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Ruth is a single friend of mine and she owns a house about 30 minutes away from me. She is what is known as a unicorn: a single, bisexual goddess. She’s 5’8, long, raven hair and fair skin. I met her through a guy I talked to on a swinging website, who’s name is Sean. The great thing about talking to them both is that we’ve all been open and honest about what we want and what we like. We really connect and enjoy some of the same things. Besides sex, Sean is into health and fitness. And Ruth openly enjoys a swinging lifestyle. She is beautiful, independent and successful. She also has a love for shoes and pretty things like high heeled shoes, hot women and sexy men.

I met Ruth for coffee a couple weeks ago and coffee turned into a delicious lunch. I felt very safe and respected and we were really opened up to each other. She showed me some personal pictures of herself amongst friends, which I loved and I showed her some of mine. I could tell she was happy with my attitude and appearance. I liked her confidence as well. She told me she found my eyes to be very intense. After lunch, she kissed me in her car and drove me to mine on the other side of the lot. We made tentative plans immediately.

Now, this party for Sean she was hosting has been in the works for a while. He asked me to come even before I met Ruth, but I didn’t know if I was ready for a group experience. The one thing I knew was my comfort around Ruth. I knew there would be lots of nudity if I went but that’s never been an issue for me. I also discovered, Ruth and I have the same standards in partners and we are both comfortable with ourselves. Since I enjoy watching porn clips, I figured I might enjoy watching and participating in live sex acts. I decided to give it a try.

I’d planned everything I needed to do that week so I’d be ready for Friday. I’d worked out hard every day so my body would look good and I meticulously watched my diet. I got my nails done the day before and got my pussy waxed the day of. I already picked out what I was going to wear, a black, tight tank dress, black bra, black lace panties and my 5-inch peep toe patent leather heels. After my waxing, I went home, napped and showered. I shaved everywhere that needed to be smooth. I washed my hair and styled it. The process took about three hours but I was coming together nicely. Then, I started on my skin and make up. I washed, exfoliated, moisturized and primed my skin. I primed my eyelids so my heavier than normal eye makeup wouldn’t come off either. I applied foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush and highlighter. On my eyes, I applied a sheer, shimmery neutral shadow and a rose-gold accent color in the crease. I applied lots of eyeliner and false eyelashes and mascara. My hair and makeup were amazing! I freshened up and washed myself in a shallow bath one last time before getting dressed. I brushed my teeth and flossed. Finally, after a swipe of pink lip-gloss across my lips and a light spray of perfume, I was ready to go on time. I’d spent hours getting ready but I was completely calm and prepared. I even looked at driving directions and had Ruth’s address in my GPS.

Ruth told me to arrive between 8:30 and 8:45; I arrived at twenty to 9. Perfect. Not even one nerve acted up until I walked up her driveway. I was nervous about tripping in my shoes, but I kept composure. I knocked on Ruth’s door and she excitedly greeted me. Besides Ruth and Sean, two of the girls were there already. Ruth introduced me to Connie and Melania.

Ruth poured me some red wine in a glass and handed it to me. I put my coat and bag down on one of her barstools by the kitchen. I was too nervous to open her closet and hang it up myself. Someone else’s coat and bag were on an adjacent barstool as well and no one was sitting in the kitchen, so that’s where my outerwear went. Connie seemed very quiet. Standing at 5’5 with 3-inch heels, she wore a black dress and her long red wavy hair draped down her back. Melania stood about 5’6 in platform wedges and her slightly curvy figure stunned in a short black skirt and tight, low-neck top. She looked pretty with medium length brown hair and beautiful, pale skin. She revealed she was new to this type of setting tandoğan escort as I was, but I didn’t admit I was too until the end of the night.

Sean walked in from a back room and kissed me on the cheek. He politely said “Nice to meet you and you look very nice”.

I returned the sentiments but found he was much bigger in person than I perceived. He looked to be about 6’2 and weigh 260 but he was all muscle. He wore jeans and his tattoos peaked out from his short sleeve button down shirt. I didn’t tell him that night but I thought he was very handsome.

Once Ruth had her hands free from drink making, she came to me and told me I looked beautiful and was so glad I came. The girls came up to me as well and admired my appearance, especially my hair, eyes and eyelashes. I found myself flattered by their compliments, especially in such attractive company.

We all went to sit on Ruth’s big, white couch with drinks and hors d’oeuvres. She prepared a delicious gourmet spread including tuna tartare, smoked salmon, blinis with caviar, sushi, crudités and various canapés. I took a plate and a few raw vegetables, a couple of boiled shrimp and some dip. I mostly sipped my wine and observed the conversations to start.

We were still waiting for another girl to arrive, Tessa. She was coming in from out of state. A few minutes later, she knocked on the front door and Ruth let her in. Tessa arrived and so did her boundless energy! She had olive skin, medium length auburn, curly hair. Wild hair, in fact and it suited her perfectly. She was bubbly, flirtatious and smoking hot.

Tessa took a drink from Ruth and finally we all were on the couch together. We ate, drank, sat down and talked while listening to music in the background. At some point, Ruth disappeared with Connie for a few minutes and when I realized they were gone, they came up from downstairs in the basement. Ruth was giving Connie a private tour.

Around 10:30, things started to heat up. Our tummies were content, our palates were wet and the flirting started to strengthen as we all became more comfortable.

And then, there was the panty check. Sean asked the group who remembered to come without panties. Melania lifted up her skirt (she was sitting on Sean’s lap) and showed off that she’d followed the rules and came sans panties.

Connie pointed out that she was pantie less and braless and took her tits out of her dress for us to see. I commented on her beautiful breasts and Tessa the party animal just went right for them and started playing Connie’s tits while sitting next to me. Tessa was soon nearly naked, she flashed her pussy from under her short black skirt, showing off her landing strip. She then took off her black, loose knit top. It was see through anyhow but now her glowing skin and sexy cleavage came into better view.

Then Sean asked, Ana, how about you? I proudly showed off that I was wearing panties, feigning that I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to. And Sean reached over to pull them off of me, picking up on the signal that’s what I wanted. I made that very easy for him to do and they all ooh-ed and aah-ed over my brand new landing strip. Melania was the only one without any hair below her waist. It’s a great look in my opinion and I loved her plump, pink lips.

Ruth came over to me and started to hug and kiss me, I think she was proud of how uninhibited I was. She told me I was a good girl. I loved her personal attention. She made me feel so sweet and special.

Tessa, seeing some foreplay got instantly encouraging and she took off her bra, exposing her perky C-cup tits and pretty nipples. Then I took off my dress and she tried to unhook my bra but couldn’t. We all thought that was funny. Sean jokingly said she should have been an expert at that.

Ruth saw we were ready to play and directed us all down into the basement.

For those of us, including myself that hadn’t seen the playroom, I quickly took in the atmosphere and felt comfortable right away. There was a black sectional leather couch for all of us to play on there was carpeting on the floor. The ceiling glowed with soft black lights tunalı escort that were kind and comforting. If it wasn’t immediate, it was close to that when we all started going at each other. While Sean stripped, and the rest of our clothes came off, Ruth reappeared from a brief absence, wearing a sexy pair of fishnet thigh highs, stiletto heels, a garter belt and silver black panties. She was topless and holding some supplies; about 10 Magnum condoms, a riding crop for Connie and her camera. I soon learned Connie loves to be spanked. Ruth, me, and Tessa took turns smacking Connie’s ass with our hands and the crop and her pale skin soon glowed pink. She was open and smiling, on her knees in front of me. Sean was also smacking Melania’s ass and someone smacked mine but I’m not sure who did it.

Melania and Sean settled in the corner section of the couch and she started sucking his cock. I went down on my knees in front of Connie and Tessa and they let me lick their pussies. Soon, I simultaneously had my hands and fingers inside both of them. They became instantly wet and I tried my best to stimulate their clits. I withdrew to sit on the couch, next to Melania and Sean. Melania leaned over to kiss me and Sean mounted her from behind.

I felt someone kneel between my legs. It was my generous hostess and I loved how she made me moan from her tongue. I knew she was good at kissing on the mouth but her kissing my pussy blew me away. I hoped I didn’t cum in her mouth but I may have lost control when she flicked my clit with her tongue and sucked my lips deep in her mouth. Across the room, Tessa licked Connie’s pussy while Connie fingered Ruth, I think.

Positions changed and Ruth stood up. I got down in front of her, eager to please her after she’d made me orgasm. Sean started fucking Connie who was smiling as his cock slammed in and out of her cunt while he spanked her with his bare hands. Tessa wriggled and moaned as Melania ate her out. Everyone’s hands and legs extended everywhere and we all touched each other some how until it all started to become a euphoric blur.

Soon, Sean pulled me over to him. He put a fresh condom on his dick and he picked up my legs. I knew he was well endowed but I didn’t realize just how big he was until I felt his stiff, long girth inside me. His cock was big but so was the rest of his body. It felt amazing and he moved my hand down to my clit so I could rub myself while he moved in and out of me. He fucked me hard and good while I watched the girls finger and lick each other through my peripheral vision. I barely looked at Sean’s face but his sexy, muscular torso is etched in my mind. I focused on it as I came.

Tessa made her way over to us and she was next to get fucked by Sean. She was so cute, provoking him saying, baby be sweet to me. And then she did the unthinkable. Tessa pinched one of his nipples. Being as Dom as he is, he bent her over on her knees and spanked her ass hard. Tessa loved his firm slap! I watched him roll on a new rubber and stick his dick right inside of her wet pussy. Her hips writhed as she moaned and we were all entranced.

Instinctively, I told Melania to sit on my face. She complied immediately and Ruth kissed her face. Connie was licking Ruth’s pussy. We were all connected, feeding into the incredible energy and it was intense! Sean pulled out of Tessa and ordered us to gather for his cum.

Melania, Connie, Me, then Tessa all kneeled in front of him as he threw off the condom and jerked off to the sight of our bare tits and open mouths. Ruth was snapping pictures. Sean was such a stud and most of his jizz landed on me. I accepted with great pleasure and Ruth handed me a clean towel immediately after.

A minute or two later, we started to recompose. One of my shoes ended up across the room somehow and I got up to put it back on. Tessa and Ruth went upstairs to smoke and the rest of us followed to refresh and rehydrate. I felt thirsty as all my body fluid surely gushed out of my pussy when I came so many times.

Once upstairs, I glanced at the clock. It was ten past midnight. My appetite returned as I picked my wine glass back türbanlı escort up from the buffet table. I took a clean plate and tried a couple more treats. I selected Carpaccio on pumpernickel with horseradish aioli and smoked salmon on rye with scallion cream cheese. Ruth refreshed my beverage for me.

A few of us re-dressed partially, temporarily. Ruth had her panties back on and Melania put on her slip. Sean put on his jeans but his fly remained open and his cock was partially visible.

I sat next to him on the big white couch and the Connie playfully sat next to me. Ruth and Tessa were dancing with each other and Melania went to take some more food as well. The atmosphere was very jovial.

A few minutes passed while we ate and refreshed, then Ruth cleaned up the empty glasses and plates. She came back into the room with a naughty card game. The object of the game was to have each person select a card and choose another player to perform the task on another player… I think. We all took turns selecting cards and they all revolved around kissing someone else or licking different parts of their bodies. I was the subject of dares being performed on someone and then we were all starting to go at each other again.

Since things were heating up, Ruth started to usher the other girls back downstairs. But seeing Sean’s cock out of his jeans made me hungry for it I wanted it deep in my mouth and I wanted to hold it there as long as I could. Ruth caught us in the act and she came back to get us downstairs but not without watching privately for a couple of minutes. I could tell they were both very pleased and turned on but we needed to get back to the group.

I followed Ruth down the stairs and Sean followed me. The first thing we did was sit on the sectional together and Ruth handed him a condom. Sean quickly pulled off his jeans and pulled me on top of him. I straddled him with my knees apart and he inserted himself inside of me. I rode him for several minutes and I felt each of us breaking a sweat. Two hands reached to my breasts from behind me and they were massaged as Sean reached up to pull my long blonde hair back. I pivoted my legs to ride him cowgirl style and Ruth supported my back as I shifted. I came hard on Sean’s stomach and he smiled with delight from the wetness he helped me achieve.

In a previous discussion, he told me he was fascinated with women who squirt but didn’t have a lot of first hand experience. He was clearly pleased; he slapped my pussy as I got up. He played with my wetness, massaging his fingers around and inside of me. I went to sit on the floor and recover for a minute. But then his fingers were back inside of me as he took the other girls on his dick while lying next to me.

I masturbated as I watched him take Connie, Melania and Tessa. I watched him play with their asses while he fucked their cunts. I watched Ruth take pictures and refresh Sean’s prophylactics between partners. At one point, I told Melania to sit on my face. She complied of course and I offered her a spanking as a reward. At another point, I asked Terri if I could go lower down on her and lick her ass.

Hell, Yes!! She replied and pushed my face into her sweet anatomy.

My dear, Madam Ruth played with everyone except Sean, as she planned to take care of her guests more than her self that night. Still, all the girls including myself were vying for her perfect pink pussy. She offered her clit to our mouths generously in between picture taking. She kept everything flowing smoothly until Sean had fucked me and everyone (more than) adequately and was ready to cum again.

This time, I happily observed Sean’s white hot cum flow into the waiting open mouths of Connie and Tessa. Melania had gone upstairs. Ruth went to retrieve fresh towels.

I almost couldn’t believe the night actually happened. Everything was all so sexy and erotic. I couldn’t believe what happened. It was like a long, sweet sexy dream come true. Our hostess organized the perfect night.

It was now 2:30 am and time to go home. I found my clothing scattered throughout the house and quickly redressed. I gathered my belongings and kissed everyone goodbye. Ruth asked me to text her when I got home and that’s what I did. She replied immediately, thanking me for coming and letting me know we’d talk soon!

The next day, Ruth called me. She again, thanked me and told me I played very well. She told me Sean and the other girls loved me. I thanked her and told her I look forward to many new adventures together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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