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“Oh my god”! Look at that fine ass nigga over there.

This was the first reaction Shaniqua had gotten out of Tawana all night. Tawana had broken up with her boyfriend two days before, and Shaniqua was trying to cheer her up by taking her out to the club. Tawana had been dating this guy named Darrell for about a year. Two days ago Tawana had went to the grocery store to get the items needed to make Darrell breakfast only to come home to a rude surprise.
Tawana came home from the store and crept in really quite to surprise Darrell. When she unlocked the door she thought she herd a woman’s voice, so she dropped everything in the hallway and snuck into the apartment. When she got to her bedroom door it was closed, so she pressed her ear against it and listened closely. She could hear Darrell and another female moaning in unison. So she got on the floor so she could see through the gap under the door. She seen her boyfriend who she thought loved her with another woman grinding on his dick. She watched as she felt disgusted and aroused at the same time. She couldn’t tell who the nappy headed bitch was because all she could see was her ass. After a few minutes he threw her off him and told her to suck his dick, she opened her mouth wide and tried to take in the whole 11 inches. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth izmit rus escort licking all her own pussy juices off Darrell’s big black cock. As he started to rock his hips he suddenly grabbed the bitch by her hair and slammed her onto the dresser, he grabbed one of her silky smooth chocolate legs and propped it up on the dresser and stuck his dick in her and thrusted her for what seemed like forever until she came. Tawana had had enough; she busted the door open and startled both of them. She grabbed her clothes and jewelry boxes and told them she hoped they died from fucking each other.

“Who”? Shaniqua asked surprised.
“That sexy ass nigga in the blue, by the bar”
“Damn, go talk to him” Shaniqua advised.

They danced there way across the club to the bar, ware the sexiest guy Tawana had ever seen was standing. He was like 6 feet tall with light caramel colored skin. When she got close enough she rubbed her chest across his as if it was an accident. She noticed he had the prettiest green eyes she had ever seen.

“What’s your name shorty”?
“Well Tawana you’re the best looking I chick I’ve seen tonight, wana ride with me back to my place”?
“Sure” she replied with the biggest grin on her face.
“But first what’s your name”?

She said good izmit escort bye to her friend and walked out the club. They held hands all the way to Steve’s car. After they left the club Steve drove for like an hour before they pulled up to the house. He unlocked the door and they walked inside. Tawana automatically jumped on him and started kissing him. They were sitting on the couch kissing passionately as Steve ran his hands up and down Tawana’s long white legs. He stopped kissing her and asked if she was sure she could handle what he was about to give her. He walked her into the bedroom and pushed her on the bed. She just laid there giggling. He pulled her paints down and began to kiss her inner thighs. She suddenly got aroused. Steve pulled back Tawana’s panties and looked at her pretty pink pussy. He then began to kiss and lick her clit. As she lies there quivering he did it faster and faster until she screamed out in ecstasy. She sat up and ripped off Steve’s paints. She pulled out his dick and put it in her mouth. She was the best at sucking dick, she spit all over it and rubbed it in with her hands. She put the tip in her mouth and flicked the head of his dick with her tongue while she used her hand to stroke the shaft of his dick. He knees buckled because he had never felt this sensation before. He busted in her mouth, and kocaeli escort she swallowed all of it. He picked her up and put her on the bed and undressed her, after taking off each piece he would lick her body, her favorite part was when he took off her bra, she always loved it when guys played with her nipples with their mouths. He slowly pushed his dick inside her hot and steamy pussy. She screamed out in pain because his dick was so fat. As he thrusted her he sucked on her shoulder and ear. She wanted him to get deeper so he rolled her over and pounded her from the back, watching his dick slide in and out of her slippery wet pussy. Her ass bounced off his body and jiggled like jello. He was so deep she was screaming that he was in her stomach. He grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her up so that he was spooning her in an upright position. She wanted to slow things down a little, so she told him to lie down and she started to suck his dick again. As her head bobbed back and forth and laid there with his eyes closed. She climbed on top of him and straddled his dick. She rocked her hips back and forth and loved every minute of it. She rocked faster and faster and they both came one after the other. Steve rolled over cum-soaked and went to sleep. Tawana waited till Steve was sound asleep and crept out. They didn’t exchange numbers or anything; she called for a cab and thought she would never see the big dick light skinned boy again. That is until she went to her family reunion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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