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It’s a balmy August night in the city, the kind where you try getting away with as little clothing as possible. The air conditioning in the restaurant is going full-blast, and I can see your nipples harden through your barely-there sundress, a series of goose bumps forming along your perfect, alabaster skin. Because we are waiting for the guest you’ve invited, I fight the urge to lean over the table and kiss the ones where your neck and shoulder meet.

You can tell I’m nervous, and soon I feel a reassuring, finely manicured hand on my knee. I feel hot for a second again, getting warmer as it slides upward, and finally your index finger is teasing my lips. I moisten so quickly, I smile and look down into my drink.

“Good girl,” you whisper, your full, blood-red lips widening into a grin. “No panties, just like he asked.”

Your finger is inside me when he walks in, tall and gorgeous just like you said he was, and I twitch around you. Across the crowded room, your eyes lock with his, and I watch you withdraw your finger and bring it up to your tongue. I know instantly that this was also done upon his request.

He walks to our table, kisses you on the cheek, then takes my hand. Instead of shaking it, he circles my wrist, rubbing little circles at the pulse point, sending a shock through my arm, ending between my legs. He asks if we are ready to go, and you nod. He drops a pile of bills on the table for the check, and before I know it, one of his hands is at my elbow and the other is on your high, round ass, ushering us outside.

Back in the heat, I feel my skin dampen. He hails a cab and soon we’re piling into the back seat, and he props me partially onto his lap for a better fit. Mesmerised, I watch a single drop of sweat drop from your chin into your cleavage. He watches me watching you, touching my bare shoulder.

“Go ahead,” he says, softly yet authoritatively. “Clean her up.”

I look into his steel-blue eyes, and I want nothing more than do to exactly what he wants. One glance at your beautiful face tells me you want it, too. I run my tongue slowly between your ulus escort soft breasts, tasting and smelling your salty sweetness. Instantly, I feel him stiffen against my back.

“Can you feel that,” he asks in my ear. “Spread your legs and kiss her.”

I do as I’m told, sucking lightly on your tongue and parting my legs for his two, thick fingers. Thankfully, I’m wet enough to receive them, though something tells me he wouldn’t have taken no for an answer, anyway. In this small, enclosed space, I can smell your arousal, mixed in with our perfumes and my own musk. He begins to thrust his fingers deeper into me as I make my way from your mouth to your neck, biting you playfully here and there. We continue like this for several blocks, until he tells you to show us your pussy. You break away, obliging him, revealing a sweet, pink slit already glistening with your juices.

“You want to taste that, don’t you?” He whispers. “Look at how perfect she is.” Each word is punctuated by a hard thrust of fingers inside me, ending in his thumb on my clit. I’m so charged, after three simple strokes and the sight of you open and ready for my tongue, I come, shivering through the heat, feeling a bit like a puppet on his lap. He can make us do whatever he wants us to do.

Finally, we’re in front of the hotel, my first steps a bit weak from the journey. In the elevator on the way to the top suite, he lifts your skirt, sinks to his knees and teases you open again. Your green eyes roll upwards, a small moan escaping your mouth. You reach out and dig your nails into my forearm, and I know that you’re well on your way. Then, all of a sudden, he gets back to his feet, wraps his strong arm around my waist, and plunges his tongue into my mouth, leaving one hand between your legs. I hear you shudder against him as I suck you off his tongue, squeezing your hand and feeling the current between us grow stronger. I want you, I want him. I want him inside you.

Once in the suite, he looks us both up and down, a small smile on his face.

“Undress, yenimahalle escort both of you,” he says. You and I exchange an excited glance. “Now.”

We stand together, our warm skin touching, while he takes us in. “Turn around so I can look at you,” he commands, and we obey. I can almost feel his eyes resting on the cleft of my ass, the moving on to yours, noticing the spread of freckles on the smooth skin just above. I think about the many, many times I have kissed those freckles while pleasuring you with my fingers, or our toys, and I desperately want him to direct us to the bed.

He walks to the bar, retrieving an ice cube from the bucket, and passes it to you. “It looks as though she needs cooling off,” he whispers. “I want you to make her comfortable while I watch.”

I lay on the enormous bed, waiting for you. I feel your long, dark hair sweep along my breasts as you put the ice cube in your mouth and kiss me very lightly on the lips. The cold water mixed with your saliva sends a shiver up my spine, and you run your lips down, down, past my neck, and over my nipples, which respond immediately, becoming hard. Soon, the ice cube has melted, but you still suck and bite at them, a move you know sends me into fits. Instinctively, I grab your hand and guide it towards my warm, open slit, needing to feel your expert fingers on my clit.

“Not yet,” I hear from the corner of the room. I look up to see he has unbuttoned his pants, revealing a raging erection. He is big, a treat for us, as you had explained earlier. I watch him stroke himself as he stares at your perfect, apple-shaped ass. Our eyes meet for just a moment, and he tells you to make me come with your mouth.

You slide your tongue from my nipples, over my stomach and soon it is lapping at my lips, flitting over them and driving me wild. I watch him approach you, lick his fingers and insert them into your tight, wet hole. I feel your head tense a bit, your tongue frozen for the second of first impact, then continuing to ravage me, poking in and out of my cunt and slowly making its way towards my growing clit.

The harder he pokes you, the more intensely you suck my button, and when he finally slides his huge, engorged cock into you from behind, you bite down slightly in pleasure and surprise. I have never come so quickly before. I shake and moan, as I watch him grab a handful of your ass and spank it, encouraging you further. My clit is so sensitive that you know to start again slowly, small rings around my lips with the occasional flick against it.

“It’s your turn now,” he says into your neck, withdrawing himself. You and I switch places, my juices running down my leg as I assume the position. I bury myself in your beautiful box as I feel his hard-on slide easily into my pussy. He is large, but I am so switched on that I’m growing wetter and wetter. I clench around his shaft, feeling your hands push down on my head, your fingers tangling themselves in my hair.

“She tells me that you like a cock in your ass,” he says after a few minutes of pounding me. I moan my agreement while clamping your clit between my lips and blowing, riding your orgasm out. “You’re too excited…I think I’m going to have to do it.”

And then he’s inside my tight hole, slamming into my ass, reaching around and fingering me at the same time. I didn’t think it was possible, but I come yet again—the combination of his dick, his fingers and your delicious pussy sending me over the edge. I can’t help but scream out, earning a smile from you since I am usually so quiet. Seeing me that excited makes you delirious as well, and I feel you spasm and contract around my lips and tongue again.

He orders us both on our backs, telling us he wants us both covered in his cum. He smacks me once on the ass as he stops drilling me. We comply, side by side, as he leans over us, stroking himself in quick, short motions. Seconds later, he spurts his warm, white cum in two waves—one on my tits and one on yours. He takes his hands and rubs it slowly and methodically over our nipples.

“Now kiss,” he says, leaving the bed, and returning to the chair in the corner. You smile at me, seeing the mixture of exhaustion and ecstasy on my face. I thank you silently with my eyes, for bringing him to us and realizing yet another fantasy.

As I open my mouth for you, I can’t help but think about our guest, and when he’ll be visiting us again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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