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Continuation of the Girl from the Diner; please read part 1 to catch up on the story. Thanks, jdm320.

Jen had prepared a wonderful breakfast, pancakes, eggs, toast, and grits. She had taken Jeff’s orders at the diner so often, that she knew exactly how he liked it. She paraded around the kitchen dressed only in an apron. Occasionally she would look back at her older lover and blow him a kiss, and wiggle her round ass extra hard, knowing that she was pleasing him. She served the breakfast, and both ate like they were starving. A hot night of naughty sex will work up a hunger. As soon as they were done eating Jen loaded the dish washer and cleaned her mess, then turned with her back against the counter.

“Ready for our swim now?” she asked.

“I am ready if you are, should I get my swimming trunks?” Jeff replied.

“Why would you do that,” Jen answered while untying the apron from around her waist. “I don’t want to waste time by having to take them off.”

Jen glided to him. He watched as she walked, and licked his lips. Her walk was her natural walk, but to Jeff it was so erotic. The way one leg crossed the other, it seemed her left foot fell in the same foot print as her right. The way she walked made her firm perky breast sway, and the fleshy mounds of her ass wiggle. Jeff stood and the two embraced into a slow, passionate kiss. Her tongue slowly penetrated his lips, as his hands cupped her firm ass, pulling her closer to him so that his rigid cock was pressed into her lower abdomen. Jen broke the kiss as her small hand wrapped around his average sized cock. She smiled and her big brown eyes sparkled. Then she released him and glided toward the sliding back doors that lead to the pool. Jeff watched for a moment then followed like a whipped puppy.

As Jen reached the pool side and raised her arms above her head to prepare to dive in. When she did, her back arched making her breast protrude even more. Jeff stopped and took in his young lover. Her Hispanic traits gave her a light brown complexion. Her chocolate colored areolas contrasted her skin perfectly. Her flat stomach accented her frontal side, her ass was a little over sized for her small frame, but Jeff thought that her ass was her most attractive asset. As his blood rushed to his lower extremities, the Latina beauty bent her legs and dove into the water. She swam under water to the center of the pool. As she emerged, she turned and looked at Jeff. With her finger she motioned for him to join her.

Jen watched as Jeff neared the water. He stuck his foot into the water and shivered as if the water was too cold. She knew he was just playing with her because the water was perfect and she loved the way the ripples of the water splashed against her sensitive nipples, making them painfully hard. She splashed water in the direction of her older lover, then proceeded to float on her back, while still looking at Jeff. The only proof Jeff possessed that showed his age was the streaks of gray in his brown hair, and the small bald spot on the crown of his head. Jen had just noticed the bald spot, because at the diner, Jeff always wore his ball cap, and last night she was so over come by lust that she had not noticed. His pectoral muscles were developed well and although he was not ripped, he had a flat abdomen area. His ass was nice and round, and his cock, although not very long, it was nice and thick and he knew how to use it to pleasure his lover. Jen dove down, as Jeff quickly jumped in with a cannon ball to try and splash her.

Jeff sank to the floor of the pool. When he looked up he saw Jen swimming above him, her breast swaying with her strokes. He pushed off the floor in the direction she was swimming. Jen seen him approaching and kicked her feet harder to beat him to the edge, but she felt his hand grab hold of her right foot and pull her back to him but she continued to struggle to get away. She turned on her back and with her left foot she kicked repeatedly, splashing water in his face. Jeff let her go to shield the water, and she quickly dove under the water. Jeff wiped the water from his eyes and looked in front of him, Jen was no where to be seen. He quickly turned around. As he turned, he felt the water against his face from Jen’s hands hitting the surface of the water. They played like this for a while, one trying to splash the other. Jen tuzla escort moved closer to Jeff and opened her arms. Jeff dove under and positioned himself in front of Jen. His right arm, quickly moved between her legs, with his hands cupping her lower back, his left arm moved up over her shoulder. He quickly reemerged, and had her in the body slam position. Jen screamed, laughed and begged him to put her down. Jeff held her in a crucifix position, her stomach across his chest. He twisted his right arm to prepare to body slam her into the water, but Jen shifted her legs and closed them around his head, and tightly squeezed them together, causing both to fall into the water. They struggled to get back to the surface first. Jen won and when Jeff surfaced, she put him in a head lock, pressing his head into the side of her breast. Jeff moved his left arm, back between her legs and lifted up and both fell back. Out of breath, Jeff swam to the edge of the pool and pulled himself up and sat on the edge.

“What is wrong old man?” Jen asked, laughing.

“You are killing me, I am too old for this,” Jeff jokingly replied.

Jen swam over to him, slowly. The only parts of her body above the water were her nose and eyes. She swam up between his legs. Through the play, Jeff had all but forgotten that they both were naked. The fun they were having was a lot like the things he and his daughters had done in the pool, so his mind had settled and had not had a sexual thought for a while, so his cock was hanging and pressed against his balls. Jen raised her head, with her brown eyes looking him straight in the eye; she lowered her head between his legs. With her tongue she hooked his limp cock up and sucked it between her lips. Her tongue slid down his limp noodle and the tip touched his scrotum. The blood began to rush as Jeff’s heart beat quicken. In a matter of seconds, Jen felt his cock begin to harden. With each beat of his heart, she felt his cock harden until it was fully erect. Jen stood up and placed her hands on each side of Jeff on the hot concrete, and then her head began to bob up and down. Jeff placed his hand on her wet, black hair and began to feed his 17 year old lover his cock.

Jen’s tongue cupped the under side of Jeff’s cock as she pushed her mouth down his hardness. When she raised up to the point only his head was between her lips, she pressed her tongue against the sensitive area below his head. Jeff moaned and pressed his cock back into her warm mouth. She pushed his cock all the way to the opening of her throat. Jeff pressed on her head; he felt her throat contract around the head of his cock as she began to gag. She lifted up a little then sunk back down, swallowing his cock. She held is there, her tongue pressing against his cock. She pulled up, kissed the tip of his head, and turned and walked toward the steps to exit the pool. Jeff watched as she climbed the steps, watching the streams of water run down her perfect body. Jen walked over to the towel rack and picked up two towels and turned and walked toward Jeff. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pulled him back. Jeff lay on the hot concrete looking up at her. She placed a towel on each side of his shoulders. Then she stepped above Jeff, straddling his head. She began to lower herself down. Jeff was looking up, as she lowered, he watched as her outer lips parted. The water droplets from the pool coated the small amount of hair, making it sparkle in the sun. The juices began to make her lips glisten as her sweet pussy neared his face. Jeff stuck out his tongue and stiffened it as she lowered herself on it. She moaned as his tongue penetrated her lips and sunk deep as her lips touched his chin. With his top lip and teeth, Jeff ground into her engorged clit as he worked his tongue deep inside her velvety tunnel. Jen began to move her hips, grinding her pubic area on his tongue and mouth. Jeff placed his hands on Jen’s ass to help her balance. Her hands moved up her body and squeezed her breast together. Her thumbs pressed against her chocolate nipples.

Jeff loved the taste and smell of Jen’s sex. The sweet, salty fluids drained from her pussy and on to his tongue and into his mouth. Jen moved her hips and allowed Jeff to fuck her with his tongue. Her thrust began to become more aggressive and her moans became more frequent. She was lost in an erotic world with her new tuzla escort bayan friends Dad. Her hands moved down, picking up Jeff’s head, and pressed it harder into her pussy, and onto her clit. Jeff was having hard time breathing. He was being smothered by the sweetest pussy he had ever eaten. Jeff’s mind went back to his training as a fire fighter, and began to stagger breath. Holding his breath until he could not hold it anymore and catching a quick breath. Jen suddenly screech loudly, pressing his face even harder, a heavy flow of her juices invaded Jeff’s mouth. Her hips thrust several times before she released her death grip on his head. Jen stood up on staggering legs and staggered toward the door. Jeff got up and rose to his feet. When Jen had mustered up enough strength she broke into a run, running into the house. Jeff jumped up, with his cock hard in front, and ran after her.

Jeff could hear her laughing as he entered the house. He followed her wet foot prints down the hall and into his room. Then silence. He looked in the bed, closet, and even under the bed, and did not find her. He rose to his knees and heard the water in the bathroom shower begin to spray. He rose slowly and tip toed to the bathroom door. He looked in and seen Jen bending over to get a feel of the water. He saw her gorgeous ass. Jeff had always wanted to have anal sex, but his ex wife was kind of a prude and would not allow him. There was no way he would try with Jen, because he did not want to gross her out or to cause her any pain. He thought back to the story she had told him about her father, in Mexico, using her as a prostitute. He wondered if any of the old men she had pleased had ever had her beautiful ass. He cringed at the thought of an old man not taking any pity on her.

He slipped into the bathroom silently and walked behind her. As she stood up, he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her to him. His lips went to her neck, kissing and sucking on it, before his kisses moved up to her ear. She moaned as she melted into his arms. She turned and they kissed passionately. Her arms were around his neck while his was around her waist, his hands rubbing her smooth ass. As their kiss broke, she pulled him in to the shower.

In the shower, she squeezed some body wash into her hands and began to lather it against his chest. Rubbing in small, slow circles, her brown eyes never left his gaze. She knelt down and washed his thighs and down his legs. She moved behind him and pressed her breast into his bare back. Her hands washing under his arms, his side and hips. With her foot she tapped his foot; Jeff opened his legs, and placed his hands on the wall in front of him. She lowered to her knees behind him and began to wash the cheeks of his ass. Her hands traced the crack; she sank her fingers inside and teased his hole, then rubbed her hands on the back side of his scrotum, then cupped his heavy balls, squeezing them softly in her hand. Then she stood and allowed him to wash the soap from his body.

He returned the favor to her. He squeezed the soap into his big hands. He washed her shoulders, down her arms and up her flat stomach. He took a breast in each hand and lathered the soap, paying very close attention to her nipples. Then he lowered to his knees. He washed down her thighs and toned legs. His fingers lightly bushed against her pubic mound. He stood to his feet and kissed her softly on the lips and moved behind her. She assumed the position, opening her legs and placing her hands on the wall. He washed her back, side, moving down to her legs. His eyes took a mental picture of her gorgeous ass as his hands moved up and again brushed her mound, she let out a soft moan. He squeezed a large amount of soap in his hands and began to work it on to her firm buttocks. His hands pushed against her cheeks causing her ass to open and reveal her hole. He closed his eyes and moved closer. His tongue touched her rectum. Jen jumped in surprise. He leaned back, still rubbing her ass, again he lowered his face into her ass, and this time he felt her hand push against his head. His tongue pressed against her pucker ring. He felt Jen pressing back on his tongue. He allowed his tongue to tease her, taking in the tangy taste of the area. His tongue worked up and down her tight bung hole, while his hands moved to her pussy. He inserted a couple fingers into escort tuzla her wetness and worked them as he explored her anus. His wet tongue slip into her, He worked the tip, teasing her and causing her legs to shake. He removed his fingers from her pussy and leaned back on his knees. He moved his fingers to her anus and slipped them easily past her puckering ring. As he worked his fingers, Jen moved her hips pushing him farther inside her. Her fingers replaced his as she rubbed her clit feverishly. After a few minutes of him fingering her tight ass, and her abusive rubbing of her clit, Jeff heard the familiar screech come from Jen. He felt her anal muscles tighten around his finger and then seen her juices begin to run down her leg.

Jeff kept his fingers inside her until Jen shut the water off. She moved forward causing his fingers to slip out of her. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. She looked back at Jeff and winked at him as she left the bathroom. Jeff dried himself and dropped the towel. When he exited the bathroom and went into the bedroom, he saw Jen lying on the bed. He lay beside her and they embraced into a passionate kiss. As they kissed, Jen’s hands moved down to his aching cock. She slowly stroked him as they kissed. Suddenly she broke the kiss and got up and walked over to the dresser and fumbled through her bag. She placed something in her hand and turned with a sexy grin on her face. She moved back to the bed and sat on her knees between Jeff’s legs. She opened her hand and showed Jeff a tube of strawberry flavored lube.

“What is that for,” Jeff asked.

She just smiled and squeezed a large amount of the lube into her palm. Then she began to slowly stroke his cock. Jeff leaned back and enjoyed the pleasure he was receiving. Her hands moved slowly up and down his cock, coating his cock well. Then he felt her hand leave his cock and felt her moving around on the bed. He opened his eyes and was pleasantly surprised to see her on her hands and knees above him. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked it softly. He moved on his back under her, as he passed her belly button, he allowed his tongue to slide into it causing Jen to giggle. Then he moved farther down, he ran his tongue over her clit and engorged lips, before sliding off the bed. He turned around and gazed at the beauty on his bed. He climbed back on the bed, taking his cock and placing it at the opening of her pouty lips. She looked back quickly.

“Higher”, she softly said.

Jeff readjusted his hard cock between her fleshy cheeks. The softness of her skin closing around his shaft was almost too much for him to handle as he fought back the urge to shoot a wad of cum on her ass. Jen pushed back on him, pressing her tight hole against his head. Jeff pressed softly, and felt his lubed head pass her pucker ring and begin to slide inside her rectum. Jen gripped the sheets of the bed as his cock slid all the way inside her. Once inside, Jeff placed his hands on her hips and held her still until she could adjust to the invader inside her rectum. Once he felt her slowly begin to move her hips, he gripped her cheeks and begins to slide his cock in and out of her tight ass. The feeling was out of this world. Jeff had never felt anything so warm and tight. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he pushed inside her. Jen began rocking with a steady rhythm sliding his cock back and forth. Her moans assured him that she was enjoying this experience as much as he was. He moved his right hand to the small of her back as his left hand stayed clamped to her smooth cheek. He pulled one of his legs up so he could get a better leverage at the target of his pleasure. Soon both were lost in their own erotic world. Jeff could feel his balls begin to tighten. He began to work his cock faster and harder. With one last lunge, he felt his balls empty into the tight confounds of Jens ass. When she felt the last drop leave his cock, Jen collapsed on the bed, making Jeff’s cock fall from her. She lay on her stomach, breathing hard. Jeff lay beside her and held her. After a few minutes, Jen raised her head and looked over at the alarm clock on the night stand, then kissed Jeff on the cheek.

“Its 3pm baby, can we rest for a while?” She asked.

“Of course sweet heart, what ever you want.”

“This has been the best day of my life.”

“Mine too”, Jeff responded drifting off to sleep while holding his young lover. “We have the rest of our lives, no need to kill ourselves.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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