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Double Penetration

Picture me for a second. 6’1″ 250lbs. Now imagine my job. I bet you thought of something like being a football player, or unloading shipments of stuff. Nope. First year out of high school and I didn’t go to college. I decided to take a year off. I also didn’t have a job.

So sometime in March, I was talking to a friend who joked that they were “so broke they were about to apply to be the Easter bunny at the mall” I cracked up and laughed at it. Except I soon realized, I am broke, and I’d be the Easter bunny. It seems like an easy enough job. Wave and take pictures with kids right? Done deal. But it was a little embarrassing that I would apply for a job like that. So if I was gonna apply, no one could know, family, friends, even acquaintances, I was praying that the bunny helpers were people I didn’t know. So, not expecting much back, I went ahead and applied. Lo and behold, they hired me. Some shitty wage like 9$ an hour. I met with the lady in charge and she had me try on the Easter bunny outfit and she was in love. Whatever. It was a job.

First day was easy enough. Not everyone knew that the bunny was a thing just yet, so in my seven and a half hour shift I only had like 10 kids and a few older people, that liked holiday cheer, stop by. I started at 10am and around 1pm we had a break so that I could take the suit off and get some air. It was so hot. I had thirty minutes to cool down then it was back on with the bunny suit. I continued on, but by 3pm I was overheated. We took a quick break and I said that there was no way in hell I could go on. They had another kid that was helping out with the photos, and he was willing to switch out with me. So I had to cut my shift early and leave at 3. Fine by me, even though it was only a few people I was exhausted.

My second day I came in at 10am again, however the person in charge said she changed my schedule so that I would only have to work till 3 again. Music to my ears. This day was brutal. BRUTAL. Everyone knew the bunny was there, so everyone wanted photos. By the time my break came at 1, I must have posed with at least 100 kids. Some of them were heavy, too. Some of them just wanted to come in and visit the bunny, not even take a picture. So for an awkward 20 seconds I just wave at them before a helper shoos them away. I’m not allowed to talk, so I can’t ask them what they want for Easter so it’s just waving hand gestures. I couldn’t wait for 3 o’clock.

Around 2:30 I was swamped. I sweated my way through the clothes I had on underneath the suit. The helpers were trying to move as fast as they could, kids would come in, pose, we’d take demetevler escort a few photos and then the next kid would come in, I had no time to even look at these people. The fact that I constantly had kids crowding me made me a million times hotter in the damn suit.

Just as I was reaching an early grave I took a look at the next group of people that came for a photo. My older sister, and her two friends, one a guy and one a girl. Fuck. She must have found out I was the bunny! Naturally, I just sat and waited for her to mention that she wanted a photo with her brother, but she didn’t, she was oblivious that it was me! Just an odd stroke of luck that she came with only a few minutes left in my shift. So she and her friend, Amanda, I believe we’re trying to figure out where to sit Frankie, the guy with them. I motioned for Frankie to sit on my lap and my sister and Amanda cheered him on.

“Come on sit on the bunny’s lap,” my sister said.

“No, come on.” he sat next to me, “there are two beautiful ladies bunny, let them sit on your lap.”

A moment later my sister and Amanda plopped down on my lap, and I didn’t notice until now, but my sisters ass was probably the firmest and plumpest I’ve ever felt. We took a few photos and then the helpers asked someone to come and take a look at the photos to make sure they were good, so Amanda got up to take a look, but my sister just stayed put. To my surprise, she started grinding her ass against me! Who knew that my sister was such a tease! It’s obvious that I had a tent, but my sister was the only one to notice. She saw it, then looked right into the bunny mask and smiled.

“Whoops! Sorry about that mister bunny, guess I just get excited sometimes.”

Amanda gave the thumbs up that the photos were good, and my sister hopped off my lap to leave. As she stepped away, I grabbed her hand and she turned around, there was just a moment of silence as she looked at the bunny mask and I looked at her. She leaned in and quietly said “What time do you get off?”

For the first time, I spoke, in almost a whisper, I said “Now. I’ll be leaving through the silver doors down the hall.”

My sister winked, then headed off with her friends. What the fuck was I thinking? I was acting like I was gonna fuck my sister, let alone like she was gonna fuck me. She was probably only being a tease and nothing more. I felt a little bit ashamed. Someone put the break room keys in my hand and I started off. On my way to the break room I saw the other bunny emerge from the silver doors and I gave a little wave.

The escort demetevler silver doors led to a hallway, where at the end of the hallway you emerge on the outside of the mall, then you walk outside and then come across several more doors, some loading docks and some boiler rooms, then finally you come across the break room. So it’s a bit of a walk.

I opened the silver doors and started down the hallway when my sister jumped out from behind a large crate with some boxes secured on it.


I was surprised, I still had on my bunny mask, but if I didn’t, she would’ve seen the look on my face.

“I almost thought you were that other bunny that walked by but I figured there was no way you could’ve made it down here and come in from the other end of the hallway before I could.”

I tried to make my voice sound deeper “Where are your friends?”

“I told them I had to do something and they left.”

She came over to me and begin to lift off my helmet.



“It’s sexy.” I said unsure of myself.

“Ahh. I guess I could fuck you with that on.”


“That is what we are gonna do here. Right? I assumed that erection was for me? Unless it was for my guy friend Frankie?”

“No! No, it was for you. Just… we can’t do it here.” I said, slightly unsure if I could do it all. My head said no, but my dick was saying something else.

“Well where?”

I started toward the break room. We went outside and I saw some kids heading into the mall from the parking lot. They waved at me but I completely ignored them thinking about what may happen in a few moments. I got to the break room and took off my glove so that I could unlock the door.

I led my sister in and she took a look around. “Sooooo right here? Cool.” She quickly took off her top so I could see her breasts. They were magnificent. In that moment, I chose that I’d fuck my sister silly. I took my free hand and started massaging her breast. She let out a small moan. I dropped the bunny pants and she grabbed by cock through my underwear. I started kicking off the bunny feet and the pants around my ankles so I’d have some more freedom. She pulled out my totally erect cock and wrapped her sweet lips around it. Just the fact that my sister was sucking my cock almost caused me to blow my load right then. I peeled off the jacket so that the only thing I had on was the head.

There was a table in the break room and I just couldn’t wait to get inside of her. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and said “The table.”

“Ooooh demetevler escort bayan okay,” she said and got up went to the table and took the rest of her clothes off.

There it was, that perfect ass I had felt when she sat on me. Plump and beautiful. I took a moment and just squeezed it and admired. “Have you ever done anal?”

“I’ve never done anything.”

WHAT? My older sister is a virgin! I was probably grinning from ear to ear.

“That’s kind of why I’m doing this,” she explained. “Some of my friends find it weird that I’m so picky so I figured I’d just fuck a stranger.”


“So I’m all yours for now.”

I quickly positioned her ass so it was accessible. I positioned my cock and took a deep breath. I pushed my head up against her walls and said “This is gonna hurt.”

“How big is your cock?”

“8 1/2.”

“Well it better hurt or I want my money back,” she joked.

“3…2…1,” on one I plunged my cock as far as I could into her ass. She let out a loud scream. I slowly began fucking her so gently.

“Listen bunny I’m 19 and a virgin, so… uhhhh… just fuck fast so I can… fuckkkkkk me harder!”

I started fucking as fast as I could. I never dreamed of being in the position I was in, but I sure as shit am glad I’m in it. I fucked her ass until I was close to cumming. I quickly pulled out and took a breather.

“Why’d you stop?” She said as she flipped over. I was in awe as I looked at her unshaven pussy. It was so beautiful I almost started to cry.

“Uhh, so that I can fuck your beautiful pussy.” I said.

“Fuck yeah. Let’s do it!” She encouraged.

I took the head of my cock and rubbed it in between her perfect pussy lips.

“Come on bunny. I’m ready.”

I took one second to pinch myself to see if I was awake, then pushed my cock into my sisters pussy. We sat for a moment, my cock in my sisters pussy. I then began slowly pulling out and pushing in to her. I was so close to cumming, but I couldn’t let her know that.

“Ohhhhhhhh my godddddd! This is soooo much better than my fingers.”

I’d pull out slowly then quickly slam into her and I think she liked it as much as I did. I was so close now.

“Uhhh… by the way… fuckkk… my name is Anne.”

I continued to fuck her and in my regular voice said “I know.”

“Wait what?” She replied.

I took the bunny head off and for the first time looked my sister in the eyes with my own eyes.

“Todd!?” Just then I blew stream after sticky stream of my load deep in her pussy, at the same time, she too orgasmed, and it looked like it was a big one.

We sat for a moment and caught our breath. She was first to speak.

“That was… so good.”

I leaned in a gave my sister a quick kiss. I pulled away and looked in her eyes. She smiled, I leaned in and passionately kissed her.

I was excited for the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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