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The Harry Beauvais story writ just as he telled it to me so don’t go shooting the messenger ok


Any similarity between characters herewith depicted and any other ass fucking tranny ho morons is probably unavoidable.


“Harry, do you love me?” Rhoda asked suddenly, completely spoiling my mood.

“No,” I replied, as I pulled out of her, with my tool sort of shrinking and oozing slime into the condom without me actually cumming.

“Why not Harry?” she asked.

“Cause you’re the neighbourhood whore I guess Rhoda,” I explained, “That’s why I pay twenty five dollars to fuck you every Friday,”

“If I let you do it for free like on Thursdays between four and four thirty would you love me then?” she asked.

“Why?” I asked.

“Beause old Dan Towers passed away and I got a half hour free.” she suggested.

“Holy Moley,” I shook my head in disbelief, “No one loves a whore Rhoda, that’s why guys pay to fuck you, they just want a cunt to poke, ok, no offense, you understand?”

“Sure Steve,” she said.

“Hell I’m Harry,” I agreed.

“You wanna fuck my ass next time only it’s curse time?” she asked.

“Sure Rhoda,” I agreed, I couldn’t believe how stupid she was sometimes, hell she forgot my name, my own sister forgot my name, Holy Moley.

“Harry,” she asked, “You mind if I suck Aldo Perkins off when you fuck my ass next Friday ’cause I’m double booked.”

“No I guess not, say can you put it on my tab Rhoda?” I asked.

“Sue Steve” she replied. I stared at her, her great bulging belly and fat lips, that brown colouration, so different to me like all wiry and pale, Mom says it was an IVF surrogacy what went wrong what ever the hell that is.

I went down the stairs, Mom was waiting, “You put that on the Tab again son?” she asked.

“Sure Momma,” I asked, “Why”

“How you gonna pay it off?” she asked.

“Get a job I guess?” I explained.

“Well you could take the seven O’clock nigger up your ass, so’s Rhoda can get her supper.” Mom suggested.

“Why can’t she fuck and eat?” I asked.

“Fuck and eat yes, fuck and give a blow job and do anal and eat, that’s difficult.” Mom said.

“I don’t take nothing up the ass Momma,” I declared.

“You keeps your drug stash up your ass in a hollow butt plug so whats the difference?” Mom asked.

“That’s secret!” I explained.

“I looked all over for that Butt Plug,” Mom suggested, “So how about it?”

“I ain’t no homo,” I said

“Like your sister ain’t no whore,” she said, “You’ll be fine son, I’ll stick the hose up your ass around six get you cleaned up you hear?”

I never had no choice did I? “Ok, just a couple of times till I get a real job.” I agreed.

Mom come and got me around a quarter to eight, “get them pants down,” she ordered and she hitched up a tube to the faucet, at least she hitched the tube to the warm side before she rammed it up my ass.

I stood bent over by the can, the shock was electric and then I felt my belly swelling with all the water in my guts until I screamed and Mom just dragged the tube out and all the turds and crap just flowed away, “Best give it half a dozen turns till it flows clear,” Mom said and she rammed it right back in again.

Worst of all it gave me a woody, and then I needed to pee, peeing with a woody ain’t easy, I couldn’t aim it to save my life, shit I don’t reckon a thimble full went in the can, the rest went everywhere!

“Here son stick this up till the john gets here,” Mom said and handed me a Butt Plug all smeared with lube.

I tried but it was too big, “Stick it on the can and sink down,” she ordered and she grabbed it put it on the can and dragged me down on it, do you now my damned woody started spurting, like I was some grade A lilly assed Homo.

“Harry, I do believe you cummed,” Mom said.

“It’s you Momma,” I said “I love you!”

“Hell no you’re just a filthy Homo at heart Harry,” Mom said, “You best borrow a skirt so you don’t need to drop your pants.” she said, “Rhoda’s got a leather Miniskirt you can borrow,I’ll get it.”

Mom did as she was told and when old man Perkins came round for his ass fuck he mistook me for Rhoda, truth to tell his cock was so wiry it barely registered as a cock at all, I was watching dogs fucking in the Theodore’s yard next door through a gap in the bedroom curtains the whole time he was at it and if he cummed then I never knew, after all he wore a rubber so he never spurted nothing.

Old man Perkins was real pleased at my tight ass and he gave me a dollar as a tip, “Tom Wentworth rang to see if Rhoda could oblige, I told hm he could fuck your ass for fifty Dollars an he’s coming right over.”Mom told me.

Gee was that guy hung, hell it took nigh on five minutes afore he was right up my ass then he complained I had no Tits, hell “what did he want,” I asked but the answer was obvious.

“Hell Harry you spunked again,” Mom warned me, “hell I best get you seen to boy!”

“Momma I ain’t no Homo,” I said.

“Course not, Sam Regis does a mighty fine tit job, for a veterinarian,” mom reminded me, “Maybe you could go around there and get done tomorrow.”

“No way, I ain’t no Homo,” I protested.

“He does a mighty tidy gelding job if you’d rather be a full time girl?” Mom suggested

“Ok, I’ll get some Tits already,” I agreed.

“Harry, come in the bedroom,” Mom suggested, I followed and she fished a little nest of belts out, “See this is a ball binder Harry, stops you spraying stuff when you get sodomised, you sit and I’ll buckle it on.ok?”

“Sure” I agreed, although I felt a fool in Rhoda’s skirt, but I let Mom buckle my balls tightly into a leather pouch and pull the drawstring tight.

“How’s that Harry?” she asked.

“Tight!” I exclaimed,

“That’s real good Harry” Mom said, “Real good.”

“Mom,” I said, “I ain’t no homo,”

“No Harry,” she agreed. “Ass whoring ain’t nothing like being a homo.”

I felt better after that, then Rhoda shouts down, “Hey Mom this guy wants Anal, can you fit him in.”

“You wanna do it Harry?” Mom said.

“Fifty Dollars?” I asked.

“Fifty Dollars,” Mom shouted.

“Ok,” Rhoda answered, so I went right up to the bedroom and damn me if he didn’t know it wasn’t Rhoda he was poking.

“Hey you’re tight girl!” he exclaimed, anyway that ball bag done its stuff and I never spunked even a drop or so.

Rhoda and Mom quickly sorted out like a Rota and I reckon I made maybe seventy dollars that first night.

I left that ball bag on all night to stop me having wet dreams and next morning Mom and Rhoda dressed me up with some high heels and a leather skirt and a tee shirt, and she let me a long coat and we all walked down to Rick Nelson’s place just out of town where Sam Regis the veterinarian, had his shack.

Well Sam was just fixing a cow so there was plenty shit and blood for the flies what come in an out through the gaps in the woodwork, hell you could stick a big mac through some of them but mainly the blood and that soaked in the straw and the dirt floor real quick, quicker than the flies could get to drink it.

Them flies all sort of crowded like a big buzzing cloud round looking and waiting for a meal of fresh blood but every now and again he swatted a couple like as a warning and he just carried right on.

Turned out the cow died anyway so he sort of whisked the brush around the dirt floor and bare wood benches before he gotten an old carving knife out his old tool box of rusty knives and 99 cent store scalpels and then he asked me straight out, “You the boy as wanna be a girl?”

“No I just got me a job turning ass fucking tricks like helping Rhoda out.” I said.

“He needs tits,” Mom said, “he ain’t fixing to be no homo nor nothing.”

“Right, only I don’t don nothing to fix up homos,” he told me, “What size tits you need son?”

“Medium,” I said, how was I to know he only did DD, F and ridiculous.

“I guess a DD then,” he said, tuzla escort “Get your shirt off,” and as soon as I did he gets this he gets this box of false tots marked reject from under the bench and tries to find two like the same said and he took his, “You sit on that Cow-boy,” he said.

“What Cow-boy?” I asked.

“Sit on the Cow!” Mom explained and as I sat he just ripped my chest open with that carving knife and stuffed a hand full of plastic false tit under the skin, hell did that hurt.

“That a matched pair?” Mom asked.

“Near nuff,” Sam replied.

“Cos that’s a right tit on the left hand side,” Mom said anxiously.

“Better that way,” he lied as he cut me open on the other side, “Tits splays out better.”

I guess in half an hour it was done, he said I really needed a transfusion cos the flies drunk so much blood but the pump wouldn’t fit the dead cow so I just drunk a couple of quarts of cow blood instead.

Hell did my beast bone hurt, my skin was sooo tight over my new tits and they felt real fine like I just had to keep fingering them, cos they turned me on.

Mom said I should rest a while and let the stitches heal but when we got home Rhoda was specially busy and Mom got me helping her out, and then we got specially busy when talk of a boy girl what wasn’t no homo got around and the town folk got real curious.

“I didn’t know you was a homo Harry,” principal Gefferies from the High school said as he zippered up after sliming my ass.

“No sir I ain’t sir its just a job.” I explained.

“Hell if you fucked like that last semester I’d have got you into Harvard,” he said.

What in the hell is Harvard I wondered, old Eli Paynes had a crop duster called a Harvard once, I guessed it were some school or something.

It was around four thirty on the Thursday afternoon when things changed, Miss Timmins who was a Lesbian high school teacher came around and saw mom, “You got a girl with a cock?” she asked.

“Sure two hundred dollars a spunk,” Mom agreed.

“You do Lesbian discount?” she asked.

“Sure, Two Fifty and homos three hundred.” Mom said, Mom never liked homos.

“Look, can we do a deal?” she asked, “Cos I don’t like men but I need a cock real bad.”

“What you say Harriet,” Mom said, I looked all around for Harriet and then I figured she meant me.

“Sure,” I said, “Fifty Dollars,”

“Fifty Dollars!” Mom exclaimed, “Why?”

“It’s all I can afford Mom!” I told her.

“Hell she’s paying you!” Mom said.

“Ten Dollars then?” I tried.

“How about one hundred and ten to include taxes?” Mom suggested.

“You take American express,” Miss Timmins asked.

Course we took Amex, we took three times what we told the punter we was taking, and we sold their details to Uncle Franco in Chicago.

“Sure,” Mom said, and that’s when I became a Lesbian, cos Mom said use Rhoda’s room and Miss Timmins just laid herself down ad hauled her pantihose and shorts off while I fought that ball cage off and then I just climbed aboard and pronged her.

Hell was she a stupid bitch, she really thought I was a girl with a cock and not a guy with tits so she never used no rubber nor nothing and I just fucked into her tight hot juicy cunt till Mom said the hour was near up so I fucked real hard into Miss Timmins and as the alarm clock squawked time up so I spunked in her.

She looked so perty with he tits all out anjd her hair loosed and my spunk dripping out of her cunt and down her legs that I thought back to when she taught me the three times table back in eighth grade, remedial where she taught.

“Didn’t I teach you in eighth grade?” she asked uncertainly.

“No mam, I went to fuck school in south Dakota for eighth grade,” I lied.

“You always were a lousy liar Harriet,” she said as she waddled away satisfied.

She must have tole her mates as from then on there wasn’t hardly a day went by without some Lesbian or other wanting a cunt full of spunk from a girl with a cock, we never let on I was a man with tits and i took to shaving every forty minutes so I kept real smooth, like I’m talking face here, Mom waxed my pubes and ass-hole right as soon as I got started.

Hell was we busy, I remember Mom had to shout Dad, “Hey Elmer, can you take Carl Kinnick up your Ass only the girls is busy,” she asked and not one to pass up a buck or two hundred pretty soon Dad was ass fucking for cash too, hell pretty soon we was all doing it.

It took Miss Timmins maybe five months to realise I was a guy with tits not a girl with a cock cos her tits started a swelling and her belly started swelling and she started spewing and sicking up her breakfast in class and principal Gefferies asked her about when her kid was due.

She freaked, “I only been fucked by girls,” she said.

“Down the whorehouse?” he asked.

“Sure,” she agreed, “Harriet the girl with a cock.” she said.

“Hell that’s a Homo with tits,” he told her and she come down to find me.

“You lied to me,” she said real tearful, “I thought you was a girl with a cock but you’re a Homo with tits and you fucked your self a kid in my belly.” she snapped.

“Ok, I’ll give you a family discount,” I agreed as I un-strapped my balls again.

“Ohhh you moron,” she said but I was in some hurry so I just hauled her dress up and panties down and my dress up and I fucked right into her as she stood there.

“Harriet!” she wailed.

“On the house only I got Perkins brother for an ass fuck in ten minutes,” I explained as I fucked her.

“Oh god the baby will be a moron,” she wailed.

“Nope we’re Baptist,” I reassured her as my spunk gurgled around inside her as I cummed.

“Oooohhhhhh,” she sort of shuddered, I figured it was a mighty strange way to cum, but maybe she learned that at college.

To be continued.

Disclaimer, this is not a true story, least aways I hope it isn’t.

Part Two.

I guess it was when the NASCAR races came to the State raceway that I figured that maybe I was some kind of freak, like I couldn’t get my Montoya T-shirt over my tits no matter how hard I tried, and my jacket wouldn’t get done up neither.

“Hell if you can’t wear guy clothes we best get you girlified,” Dad said as he pulled out my ass as I ate breakfast.

“Gee Harry, I wish I could ass fuck and eat waffles at one time,” my big sister Rhoda said.

“I wish I could pee without spending a half hour a strapping my cock back up,” I replied.

“Old Sam Regis could have that thing right off of you in no more than a half hour.” Mom suggested, “Though maybe those Lesbians would miss it.”

“I guess I’ll have to put up with it.” I agreed.

“I guess,” Momma replied, “What those Lesbos see in you that’s what I can’t figure.”

“You wanna poke,” I asked, “Then maybe you can figure it out?”

“I guess, but I ain’t paying,” Mom said.

“Hell you pay half price like anyone else family,” I telled her flat. “Otherwise you don’t get poked.”

She weren’t paying so I went to work, but Mom shut up shop mid morning and she took me down town to Wal Mart where she gotten me fixed up with some girly stuff, likes fancy bras and girly panties and girly tops that went around my tits and stuff and then when I was fixed she got me a wig from the five and dime and she said I looked like a real girl.

I figured I looked more like a cheap whore, hell I got a woody just looking at myself in the mirror, and I busted the buckle on my cock strap I got so turned on.

Mom took me down town to a shack down by the rail yard where Gerry Frankel had his porno emporium where he sold rubber cocks and dildos and all that stuff. Mom strode right in and asked “You got a steel cock cage only Harry keeps busting the straps on the regular one,” she asked.

Gerry was a genuine homo what wore a tight leather vest and denim pants so tight you could see his appendix scar and varicose veins and he had a scar from Vietnam, turned out he crashed a moped into road sign when he took a vacation there, other than that he was a regularly ugly guy .
“Right,” Gerry agreed, tuzla escort bayan “That must be a mighty strong prong you got there girl.”

I looked around but seems he meant me, “Yeah,” I agreed

“You wanna poke my ass with it?” he asked.

“No way I ain’t no Homo,” I told him.

“Look my Harrie is a professional cock girl he ain’t no homo,” Mom said with a wink.

“Right, I’ll give you a genuine silver plated brass cock cage and twenty dollars to try that prong.”
he offered.

“Condomised and Fifty?” Mom tried.

“Sure!” he agreed.

“Momma I can’t get no cock stand for poking a Homos ass!” I insisted.

“Hell girl look in the mirror.” she said, and she fished a make up mirror from her purse.

Wow, there was this blonde with DD tits all pushed up in a red designer brassiere with this white satin blouse and short leather skirt over suspenders and fishnet stockings,it never registered it was me and do you know that buckle busted again as my cock reared.

“Get your pants down Gerry he’s hard,” Mom said, but it turned out as being as he was a genuine Homo he had a zipper inn the ass of his pants so he un-zippered the back of his pants instead and bent over the shop counter.

Mom grabbed me by the cock and shoved a condom on me and pushed me forward so as I shoved right into him, “Fuck you’re busting me in half!” he wailed.

“Get out of there,” Mom said, and she hauled me out and chucked away the condom and shoved a clean one on and then she just sat right on that counter pulled her great silk underpants down and guided me right up between her huge purple cunt lips and gripped my ass and pulled until I was buried ball deep inside her.

“Fuck your Momma,” Mom told me.

“How long you want?” I asked.

“Till you cum,” she said.

“Hell what fool time is that, what you want?” I asked, “Miss Ellen likes three minutes like her eggs and Miss Timmins has the full hour.”

“You choose when you cum?” Gerry asked as he shoved lotion up his torn ass hole.

“Sure, don’t everyone?” I asked.

Gerry just looked at Mom and Mom looked real shocked.

“You want a health warning on that,” Gerry said, “Hell I takes eight inches all the time but that hurt!”

“Five minutes,” Mom gasped so I humped and poked around for around four minutes thirty then gave her my best shot, well as I figured it she was my Mom so I owed her.

I hauled out, course the condom was busted, but hey Mom wasn’t having no more kids, old Ma Robinson seed to that with a red hot poker straight after young Ephraim was born and Dad had to give him to the orphanage because he was ugly, I guess they really wanted a cash donation but when this young guy asked for donations Dad just hauled Ephraim out the baby buggy and donated him right then and there outside the Mayor’s office.

“Gee Harrie, you kept that prong a good secret.” Mom said.

“It only growed since I been doing ass whoring,” I told her.

Mom looked all bleary eyed, “Who in tarnation has the full hour?” she asked.

“Miss Timmins the school teacher.” I told her, “She would fuck more but you charge her by the hour.”

“Then why ain’t she whoring if she likes cock that much?” Mom asked.

“She’s a Lesbian, she only likes girl cock,” I told her, “She says you can’t get caught if you only has sex with a girl.”

Gerry was still trying to sooth his ass with lotion and Mom was wiping a pool of my cum off of the floor and the counter with her underpants when Miss Timmins and some Lesbian friends come right in.

“Harrie,” she says, “Why aren’t you whoring I need some cock?” she said like she was at school.

“Sorry Miss Timmins, I’ll get right on it,” I said and my tool he darned near stood up straight pushing my leather skirt a way up so as he was right out there in the breeze.

“Harrie please!” Miss Timmins said.

“Shame to waste it Amelia,” Eliza said as her eyes came out like saucers. “May I?”

“No I had the first appointment you stick that thing in me right now,” Miss Timmins, Amelia said.

“Yes Mam.” I said and I ripper her thin white cotton sundress right off of her tore her white cotton panties down and grabbed her under the arm and ifted her right up and sank her down on my prong.

Gerry barely had time to grab his camcorder and turn the CCTV on before I began fucking her just the way she liked, “Oh the floor Harrie,” he said, “Bend her over and poke her from behind,”
Hell I was supposed to be pleasuring her.

“Yes!” she said every time Gerry suggested something, “Cum in me Harriet quench my fires with your girl juice,” Amelia ordered.

“Hell that’s only forty eight minutes,” I protested.

“Cut!” said Gerry, “Can you do that again from.” I guess Gerry suddenly realised he wasn’t directing a porno.

“Yes, let me get a drink of water, maybe you could see to Eliza?” she asked.

Eliza was your typical school marm, blouse with about thirty buttons and buttoned to the chin, Black skirt, big blue pants over little white panties except she hauled that skirt up and her panties down and I’d swear her cunt was dripping as soon as she realised I was coming for her.

Amelia grabbed a cool bottle of Budweiser and Eliza just put one leg on the counter and showed me her hairy dripping cunt and I couldn’t help myself, I just shoved my meat in her, she was on fire already and pretty soon she was on fire so I gave her a bit of a squirt of my girl juice and she near passed out.

“Harrie you save some juice for me!” Amelia wailed, hell she was getting fat I thought, but she pushed Eliza aside and let me fuck right into her again.

“Oohh Harrie, that’s beautiful,” she said as my tits bounded up and down and banged against hers like a pair of lesbo’s fucking a double ended dildo.

“Ok cumshot all across her face!” Gerrry ordered.

“No way!” I said.

“Yes Oh yes everywhere in my mouth in my eyes in my hair!” Amelia wailed so I did whoosh. all my juice went spraying everywhere, in her hair and mouth and eyes, over her bag, her blouse, Gerry’s floor, Eliza, Gerry’s spanking porn magazines, the floor, the butt plug rack,I never knew a guy could cum so much.

“Oh!” Amelia gasped, “I guess the fantasy is better than the real thing,” she said “Yuck.” as she scooped sticky cum out of her long hair, “Harrie,” she said coyly, “You do know I’m having your child?” she asked.

“Ok,” I agreed.

“Hey,” Mom said, “Look you paid for that spunk, it ain’t my Harry’s fault,” Mom insisted.

“Ah but I paid for girl juice not boy juice,” Amelia explained said like she was serious.

“Look guys,” Gerry said, “You go argue back in your own whore house and let me get cleaned up ok.”

We went right back to our house, cept there was a queue and Rhoda was doing her best but she couldn’t do more than take a guy up her ass and one in front and suck another at one time.

I had to get back to work, so I set the TV to sports and hunkered down to let the guys what were queueing ass fuck me, Amelia was real peeved, “Harrie speak to me!”

“Look I got a deal of ass fucking to get done, before I get time for jawing.” I explained, “Less you want’s to help out?”

“How about it Miss Timmins, you done any ass fucking?” Mom asked.

“No way!” she said, “It’s gross!”

“How you know when you ain’t tried,” Mom asked, “And what you going to do when the school throws you out for having a kid without no wedding?”

“Hell yes Miss Timmins,” I told her, “You just hitch your pants up and lie down by me then we can talk.”

“Forty dollars,” Mom said, “And Elmer only has a wiry little cock,”

We was jesting see but Amelia well she didn’t realise and afore I knew she had her dress up and knickers down and laid down aside me.

“Hell,” Mom said, “I guess I seed everything!”

Anyways Elmer he come in and he set to worming his prick up her ass but she was so tight he never got nowhere near getting his self in her ass but he still cum and he weren’t upset at all, “hell you wanna wash that spunk out your hair if your fixing on whoring Miss Timmins Ma’am” he said.

escort tuzla Amelia weren’t fixed for whoring, what with being a Lesbian and all that so she carried right on at school teaching and her belly swelled and swelled till principal Gefferies had to sack her, lest aways he tried but I went and saw him.

“What you want freak boy?” he asked as soon as I got inside.

“You sacked Miss Timmins,” I said.

“Had to,” he said.

“Just because she’s having my kid?” I asked.

“No because she’s been top of the porn video charts for two weeks straight,” he said, he saw I never had no idea, “You wanna see?” he asked.

“Sure,” I agreed, and he found the porn on his computer, it never looked like Amelia.

“Shit that’s the Homo fucking a , ah,” he said.

“Ain’t that illegal?” I asked, “Surely you can’t legally do that to a cow!”

“Wrong tape,” he said, “This one,” he said, well the kid never looked anything like eighteen what with her diaper and dolly, “Shit, anyway we trawled all through his porno file on the computer until we found me and Amelia, that shit Gerry Frankel done sold his security video to some on-line porno outfit and he made a mint.

“Shit!” I muttered, “Anyways whats doing porn got to do with teaching, anymore than you watching illegal porn has?”

“Nothing I guess,” he said, “You tell her to be in my office naked at nine on Monday, I mean in class at nine.”

“Sure,” I agreed, I’ll tell her.

“When you guys doing a sequel?” he asked, and that set me thinking. I went and saw Gerry Frakel, see I may have DD tits but I still pack a decent punch and pretty soon he figured one busted hand was more than enough and he split his money three ways and then he agreed to make a couple more pornos with Amelia and me, like a three way split on profits.

I went to see Amelia, she had this real nice old wooden house on the edge of town, I wore a long black shirt and nice cotton blouse instead of my Tranny Ho gear so’s I looked respectable, and she was real pleased she had her job back and mighty pissed about the Video.

“Principal Mercer said about a sequel?” I said.

“He can fuck right off,” she said, which sounded real strange cos she normally didn’t swear.

“Gerry made about a million from the last one,” I said.

She just stared, “You’re just aTranny homo ain’t you,” she accused.

“It’s what I do miss.” I said.

“I thought you was a girl with a cock.” she said, “I always dreamed I’d meet a girl with a cock that would love me.”

“Hell I always dreamed of meeting some girl stupid enough to let me fuck her ,” I said, “I never figured a girl would be stupid enough to pay me to fuck her.”

“I guess that makes me stupid.” she said.

“Hell no, not unless you wont make some more pornos with me.” I reassured her.

“Harrie you don’t need me,” she said.

“Sure I do,” I told her, “Seven month pregnant school teacher whores ain’t two a dollar,”
and we get a good deal like a three way split of Gerry’s half.

“That’s one eighty thousand each, on a million,” she said, “Harrie you got a deal!”

We done three videos, the last was spoiled when the baby started coming part way through but I just kept right on fucking her like the show has to go on, and then we got a call from a guy in LA.

“Look Harrie,” this guy said, “See trannys with eight inches solid is two a penny cos they get their pricks done with silicon so’s they can use hormones for their tits but your’s is genuine, is that right?”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“So why not lose the tits?” he said, “If you can hold a woody for an hour straight and then come like on that porn shop porno then hell boy we got work for you from now till, well, for ever.”

“Ok, I guess,” I said, “What about Amelia?”

“Well obviously she ain’t pregnant, will she do bondage or whipping?” he asked.

“Maybe,” I agreed.

“Then we’ll see you Thursday.” he said.

I had this huge row with Amelia, “But you can’t lose your tits!” she said, “I’m a Lesbian! I need a girl with a cock!”

“Hell Amelia, I’m a regular guy trapped in a woman’s body,” I explained, and she laughed.

“Oh my lord what a cliche,” she said, what in gods name is a cliche? I thought.

“Well, I don’t care they’re coming off,” I told her flat and I left her crying an went down to see Sam Regis.

Sam was outside his shack on account of it stunk too bad inside on account of the dead cow what he hadn’t gotten around to shifting, “You want bigger tits darlin'” he asked.

“Nope, I wanna be a regular porn star,” I said, “Can you do my tits like a guy?”

“Sure,” he said, “Is right now a good time? only it’s gonna rain later and it stinks in the shack on account I got a cow decomposing in there.”

I agreed and he damn near killed me, the tits was easy enough but he tried grafting some cow skin on to give me a hairy chest, man did that itch, anyway with eighteen times the legal dose of steroids and hormones and some other stuff I was ok until I god blood poisoning and Mom took me to State general Vets hospital where they looked after me real well.

I grew a beard, what with that and a chest full of cow hair and the effect of the steroids what made me sing deeper than Paul Robeson I went to see Amelia as soon as I got some proper guy clothes, Levis with bum cleavage and a check lumberjack shirt.

I knoked her door, she opened it and screamed, “No!” she said, “Oh my you’re all man!” she wailed.

“That’s the idea,” I said, “How’s about we practice for the porno shoot?”

“No, the deals off,” she said, but hey the hormones had kicked in, I grabbed her shoulders and hooked my thumbs in he dress and pulled. Her dress tore off real easy. “Stop don’t tear my panties,” she said, “Look I’ll get naked,”

“Too slow bitch,” I told her and I just rammed my tool up the side of her panties and buried it deep inside her, she was as dry as a rattlesnakes cave, so it hurt like hell, but then as I tried for a better grip I felt her tits against my chest fur and she sort of whimpered and her juices began to flow, so pretty soon we was fucking real easy.

“Harry,” she whispered after maybe an hour and a half, “I ought to feed our baby.”

“No we got making up to do,” I said.

“Harry, there’s real good tax breaks for married folk,” she said.

“Hell punters pay good money for Tit milk!” I said.

“I know,” she said, “Eli is due round at six for some draft and Evie Parkins has a quart every two days.”

“They suck Tit milk out of you?” I asked.

“Mmmm,” she said, “You want some?”

“You want some cock juice?” I asked.

“Please,” she agreed, so I shot her a goodly load.

That Amelia taught me to stick up to Mom and pretty soon I had everything I ever dreamed of, a sixty eight Mustang and a hound dog and a woman, not a stupid woman but a woman who took every drop of cock juice I could make and didn’t chide at fucking six hours a day on a web cam feed, and who let me fuck with her Lesbian friends when she was teaching class, and she never mentioned about my time as a tranny whore more than every couple of hours or so so I guess life’s perfect.

See even Lesbians like a decent eight inches of solid muscle up them every now and again, specially when they remembered back when I had tits and that sort of makes me an honorary girl. Saves them buying spunk from a sperm bank when they want’s a kid too, hell those west coast guys may have an IQ like over 100, but they don’t say what size cock they pack on the pamphlet do they? Hell who wants a kid what gets laughed at in the locker room?

Sometimes Amelia scoops my stuff right off her face and tits and bottles it and sells it on line and the IRS says we made nigh on two million dollars last year, what with the Web Cam subscriptions and Porno film rights and selling bottled spunk so I don’t need to do no ass fucking no more, and I chucked the ball cage away and most of the skirts and bras, though I still wear a skirt sometimes, but don’t tell no one because it looks kinda weird with my beard you know?

I still fuck Mom and Rhoda at Christmas and Thanksgiving just to show I care but if your looking to buy some of my time you’re out a luck, because now my ass is strictly for shitting through.

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