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The radio was blaring some pop music song; she doesn’t know what song, she wasn’t really paying attention.

She was stuck in traffic on the highway after a really long week at work, she’d been pulling over time for months now and hadn’t had sex in weeks, she was too tired all the time.

Oh, she was dying for some rock hard cock to pound her hot tight pussy. Just the thought of getting to suck on the fat mushroom-head of a thick cock had her pussy wet.

Her partner wasn’t due to get back from overseas for a few days so she thought to herself, “God I’ll have to abuse my vibrator again.” While stretching her sore neck she muses, “God I could do with a bubble bath and a glass of red.”

After drying off from her bath, she climbs into bed nude and reaches for her nightstand drawer. She reaches in and grabs her bright pink rabbit vibrator. She switches it on and off to make sure it still works. Mmmm she purrs as she realises there’s enough battery power there to make herself cum untill she can get her hands wrapped around a real, rock hard, warm cock. Before switching it on again, her hands roam her body. She closes her eyes, and imagines her hands are some stranger’s hands.

Despite having a partner, she occasionally fantasises about a random stranger, and to be totally submissive to them. To be forced by them. To have no choice. To be a slave to their every desire. To be used and abused. In her everyday life she makes a lot of decisions; for once she just wants to let all that go.

Sadly, her partner doesn’t have much of a dominant streak in him to fulfil these taboo desires. She sighs at the thought and realises it’ll just have to stay a fantasy.

She opens her eyes and looks down, her nipples rock hard and pointing out towards the ceiling. She feels her pussy. It’s soaking wet and begging for attention. She closes her eyes again and begins to gently rub her clit and slides a finger up and down along her slit. She rolls over into the doggy position and gets her suction cup dildo and puts it against the wall and begins to fuck herself. She closes her eyes. Torn between imagining it’s her partner, and a stranger from her more naughty, salacious dirty dreams; she steadily bounces back against the thick dildo.

She begins to steadily pick up the pace and the fight between her competing daydreams intensifies. To imagine a passionate session with the love of her life, or the faceless stranger dominating her in a rough sweaty fuck.

As she pounds herself against the fake cock on the wall, her breathing gets louder, she begins to moan and groan. Beads of sweat gather along her forehead.

The dream about being forced down by the stranger begins to win against the partner. She swears she hears footsteps, but just passes it off as a really good imagination and considers that it’s probably the floorboards creaking as her bed moves with her as she begins to pick up the pace even more. Her rear begins to redden as it hits the wall.

She instinctively feels the hairs on the back of her neck stiffen, her gut feeling tells her someone is watching her. She begins to rub her engorged clit as she bounces against the dildo. She feels herself nearing orgasm. It feels like it will be a big one as the gut feeling hasn’t gone away and she has a bit of an exhibitionist streak to her. But that’s a story for another day…

The doorbell rings. She edges ever closer to orgasm. She thinks to herself that there would be no one she knows visiting at this time of night. She ignores it and keeps pounding against the wall. It rings again. She stops and swears. She hops off the bed, and as she puts on a velvety smooth kimono in front of the mirror, she observes her lithe figure. She then wipes off the sweat on Bostancı Escort her forehead and readjusts her hair. She tightens the knot on the kimono as she walks towards the front door.

As she gets closer, she wonders who it could be. She leads such a busy life that her friends and family let her organise when they see her, and she’s sure her partner isn’t due home for another few days. She looks at the security panel near the door and can only make out a tall male figure with a thick overcoat on. He seems to have a similar build to her partner, but something isn’t right about it. It just doesn’t seem like him. This man is standing tall and proud. Shoulders out. He stands with an air of authority and dominance. She sighs at the fact her man isn’t like that and that the camera cannot get a good enough angle to see this man’s face.

Between her cavalier attitude and her exhibitionist streak, she throws caution to the wind and opens the door. She thinks to herself: it’s either her partner; or a stranger she can flash when the knot holding the kimono together ‘accidentally’ comes undone. Either way it’s a good result.

As the door opens the male figure is slowly revealed to her, she looks up at the face and sees a wickedly cheeky grin flash across it. Her partner had arrived home early!

She squeals in delight and jumps up and hugs him, wrapping her legs around him. As she calms down, she gets off him and steps back. She is about to question why he seems different, seems so confident, authoritative and domineering. But he moves quickly. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her inside, then slams the door shut.

She is shocked by this behaviour and looks up at him and sees a sense of determination in his eyes.

He grabs her by the throat and looks into her eyes.

“Get on your damned knees and suck my cock. Its about time you put that mouth to good use.”

He shoves her to the ground, and she lands hard with a thud.

She is taken aback by this man who would appear to be her boyfriend, but who is not behaving like him. She thinks to herself, I know it is him, but this behaviour is very odd. She begins to realise he has stepped up to the plate and is giving her the fantasy, she thought would never happen. Whether this authority and domination was a new and real aspect of her partner or a façade put on display; she likes it, she enjoys it. She wants it oh so bad.

As she recovers and realises what is going on, a naughty grin spreads across her face. She feels tingles stir in her abdomen and feels her pussy starting to get wet as she thinks about the night she was going to have.

She looked up at him and with a pout said, “Mmmmm I will. I’ve been very naughty and need a thick rock hard cock in my mouth to shut me up.”

She then begins to undo his belt and unzip the fly of his jeans. As she yanks down his pants, his rigid cock springs to attention in the cold dark air. She licks her lips when she sees it and reaches out to grab it but as she does, he swats away her hand. He yells, “NO! Bad girl! You must ask permission first.” The more domineering, he gets, the wetter her tight hot pussy becomes.

She moans and asks, “Can I pleaassseee suck on your rigid thick hard cock? It is twitching in agreement anyway!”

He grins and says, “Go for it babe.”

She reaches out again and grabs his cock around the base, and feels the warmth of it against her cold hand. She slowly begins to work her hand up and down its length as she leans in and licks the tip of the thick engorged head of his cock, before taking it in her mouth.

He lets out a deep sigh and a groan and she feels the tense build-up in him begin to relax. As she continues to work him with her mouth and hand, she undoes Kadıköy Escort the knot on her kimono with her other hand.

Her head bobs up and down the length of his cock, taking more of it into her mouth and throat each time. With each movement, her kimono slowly begins to fall off. With one hand, he grabs the top of her head and scrunches a bunch of her hair to better control her movements and with the other hand he flicks the kimono off her onto the floor. Her gorgeous lithe body is illuminated by the dimly lit lamp behind her on the wall.

She picks up the pace and feels his grip on her head tighten. He lets out a deep groan. She lets out a muffled moan as she feels her pussy begging for cock to fill it. She drops one hand to rub her engorged clit, proudly sticking out wanting attention. She feels one of his hands reach down and grab one of her boobs and massages it with the palm of his hand then tweaks her excited nipple.

As he feels himself beginning to reach the point of no return, he pulls her head off his slick spit covered rock hard cock and lets go. She collapses on the floor recovering from the marathon cock sucking session. She sees him reach into his luggage and pull out an old tie. He then wraps it around her head using it as a blindfold. He picks her up and carries her to their bedroom. As her head rests against his chest, she settles into the warmth, and calms at the sound of the steady beat of his heart.

He throws her onto the bed and commands, “Do not move!” and walks back out. She hears the steady pace of his feet outside their room in the hallway and hears the unzipping of another pouch on his luggage. He comes back in and tells her to “Spread out face down on the bed. And do not resist.” She lets out a whimpered, “yessir.”

She feels the rough rope being tied around her wrists and ankles into what she can only imagine as being hogtied.

He tightens the rope to make sure it doesn’t come loose.

There’s a quiet pause. Then she feels the quick thwack of something hitting her ass a few times in quick succession. She lets out a moan at the mixed feeling of pain and pleasure. Of wanting to be used. To be filled with cock and hot cum. To be degraded. To bend herself to his every will and desire. She feels the warmth build between her legs.

He asks, “You enjoyed that didn’t you? You dirty little thing.”

She lets out a muffled moan and a, “Mhhmmmmmm.”

He spanks her again.

He growls, “You like the feeling of the leather belt against your ass, don’t you?”

She moans again.

He leans over her. She feels his rock hard cock rub up against the side of her body. He whispers in her ear, “How about you feel the belt around your neck, hmmm?”

Before she can answer, she feels the leather texture of the belt being put around her neck. She feels him lock it in place around her neck. Not too tight nor loose. Just right. Enough of a reminder of who is in control. She bites her lip at this feeling of domination.

She feels him move her legs so her ass is up in the air as she rests on her knees while hogtied. She hopes this means what she has been craving for weeks is finally coming. She feels him rub the head of his hard dick up against her very, very wet slit. It sends a shock throughout her body and she lets out a light purr. He does this on and off for a few minutes. She can’t handle it anymore and tries to back up on him.

But she feels a hard, stinging thwack of the palm of his hand as he spanks her in punishment.

She groans in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She begs him, “Pleeeaseeeeee. I really need your rock hard cock in my tight lil pussy. It’s begging for your attention. I need it bad. Please! I beg of you!”

He laughs at finally Göztepe Escort making her crack “Never thought I’d see the day you’d beg for anything!”

He then kisses her shoulder and whispers, “As I’ve already started granting your desires, I think I can give you this one too.”

Before she can process what he said, she feels him plunge into her and bottom out. They both let out deep groans. They both feel her very wet pussy contract down on his cock and hold onto it in an almost vice like grip. She then feels the leather grip around her neck tighten a little and force her head back a bit as he pulls on the belt. They both pause and take a moment to enjoy the sensation of it all.

He then slowly starts to pump in and out of her. Bottoming out each time. Each time her pussy trying to clamp down on his cock. They slowly build up a sweat. He begins to pick up a steady pace.

Their bedroom, an orchestra of erotic sounds. Her moans, his groans, the steady squeak of the bed, their rhythmic panting and the slapping noise as his pelvis hits her plump ass.

She feels him loosen his grip on the belt and instead grips her hair in his fist as he continues to plough into her. Picking up an even faster pace now. Her ass cheeks reddening from each impact.

Suddenly he stops and catches his breath. She too catches her breath and wonders what he is doing. She hears him scrounging around in a draw.

She then feels one of his fingers, cold and slick with lube rub around her asshole, then probes into her. She purrs as she knows what comes next. He continues to lube up her ass. She then feels the unmistakeable feeling of one of her butt plugs slowly being inserted into her ass. She takes a deep breath and relaxes her sphincter muscles and it slides in with ease. She wiggles her butt around a bit to both tease her partner and adjust the toy.

He then sinks his cock back into her hot wet pussy and slowly builds up a pace again. She perfectly synchronises and bounces her ass back as he pounds forward into her. The cacophony of erotic noise begins anew.

She savours the feeling of being filled so well. Her partner’s thick cock rubbing against the thin membrane that separates him and her toy. The feeling is ecstatic and sends her into a very pleasurable state.

As they begin to mindlessly pound faster and faster. The biological urge to cum as soon as possible overtakes them. His balls begin to tighten. Her pussy begins to clamp harder. She feels the pre-orgasmic pulses course through her legs and fears her knees will give way. Their moaning and groaning gets louder. The sweat trickling down her spine and down his face. They both begin to feel the impending orgasms get closer. They begin to swear and cry out as they get closer and closer, he pistons inter her faster and faster.

He cums first and grunts, lets out a deep sigh as he begins to fire stream after stream of his hot cum inside her. Each time he squirts inside her, her pussy clamps down trying to milk every last drop, the first burst of cum sends her over the edge and she cries out in pleasure as she reaches an orgasmic nirvana, her legs quiver and her knees finally buckle and give way and she collapses on the bed. As this happens, he slides out of her and the few remaining streams of cum land on her ass and trickle down her ass towards her pussy. He collapses back on the bed and admires his handiwork. The love of his life, hogtied, glistening in the dim light in sweat and cum. Her body various shades of colour from spanking, physical exertion and the strain of the rope. He admires the little involuntary jerks of her powerful orgasms.

He grins to himself as he realises he’s managed to satiate one of her darker sexual desires.

He gets up and pulls off the blindfold, looks into her eyes and kisses her.

As he unties the rope he asks her, “So was it as good as you always imagined?”

She looks back at him, and smiles, “Much better… and I forgot to ask, how was your trip honey?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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