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Brianna was having a rough day. Her boyfriend had just dumped her, her car had gotten hit in the college parking lot, and she returned to her apartment only to find that the power had gone out sometime in the afternoon. Her cell phone was dead and it was starting to snow outside while the wind started howling like a banshee. She almost cried.

After the day she had, she went into the bathroom, intending to sit and soak in the tub for a while, thankful that the building still had enough hot water for that. She brought in her small battery operated radio, put on some jazz, lit some candles and let the ambiance slowly ebb away the tension of the day as she closed her eyes.

Her hands went to gently exploring her body, as they tended to when she was in the bath. Her delicate fingers started playing with her hardening nipples under the water, her mind going to the last time she played with them; just this morning in the shower. It was different in the bath, though. They were warm and wet from the water, but slippery from the bubble bath that coated her nipples as they seemed to float just on top of the water, locked from her eyes by their bubbly prison. Her breasts were supported in the water, their boyancy giving an eroticism to the bath that no shower could match.

Brianna found her hands moving subtly south in the suds, her finger tips grazing down her ribs to the soft flesh of her belly, the muscles writhing under her skin, begging her to tease herself more. The touch was no longer her own, it became that of an unseen and familiar lover, one that takes time to tittilate before it rushes to penetrate. She was not in control, she was an observer, the delicate touch of her skin against her finger tips was simply a bonus against the canvas of pleasure they were painting on her body.

Slowly, the hands separated, one returning to the slippery, turgid nipples, the other venturing down to the V of her trimmed pubic hair and the gentle swell of her mons. With mock hesitancy, her fingers wrapped around the curves of her body, both finding tender, sensitive buds of sexual flesh, both eliciting a quiet moan and a shiver from Brianna. Her tongue snaked out to wet her lips, her chest heaved in short, shallow breaths, and her fingers continued their well-known explorations, following paths forged long ago.

A finger ran softly down the ridge of her slit, tickling the closed lips before pushing deeper, her finger making a small circle above her inviting opening. A thumb and another finger softly pulled and lightly twisted the her left nipple, the hand they belonged to massaged the breast beneath it. Her body shivered and she moaned, louder this time, the sound mixing with the light popping of bubbles and the sound of muted jazz filling the room. Brianna sucked a breath in, her body filling with need as her back arched, her chest thrusting out of the water as the finger between her thighs found the sensitive nub of her clit, sticking proudly out of its hood, begging for attention.

One circle, followed by another, then a third in the opposite direction made her muscles quiver and her legs spread farther apart, giving more access to her opening flower. Brianna heard herself moan louder, drowning out the quiet sounds of muted trumpets and snare drums filling the space. The fingers on her nipple left it, cold and devoid of bubbles, sticking high above the water, only to find the other nipple, crying out for the same attention. The fingers on her clit and those on her breasts found their targets at the same time and Brianna cried out, her body thrashing in the bathtub, water and suds rocking with the motions of her body.

The lover’s embrace was more hurried now, the tease fading to fulfilling the need that was over taking her mind. The sexual current between her skin, her sex, and her nipples fought and overcame the thoughts in her mind. Her whole being was in the feelings cascading from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Every hair on her head felt electrified, every sensation of the bathwater, the soap, the hands exploring and enticing her body, even the sound of the music in the candlelit room heightened the very essence of the moment. Every second delivered her higher, her body thrashed as her fingers gently began to stroke in and out of her most private recesses, her thumb strumming her sensitive clit like a guitar, while three of her fingers slid, flexed, and stroked in and out of her pussy, pushing the hot water in and around her most sensitive flesh. The feeling was almost unbearable, and Brianna heard the sound of someone constantly moaning and panting, the room full of the sounds of a woman being pleasured.

Brianna’s feet slid along the tub, her thighs pushing against them once they found purchase. Her whole body arched up out of the water, becoming the picture of a young woman, soap suds dripping from her trembling body, propped against her neck and her submerged legs. Her breasts shook with her heart beat and şişli escort jiggled with the ministrations of the hand working them while the wet sounds of self-pleasure filled the room, her sex lifted just high enough from the water that she could hear the sound of the fingers splashing in and out of her, the bathwater splattering with the motion.

She kept moving higher and higher, seeing only stars, feeling only the motions of the fingers inside her and the lightening coursing through her body to her fogged mind. She could feel the climax building, her toes started to curl against the tub, her knees started to tremble. Brianna was a hostage to the volcano about to erupt within her and take her on the firework-filled roller coaster that ended in blissful exhaustion. The fingers working within her curled up and flew in and out of her smoldering sex, the anticipation of the next second filling the room. The hand working her nipples left them, letting them feel cold and making them turn harder, the heat of her body building. A hand appeared in her bush, the fingers teasing the soft skin along her pussy lips and a single finger stroked her clit, sending her exploding over the edge.

Brianna’s shaking body collapsed into the tub, sending water and suds over the edge, dowsing half of the candles in the room. Her breathing was ragged, coming in sharp gasps as she lay in the tub, letting the orgasm wash through her body like the rapidly cooling water washed over it. A strange feeling filled Brianna, subtle at first as the crooning of Frank Sumatra pouring from her stereo. The water was getting colder and the fire in her belly was growing warmer. The rest of her was growing colder, however, and she decided to pull herself from the tub.

Brianna walked around her apartment naked, toweling off as she went, but leaving her dark red hair down and wet. She decided to put it in a bun later and threw a robe over her rapidly chilling body to keep her warm. The thought occurred to her to just throw an extra two blankets on the bed and curl under her down comforter and go to sleep. She stared at the bed, her hands on her hips contemplating the idea just before a knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Fuzzy gray and brown bunny slippers found their way onto her feet and she walked to the front door, her hips swinging as her body still buzzed with post-orgasmic tremors. A quick glance through the peep-hole quashed those thoughts in an instant.

Her landlord was outside, still fat as ever, a barely smoking cigar hanging from his grime-stained lip. His coveralls were smudged even more than his face, and he didn’t look happy at all. Brianna opened the door and clutched the robe tightly around her body, trying to cover more of her skin.

“Miss Reynolds,” he said gruffly, his sausage fingers taking the stogie from his lips. Only his breath out performed his appearance; it was a combination of gingivitis and what smelled like fuel oil.

“Mr. Greenwell,” she said respectfully and bowed her head a little. His eyes undressed her without staring at anything in particular. There wasn’t any part of her body that she wanted this man to look at, but he at least tried to keep his gaze focused on her face.

“I’ve been working’ on the power since the outtage the safternoon, and I’m positive that it’s not in the building and it’s ’cause of the storm. I got the boiler goin’, so you’ll have heat and hot water at least. I’m waitin’ on the power company and they say ‘they’ll get to it as they can.’ Sorry ’bout the incontinence,” the landlord said politely. Brianna smiled at him, sincerely in appreciation of the information and he tipped an invisible cap to her and turned to the end of the hall way. The outside door opened and she saw him disappear into the wintry scene.

The sudden blast of cold air went right through Brianna’s terry cloth robe. Her nipples and her aching pussy were electrified instantly, almost making Brianna bend over with the sudden rush of pleasure back to her body. She looked outside once more and shut the door, waiting for the apartment to fill with heat from the steam pipes. She didn’t have to wait long, and she turned up her thermostat to full to help expedite warming up her meager apartment.

Satisfied, Brianna went to bed, not needing the extra blankets. She shucked her robe, letting it fall on the foot board of her bed and she crawled between the sheets, the chill from the cold fabric tantalizing her flesh once more. She fought hard to not touch herself, but she noticed she was subconsciously shifting, always moving to a spot in the bed where her body hadn’t warmed yet, her nipples standing high and proud against the cold fabric.

Brianna tried and tired to get to sleep, but the embers of self-passion would not extinguish. Out of frustration she tried to bring herself to orgasm, but she couldn’t even begin to get the embers to blaze into the fire necessary to bring about the end mköy escort her body so desperately needed. Brianna let out a grunt of dissatisfaction and got out of bed, throwing the covers off. The apartment was warm enough to not need a robe, but she picked hers up anyway and threw it around her body.

The robe was damp from her putting it on after her bath, and it had chilled from the night air during the discussion with the landlord. The combination made Brianna shiver in the most delightful way and she felt her pussy begin to water at the feeling. She walked over to her freezer and felt inside quickly, remembering as she shut the door that she didn’t have anything left in it and she needed groceries. Anything in the fridge would need to stay there to stay cool in case the power was off for too long. Locked in a fog of frustration, being so close to what she needed and yet, so far, she flopped down in her recliner, robe split open, legs spread and glared at the TV.

A sliver of moonlight filtered into the apartment and Brianna looked outside. A flash of brilliance hit her and she started laughing, her breasts shaking gently with the motion. She tied her robe around her quickly, put her bunny slippers back on her feet and she ran outside.

The snow was a good bit deeper than she expected, but looking up, she saw her goal. The building was notorious for its icicles. The storm provided her with some good ones tonight; usually they were considered a safety risk for the people of the building, but not tonight. Tonight, Brianna spotted one almost as thick as her wrist and a good 3 feet long for most of the shaft. She reached up and snapped it off, getting most of it from the gutter, and then gingerly brought her prize inside. With the door shut, she walked over to the thermostat and turned it down, wanting her treasure to stay with her as long as possible. Already, the ice was beginning to melt in her fingers.

Brianna’s robe hit the floor as she walked into her living room to her recliner. She sat in the chair, legs spread, looking down at her ruby bush, her bright pink nipples, and the nearly 3 foot shaft of ice in her small hands. With a deep breath she tenderly touched the large end of the icicle to her left nipple. Her body almost curled up as she shivered in passion, her breath coming to her in a ragged gasp and leaving in a muted purr. She touched the other nipple, eliciting the same response.

Gingerly, she ran the already melting ice down her chest to her belly button, her senses awakening even more with the feeling of cold water trailing on her skin, a tiny pool of it forming in her shallow cavity. Her stomach crawled with the muscles writhing under Brianna’s skin, anticipating what was coming as the icy spear skipped over her lower abdomen, avoiding the patch of ruby fur to caress the skin of her inner thigh, starting at her left knee and moving slowly up her trembling skin. Brianna’s eyes closed and the icy scepter became the possession of someone else, someone unseen, some who knew exactly where and how to please the young woman.

As it neared the junction of her thighs, the icy exhilaration made Brianna gasp raggedly, her chest heaved with the motion and her heart pounded in her chest. Her need rose as she felt the cold pulling the heat from her sex. Teasingly, it stayed just out of range of her open flower, the cold caressing her pink folds more skillfully than any tongue ever had. It remained tauntingly close to her craven pussy before it skipped over the wanton hole, abandoning Brianna in her time of need. She felt the icy rod move to her right knee, the dripping tip moving up her thigh, the cold making her shudder in sensation and lust.

The icicle was not teasing her this time as it had on the last pass. Once it made it to the top of her thigh, Brianna spread her legs as far as she could in the chair, letting her frosty lover have full access to the treasure it sought. Slowly, its tip grazed along the outer edge of her labia, bathing her pussy lips in cold and the slow drip of water as it dissolved in the heat of her passion. Brianna heard her voice cry out as it rounded the curves of her flower, she felt her aching pussy gasping for attention as it rounded the bottom of her slit and she felt her juices flow as the slowly melting dildo rolled slowly back up the other side.

It met her clit with an unexpected quickness, the thickness of the tip surprising Brianna. She almost jumped out of the chair when the cold, dripping tip met her sensitive pink bud. The feeling could not be matched by the heat of any lover’s breath, the liquid touch could not be met by any tongue that had ever lazily teased her flesh. She gasped her breath in, her lungs unable to keep up with the blinding, dizzying pleasure her frozen toy was giving her. The rod lifted from her sex, letting the almost-freezing water drip down on her clit, each slow caress made her body convulse and curl up in the chair.

After güngören escort a moment of this torture, Brianna willed the scepter lower, once again making contact with her open sex pot, her breath drawing in sharply. The water pooling on her twat flowed sweetly down into her gaping hole, Brianna’s pussy shuddering and shivering in delight at the cold embrace.

“Please,” Brianna heard her voice beg in the empty apartment. “Please….now….” her voice urged. The icy rod had lifted from her sensitive flesh, just long enough to drip all around the entrance to her boiling inner core. Only another moment’s hesitation was there before she felt the thick, bumpy rod push against her entrance. At first it felt like it was going to be too big, but her pussy stretched to accommodate, and with the heat of her lust, the icy rod started melting in no time at all, using itself as lubrication as it slid up into her pussy.

Brianna stopped breathing. Her whole world stopped, her heart jumped into her throat. The cold intruder stretching her pussy in length and girth made her hotter than she could have possibly imagined. She realized vaguely that she was screaming on every breath, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop. She felt the bumpy icicle pull out of her trembling walls, she felt her tunnel trying in vain to grasp the slippery invader. After it had pulled out completely, she felt the void of her empty cavern aching and working for the attention it had just received. She also felt the puddle of cold water pooling in the depths of her twat, sloshing lightly inside her as her body trembled in pleasure.

Brianna’s eyes opened and she saw the thick icicle push back into her, disappearing an inch at a time, the thick ripples stretching her opening as the length bottomed out and pushed against her womb. She felt it try to go farther, the cold making her spasm and need more, but she couldn’t take anymore. Her slippery hand slid down the water coated shaft until she felt her wrist on her drooling sex. The sudden temperature difference on he clit made her curl up, her abs clenching, her cunt trying to crush the ice pleasuring her so. She felt the invader roll, twist, and stir inside her, churning her cunt and her insides like a stew of sex.

Brianna came. Not a slow rocking orgasm like she had in the bath, but a violent, immediate, and ultimately satisfying orgasm. Brianna was consumed in her lust and she felt the icy cock pull out, her eyes open just wide enough to see that she had over 9 inches of it buried in her drooling snatch. She felt the water running down her ass like a frozen cream pie from her constantly cuming cock of frost. Her pussy was steaming; little puffs spewed forth with each contraction of her cunt muscles. Every trickle of water made her orgasm more intense as it tickled her ass with its cool embrace.

The intruder stabbed into her again, grinding deeply against her cervix, teasing, taunting, and rocking the sensitive skin more than anything else she’d ever felt. She had expected pain, but she received only pure orgasmic bliss. The sound of the icicle splashing into the reservoir of cum and melted ice sent her off again, Brianna envisioning it as a massive pond of cum deep in her belly, being added to it by the second.

The intruder withdrew again, popping out of her gushing snatch and brining a rush of cold water out, splashing against her thighs and running down her superheating skin. It dove back down into her, all tenderness gone, seeking only to satisfy the lustful need that it could only bring, covering her in a growing mess of her own honey and the almost frozen water. The combination of the two were too much for her and she started to orgasm again, but this time she didn’t stop. Her hands guided her frozen lover into her channel and she noted it was getting thinner and shorter, the heat of her cunt melting it as quickly as she could plunge it deep into her core.

Brianna’s hands started sliding down on the intruder, and she adjusted her grip to grind it deep into her pussy, stretching it once again with the thick root below her hands and the continuously cuming tip busily burrowing its way into her very being.

Brianna lost control. She didn’t even know she was screaming this time, she only knew that she was cuming like she never had before. Her contracting pussy kept squeezing the mixture of watery cum out of her, soaking her hands. She kept pummeling her pussy, her wrist crushing against her clit on every rapid stroke, the rapidly melting icicle sliding mercilessly in and out of her churning love nest.

She lost all sense of reason and her mind went on orgasmic auto pilot. The ice dildo was a blur, controlled by her hands but not her mind. Her hands shifted constantly now, the icicle melting in her hands and in her constantly cuming cunt as more and more of her juices and the watery cum of her lover splashed out of her. The splattering of the mixture on the floor and couch was music to her ears, heard clearly over the hammering of her heart, her ragged breath, and her constant, guttural moans. She was alive in that minute. She was cuming constantly and nothing could distract her, nothing could bring her to reality, and in that moment, her pussy was all she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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