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If you haven’t read The Initiates you may want to go back and read those Chapters first in order to better understand the characters for this story series. You may notice some slight mannerism changes in the Characters from the first two chapters — but the changes are only minor. I placed this story under the Group Sex theme for continuity with the previous stories. However, proceed with caution. This chapter also contains what I would define as light BDSM and some spanking. Future chapters will probably also contain anal sex as did the previous series. Please provide feedback. That’s the only way I improve my future writing — plus it’s the only compensation I receive for my efforts.

Chapter 1 — Another New Beginning

Almost five weeks had passed since Bill and Brenda had been initiated into an area group sex club. The two left the “initiation” early the next morning completely worn out, but also energized from the new experiences and new friends they had made. For days afterwards they had talked incessantly about the events of that night and early morning, but in addition to talking for endless hours they had also fucked like rabbits. Or maybe more accurately like kids with a new toy. Almost every serious conversation the two of them had about the experience ended with them in bed, or on the couch, or on the floor; making wild passionate love.

To say that their new membership had provided an extra spark to their marriage would be an understatement. Not only had Bill and Brenda spent a lot of their waking moments talking about the party, Brenda and Georgette had become fast friends as well. Almost every night the two of them would chat on the phone. They had met a couple of times for drinks and to go shopping in the last month. Brenda’s excursions and conversations with Georgette had done even more to spark the couple’s excitement about attending the next club party.

Generally the club met about once a month at the home of one of the members. Unfortunately the meeting immediately following their initiation was cancelled just a few hours before the party was to start due to a huge snow and ice storm. Bill would have probably walked the ten miles in the snow carrying Brenda on his back to attend, but smarter heads over-ruled his smaller head and the party was cancelled by the hosts.

Bill and Brenda didn’t waste that time though. They spent most of Friday evening and into early Saturday morning in bed. In fact, Brenda even called up Georgette and Bill around 9:00 that Friday evening and the two couples had four-way phone sex. That encounter was much less satisfying than physically being with one another, but still quite a turn on none the less.

Due to the after effects of the unseasonal snow storm the party couldn’t really be postponed until the next weekend, it had to be outright cancelled. As a result it would be another month before Bill and Brenda would get to have a “play date” with their new found friends and club members. The weekend after the originally planned party, Bill and Brenda were scheduled to attend a work related conference out of town. However, due to snow related problems at work that event was cancelled as well. As a result Bill and Brenda were somewhat down in the dumps as the weekend approached.

On Thursday night however, Brenda hung up from her nightly chat with Brenda with a new twinkle in her eye. “Bill, sweetie,” she started as she snuggled up to Bill in front of the fire. “Would you be upset if Georgette and I planned a little ‘private party’ for the four of us tomorrow night?”

Bill’s dick twitched in his pants at the thoughts jumping through his head, “What did you two have in mind?” Bill asked.

“Well… that’s just it, honey. I can’t tell you — but I think you’ll like it,” Brenda smiled sexily.

“Ohhhh… I’m sure if the two of you have cooked something up I’ll like it,” Bill smile broadly. “But the question is; should I be afraid?”

“There’s no reason for you to be afraid… but I’m not sure I can say the same about me,” Brenda responded cryptically as she jumped up off the sofa and left the room to call Georgette back.

Brenda went to the bedroom and spent the better part of an hour on the phone talking to Georgette. When she returned to the den with Bill she had adopted a poker face and said very little for the rest of the night. Even when Bill prompted her for information about the following night, she simply said, “You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.” For the rest of the night, and even after they snuggled into bed together, Brenda was very quiet and seemed to be contemplating serious matters from the look on her face.

After they had lay in bed almost an hour without going to sleep Bill finally turned on the light and looked at Brenda concerned, “Honey, is there something wrong? Do you not want to go over to George and Georgette’s tomorrow night? If you’re having second thoughts about this whole thing then let’s talk it rus escort out.”

“Relax, honey. I’m not having second thoughts. I’m just thinking about… well that’s part of the surprise that I can’t tell you about. Besides… who said we were going to their house tomorrow night? Now, put your arms around me and let’s get some sleep.”

As they spooned together, Brenda’s butt snuggled up against Bill’s growing erection, she whispered back to him just before drifting off to sleep, “save ‘that’ for tomorrow night.”

Bill had no more luck on Friday morning getting Brenda to spill the beans about the plans for Friday night. She did tell him that she was leaving work a little early, but would call him and give him instructions before he left work. Bill had very little time to reflect on Friday night as his day was extremely busy and he really had very little free time until almost 4:00 that afternoon. He had finally gotten through his last phone call of the day and pushed back from his desk when he got a simple text message from Brenda: When U get off work DO NOT go home and take a shower. Go directly to George’s house. I will send you another text at exactly 6:10 with instructions.

Even more puzzled, Bill left the office a few minutes after 5:00 and headed for George and Georgette’s. He tried to call Brenda for an explanation, but she didn’t answer her cell phone. Reaching their friends house at 6:00, Bill rang the door bell and was greeted by George. “Hey, Bill. Come on in. Do you have any idea what the ladies have planned for tonight?” George asked quizzically.

“None at all. I was just told to head straight for your house after work and not to shower or change clothes. I have no idea what those two have planned, other than they have been very secretive for the last few days. I was hoping you would know something,” Bill replied just as puzzled.

“Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Hang your coat up and let’s go into the den. I’ve got a fire going and we should hear from the girls any time now. Georgette said she would send me a text at exactly 6:10.” George replied as he led Bill through the house.

“That’s the same story from my end. Brenda said she would send me a text message at exactly 6:10.” Bill responded.

As if on cue both of their mobile phones went off with text message alerts.

George read his text first: “I hope you are settled in and comfortable. Please get up and close the door into the den. You and Bill can chat and he’ll give you further instructions.”

Bill then read his text: “Settle in and chat with George for a little while. In a few minutes you’ll hear us come in through the garage. That is the cue for you and George to stand in the middle of the den, side by side and facing the door – with your eyes closed. We’ll tell you when to open them.”

With an even more puzzled look on their faces, George rose and closed the door into the den before settling down on the couch to talk to Bill. Or at least ‘try’ to talk. The men were both puzzled and excited as they tried to force a conversation about football, while at the same time wondering what exactly their two ladies had planned for them tonight.

At lest 45 minutes had passed before they heard the front door open and the sounds of, what they assumed were Georgette and Brenda, coming inside. Bill explained his text message to George, “Brenda said we are to stand in the middle of the room, facing the door to the den, and close our eyes. They will tell us when we can open them.”

Both men eagerly stood up and closed their eyes tightly. Several tense moments passed before they heard a light knock on the door to the den, “Are your eyes closed?” they heard Georgette ask.

Both men replied in unison, “Yes.”

“Good. Then keep them closed until we tell you to open them,” they heard Georgette’s voice as the door opened and soft footsteps padded across the room.

Seconds later it was Brenda’s voice that spoke up, “okay. You may both open your eyes now.”

George blinked a few times as he tried to focus in on the naked form of his petite wife kneeling at his feet. To her side was the equally naked Georgette also kneeling in front of George.

“George, Sir may I have your permission to ask you a question?”

“Yes, Georgette. What’s your question?” George responded.

Looking directly into George’s eyes she began, “Do you remember how I learned to accept your occasional dominance over me? How I learned to love being submissive to you… to be spanked by you? How I finally learned to understand why I got sooooo hot when you would just casually swat my butt? Well… over the last few weeks I have told Brenda how our friends introduced the two of us to this new way to play. And Brenda would like to learn the same way.” Georgette quietly rested back on her ankles. Brenda was quiet during the entire time, but never took her wide open eyes off of Bill.

“Hmmm…” sıhhiye escort George pondered. “That sounds like a wonderful idea. But maybe we should ask Bill what he thinks. I mean it has been pretty presumptuous of you and Brenda to plan all of this without consulting with Bill. He may not be interested in this kind of playing. Bill? What do you think? Are you interested in a little game playing with our two wives here?”

“Well, if you had asked me a few weeks ago I would have probably said no, but I’ve got to admit that the idea of learning how to spank my wife’s gorgeous ass has really gotten me turned on.” Bill excitedly replied, looking down at his now rigid cock. Turning to Brenda he asked, “Brenda, what about you. Is that truly what you want right now?”

“Yes, Sir,” Brenda responded without taking her eyes off Bill.

“Bill, what our two ladies are proposing is that I teach Brenda how to be submissive to you and let Georgette teach you how to be dominant over Brenda. A few years ago another couple taught the two of us in a similar manner. But before you agree, I need to explain that we would be doing this in separate rooms. You and Georgette would be in one room and Brenda and I would be in another room. Georgette and I found that when we were taught all about dominance and submission it made it much easier for us to be separated from one another. When Georgette and I are playing this way, she is completely subservient to me. It’s more than just spanking, it’s also an attitude. An attitude that allows me to be completely in control of Georgette. Completely in control of her body. Had we learned together it would have taken some of the mystique out of that. But the decision is completely yours.”

“Well it looks like my wife has already voted on what she thinks,” Bill laughed. “As for me… I think I understand what you are saying. If I was fumbling around trying to learn what I was doing with Brenda in the room, it would take a little of the edge off of it every time we ‘played’ as you put it. So… yeah… I think I’m in.”

George simply looked at Georgette and gave one slight nod. “Brenda?” Georgette spoke softly. Brenda had been holding her breath the entire time that George and Bill had been talking but she had never taken her eyes off of Bill. “Brenda!” Georgette spoke a little louder breaking Brenda’s concentration.

“Yes?” Brenda asked.

“Stand up and go kiss your husband,” Georgette instructed.

Brenda rose quietly to her feet and padded over to Bill, immediately taking him in her arms for a warm, loving kiss. George and Georgette allowed them those few moments time to be together in each other’s arms; until they broke the kiss themselves and looked back over at George and Georgette.

Georgette spoke again, “Bill, I need you to place Brenda’s hand in George’s. Symbolically giving her to him…. Recognizing that you are giving George your permission to control your wife for the next hour or so… Brenda trusts that George will not hurt her at anytime, but she is also accepting that, once you place her in George’s hands, that he has complete control over her — body and mind.”

Bill looked at Brenda and whispered softly, “Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

Without any hesitation Brenda responded softly, “Yes, Bill I am.”

With those words Bill placed Brenda’s hands in George’s and gave her a brief kiss on her cheek. With that George immediately lead Brenda from the room and upstairs.

Bill Learns from Georgette

Bill looked back at Georgette, still kneeling on the floor, unsure what to do or to say next. Georgette sensed Bill’s uncertainty, “Bill are you concerned about Brenda?”

“No, not really,” Bill responded. “I can’t explain it, but I totally trust George. For some reason I just know that Brenda and I can trust him — trust both of you. It’s… and this probably sounds selfish, but I’m a little concerned about me. I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to… to please Brenda in this way. To make her happy. I’ve always been kind of protective over Brenda, maybe it’s her petite size, maybe it’s the second marriage thing, but I’ve always been tender with Brenda. Even in our kinkiest love making I’ve always been ‘gentle’ when we made love.”

“And I’m sure that is what Brenda wants too. But it sounds to me from what Brenda has said tonight that sometimes, certainly not all the time, but every once in a while she wants to be, needs to be, controlled by you… dominated by you… told what to do… told how to do it and sometimes… sometimes she just simply wants to be taken over your knee — or over the sofa and spanked. Spanked softly, spanked hard. Fucked softly, fucked hard. Just simply taken by you. Owned by you.” A small shiver went through Georgette as she spoke thinking about how her own husband played those games with her.

“Sometimes that’s just what women like sincan escort me… women like Brenda and I need. A firm, hard man to be in total and absolute control over them. That release… that submission is so much of a physical… mental release for me. After one of mine and George’s sessions I sometimes sleep for ten or twelve hours straight. I wake up so relaxed… so loved… it’s a feeling I can’t really explain. I think Brenda wants to feel that same kind of release… that same kind of surrender to you. I should also explain that this isn’t a permanent, full time life style for George and me. We sometimes go weeks without playing these little games. Then sometimes we’ll extend our play sessions to include an entire weekend, or even an entire week, like we agreed to the other week when we made our bet.” Georgette finished her explanation and relaxed back onto her ankles.

“When you made your bet earlier… what would have happened if you had won? Do you spank George like he does you? What happens then?” Bill questioned, somewhat concerned.

“No, George doesn’t get off on receiving spankings. Although I must admit I do like to swat that tight, sexy butt of his once in a while,” Georgette laughed. “Had I won it would have been more of a head game. I love to blindfold George and lead him around the house like my little slave. But usually when I win it’s more of a ‘servant’ thing than a slave. I might have him bathe me, or give me a massage, or spends hours with his head between my legs… denying him his own release while I have him give me dozens of orgasms,” Georgette reflected dreamily.

“So…” Bill asked. “What does Brenda need, what do you need right now?”

“I think you may have just mastered the first lesson Bill. First, this is really all about Brenda’s needs. You may be dominant over her, but that in itself is actually filling Brenda’s needs. She needs that domination. Hopefully you want and enjoy the same thing — George certainly does. But, while being directed and controlled by you the entire session is really about filling Brenda’s needs. By taking her under your control you are actually filling that need.”

“So how do we start? I mean you’re sitting there kneeling at my feet what do I do? How do we get started?” Bill asked.

“Well the first thing we do is go take a shower. We both need to wash some of the day off of us. Let’s head to the bathroom and get cleaned up. Then we’ll get started on your lesson,” Brenda explained as she rose from the floor. Almost on cue they could hear a shower upstairs turn on. “Sounds like George and Brenda are slightly ahead of us. Let’s get going.”

Georgette took Bill by the hand and led his naked body back to the bedroom as if this was the most casual thing in the world to be doing right now. Bill couldn’t help but fixate on Georgette’s bouncing boobs as they padded down the hall, which almost caused him to bump into the door as they entered the couple’s massive bedroom. Georgette barely slowed in this room as she steered him into an equally massive bathroom. Their master bath had a luxurious spa-like feel to it. A small water closet held a toilet and bidet while the large bath area had a two-headed shower and a separate jetted tub easily large enough for three or four people. A long double vanity ran along one wall.

“Bill, if you don’t mind, rather than running the risk of us getting frisky right away by showering together why don’t you shower first, while I take care of some personal business. Then I’ll shower while you sit and relax?” Brenda suggested. “There are towels and wash clothes on the counter. Soap and shampoo in the shower. After you get out there are new tooth brushes in the top right drawer. Make yourself at home. Oh, one thing. The master bedroom is the one room in the house that belongs exclusively to George and me. No partying in there. You and I will either stay in here or go back to the den after we shower,” Georgette explained as she headed to the toilet area.

“Sure… but you know Georgette… I’ve often wondered how a bidet worked…” Bill grinned as he turned to follow Georgette into the toilet room.

Laughing at Bill, Georgette pushed him toward the shower, “Nothing doing Mister. Shower first, then we play.” Bill heard a click as she firmly closed and locked the door to the toilet.

Both Bill and Georgette made short work of showering and freshening up. Brenda could sometimes take what seemed like hours taking a bath while Georgette was in and out in a flash. He had just barely had time to brush his teeth while she was in the shower. While Georgette was toweling dry Bill sat down on the side of the tub to really take in Georgette’s body for the first time in such detail. He was struck by the contrast between Georgette and his wife. While Brenda was petite, Georgette was anything but. She wasn’t a large woman by any definition, but compared to Brenda she was certainly larg-er. She probably stood 5’7″ maybe even 5’8″. Her blonde hair was shoulder length. Her tits were large; Bill was guessing at least a C-cup, maybe even a D. Her waist was slim and trim, but she had somewhat of a bubble but. Not fat by any stretch, just full and…. spankable. Was that even a word?

“Comparing me to your wife?” Georgette asked, breaking him from his daydream.

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