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Rowan awoke in her mistress’s tight embrace. Her arms wrapped around Rowan’s body and their legs intertwined together. Olivia softy breathed against her messy red hair and Olivia’s massive cock was snug between her thighs. The woman was still fast asleep, but she was hard as usual when they slept like this.

Normally, Rowan would close her eyes and just enjoy being with her, but she was feeling a little frisky this morning. She carefully rolled over and got a face full of tits. Olivia was tall enough that when they cuddled, Rowan was always at eye level with them. She couldn’t complain. It was a perk of being short and dating someone tall.

Olivia stirred and her hand moved down to cup Rowan’s ass. When she settled down, Rowan lifted her leg, so the head of Olivia’s cock had easy access. She bit her lip and slowly slid down onto the massive cock.

No matter how many times she felt Oliviadeep inside her wet pussy, it always made her squirm with pleasure. After a few pumps, Olivia pulled her hips back and rammed it into her. Rowan moaned against her breasts. She looked up and saw Olivia watching her with a tired eye cracked open.

“Gods, someone’s horny this morning.” She mumbled. “Like a bitch in heat.”

“Well,” Rowan grinned and kept going, feeling her mistress’s heart rate quickening, “I am your bitch after all, mistress. I’m always craving this cock of yours.”

Olivia let out a sigh, then rolled on top of Rowan. She grabbed Rowan’s legs and lifted them to pin them down on either side of Rowan’s head. “You sure know how to get me going in the morning.”

Rowan grabbed at the sheets, readying for her mistress’s strength. Olivia thrusted fast and hard into her aching pussy, stretching it wonderfully as always. Her large breasts bounced tantalizingly above her. If she wasn’t pinned, Rowan would have sucked at them.

After Olivia filled her with fluids, she pulled out and rammed it into her ass too. Rowan wasn’t the only one horny like a bitch in heat this morning. They kissed as Olivia filled up her ass to the brim as well. There was so much that some even leaked out around her cock.

It still wasn’t enough for either of them. Still deep inside her ass, Olivia flipped her over and shove her face into a pillow. Rowan drooled happily, her mind glazed over as Olivia continued fucking her from behind. She squeezed Rowan’s ass cheeks and used her thumbs to stretch her hole wider to take it deeper. This time when she came, there was so much already in her ass that the fluids gushed out around her cock.

Olivia slipped out with another sigh and got out of bed. Neither of them said a word as she went to take a bath. Rowan just lay there with her ass still in the air, the fluids still coming out. But she smiled to herself. She loved it here.

When her mind cleared a bit, it never fully did in the cottage, she got out of bed as well. The fluids continue to dribble down her legs and across the floor. She’d need to clean that, but later. Right now, she wanted to surprise Olivia with breakfast. She didn’t exactly know how to cook, but she’d give it a try.

Outside, the air was crisp and chill. Every morning it became a little cooler than the last. It was already a few weeks into autumn and Olivia had been working hard to get their territory ready for winter. Rowan’s nipples hardened as she walked to the chicken coop. Olivia had decided she could start layering up for the cold, but Rowan liked it better naked. It just felt right. Plus, it was only a short walk to the animal pens.

“Morning, my little hens.” She said as she entered. Most were still hunkered down in their nests. “Hope you have some eggs for me.”

They had roughly a dozen hens so far and one cow in a makeshift barn around back. Rowan crept through, trying not to disturb the ones still asleep. She managed to collect a few before quickly heading back inside. It should be enough.

Once inside, she went to the kitchen and lit a fire under their stove. In the other room, she could hear Olivia humming in the bath still. Perfect. Rowan put a skillet on the stove and washed a couple of eggs before cracking them into it. There were a couple of pieces of shell that fell in, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

When she was still a man, she never learned to cook. She’d usually just go to the nearest tavern in whichever town she happened to be in at the time. The eggs began to cook around the edges, so she grabbed some seasonings and sprinkled them on top. Then came the part that made her nervous. She grabbed the handle with both hands and tried to flip it like Olivia did. It flipped, but fell apart, splattering uncooked eggs all over.

In the distance, she heard the humming stop as Olivia got out. Rowan panicked. It wasn’t ready yet. How could she screw up something so simple?

Olivia walked in with a raised eyebrow, still drying herself off. “Are you…cooking?”

“Uh, trying to at least.” Rowan’s cheeks flushed red. “I wanted to surprise you.”

She just smiled sympathetically. “Well Anadolu Yakası Escort then, let’s give it a go.”

Rowan dumped her mess on a plate and set it on the table. Olivia wrapped the towel around herself and sat down. She looked at the ‘omelet’ skeptically before looking at her and smiling. Rowan watched as she took a bite. She chewed slowly.


“It’s uh,” Olivia swallowed, “It’s somewhat edible at least. Were there eggshells in there?”

She nodded, looking away with her face still red. “I thought maybe it’d soften or something when it cooked.”

Oliva stood up and hugged her. “It’s the thought that counts, but please leave the cooking to me.” She kissed her as well. “Don’t want o accidentally poison us, do you?”

“Fine, no more surprise food.” Rowan said with a frown.

Olivia patted her on the head. “I have something for you to do while I make us a proper meal. “She went into her study before coming back with a strange pen and a vial of ink. “I’ve been thinking about expanding our territory. There’s a small lake nearby that I thought we could add. With that much space, we could add a couple more buildings like a barn or a shed.”

“How would I do that?” Rowan asked.

“You walk around the lake and occasionally draw a rune on a tree. Like this.” She held up a piece of paper with a circular rune on it. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure it glows when you finish.

That seemed easy enough. Rowan nodded and walked towards the door with tools in hand. “And wear a coat, dear. I don’t want you catching a cold out there.”

“Yes, mistress.” She grabbed a coat and also slipped on a long woolen skirt. Both were shades of green that matched Olivia’s usual dress. Then she headed out the door. Rowan glanced over her shoulder before unbuttoning the first couple of buttons. Otherwise, it was too tight across the chest.

She walked for a few minutes before she started to feel strange. The collar around her neck seemed to pull in the direction of the cottage. She’d need to ask Olivia about that later. But, she carried onwards. The further she went, the less the collar pulled at her.

After walking for a few minutes, she went to a tree and drew the rune onto its trunk. It flashed a dark silver when she finished. “Is that it? Thought it’d be more…magical.”

She carried on around the lake, admiring the view. Olivia was right when she said it wasn’t very big. It would only be early afternoon by the time she circled back. One by one, Rowan marked trees for hours until she finally made it back. The final rune flashed a few times before staying lit. She headed back towards the cottage, heard something rustling in the bushes nearby.

“Is someone there?” She said, trying not to sound scared. “Show yourself.”

For a long moment, it was quiet. Then a man clumsily fell out of it. “Sorry, I- ” He glanced at her exposed chest and quickly looked away. “I got a little lost and noticed someone else was out here. Is there a town nearby by chance?”

Rowan looked him up and down. He was short for a man, not much taller than herself, and fairly lean. She also noticed he was barely in Olivia’s new territory. That meant Olivia would want to see him.

“There isn’t, but me and my mistress live in a cottage not too far from here. I’m sure she’d be pleased to meet you.”

“That’d be perfect. Thank you, miss.”

She headed towards the cabin with the man following behind, hunched over while rubbing at his arms. He was only wearing a thin tunic in this weather. Rowan undid the rest of her coat and tossed it at him. His face went bright red, staring at her a little too long before looking away.

“Uh, miss?”

“You can wear it for now, I’m used to it.”

“Oh, I see.” He said. “Wait, used to being topless?”

She just winked and kept walking while the man put on her coat. It fit him well enough, though obviously loose around his chest. They made their way back to the path that led back to the cabin. The man looked around with interest

“Finally.” She said as they entered, then let her skirt fall to the floor. “Much better.”

The man’s jaw dropped, but Olivia approached them before he could say anything. “Who’s this little guy and why is he wearing your coat?”

He stammered, clearly confused with Olivia towering over him and Rowan naked next to him. “I found him lost in the forest while finishing up. He was cold, so I lent him my coat, mistress.”

She shook her head with a sigh. “Fine, just don’t blame me when you catch a cold.”

“Hi, I-I’m Juniper.” He extended his hand. “This kind woman invited me over.”

Olivia shook it. “Nice to meet you Juniper. That’s Rowan, and I’m Olivia. But please, call me mistress.” He smiled, ignorant of his fate to come. “We were just about to eat, come join us.”

“As long as it’s not a bother, mistress.” He took off the coat and hung it by the door.

“Oh, it’s no bother at all.” She set two places down. “I didn’t make enough for three, so Rowan, I Avrupa Yakası Escort have a different meal ready for you.”

Rowan’s eyes widened in glee. Juniper sat down and waited for Olivia and Rowan sat down before eating. But Rowan wouldn’t be at the table for this meal. The man watched confused as she crawled under the table. Olivia pulled the front of her panties down and her massive cock flopped against Rowan’s eager face.

Juniper gaped as he watched Rowan give it a few kisses before plunging it deep inside. She bobbed her head rapidly and sucked hungrily at it. It made satisfying squelches as it stretched her throat.

The man adjusted the front of his pants and looked away. “I can give you two some time.”

“No no, it’s quite all right.” She said comfortingly. “We do this every morning.”

“Ih her Girbreng.” Rowan tried to say around the cock in her throat.

“Every…” He cleared his throat and started eating, occasionally glancing at them.

Olivia placed a hand on Rowan’s head and forced her up and down it. “So, tell me. What brings you all the way out here? We don’t get too many visitors this far from town.

“I-I was doing some travelling on my own in Tiranad and got lost somewhere along the way.”

Rowan slurped distractedly at the cock, letting Olivia guide her speed. She could feel her mistress was close. “Why would you be travelling here of all places? Haven’t you heard the stories of about the Matrovirans like me in these woods?”

“I…have.” But he didn’t continue. He clumsily readjusted the front of his pants again.

Olivia raised an eyebrow. “You were looking for Matrovirans, weren’t you?”

Juniper nearly choked on his food. He looked around embarrassed but didn’t answer. Under the table, Rowan was surprised enough that she backed off at just the wrong moment. Olivia blew her load in her mouth instead of down her throat. It leaked out around her lips and dribbled down between her breasts.

She swallowed and licked her lips before crawling into her seat across from him. The man eyed the cum on her breasts hungrily. Olivia and Rowan looked at each other. They both knew what he wanted. Rowan stood up and sauntered over to him.

“Have a taste, I know you want it.” She used a finger to wipe some cum off her chest and held it up to his mouth. He hesitated a moment and then opened his mouth to suck it off her finger. His eyes widened. They smiled at him approvingly. “Help yourself.”

She gestured to her breasts. The man looked like he was about to drool at the thought of it. Rowan leaned in and put her arms around his neck. He started slowly, licking with a hesitance to it. Then he started lapping at her breasts, making her feel good. He licked and sucked until it was all gone.

“I’ve got plenty more where that came from.” Olivia laughed. Rowan kissed him and stepped back. “Want to take this to the bed, little guy?”

He nodded enthusiastically, so Olivia picked him up easily and carried him to the bed. She tossed him on it and Rowan helped her undress him. They were surprised when a massive erection sprung out when they slid his underpants off. Despite his timidity, the man was hung.

“That’s a nice cock you have there,” Olivia said. “It’s about as big as Rowan’s was when we met.”

He glanced between Rowan’s legs. “Wait, she was a man?”

They nodded and his dick twitched at the thought. Olivia smiled smugly. “I’ll do the same to you too.”

Vines sprouted around him but stopped when he willingly crawled between Olivia’s legs and gave it a few test licks. He hesitated to take it in, so Olivia placed a hand on the back of his head to gently urged him down. It made him gag, but he smiled.

“I’ve always.” He said between plunges. “Wanted to suck a dick. This big.”

“I bet you did, little pet.” She cooed. “But focus on your sucking. Yes, just like that. Good boy.”

Rowan laid back on the sheets and slid between Juniper’s legs. His large dick swung above her face, taunting her. A couple drops of precum dripped across her face. She took it in her mouth and sucked on it. It wasn’t as big as Olivia’s, but it was still big enough to enjoy.

It shrunk a little in her mouth when his balls tightened, shooting a load in her. She quickly took it all in, so his cum went straight down her throat. Then backed off with a pleasant pop.

“Turn around Rowan,” Olivia said.

She complied and turned around with her face on the sheets and her ass in the air. Olivia had to force Juniper off her dick and then turned him around to face Rowan. One hand wrapped around to tease his chest while the other wrapped around his cock. She gave it a few pumps and then guided him into Rowan’s waiting ass.

Rowan clenched around Juniper’s cock, making sure he enjoyed every moment he had left with it. Then Olivia joined them. “I’d hold onto something, little guy. This might be a little intense for your first time.”

“W-well, I’ve had someone do it b-before, so it shouldn’t- ” he cut off as Olivia İstanbul Escort grabbed his hips and slid in deep. Juniper’s fingers dug into Rowan’s shoulders with surprising strength. His mouth opened wide for a silent moan.

“I warned you.” Olivia laughed. “But it feels great to feel me so deep, doesn’t it?”

He nodded stupidly. Drool started to run down his chin. Olivia pulled out and rammed it back in, forcing Juniper to thrust into Rowan. The two moaned against each other with each thrust of their mistress. She sped up, slapping away at them.

Rowan could feel Juniper’s cock shrink inside of her. Each time he came inside, it got a little smaller. So that’s what Olivia felt when she took her dick.

He got smaller and smaller until she could barely feel him anymore. Her insides were full of his cum. She did, however, start to feel something soft against her. Juniper’s new breasts bounced up and down her back. His moans were loud in Rowan’s ear as he came repeatedly. Finally, he gave one final moan, and his little dick came for the last time.

Olivia pulled out, letting Juniper collapse on top of Rowan. She grabbed her cock and jerked it until she erupted all over them. The first two ropes of cum splattered across Rowan’s breast and cheek. A third got her in the eye. Olivia turned and blew another two loads over Juniper’s panting body and another two into her newly long brown hair.

She gave them time to breathe and wiped her dick off. Though it was still hard. Then she turned Juniper over, spread her legs, and pressed her cock against her new pussy. “Ready, pet?”

Juniper was still dazed, her eyes unfocused, but nodded her head absently. Rowan watched her mistress claim another virginity. It was hard not to touch herself while watching. Juniper clawed at the sheets as she squirmed happily. A wide grin across on her face. Olivia quickly sped up, slamming her cock into her new toy. Juniper’s eyes went cross-eyed, and her mouth hung open.

Finally, Olivia gave two firm thrusts as she stuffed the pussy with her cum. She slid out and caressed Juniper’s cheek. She still couldn’t seem to focus on anything. “Good girl.”

Olivia went to get up, but Rowan quickly pounced on her. She plunged her mouth onto Olivia’s flaccid cock and slurped at it. Making sure it was nice and clean from Juniper’s fluids before pulling it out.

“Thanks,” Olivia smiled. She ran a hand through Rowan’s red hair, “now go clean yourself off, my little slut.”

Rowan went to prepare the bath while Olivia picked up Juniper and carried her to the bath. It was big enough that it could fit a few people together. Their mistress laid her in the bath and left the two of them to get clean. By the time the bath had filled, the warm water seemed to bring Juniper back to her senses.

“Rowan?” Juniper asked a bit dazed. She looked around uncertainly. “Where are…”

“We’re in a bath, silly.” Rowan shimmied over to her and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Welcome back. How was your trip to heaven?”

Juniper turned bright red and looked down at her hands. “It was good. Really good.”

Then she seemed to notice her new breasts sticking out of the water. She hesitantly grabbed them as if she was dreaming. Her eyes widened and she squeezed them, making her yelp. “I have boobs?” Her hand flew between her legs. “And my dick is gone!”

“That’s part of the initiation. I hope you don’t mind- “

Rowan was cut off and Juniper leaped at her and hugged her so tight it was almost suffocating. “Thank you, Rowan. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“You need to thank Olivia, not me.” She laughed, hugging her back. “I don’t have that kind of power.”

“I mean thank you for bringing me here. If you hadn’t found me, I’d still be out there stuck as a man for the rest of my life.”

Rowan tilted her head to the side. “You were trying to become a woman?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, “I never really fit in with the men back home. People wanted me to live a life I didn’t want, and dress a certain way I didn’t want, so I ran away. When I heard the rumors of a witch in these forests transforming people, I thought maybe I could ask her to turn me into a woman.”

Juniper looked down at her newly feminine body and pulled at a loose strand of hair. She smiled at it, probably liking the length. “And now I’m the person I always wanted to see in the mirror.” She looked at Rowan with her face still red. “Plus, I’m kinda hot now. Have you seen these tits?”

“Hell yeah, you’re totally hot now.” Rowan laughed. She poked at them teasingly. “You’d have men lining up for half a mile to fuck you.”

juniper nodded. “But I’m happy with just you and mistress. I don’t need a line of men for that.”

“Good, otherwise mistress might get jealous.”

The two washed themselves, thoroughly making sure to clean off all the cum Olivia had covered them in. Rowan had to help Juniper clean it out of her hair since she wasn’t used to it yet.

When they finished, they climbed out and grabbed some towels Olivia had left out for them. Rowan wrapped it around herself and looked at Juniper who stood in front of the mirror. She turned left and right, cupped her breasts, and smiled at her reflection. She still had a timid air about her, but now she looked so much happier than when they met earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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