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This story tells of how a straight 21 year old me ended up naked, on all fours with my butt hole wrapped around the veiny shaft of a straight and married co-worker, 30 years my senior, on the marital bed in his house.


My name is Allen, after leaving school I was a little directionless, just bumming around with friends for a year or two before getting myself a job at a small car valeting place. I only went there because my parents, and also the unemployment centre was putting pressure on me to find something…anything.

I tried my best, I was a good worker, but the other guys there were quite unprofessional, smoking weed on the job and even taking customer cars for rides around the block. I’m not this type of guy and so didn’t really fit in which lead me to end up leaving.

Following a couple of short stints in other dead end jobs I ended up working in a large DIY store. This felt more like a proper job, with a uniform and everything. I had a driving licence and my own car by then as well. At last it all felt like my life was on the right track.

It didn’t take me long to settle in to this new job, to find my feet and get to know everyone. Most there were older than me but I fitted in quite well. One of the staff there did warn me though that I would need to be very thick skinned as there is a bit of a “banter culture” in the place that I would need to get used to if I was going to survive.

There was one particular guy there, a supervisor called Glen; at 51 years young he was one of those life-and-soul-of-the-party types, a laugh-a-minute type of guy who didn’t take himself or his job too seriously as many supervisors do, and was always engaging in banter, often quite rude banter of a sexual nature.

He had a “long suffering” wife, Paula, of 25 years, I say long suffering because that’s how many of the female staff, who know her well socially, would affectionally describe her situation with Glen, they think she must be a saint for putting up with Glen and his silliness for so long.

“You’re very smooth and skinny you aren’t you?” Glen said to me one Monday morning as I arrived for work about two weeks into the job.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“We saw you yesterday at the swimming baths.”

I was indeed at the swimming baths on my day off the previous day.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there.”

“Yeah, Paula said she’d love a figure like yours!”

Here we go, I’m finally getting the banter now, I thought to myself.

“I closed my eyes and thought about you when I was shagging Paula last night!” quipped Glen, causing an eruption of laughter amongst some of those in earshot of it in the staff break room.

“Take no notice of him.” said one of the older female members of staff to me.

This was my first experience of the “banter culture” I was warned about, but it was all good.

At work going forward my hairless and apparently “womanly” body would be a bit of a friendly running joke amongst some and a recurring theme of banter from Glen, mainly in front of others but sometimes when Glen and I were alone, I couldn’t even eat a banana at lunch time without sexually suggestive remarks from him, but I took it all in good humour.

One particular day I found myself working alone with Glen down an aisle; we were stocking some merchandise while engaging in small talk as you do.

I don’t remember how or why but Glen was talking about he and his wife, Paula’s sex life, just his usual banter I suppose, but then…

“I close my eyes and think about you and she gets the hardest banging she’s ever had!”

“That joke is getting a bit old now, Glen!” I replied with a sigh.

“I’m not joking though!”

In my naivety I still thought of this as innocent banter, dismissing it and laughing it off.

As the days, weeks and months went by, Glen’s conversations with me would nearly always be of a sexual nature and the “jokey banter” of a gay sexual nature, with him insinuating that I would be a “natural bottom” or “girly boy.”

I can see why he would think that, I’m not effeminate or anything like that but I’m far from being an alpha type, and there is also my slim hairless body, which he has seen, and keeps mentioning…a lot!

One evening he gave me a lift home in his car because mine was in the garage having some work done to it.

The news on the radio mentioned something about prisons. With a grin on his face glen turned his head to me:

“You’d be someone’s bitch in prison!”

“Is that so?…would I really?!” I replied, rolling my eyes. I was finding out that even outside of work he doesn’t let off.

“Don’t roll your eyes, you know you would…a sexy little thing like you!”

I shook my head smiling and just looked out of the window and didn’t respond to him.

There was a short period of silence before he asked me:

“Don’t you get mad when I tease you about being girly and gay what have you??”

“I know you’re only joking, I’ve learned to live with it by now.” I said.

“Lots of lads istanbul travesti would have knocked my block off by now!”

I didn’t have a response to that, I just continued to look out of the window.

“In all seriousness now, I know you’re not gay, but if it came down to having gay sex do you see yourself as a bottom or a top?” Glen asked.

“Well, erm, I think..”

“Because I don’t see you as a top at all!” Glen added, interrupting my response.

I was a bit reluctant to give him my honest answer to this because the last thing I wanted to do is give him more banter ammunition at work, and the idea of me being a dominant top wouldn’t have been credible to him… so I just told him:

“It’s not something I’ve ever thought about before…” – which was a complete lie, “…but realistically, Glen, knowing me I’d be a bottom if I’m honest.”

I awaited his laughter and mockery…but it didn’t come. I think he respected my honesty. “Hmmm, ok.” he said after a few moments thought.

We had reached my house by this point. He pulled over, I thanked him for the lift, got out and he drove away.

The next day just happened to be my day off and I spent the whole day slightly regretting what I’d admitted to him during that ride home, I was dreading being mocked when I returned to work.

When I did return to work the following day I was relieved to find out it was Glen’s day off, no one else mentioned anything about my revelation so he’d obviously not told anyone about it, so I had a one-day reprieve from what I thought was the inevitable humiliating mockery that Glen was going to subject me to.

The next day came, and Glen was his usual self but he said nothing specifically about our conversation in the car. There’s no way he’d forgotten about it, so It would appear that even Glen had his limits and wouldn’t do that to me.

Later on during the shift that day Glen tried to get me alone to do a work related task with him. Even though there was no real reason why it had to be me, he specifically sought me out to do it with him, but as I was tied up with something, someone else ended up having to do it with him, which I noticed frustrated him.

I found it odd he was seeking me out especially – but he was.

It wasn’t till the following day I encountered Glen alone. Down a quiet aisle while the shop floor was deserted he came up close behind me:

“Hello sexy bottom boy… a well hung top here for you!” he said, with his hands on my waist and his crotch pressed against my arse.

He acted like it was a joke but I sensed it wasn’t a joke at all. I think it was three frustrating days of him not being able to get me alone which caused him to be so forward, to make up for the lost time.

As usual I just laughed him off and carried on.

Frustratingly for him we were disturbed by some customers and that was the end of that little encounter.

The way that I responded to this incident just encouraged the following days and weeks of further inappropriate touching of me, butt slaps and gropes whenever we found ourselves alone because he knew I wouldn’t react angrily to it.

I didn’t think of myself as gay at all and so I suppose I should have shut this down by making it clear that I didn’t want it and it had to stop, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so, perhaps deep deep down there was a part of me that was flattered by the attention, and so my half hearted resistance only served to keep it going.

On one particular morning at work, Glen found a reason for us to be alone in the office – “I need you to help me print some stuff.” was the pretence.

So there we were in the office, the door wasn’t locked and anyone could have walked in at any moment but that didn’t stop him coming up behind me again, placing his hands on my waste, pulling me close to him before saying in a quiet voice in my ear, “I want to fuck you so much!”

“You can’t be serious!” I said to him, even though I could tell he was very serious.

He then pressed his crotch closer against me and I could feel his dick was rock hard.

“I am serious, I’ve wanted you for ages.” he said with a shaky voice.

I turned my head to him. “Glen, you’re not gay, you’re married, what about Paula??”

We then heard voices in the corridor outside gradually getting louder as if they were heading to the office we were in, so we moved away from one another.

They walked on by and didn’t come in the office, so Glen came to me again, this time face to face with him putting his arms around me.

He went to kiss me on the lips but I turned my head away a little and it landed on my cheek.

“Oh come on, Allen!” he said, as he took my hand and put it to the bulge in his trousers and made me feel and squeeze it.

“See how hard I am for you?”

“I don’t want that up my arse, it will hurt, stick it up your wife’s arse!” I said.

“She won’t, that’s just it, she won’t have up the arse any more, or give me blowjobs…she’s getting boring in bed!” Glen blurted out.

I istanbul travestileri recalled all the stories he told me about his and Paula’s sex life:

“So all that talk about you and her..”

“All that was years ago!” he confessed. “I sleep downstairs on the settee half the time these days, wanking myself off, thinking about you!”

Glen really was laying it on the line here, which made me feel I had to give him something, so I rubbed and squeezed his cock some more and gave him a kiss on the lips. “That’s all you’re getting!” I said sternly.

Right then the voices and footsteps outside returned but this time it sounded like they really were headed for the office, so we broke it off and went to opposite ends of the office pretending to do something.

“Meet me in the big blue shed in the far corner outside” Glen said to me in a hushed voice.

“A kiss and a cuddle is all that we’re doing!” I whispered back in a firm tone.

“Ok then” glen said a split second before the door opened and our co-workers flooded in.

Glen stayed in the office as I left and made my way to that big blue shed in the far corner. This was an ideal place for a secret meeting because from inside it you can see right across the outdoor yard if anyone’s coming.

As I was walking through the shop floor on my way to the rendezvous spot I was, slightly frustratingly, stopped by a customer that needed assistance with something.

Ten or so minutes later when that was done with I headed straight to the shed to wait for Glen.

I arrived to find Glen already there, sitting down on a bench.

“I was starting to think you weren’t going to come.” he said to me.

I went over and sat myself down next to him. I tried making small talk about all the spider webs in there, but then he started kissing me on the neck while rubbing the top of my thigh with his hand. We then started kissing, quite passionately, really deep French kissing. My heart was pounding out of my chest.

He then stopped and stood up to look through the dusty, cobweb filled window to check if anyone was around, and there wasn’t.

He then turned his attention back to me, looking down at me and me up at him.

He began unbuckling his belt.

“I thought we were just kissing?!” I said with a smile.

He then started unzipping his fly. I had to help him with that as it got snagged on the way down.

With his trousers down round his ankles, next was his boxer shorts. He went to pull them down but I took it upon myself to do it, taking the waistband with both my hands and then slowly pulling them downwards for him. They seemed a size too small for him because the waistband was quite tight and left an impression on his skin…it’s funny the things you notice in these sort of moments!

As I lowered them, gradually more and more of his cock was being revealed, and when the waistband went beyond the end of his flattened but semi-hard cock it sprung out towards my face and I was greeted with the awesome sight of his strutting and throbbing cock and dangling balls that looked full of cum.

There was a noticeable odour that wasn’t unpleasant, just a real mans natural musk. Paula eat your heart out! you don’t know what you’re missing. I thought to myself.

I put my left hand around his shaft. I felt flattered and also a naughty thrill as I thought about how this mans blood engorged cock, that really belonged in his wife Paula’s pussy, was on this occasion standing to attention all for me. Randomly, my mind also turned to my dad and how on earth he would react if he found out his only son was doing such a thing!

“Come on, Allen, suck it please!” Glen begged.

I wanted to but just couldn’t pluck up the courage to do it.

After a few moments I opened my mouth and went to put it around the end of his cock. I got to within a millimetre of it and noticed a bit of pre-cum seeping out of the tip, which made me stop, close my mouth and turn my head away.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I said with a trembling voice and chest pounding.

“Come on darling, you can do this.” Glen said in a hushed voice.

It felt really sweet that he called me darling and it made me feel like wanting to go through with it just this for him.

“Right, here goes then!” I said out loud as I readied myself to do it.

I pulled him a little closer to me and just put his cock straight in my mouth. I had my eyes open and was looking straight forward at his pubic hair about 8inches from my face.

A lot of the hairs were grey. Again, It’s funny what you notice and pay attention to in these intense moments!

I closed my eyes as Glen put his hand on the back of head and gently encouraged me to begin sucking his cock. I’d seen enough blow jobs in porn movies to know what to.

I put my lips tight around his shaft at the top and then began sliding my mouth up and down it as far as I could without gagging. I rolled my tongue around the his tip which caused Glen to give off a moan of pleasure. I surprised travesti istanbul myself at how good I was at this considering it was my first time, and Glen seemed to be appreciating it very much too.

“I’ve got a condom in my wallet.” Glen said as I was licking his balls.

“No Glen…I don’t know about that!” I replied.

I can’t fault him for trying but I think he knew that he wasn’t going to get my arse on this occasion, he didn’t want to push his luck with me, so he didn’t force the issue and left it.

“I’m gonna cum!” Glen quietly exclaimed ten minutes into the blow job I was giving him, which, as much as I was enjoying it, was a bit of a relief as my jaw was beginning to ache!

“IN YOUR MOUTH, IN YOUR MOUTH!” he demanded, as he took his cock in his hand and jerked vigorously pointing it into my open mouth.

“I don’t want it in my mouth!” I said, taking his cock in my hand and jerking it for him but aiming it away from me.

“IN YOUR MOUTH, COME ON!” he replied, getting closer to shooting.

As he was just about to explode I directed his cock back in my direction; I made a split second decision to take it in my mouth. I opened wide and awaited his load.

“AAAAAAAAGH!” was the noise he made as he began squirting his white cream into my mouth.

As a small amount landed on my tongue I chickened out and pointed it away and the shed wall behind me received the rest of it.

Still seated, I didn’t know what to do with the little bit on my tongue. I was tempted to spit it out but I didn’t want to disrespect Glen, who, satisfied and spent, was looking down at me, so I rolled it around my mouth a little before swallowing it.

At this moment we decided it would be a good Idea to get back to work before we were discovered or our work colleagues noticed we were gone.

“You should’ve let me fuck you!” Glen said, as he pulled up his trousers.

I didn’t respond to him, I just headed to the shed door to leave. I was having trouble with the bolt on the door which was a little rigid, this stalled me and gave Glen the time to come up close behind me. He managed to loosen the bolt but paused before he opened the door.

“Just think about it won’t you?!” he said as he slowly dry-humped me from behind up against the shed door.

“I’ll think about it.” I said, just to get away.

It was a good thing this ended when it did because as we opened the door and stepped out of the shed, there was an elderly couple a few sheds down from us heading our direction. Hopefully they didn’t notice the cum running down the wall in this one!

As Glen and I headed back to the main building, I was a little ahead of him and could sense his eyes all over my arse as we walked.

Back inside I couldn’t focus on work, all I could think about was what I’d done with Glen.

Going forward at work, Glen and I exchanged mobile phone numbers for the first time and had fairly regular discreet meets for kisses and blowjobs in the shed, in the store room and in his car, but I continually resisted his persistent requests to go further and fuck me. I just wasn’t ready for it. But something happened that would change all that.

One particular day on his day off, Glen came into work with his wife Paula. It was the first time I’d seen her since I had been doing stuff with Glen. She looked like she’d lost a little weight since I last saw her. and was actually looking pretty fit.

They’d come in to buy some paint as they were decorating their house. Seeing them together, with Glen placing his hand on her newly pert bum as they browsed the paint section lead me to imagine that their sex life must have come back to life. This made me feel quite jealous.

I decided right there and then that I was going to let Glen have his way with me and let him plunge his cock, which I’d had in my mouth many times by now, into my tight virgin arse.

The fantasy I played out in my head was for Glen to take me to his house while Paula was away, to lead me to the bedroom and make love to me on their marital bed. I may not have tits or a pussy but I do have a willing mouth and butt hole that I will slide up and down Glen’s long hard cock.

A couple of days later I was in the staff break room looking for something in my locker, then In walks Glen, it was just the two of us again, and of course not wanting to waste an opportunity like this, he positions himself behind me and simulates doing me from behind.

“Are you ever going to let me fuck you, Allen or what?!”

“Yes, babe.” I said to him.

“Oh you’re such a spoilspo- wait…what??!” an astonished Glen replied. He anticipated me declining as I had done endless times before, he’d just gotten used to it.

“Seriously, you’re up for it then??” an excited Glen asked.

“Yes, if you really want to.”

“You KNOW I want to.!”

“I want to do it in your house though.” I proposed to Glen.

“We can’t do at mine, Paula’s always there…can’t we do it here in the shed or the store room?”

“I don’t want a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am here. Take me to your house and my ass is yours!” I said… and I meant it.

A couple of frustrating weeks for Glen followed as we waited for an opportunity for him to have me at his house when Paula wasn’t there. Eventually, one arose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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