flying about her face as she moaned out her pleasure. My bronze hands stroked her pale stomach as I pounded her.

“That’s it. Gods, you love being fucked by my dildo!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Sophia moaned, her hips bucking up into the thrusts, making her tits bounce more.

They were such nice tits. Not too big, but just perfect for my small hands to grab. If only she wasn’t so tall. I would have to stretch out to grab them. So I kept a hold of her hips as I fucked her hard, driving my dildo over and over into her depths.

The humming was wonderful. My clit throbbed beneath the massaging base. I couldn’t believe the naughty pleasure shuddering through me. My eyes widened. My entire body quivered. The pleasure raced through me.

“Sophia, your toy is so hot! I love it! Gods, this pleasure! Cernere’s nimble fingers!”

“You’re going to cum fucking my pussy, aren’t you?” she moaned. “Mmm, yes! Slata’s hairy cunt, fuck me!”

“I will fuck you so hard,” I moaned, my hips pistoning away.

Her eyes widened as I drove the dick in and out of her. “You fuck so fast! Oh, gods, this is amazing! Saphique’s perfect tits and tasty pussy! I love it! Fuck me! Make us both cum.”

“I will! Gods, I will.”

Her thighs were so tight about my waist as I fucked her hard. My pussy clenched. The humming on my clit was incredible. Every second built the pressure in me faster and faster. My fingers, looking so tiny on her big body, clenched her waist. Another powerful orgasm built and built in me.

My body tensed. My breasts bounced before me as I reamed deep into her pussy. I snapped back my head, moaning as loud as I could. I just had to fuck and fuck and fuck. Pleasure bathed my mind, drowning out everything else.

“That’s it,” Sophia hissed. “Drive that dildo into my cunt! Oh, Minx, yes! You know how to fuck!”

“And your toy makes me cum!” I gasped as my orgasm exploded through me. “Sophia!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, bucking, her body thrashing. She was cumming, too. I pictured her pussy spasming on the dildo, trying to milk it like it were a real cock.

The pleasure burst through me. It was so strong. So powerful. I was consumed by it. The rapture devoured me. I kept fucking her, savoring the toy’s humming base on my clit. It throbbed through me. It left me gasping and heaving. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head. I couldn’t believe how amazing this was.

It was stupendous. Perfect.

The rapture kept bursting out of my pussy. My hips kept fucking her. We both moaned and gasped, crying out our bliss as our bodies heaved. I leaned over her, planting my hands on the ground, staring down at her jiggling tits.

“Sophia,” I moaned, almost mad with pleasure, my clit aching beneath the vibrator. It was too much. I needed it to stop. “Sophia, please!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Minx!” she moaned. “I know! The buzzing almost hurts after several cums! It’s wonderful!”

And then the humming died.

I collapsed on her, my face resting on her tits. I groaned, seeing a hard nipple. Out of reflexive instinct, I latched on, sucking. She shuddered. Nothing happened for my first few suckles, and then her milk flowed. She could control it with her priestly powers.

I savored the creamy warmth flooding my mouth as I lay on her. I squirmed, closing my eyes. I had cum so hard. It was wonderful. I didn’t need anything else but fucking. If I wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, I would just leave.

“Minx,” Sophia said, stroking my hair. “What’s wrong between you and Xera?”

I froze. My mouth popped off her nipple. “Nothing. I’m just bored of her.”

“Bored?” She frowned at me. “But you love her.”

I flinched. How did Sophia know. “I don’t love her.”

“Minx.” She said my name with such sighing disappointment. “I know you do. I see how you look at her. What happened. You two were so close.”

I looked away, tears burning at my eyes. We were so close. “She’s married.”

“I know, but…” Sophia stroked my cheeks. “But she still loves you.”

Anger flared through me. “No she doesn’t! She made that quite clear! She doesn’t care about me. I was just a hole to fuck until she gets back to her wife.” I sneered. “Atharilesia. That’s who she loves Not me.”

“That’s not true,” Sophia said, grinning at me. “Did she tell you that?”


“She’s just confused. Because she does love—”

“She doesn’t love me!” I ripped the dildo out of my cunt as I sat up. My hands nimbly undid the straps despite shaking with anger. Tears stung worse. “Stop saying that.”

Sophia sat up, reaching for me, but I scurried back. “Minx, you have to talk to her. Make her realize that she can’t run away from her heart.”

“You don’t understand anything.” I threw the dildo at her.

She gasped in pain, the stone cracking into her head. She winced, rubbing at her scalp. “Minx…”

I snagged my clothing and darted out of the tent into the cold night. Angela looked at me from her position on watch. She opened her mouth to say something, but I grit my teeth and marched away from her.

I was done with this stupid group. I could find my way to civilization on my own. I just had to head north and I would reach the Free City of Thaville. It was a halfling city. I could start a new life there. I didn’t need dumb Xera and her dumb cock.

Tears fell hard down my cheeks as I walked into the darkness.


Bebhinn the Twinborn Witch

The orange evocation spirits dancing before my eyes let me see the world as if it was bright daylight. Angela sat before the fire. She stood up as Minx stalked naked into the darkness. The halfling’s shoulders hunched.

Sophia peered out naked from a tent. “Minx,” she called, “what are you doing?”

Moans of passion came from the other two tents. Shadows moved as Thrak, Faoril, and Xera fucked in one. Chaun and his wife Xandra were in the other. I liked the changeling, I did, but the bounty was too much to pass up on.

I reached out, stroking Moon’s silvery fur. The werewolf let out a low, growling rumble. “Enjoy your prey.”

The werewolf pack, gathered in the darkness around the camp, lunged forward almost at the same instant, instincts guiding them. I straightened and readied my spirits. It was time to gather the bounty and get out of these Las-damned woods.

I shivered at how rich I would be.

To be continued…

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