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It doesn’t matter how old you get you will never forget your first time. As clear as today is I can still remember it as if it was just yesterday. The snow had starting falling early in the morning. The roads were already blanked with about three inches of freshly fallen snow. I could not understand why they had not cancelled my school. Stephanie and her sister Linda had already received notice over the radio that their school was closed. It had seemed right after we got to class we had been told we would be leaving school early because of the impending storm.

I had never really noticed how beautiful Stephanie was until I spotted her standing by the edge of the road. Her crimson red hair glistened against the falling white snowflakes. Her rosy cheeks were in contrast with her milky white skin that poked out from her hooded jacket… She appeared to be chilled to the bone as she cuddled her chest with her hands. Her head appeared pulled in like a turtle trying to retreat into its shell. Her glasses framed in thin gold wire across a thin petite face that matched her petite frame. Even though I was two years younger I was taller than she was and appeared older than her

I had been coming over to their house for the most of the school year since we had moved and my parents did not want me to change schools until the school year was over. Steph and Linda were nowhere near alike. Steph like music and played the flute. Many days she would try to teach me how to play but that was a task all of its own. She usually never had homework and when she did, it was done quickly. Linda was more the bookworm and was a senior where Step was just a freshman. She always check and recheck her college school work and seemed to always get good grades because of it. Stephanie’s petite frame was completely different than Linda’s as she was a bit chunkier and much taller. I always knew if I was stuck with my school work Linda was the gal to go to, but if I wanted to have fun it would be Steph.

“Want to go out and make snow villages?” Steph asked as she reached for her coat off the coat rack by the back door.

“Sure” I replied as I slipped my coat over my shoulders and followed her out the back door.

As I followed behind Steph I seemed to be drawn to watching her cute small buttock sway back and forth within her jeans. I had never ever looked at her like this before and I was puzzled.

“You have a small butt you know Steph!” I blurted out

“Excuse me!” she replied “Are you checking out my ass?”

“I just happened to notice that’s all” I answered and felt embarrassed for the moment.

“That’s okay it’s natural to be checking me out>” she said with a smile as she turned toward me. “I’m flattered”

The snow seems to be falling harder bostancı escort and now the wind was kicking up as the snow would be forced sideways whipping across our faces.

“It is really snowing out here and cold to boot!” I blurted out as I shielded my face with my hands.

“Calling for over foot and half of snow the weatherman said” she replied” They are saying it will be the blizzard of the year”

I was watching every move Steph was making today as if I was the bull and wanted her to join my herd. As she reached up to grab the branches from a tree I could see her bare skin of her stomach which excited me. Just the thought of her bare skin sent hot rushes of blood through my body.

“Here you go” she said as she handed me the stick.

I don’t know why but the process of grabbing the stick was as if all done in slow motion. My eyes were just locked onto her beautiful green eyes and those sensuous little lips I imagined what it would be like to place my lips against hers

“Are you okay?” she asked

“Yes just a fantasy moment I guess!” I told her.

“First you’re checking out my ass and now a fantasy moment!” she said with a smile “I can just imagine what you are fantasizing about.

“Let’s just do our village!” I told her.

It was something to pass the time as winter time was so boring. We would take sticks and trace out streets and then place boxes and write in with the sticks what businesses they were. Before you knew it we had a small village of our very own. It was not going to be so easy today as the snow was just not letting it happen. It seemed right after we drew a box or a new street the wind driven snow covered it up. It was just snowing too hard and blowing all over the place.

“Is it getting colder out here or what?” she asked as she stood in front of me. She pulled me closer to her as she buried her head in my chest. Her snow covered hair made a place to nestled my face into to exchange our warmth. I could smell the faint trace of perfume she had applied this morning in anticipation of going to campus for the day. I did not know what was coming over me as I could feel the hardness happening in my groin.

“Freezing my balls off” I blurted out.

“Yes I know I can feel them against me” she replied as she looked up into my face with a smile.

It took me by surprise what she said and I felt embarrassed but still kept her in my embrace

“Let’s go in the old outhouse and get out of this cold wind” she said as she grabbed my hand and led the way. “We don’t want you to lose your balls now do we?”

It struck me funny because it seemed Steph was revealing a side I never saw of her before. Di she realize I was more or less in heat over her and she was accepting ümraniye escort bayan it. But what was I suppose to do next. We headed for the old outhouse that sat behind the garage or barn which at one time it was but now was used as a garage. It was a fairly large outhouse with two seats and a plenty of room to sit down. It had been not used in years and just smelled of old wood. Its rustic charm was appealing with the sun bleached wood and warped boards with all the knots splitting from age. The wood has shrunken in its aging process and gaps in the wood allowed you to see outside but at least it kept the cold wind from blowing in on you.

“Ah that’s a lot better wouldn’t you say?” she asked as she shut the door.

“Yes actually it’s pretty warm in here” I replied

“I don’t know about warm!” she blurted out. “But I do know all this cold wind has made me have to go pee already”

I just watched her as she removed her coat and hung it on one of the nails on the door that made up a row of so called hooks. Without any hesitation Steph just undid her jeans and along with her pink panties slid them down and sat on the toilet seat that surrounded the hole. I could not help but to notice her patch of fiery red pubic hair between her legs and that cute small tush of hers as she turned around. Listening to her pee just forced me the need to go also.

“Go ahead, use that one.” she told me as she saw me looking at the hole without a seat. “Cold weather will do it to you all the time and you guys can stand and pee”.

I felt a bit embarrassed as I undid my pants and pulled out a semi erect penis for her to see.

“I guess you were fantasizing about me!” she stated as she started at my penis.

The coldness soon made short work of the erection and I was able to go to the bathroom. As I finished up and was about tom do up my pants I felt her hand grab my tight ball sack and pulled me over in front of her. .

“Well they are not frozen! A bit cold but at least not frozen!” she said as she just stared into my eyes. “I bet that feels better”

I could feel her fingers grasp the ridge of my belt and tug my pants down. As she lowered them to my ankles my penis rubbed against her fiery red hair causing me to become erect once again. As her face came up the head brushed against her cheek as her hand grasps the hard shaft and stroked it as she kissed the shaft and rubbed it against her cheek. Gently she guided it towards her lips where she kissed it and gently lapped her moist tongue over the swollen head and then up and down the shaft. I could then feel her warm mouth slide over the shaft as I ran my fingers through her soft flowing hair. I could feel the tension building in my ball sack as I felt I was about to kartal escort explode. Softly she removed her mouth and gently stroked the cheeks of my butt as her face cuddled into my groin. She laid herself back on the seat raising her feet to the edge of the seat exposing her reddish mound to my view as she spread her legs.

“Kiss me down there!” she asked as I slowly got on my knees.

My hands found her slim legs as I removed her pants and panties so she could spread her legs even further for me. The aroma of her womanhood was like a magnet to drawn me even closer to her. Slowly I planted kisses along her milky white skin as my hands stroked the outside of her thighs. I worked within inches of the already moist slit as I could feel the bristles of her pubic hair. As my lips pressed against her swollen moist pussy without any knowledge my tongue was searching out her inner cavities. The taste of her bodily fluids was more than I could have imagined as I savored every bit of her juices.

“Oh that feels so good!” she moaned. “You’re a natural”

As my tongue worked faster her thighs would shake faster and faster. Just as I prodded her hole with my fingers her body jerked and bucked with each push into her. My mouth was soon overwhelmed with her cum as she climaxed.

“Let me give you a nice look at my ass since you earned it after eating pussy like that!” she blurted out as she stood up and bent over the bench. Her slim petite butt was so inviting as I bent over and licked her pussy and ran my tongue up and around her anus.

“Oh my god I want you in me!” she demanded as I took my already hard cock and rubbed it against her ass and then prodded her moist slit as I guided it into her.

“Oh yes that feels so good.” she said “You are my first to ever do it with you know!”

“You my first also!” I replied.

Just as I could feel the tension build I could hear the call of her sister Linda yelling for us to let me know my parents had arrived to pick me up. I felt the tension build as my butt tightened and as I pulled out of her complete warmness I exploded shooing my wad all over her butt and down the crack of her ass and over her pussy lips. . I watched as it slowly slid down her skin and dripped to the floor. I wondered if anyone else in the lifetime of this outhouse has ever dripped their fluid onto its floor or made love, on these same seats. Could I have been the first? Probably not I would assume.

“IIts so hot on my skin” she said as she brushed her finger in the liquid and slipped it in her mouth. “And so tasty”

As we pulled up our clothes we headed out the door as if nothing happened. I never really could ever figure my encounter with Stephanie. We never attempted it again and she never even talked about it. I guess she just did not want anyone to know. I do know it was the first time for me and one that will stay imbedded in my mind till the day I die. I have seen her a few time going through life and always remembered that day and wished we could have done it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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