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“How did the date with Renee go last night?” Lance glared at me from behind thick, plastic-rimmed glasses.

I set a case of DVDs down on the floor. I’d dreaded this moment.

Lance and I had been best friends since pre-school. We had gotten our first jobs at the Video Hut when we were sixteen. Over the past eight years we’d been through high school, college, and various attempts at full-time careers but somehow we always ended up back here. He had always taken the job a little more seriously, so it was no surprise that he had been promoted to manager. Having your best friend for a boss was pretty decent, the pay was still microscopic but the hours were flexible enough to never interfere with my academic endeavors, which at the moment consisted of studying for a teaching degree.

“Come on man, don’t hold out on me. You look like a guy who got some pussy, spare no details.”

My friend was not one to mince words. “Sorry to disappoint Lance-a-lot, but things didn’t work out.” I sliced through some packing tape and unsealed the case of movies. Fifty copies of some cheesy horror remake, if the theaters couldn’t sell this garbage how did the regional offices expect us to.

“The girl you’ve been in love with your entire adult life wants to get back together with you, and you’re telling me things didn’t work out. You’re going to die a virgin.”

“Renee and I, we just don’t click anymore.”

“You don’t have to click, Rick.” He seemed amused by his rhyme. “You just have to take your clothes off and hop in bed. There are some excellent pamphlets I could recommend on the subject.” Now I was the one amused. “For a guy who struck out with his old flame last night you sure are in a good mood.”

How could I not be in a good mood after waking up in the arms of the woman I love. I wished I could tell him but since that woman happened to be my little sister, I couldn’t. I felt like I needed to tell someone, anyone, everyone, but my life would be over if anyone ever found out. Even my best friend.

“Well at least you have options. You have that hot Erin girl whose nuts for you, I’m sure if you wanted some tension relieved you could always hook up with her.”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “She and Julie had a falling out.”

“Julie wouldn’t have to know. I would be more than happy to keep your sister occupied.” Lance grinned.

My temperature rose. I knew that my best friend had the hots for Julie, he had made that abundantly clear in the past several years. The ironic thing was that I always found the idea of Lance and my little sister together to be taboo, it had always been out of the question but now it was for different reasons.

“Wow, I’ve never seen that shade of red on you before,” Lance said. “I was only kidding about Julie.” He hit my back. “I wouldn’t have sex with her, but if she wanted to do some topless housework at my apartment…”

“Oh, shut up.” I shoved Lance playfully.

The sun had just set when I pulled into the driveway. I called to my family but received no reply. I peeked in the garage window, the convertible was under tarp but the sedan was gone. I went into the kitchen and found a note from my parents, they had a conference in Fresno and would be gone until Tuesday. That piece of news certainly brought up some possibilities.

I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard my discarded pants beep. I fished my cell phone out of the pocket and pressed receive.

“Hello,” I said, as I rubbed my hair with a bath towel.

“Hi Rick,” a feminine voice, sweet as honey, spoke. “My parents are out of town for the weekend, I’ve got the whole place to myself. I was wondering if you’d like to come over for some dinner and a movie. I could use the company.”

Julie wanted to pretend like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I wondered if we were.

“I would love to. I just have to ditch my bratty little sister first.” Her pretty laugh warmed me through the phone. I glanced at the time on my cell phone display it read 8:07. “I’ll be over around 8:10”

I slapped on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and combed my hair. I padded barefoot down the stairs. The smell of cheese and oregano wafted into my nostrils. Smelled like Julie ordered pizzas, the empty boxes in the kitchen confirmed.

Julie was in the family room, sitting on the loveseat watching TV, her legs demurely crossed. She was casually attired, with a pair of denim capris and a peach tank top with spaghetti straps. The top framed her breasts beautifully. I took a deep breath so she would notice me.

She turned to smile at me. Her makeup was so light, I wondered if it were even there. “You’re early,” she said.

“Are you mad?”

“No.” Her green eyes sparkled. “That’s just more time I get to spend with you.” I felt the heat of a blush creep over my cheeks. “Come on things are getting cold.”

“No they’re not,” I said, sitting beside her. My body crushed the worn cushions of the loveseat. The backs of my fingers caressed her arms, leaving trails of goosebumps etimesgut escort in their wake. I kissed her almost bare left shoulder, she shuddered.

“The pizza is getting cold,” she breathed.

“I like cold pizza.” I kissed her neck then her ear and her cheek. Julie turned her head to face me. She looked like she was going to speak but instead closed her eyes and offered me her lips. I kissed them, unconcerned about the smears her light pink lipstick made on my mouth.

When were younger we used to sit together in this very loveseat and watch old monster movies. My parents thought it was cute, the way she begged me to hold her during the scary parts. I wondered what they would say about the way I held her now.

“Rick.” She pulled away from my mouth. “I paid for those pizzas out of my savings and I would get pretty pissed off if they went to waste.” She had quit her job at the mall last year and hadn’t looked for another since. A year of living off of savings had turned my little sister into a bit of a cheapskate.

“Alright,” I conceded, releasing her voluptuous figure. “I am getting a little hungry. A man can’t live on your lips alone.”

“Veggie for me and Canadian bacon for my handsome brother.” She handed me a huge plate, the crust was scarred and burnt, the cheese was dry. “What’s the matter, don’t tell me you have something against Pizza Sub.”

Anyone with taste buds had something against Pizza Sub. Pizza Submarine was a local place that, despite it’s name, did not sell submarine sandwiches and the claim that it sold pizza was dubious at best.

“Let me guess,” I said, “Dina delivered.” Dina was one of her high school friends. A sweet girl that, unfortunately for me, was quick to share her Pizza Sub employee discount.

I took a bite, it was pretty awful, my face must have said as much.

“Don’t be such a drama queen,” Julie said, “so it’s not Wolfgang Puck.”

“Wolfgang Puck? This isn’t even Chuck E. Cheese. I’m not so sure it’s even food.”

“Who cares, as long as it’s free.”

“Free?!” I spit my second bite into a paper napkin. “Julie I swear to God, if this pizza was dropped on the floor or something—“

Julie laughed at my little outburst. “Relax, it wasn’t dropped.” I took another bite. “It’s just a little old.” I scrambled for that napkin again as Julie giggled uncontrollably.

After spitting, I turned my attentions to my sister. “Alright you little tightwad, you think that’s funny? Wait till I get my hands on you.” She climbed off of the loveseat and tried to run. I caught a smooth, partially covered calf and pulled her to my lap. I kissed her, tasting the sauce on her lips. Even Pizza Sub tasted good on her. “We should watch the movie before you have your way with me.” Julie reached under the loveseat and pulled out a DVD case with a cheap, generic cover. It was Invasion of America the sci-fi picture I had seen just last night. “Don’t tell me you already saw it,” she said. I nodded. “Oh great! You could have told me before I spent half the day downloading and burning this thing.” She hit me in the chest with the slipcase.

“Renee and I saw it,” I confessed. “She remembered how much I like sci-fi and I didn’t think you would ever speak to me again.”

“Renee, huh?” Julie huffed, folding her arms as she locked eyes with me. “Just what else did you two do last night?”

Yikes, it didn’t take my sister long to settle into the jealous girlfriend role. “We saw the movie, then we ate at some Italian place, it was expensive, you would have hated it.” I smiled, she didn’t. “Then we went back to her place.”

“Her place?!” Julie bounced up from the loveseat. Agitation jiggled her body in a most fascinating way. “Richard Henderson Martin, what did you let that slut do to you? When we had sex last night, had ‘it’ already been inside her?”

“No. No! There’s only been you, Julie. Renee wanted to go farther, I had to literally yank my dick out of her mouth and come straight home.”

She didn’t look very comforted by my confession.

“I would never betray you. I love you too much.” That last part just kind of slipped out. I’d thought about telling her I loved her earlier, but wasn’t sure if she wanted to hear it. I know when I was nineteen it wasn’t something I was looking for in a relationship. Heck, I’m twenty-four and it’s never been at the top of my agenda.

A smile spread across Julie’s smeared lips. She sat down close to me. “I love you Rick.” A soft caress of my face with her petite hand followed her confession. “I think I’ve loved you since the day I was born.” My mouth opened, I tried to speak but her fingers hushed my lips. “Even when I was a little girl I knew you were for me.” Julie leaned forward and our lips made contact. We kissed for over a minute, eventually my lungs needed more air than my nostrils could supply.

“Rick,” she said. A spaghetti strap sagged over her left shoulder. “I’m not a little girl anymore” She certainly wasn’t. “But you’re still the one for me.”

I etimesgut escort bayan pulled the tank top off of her gorgeous upper body, then leaned in close to join my mouth to a perfect breast. The large nipple hardened as I suckled. I switched from one breast to the other, applying suction to the gloriously supple flesh. Milk was absent from her generous chest, but my thirst was sated nonetheless.

I kissed the nipple one last time before tasting the glorious flesh that made up her bosom. Julie released a contented mewl and cradled my head. My heart thudded against my breastbone as I lavished the pale skin of her breasts. I found her rubbery nipple once more and nipped it with my incisors. She made a noise, like a little peep. I pried my mouth from her body and leaned back against the loveseat, my stomach rose and sank as I attempted to regain my composure.

Julie removed my t-shirt, pulling the garment up and over my head. She tossed it to the floor, where it came to rest next to her discarded tank top.

She climbed on my lap, our half-naked bodies embraced. Her chest rubbed mine, she moaned as my hairs tickled her sensitive, pink nipples.

Our mouths joined again, locking together as if there were magnets in our lips. My hands snaked around to her back and pulled her warm body closer. She wriggled for a moment then stilled. I think she could feel the beat of my heart, it thumped wildly against her mashed breasts.

The kisses and the feel of Julie’s body against my own caused me to lose myself. I didn’t want this to end, ever.

She slid off of my lap and stood before me. Her long brown hair draped over her shoulders, covering her breasts. I remembered when she hit puberty how she had grown her hair long and worn it like a shield to conceal her rapid development. I always found it strange that some girls were embarrassed by their large breasts, while others would mortgage their house for plastic monstrosities that couldn’t even compare to the real thing.

I bounced to my feet and pulled Julie close for another kiss. It was a bit awkward this way, since Julie was barely over five feet. Her fingers gripped the back of my head, threading through my short, dark hair.

She pulled my head down as our tongues battled. Her tongue reached out for mine. My own tongue waited in ambush, it pinned hers down. We relocated the battle to her mouth where I was defeated. She gloated as I paused to swallow a mouthful of our intermingled saliva.

Kissing Julie was fine, but our parents were gone for the weekend. These opportunities would be rare as long as we both lived at home, I wanted to seize the opportunity to further explore her body.

I worked at the button of her capris, then the zipper, until I was able to peel the unyielding denim past her butt and sexy thighs. She stepped out of her pants and kicked them on top of the shirts. Next to fall were her pink panties, cotton, high-cut and unbelievably sexy.

I grasped her tiny hand and lowered my naked little sister to the sofa. She sat on the cushions and leaned back, offering me her curvaceous body. I kneeled before my goddess and spread her smooth thighs.

She asked if I was going to take my jeans off. I shook my head. I didn’t need to have them off for what I was about to do. I dipped my face close to her pussy, inhaling her unique scent. Her soft, brown pubic hairs tickled the tip of my nose. The scent of her arousal was amazing. Fresh, tangy and so spicy that it cleared my sinuses. I realized that I had smelled traces of the same piquant odor for years, on her clothes and on her skin, without ever considering it’s source. I moistened my lips and prepared my tongue.

I had done this a few times to Renee’s fiery red pussy. Giving her oral sex had brought me immense pleasure, almost as much as receiving it. I parted her moist lips with my fingers and gazed at the glistening, pink flesh within.

My mouth opened, my tongue dipped in for it’s first taste. Her juices might not be a threat to dethrone any of the 31 flavors at Baskin-Robbins but it was delicious just the same. I teased her labia, then repeatedly lapped my tongue along the length of her little furrow. Julie whined beneath my tongue. She purred my name, encouraging me to go faster.

I noticed the emergence of her little clitoris. My lips latched onto the pink nub, I licked and sucked as she bucked her hips. She shuddered and her thighs tensed, but I kept teasing. I wanted to give my little sister as much pleasure as I could.

Julie went over the edge as I bared my teeth and gently nipped her little clit. Lithe legs climbed over my shoulders, she gripped my hair with both hands and grated my head against her sweltering pussy. I stopped licking for a moment as she rode her powerful orgasm out. Her crotch ground to a halt against my face. She released me, fresh air flooded my lungs as I pulled away. Using the back of my arm, I wiped oily streaks of her moisture from my face. My little sister had soaked escort etimesgut me.

She smiled at me, not a doting little sister smile, this was a woman who was just pleased by her man smile. “Your turn, baby,” she said. Baby. That was the term of endearment our parents reserved for each other.

We swapped places, I was on the loveseat and Julie kneeled on the floor. She unsnapped my jeans and pulled them off. I hadn’t put any underwear on after my shower.

“Ooh big brother isn’t wearing any underpants, how kinky.”

“I am not kinky,” I said. “I just haven’t done my laundry yet.”

“Lucky me, there’s one less obstacle in the way.” Julie took my hard dick in her hand. She studied it with her green eyes and explored it with her fingers. She jerked it a few times, sliding the loose skin along the bar of erect flesh. “No wonder you guys are always playing with these things.” It was like a novelty to her.

She leaned close, so close her warm breath made me jump. Her pink tongue darted from between her lips to touch the sensitive head. She raised my dick, angling it so it stood at full mast and planted a chaste little kiss on the underside of my shaft. My hips jerked.

“Let me know if I do anything wrong.” She put the entire head in her warm little mouth. Oh God, there was nothing wrong about anything she did. True, my little sister was no blowjob veteran, but her eagerness and tenderness made up for any lack of experience.

“Oh Julie, you have no idea how good that feels,” I moaned. She smiled around my dick, maybe she did.

Blowjobs were just as I remembered them, warm, wet and amazing. How could I have gone so long without?

My loins stirred, I was so close, but the evening was young and I didn’t want to cum too soon. For the second time in less than twenty-four hours I preempted a blowjob. Julie whined when I pulled out of her mouth.

“Julie, one of these days I want to find out if you spit or if you swallow. Until then there are a few other things I want to do to you first.”

“Anything you want baby,” she said. Her cheek nuzzled against my knee.

“Julie.” I took a small hand and helped her to her feet.

“Yes Rick?”

“You keep calling me baby.”

Her eyes roamed the hardwood floor. “I… I’m sorry. I’m not trying to gross you out or anything, it just sort of comes out.”

“It’s okay, I kind of like it.” I pulled her naked body to mine. “I kind of like you.” Our mouths met for a slow kiss, her soft lips were something to be savored. “I kind of love you.”

I picked her up, cradling her in my arms. I carried her out of the family room and headed up the stairs. She felt so light in my arms, there was no effort involved. I breezed down the hallway, past her bedroom, she gave me a questioning look.

“This time we’re going to do it on my turf,” I teased. She cuddled close, pressing her forehead against my neck as I pushed open the door to my room.

The blinds were closed, only the dim light of my computer monitor lit my way. I intended to deposit her on my disheveled bed, but a stray shoe interfered. My bare foot collided with the size thirteen sneaker, sending is both tumbling.

I managed to maintain balance long enough to deposit Julie on my bed. She squeaked as her body bounced on the springs. My landing wasn’t so soft. I fell to my knees, where my torso slammed into the side of the mattress and box springs.

“Baby are you alright?” Julie’s voice was an even mix of genuine concern and suppressed hysterics.

I assured her I was fine, then staggered to my feet rubbing my sore sternum. The skin was tender and red, a nasty bruise was sure to follow.

“Good, wouldn’t want to put you on the disabled list right before the big game.” She caressed my chest, soothing my pain.

I crawled on the bed and sat beside her. “How do you want to do it?” she asked.

“Ladies choice.”

Julie nodded and crawled to the middle of the bed. She stayed on her hands and knees, presenting me with a lovely view of her rounded backside.

I moved closer to her. Her perfect, symmetrical, white butt was directly in front of me. I bent down and placed a kiss on each soft cheek. I caressed her for a moment, my fingers dipping to the softness of her thighs and then to her moist slit.

My erection had never subsided, now it would be put back to use.

I placed the head of my dick against her warm pussy and slowly penetrated her from behind. She was still incredibly tight, but inch by inch, her willing body allowed me full access. After a very slow penetration, I was all the way in.

I didn’t move right away, I wanted to enjoy our union and I wanted to touch every inch of her naked body before the weekend was over. I reached out and massaged her back. She rolled her head and whispered my name. My hands traveled over her shoulders, they inevitably wandered toward the breasts that dangled beneath her body like fleshy pendulums. I squeezed and manipulated them in a gentle milking motion.

My dick moved inside of her. My fingers were still wrapped around her fleshy bosom as I drove deeper and deeper. She grunted as I touched places in her that she didn’t even know existed. I pulled out again, all the way, then slammed my crotch against her butt. My ears filled with the melody of flesh against flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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