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Joe’s pain was real.

His hormones were giving him real grief.

It was difficult to breathe with the tight ache across his chest and his balls felt like they’d been kicked.

Totally preoccupied with his physical longing for Sarah, he was unable to think about anything other than the need to possess the precocious teenager.

His cock throbbed as he thought about the way she kept teasing him with tantalising glimpses of her gorgeous body. She knew what she was doing when she stoked the heat of his passion but, as yet, hadn’t provided him with the opportunity to obtain relief in the way nature intended.

He recalled the moment this morning when she’d climbed up to reach the bolts of material on the top shelf and then called for him to steady the ladder. Directly underneath, he had a full view of her shapely buttocks while reflecting on the lack of underwear. Hot and excited, but nevertheless embarrassed, he’d attempted to look away as she deliberately turned to reveal her cute little cunt.

He recollected the room spinning and sweat pouring from every pore of his body as he’d fought to overcome his agitation. Sarah had waited until he’d had a proper eyeful before rubbing herself against him as she came down, giving him a knowing wink.

It had taken a quick jerk-off in the toilet before he’d recovered his composure and reminiscing about the event had been responsible for two further bouts of masturbation at home this evening. Even now, he knew it was inevitable that a further climax would be sought before sleep would be possible.

* * *

Joe Robinson was just eighteen. He was two months into his first job as an assistant within the drapery department of Coxtain’s Departmental Store. Shy, polite and eager to please, he had impressed his boss as somebody likely to succeed in his career.

An only child, educated at a boy’s school, he was confident on every front except that of the opposite sex. Girls intrigued him, but he’d never had one to call his own. The biological differences had been taught at school, but he had yet to experience any sort of relationship with a female. The prospect of a sexual adventure stimulated his senses but he doubted his capability of carrying it off comfortably.

Sarah had joined the department two weeks ago. Extrovert and provocative, she soon made it clear she considered her role was to challenge all forms of authority. Young and attractive, only a few months older than Joe, she was completely absorbed with sex, spending most of her day attempting to inveigle her colleagues into intimate confession and debate. Her antics should have led to an instant dismissal, but somehow she’d survived up to now.

Diminutive, at less than five foot tall with a tiny frame, she looked little more than a school girl. Pert and bubbly, with a ready grin that sometimes slipped into a sexy pout, there was little doubt of her ability to charm. The large brown eyes set within her tiny oval face were enough to melt any man’s heart, while the perfectly proportioned body inflamed every male’s libido around her.

* * *

Joe’s recall was good as he fantasised her presence beside him. Totally smitten, he was prepared to be her slave in return for the service she was about to provide. He imagined her straddling his groin and impaling herself on his firm flesh while, in fact, he caressed his erection to orgasm before turning over to dream of her.

* * *

Saturday proved to be the crunch.

Sarah turned up for work dressed to kill.

Sporting a low neckline that revealed considerable cleavage and a long skirt split almost Alanya Escort escort to the waist, she was an absolute knockout.

The supervisor made it clear that she considered the rig-out unfitting for the store’s image but, since it was the busiest day of the week, had insufficient resources available to remove the youngster from her duties.

Joe was completely captivated from the outset, but became more and more infatuated when she started her antics. At first it was only leaning on the counter sufficiently to make it obvious her breasts were unrestrained by a bra. Then she dropped things, several times, causing her to bend over in front of him with her tits almost falling out of the blouse. Next she fidgeted with the waistband of her skirt, widening the split to reveal a substantial amount of thigh.

Later, when they were alone in the stockroom, she appeared to stumble enough for the skirt to fall completely open and expose the minute satin thong barely covering the intimate zone. She looked quickly to ensure she had his attention and then hooked her thumb under the elastic to remove the tiny triangle down and over her knees.

“Cripes, I nearly lost that up my bum,” she sniggered as she stepped out of the strip. “I think I’ll be more comfortable with it off.”

Joe stared bewitched at the proud lips of her sex that were now exposed for his inspection.

Sarah sat on the floor with her legs outstretched, slowly massaging the hirsute mound and watching her companion carefully for a reaction.

He blushed, trembled and attempted to look away, but his eyes soon returned to focus on her fanny. His breathing laboured as his penis grew, pushing hard at his trouser front.

“It seems you like what you see,” she said softly, looking pointedly at the bulge in his trousers. “How about introducing your wicked fellow to my hot little hole?”

“Don’t be daft,” he gasped, desperately trying to resist the temptation, “we’ll get the sack if anyone comes.”

“They’re all too busy downstairs,” she murmured seductively. “The only people likely to be coming is you and me, if you’ve a mind to give it a go.”

“This is neither the time or place,” he gibbered anxiously as a noise was heard at the door. “For God’s sake, let’s get out of here.”

Sarah was on her feet with her skirt back in place by the time the supervisor came in to shepherd them back to the queue at the counter.

The rest of the morning passed with Joe being continually harassed by the girl. Rubbing against him at every opportunity, she kept him on the boil with whispered overtures.

– “Did you like the look of my sexy slit?”

– “I’ve got an itch that needs attention, can we get together to do something

about it?”

– “Do you fancy a fuck?”

– “I’ve got a date lunch time, how about making it a threesome? I’ve always

wondered what two pricks at once would be like!” Poor Joe desperately tried to keep out of the way and ignore her advances, knowing that he could easily succumb and perhaps prejudice his job.

* * *

She left the shop at noon.

He munched on his sandwiches in the staff room, suffering agonies while contemplating what she might be up to with her date.

* * *

Sarah returned late and resumed her attack.

– “Pity you didn’t join us, it was great.”

– “My legs are still a bit wobbly from several orgasms and I’m still wet where it

counts. How about giving it a wipe for me?”

– “Are you sure you don’t want me? I really fancy you!”

The invasion continued until he finally broke down.

“Look. Alanya Escort bayan Please leave me alone to do my job,” he hissed vehemently. “I’d love to get together with you sometime, but not here!”

“Okay. I’ll be in Bluebell Copse tonight at eight,” she grinned lasciviously. “You know, behind the car park. Nobody goes there when the store’s closed. If you want me, be there.”

* * *

It was a warm summer’s evening, with the sun throwing exaggerated shadows through the trees as Joe made his way into the copse.

He didn’t know what to expect.

Would she be alone, or was this a resumption of her threesome idea?

Did she really fancy him, or was he just the means to an end?

Could he carry it through without making a fool of himself?

He had no answers, but a high level of excited anticipation fermented at his core.

Wearing a modest dress, she was waiting for him on a blanket in a grass covered glade at the centre of the deserted wood.

Alone, Sarah smiled her welcome as he dropped down beside her.

“Thanks for coming. I wasn’t sure you would,” she whispered quietly. “I thought my behaviour might have turned you off?”

“Well, I did get a bit embarrassed by your direct approach,” he admitted, “but I couldn’t resist this invitation.”

“So, you do fancy me?” The question was nearly lost as she rolled over to place a kiss on his brow.

“Totally,” he breathed, putting out his arms to pull her close.

His lips met hers and their tongues danced together while his fingers fumbled with the zip at the back of the dress.

The heat of her body ignited his desire as, finally, he was able to drag her dress down to her hips and caress naked flesh.

Squirming into a position to discard her clothing completely, Sarah then knelt to undress him.

His cock was rigid and ready. Panting, he sat up, rolled her over onto her back and sat staring at the perfection of her slender form. Her long hair was splayed above her head. The sexy pout was replaced by a defensive smile. Erect nipples at her breasts indicated her aroused state while the swell of her belly was instinctively pulled in under his gaze.

Joe could scarcely breathe as he put a tentative hand on her knee and her thighs fell apart, revealing the target of his desire.

He touched it, kissed it, nuzzled it and nearly passed out with excitement.

“Slow down,” Sarah warned him, sensing his urgency, “we’ve got all the time in the world and I want tonight to be special.”

“So do I,” he choked while introducing his knob to her labia, “this is my first time.”

“I thought it probably was,” she replied softly, “so let’s make it memorable, just in case it’s my last one.”

The comment did not appear to register as Joe lunged forward, driving his weapon in up to the hilt and immediately ejaculating.

“Oh shit,” he exclaimed with remorse, “I guess I was too excited.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sarah soothed him. “The night is young and you can make it up to me in other ways.”

“Anything you want, just show me,” he grunted as he withdrew and settled back beside her.

“Give me your finger,” the girl instructed. “Put it inside to gather some of the juice you’ve left behind and then gently rub it on and around the little hard knot at the top.”

Joe complied with her request and was thrilled to see the effect it had on his companion.

She sighed, puffed, thrust her pelvis up to increase the pressure, panted and groaned with pleasure.

“That’s nice,” she managed to mutter between gasps of Escort alanya delight, “but you could replace the finger with your tongue.”

Again Joe undertook her direction, managing the transition without letting up on the massage of her clitoris and was surprised to find the taste and smell to his liking. However, he didn’t have long to savour it as Sarah soon reached her peak and thrashed through a tumultuous orgasm.

“Well done,” she mumbled a few minutes later, “that’s the best I’ve ever had.”

The youth revelled in her praise and was turned on by the pleasure he’d been able to provide. His penis was, once more, standing proud.

Sarah eyed the tumescent member and smiled.

“Perhaps I can return the compliment,” she whispered suggestively. “Lay back and enjoy it.”

Joe’s heart lurched as her lips slid over the wet knob and took his shaft deep into her mouth. A combination of her soft mouth and active tongue soon had him squirming with ecstasy, culminating very quickly in a stream of semen into her throat.

They laid together, happy and sated, as the sun went down. The balmy night did nothing to disturb them as they relaxed and gradually slipped into lazy conversation.

“Did you enjoy your initiation into sex?” She purred.

“I sure did,” he muttered, “and I’m looking forward to more, ‘though I’m sorry I made a hash of things at the beginning.”

“It doesn’t matter, you more than made up for it.”

“So, you weren’t kidding when you said it was the best?”

“No, it really was.”

“Good,” Joe paused and frowned. “What did you mean when you suggested this might be your last time?”

Sarah pursed her lips and thought for a moment.

“Well, none of us can be sure what’s in front of us,” she drawled. “One thing’s certain, my life has got to change, as there must be something more satisfying than drapery and, in any case, I’m only on a casual contract with the shop. Do you know I once considered joining a band of hippies? No, of course you didn’t. Don’t listen to me, I’m babbling. Do you think you’re up to having another try with your dick?”

He hadn’t expected a further chance, but his equipment almost leapt to attention at the invitation.

This time he took it easy, gaining penetration in the missionary position and moving his shaft leisurely back and forth until Sarah showed signs of needing more.

Cautiously, he pressed deeper and increased the tempo.

He heard her moan as she thrust back at him, beginning to buck with the approaching climax and finally let go.

They thrashed together, abandoning any pretence of control, until both were rocked with an orgasm.

* * *

They catnapped for a while and then rejoined, this time with Sarah on top controlling the action.

After dozing in each other’s arms for an hour, Joe made it again, this time approaching from the rear with Sarah on her knees.

It was well past midnight when they dressed, with Joe walking her home before falling, exhausted, into his own bed.

* * *

She wasn’t at work on Monday.

Joe eventually enquired about her whereabouts and was informed that she’d left her employment last Saturday.

With dismay, he remembered the discussion about the hippies and, all of a sudden, recalled her comments about their session being her last. None of it made any sense, but he was considerably worried about her well-being.

* * *

At noon he went without lunch and, full of trepidation, called at her address.

“Can I speak to Sarah?” He asked the woman he assumed was her mother.

“She’s gone. I’m afraid you’ve missed her,” she replied.

“When will she be back?”

“Who knows when she’ll be able to visit, if ever,” he was informed. “Today is the day that she renounces her past and dedicates the rest of her life to Jesus. She joined the Convent of Saint Mary this morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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