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Writing these stories has been exhilarating with the help of a special friend who has given me the confidence to explore what is in my head. All of this is a fantasy, and you will need to read the first parts for this to make sense.

Waking up from the events of the night before made me feel weak at the knees. I woke early (which is unlike me), spooning my dear wife, but Misty has disappeared. I felt a pang of sadness but never to fear, that girl does not let anyone down.

Tiff and I hopped into the shower. As we were drying ourselves off, there was a knock at the door. I moved to open it, and there she was, looking stunning and carrying breakfast and the all-important caffeine to make Tiffany able to function in the world. As I closed the door behind her, she took off the large black coat to reveal some amazingly sexy lingerie and the boots she was wearing the night before.

Tiffany and I looked stunned at her. Tiff stuttered out, “Did you really get us breakfast in just that?”

Misty smiled proudly and replied, “It was a toss up on whether or not I wore the lingerie underneath, I must admit.”

While I stood there hard and looking like an idiot, Misty asked Tiff to smack me in the back of the head (and she happily obliged), and we ate in the room like seemingly civilized adults (naked ones all the same as modesty seemed a bit pointless at this stage).

The conversation was light-hearted while the tension was still there. We had time before checkout, and it was a game of chicken between where Misty’s hands were going and who was going to blink first.

The food was not the only thing Misty had on her wicked brain to eat before we flew home. I was sure of that. Tiff will take forever to eat and drink a coffee, and I was not sure what the hell to do in this situation.

As we were acting like three civilized, mostly naked people around a table ravished from the night before. I noticed my phone light up to indicate an incoming text message. Not knowing who it is from, I decided to get up and go over to read it.

It is my WhatsApp, and Misty has obviously sent it from under the table “If you trust me, then stand there for a minute or two and read this like it is a long email. I have one more piece of corruption before Mr. and Mrs. Shithead go home xx”.

Naturally, I decide to do as I am told, and I scroll through the screen and mutter under my breath, “for fuck sake, people!”

Tiff asks what that was all about, and I replied, “Just morons and work.”

This was not an unusual response for me staring at a phone, so the eating and caffeine consumption continued until nothing remarkable happened, so wondering what my role in the theatre performance of Misty’s mind was, I started to walk towards the table.

Before I knew it, Misty had pushed me flat on my back on the bed. I tripped onto the bed but did not land properly. Misty told Tiff to get up and help her get me on my back.

I did not know why help was needed, but this would become apparent in a moment.

Before I knew it, I had Tiffany sitting on my face as I ate her amazing pussy like it was my last meal. I have always enjoyed going down on my wife, even if I have not done a lot of it over the years.

Soon enough, I had the vixen herself, sucking me and teasing my balls. In a moment, my big brain just died and blue-screened. It was the slowest blowjob I had ever had in my life, but she was being a tease for a reason.

As she sucked me off slowly and teased my balls, I then noticed her switch to my balls and then stroke me in a slow, teasing but sultry kind of way, and then it happened, her tongue hit my ass.

I just about jumped out of my skin in shock at the amazing feeling going on. I am not sure how Tiff’s face looked as I was busy with her pussy, but she had never done this before either, so I can only imagine.

I was just in the seventh heaven, and then some as this went on as I was eating my darling wife’s pussy, getting a hand job and rim job at the same time, and my brain was just unable to think, so I just stopped trying.

As I kept eating Tiff out, I felt her pressing istanbul travesti more and more on my face as I felt her legs buckle. As her legs buckled, I would go faster and faster with my tongue. I had never spent this long eating pussy before, but I was in my element.

Not being one to allow a rhythm to form, Misty had to step up the game. I feel it, the cold, wet feeling on my ass. While I did not know where the lube had come from, I was not prepared to think about where in her bag she had stashed it and why I did not predict that this was coming (pardon the pun).

As I felt the tingle on my ass, I felt it flowing into my sphincter, which was not a new sensation for me alone with the butt plug, but no one else had ever used it on me before, especially while my tongue was where it was.

Her finger was probing me as she resumed sucking me off. I could feel the eyes roll into the back of my head as I tried to focus on finishing Tiff off all over my face. I loved it when she drowned my face in her juices, and this looked to be the biggest orgasm I had ever given her with my tongue. Her knees start shaking as I start moaning into her when the next thing happens.

Before I realise it and without warning, there is a full dildo in my ass. My ass stretches and envelopes it like it was natural for it to do so. Suddenly, I am being blown while my ass is getting fucked with the dildo.

Then everything temporarily stops.

I get some momentum again to finally finish Tiffany off to her orgasm as her thighs act as a vice around my face, and I just keep eating that delicious pussy to the point where she moans and screams. She urges me to stay “right there” repeatedly as her voice goes up an octave, her legs shake, and she finally orgasms all over my face. As she orgasms, I keep eating her through the orgasm as I wanted this to last as long as it possibly can.

However, as the screaming commences, I start to feel the dildo sliding in and out of my ass harder and faster than before, and I realised I am getting fucked in the ass! It turns out Misty has got her strap-on stashed in that bag of hers and obviously came prepared to continue her corruption.

As she groaned, “take that fucking cock” to me. Her voice loud, penetrating into the euphoria of my pleasure, I realised where this was going, and I was in heaven. It all seemed oddly poetic at this point that this is where it would come to.

As Tiff came down from that orgasm, she just sat on my face as I held her to brace her until she was ready to move. I moaned into her pussy. Tiff was urging Misty on, telling her to take my ass hard and as deep as possible. I knew there were not going to be any more sex secrets after all of this, but I knew that I did not want this to stop any time soon.

Before I knew it, Tiff had slid down on my cock, which was throbbing hard and leaking precum. She impaled herself on my cock so she could ride me while my ass was getting pounded. She leaned down to me and whispered, “you are such a good cock slut now, aren’t you?” then kissed me on just the right spot on my neck to make me moan even more. It was official — I was bi and loved it at this moment.

As Tiff sped up the riding, Misty sped up the pounding into my ass. I knew I was not going to last very long if this continued for too long. However, Tiff was in on the game now.

As I got close to exploding, Tiff jumped off, and Misty stopped pounding my ass.

My eyes almost popped out of my head as the tension was unbearable. They both obviously wanted to spread out my sexual torture for as long as they could. Then as I laid there and started protesting, Misty and Tiffany looked at me with well-timed filthy looks to remind me to shush up.

Then my eyes were covered with a makeshift blindfold made from a bath towel, my hands were tied to the bedpost with the belts from last night, and then the blissful peace of torture came next — Misty whispering in my ear, “this will be the most delicious part of the torture of all,” in her most alluring voice possible and then she slid noise-cancelling earbuds in my ears.

Being deprived istanbul travestileri of sight, touch, and hearing, I had not felt more vulnerable but excited in all my life.

I hear nothing, saw nothing, and could do nothing. I feel my ass being filled up again. However, this feels different than before. The pounding seemed more urgent, more needy, and then I feel hands gripping my hips, and it dawns on me. I am having my first sex with a guy in front of my wife. I felt sure that Misty set this up with Tiff’s support.

As that thought whirs around my brain, I take the pounding in my ass like a champion. My cock felt rock hard, and I felt precum leaking onto my chest.

For a while, I cannot tell where Misty or Tiff is. I can make assumptions, and that does nothing to make me last longer in my major state of arousal.

I was taking it and loving it, and I was not even going to try and deny it for obvious reasons.

However, the women in this situation did not gag me; otherwise I am not sure I would have been able to breathe in this situation. That was about to change though.

Before I knew it, Misty was on my face, and Tiff was on my cock. Between where my mouth was going, cock was going, and the pounding my ass was taking. I was in sensory overload and trying to concentrate way too much on what I was meant to do or not do in each situation.

I was using every ounce of my brainpower to eat Misty’s pussy and do it to the point where I could feel her squirming on my face and with her thighs against my face. I assumed I must be doing good at it, so I continued, taking the pace a notch higher. I did not have hands to use, so all I had was my tongue and my breath on her clit.

I realised that lightly breathing on her clit made her squirm like hell, so I intermittently would do it in between eating her out by memorizing her sultry tutorial from the night before. The squirming continued as her thigh slowly clamped down on either side of my face.

Without warning, I felt the urgency of the cock in my ass speed up, and then suddenly, he blew what felt like a huge load of cum up me. I had never felt so full in my ass in my life, but it felt weird but amazing all at the same time as the cock inside of me spurted into me. I could not hear anything or even see who was fucking me. Whoever he was, he sure is amazing.

After a few minutes, I could feel him pull out of me. Then I felt the cum leaking out of me. Almost as soon as he pulled out, I shot the biggest load I could remember inside Tiff. I just moaned as loud and as deeply as I could into Misty’s pussy as I emptied myself into my darling wife.

Normally I would be lifeless, but I still had a vixen’s pussy on my face to eat out. As I continued to eat her out like it was my last thing to do on Earth before dying, I felt my eyes readjusting to the light as Tiff took off my blindfold first, then my restraints so I could join the rest of the room on the situation around me.

The guy who had given me the ass fucking of a lifetime was gone.

However, I had to retaliate immediately to the situation, so I picked Misty up by the hips, almost threw her on the bed like a rag doll, and then ate her like my life depended on it.

Tiff threw in the smart comment that “Still hungry after taking so much…” with a giggle on the end as I ate Misty out.

I ignored the comment as retaliation was not worth it. I just pinned Misty down with my hands while eating her out like my life depended on it.

Misty encouraged me by screaming, “Don’t think, just eat” and “Yes…. Fuck! right there.”

The chants got louder and louder and closer and closer together. Before every muscle in her body tensed and then the orgasm washed over her, and I licked up every drop of juice from her sweet pussy like it was my last meal.

As we all laid there panting like we had run a marathon, reality dawned on us: we had 30minutes to check out, and being on a walking stick, I hardly move quickly.

Tiff got up as the super organized, OCD traveler that she is –even though her steps were wobbly as if she were drunk. I suppose, travesti istanbul in a way, she was drunk, just not on alcohol.

I raised myself with cum starting to leak down my legs as I prepared to find clothes as I knew there was no time for a shower before I felt a Misty hug and her teasing my ass again before feeling her shove a plug in my ass.

My eyes rolled back in my head as my ass was filled again, and then I kissed Misty on the forehead and asked gently, “What was that for?”

She smiled mischievously and told me, “Before you put pants on, have a look in the mirror.”

Naturally curious as to what the butt-plug in my ass was all about, other than being just straight out slutty I walked into the bathroom, packed up the toiletries, and spun around. Immediately I turned around; there it was, an American flag was sticking out of my ass. A glittery, shiny American flag. Then I realised what this was, another one of her now-famous ironic tricks.

I walked out of the bathroom (gingerly) and kissed Misty deeply, then whispered in her ear, “really, you had to own my ass all the way home?”

She looked drunk on the power we had given her over the last 48 hours to reply, “Of course! Got to make things memorable. It’s silicone, by the way, so it won’t set off the metal detectors at the Airport.” With a sly giggle, she helped us get the bags together.

Checkout was the weirdest hotel checkout ever. We looked like absolute rubbish. Between the staggering, sweating, messy hair and shiny lips, it would have looked like we were still drunk and tried to put lip balm on or something strange.

We bundled into the Uber to the Airport, looking as messy as all fuck. Misty was in the middle of the back and looked as innocent as she possibly could while tracing her hands on my thigh, and Tiff. She was insatiable.

After coming into the Airport, we got through the scanners (after the walking stick through the scanner issue that we always have), Then we went into the lounge.

I then went to the bar, and alcohol was coming out, so I got us three champagnes. Tiff does not normally drink it, and neither did I. However, considering the weekend, it hardly seemed like that mattered at the moment.

We clinked glasses to a new and amazing friendship, and then I wanted to go to the toilet to put some water on my face, so I felt conscious again. I hobbled off into the disabled toilet and spent a bit longer than standard in there as I took stock for a moment of the situation.

I could feel the plug in my ass, and I was enjoying it, I was not going to lie. I washed my face to rejoin the party.

As I sat down, I realised that they were both behind me. Tiff’s arm was over Misty, and they were both giggling quite loudly. As I sat down, I asked, “what you two giggling about?” to which the response was a long, drawn-out sexy kiss from Misty.

This kiss was deep, sensual, and like that first night in the Uber but less secretive. We did not care who saw or heard what at this stage as inhibitions were zero. As we stopped and looked into each other’s eyes, she kissed my neck and whispered, “It might not have been the-mile-high club, but your wife’s cunt is delicious.”

Almost startled by the fact I had never heard Misty use that word before, I muttered, “you really are a cheeky shit,” then I kissed her again to taste every drop of my wife off another woman’s lips I possibly could.

As our kiss broke, our flight was called, and reality beckoned. We both hugged and made out with Misty in front of everyone who passed on by. We did not realise the weird looks we would be getting, and at the moment, we did not care.

As Tiff and I walked hand in hand towards the check-in desk, we had never been as close as we were at that moment. We checked in, then my phone vibrated, and I opened up WhatsApp to a message “You two are the best. I love Mrs. Shithead a little bit more then you xx PS. I will be coming to see you both very soon, I have way more debauchery for you both then you could even imagine”.

As I was scrolling, I realised there was a video file attached. I turned the sound off and realised it was a video of her fingering herself quietly in the back of an Uber and trying not to get caught. I showed Tiff, and she looked at me and just kissed me deeply to remind me that I had found her new favourite friend in the whole wide world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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