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My name is Tina Black. If you were to look at me, you would probably think that I have the perfect life. I stand five feet ten inches tall, lean and athletic, with short black hair and pale bronze skin. My eyes are a pale brown. Recently, I graduated from Boston University with an MBA. Currently, I work for Blake Enterprises, a large pharmaceutical company based in New England. I’m only twenty two years old. A prodigy. Impressive, huh?

I’ve got looks, and brains, and I come from a solid background. My father James Black is a Congressman. My mother Elisabeth Johnson Black is a state representative. Both of my parents are into politics. They’re both staunch conservative Republicans. As for myself, I’m as liberal as they come. I’m a raging liberal with a capital L. Trust me on that one. In my years in college, I’ve experimented a little. If you were good-looking, rich and powerful, or simply adventurous, you would experiment too. Yeah, I did my share of experimenting.

I’ve had two relationships which I shall never forget. The first was my girlfriend Amy Stuart. Amy Stuart is this girl I met in my first day at the school. A tall, slim and athletic blonde. Amy Stuart was a point guard for the B.U. Women’s Basketball team. We had the same Psychology class together. We ended up becoming friends and later, lovers. This was my very first serious relationship. I introduced Amy to my parents. As you can imagine, it caused a little stir. The daughter of powerful members of the Republican party was a dyke. Wow. The media had a field day with the story. I didn’t care. I was young and in love. To my parents dismay, I refused to hide who I was.

One Kurtköy Escort day, Amy and I walked around City Hall holding hands. We even kissed. The media loved us. Oh, yeah. All of a sudden, I was popular. The Amazing Lesbian Daughter of the Republican Party. Wow. Yeah, it was like that. I loved the attention, I must admit. Most of the time, the spotlight was on my parents but I enjoyed my days of fame. Amy did not crave the spotlight like I did. In the end, I think it’s what broke us up. Amy was out of the closet but did not care to be hounded by the paparazzi everywhere we went. After a while, neither did I but by then, it was too late.

This first relationship was painful. All first relationships are painful. I had seen what the world could do and I thought it held no more surprises for me. At least, that’s how I felt around the time that I met Magnus Heracles. Magnus was this young man I met during my junior year of college. A tall, good-looking black dude. He had been making headlines lately as a member of the basketball team. One of those black super studs. He was an arrogant bastard and a first-rate SOB. Politically incorrect, overly macho and overconfident. All those things women claim to hate in a man but can’t help feeling attracted to. Of course, he was simply irresistible. We ended up hooking up at a party on campus.

I had been drinking quite a bit that night. I could see Magnus flirting with women and men left and right. If I had some doubts about this bad boy’s sexual orientation before, I was now sure that he was at least bisexual. Whoever says gay and bisexual guys are always the nice, sensitive type obviously Pendik Escort never met Magnus. We’re talking about a guy who walked into a women’s studies class and called them a bunch of man-hating bitches who needed to find a new hobby. Of course, he got away with it. How? That’s a whole other story.

Magnus was making out with this tall, good-looking black man named Eric. The two of them were kissing and seemed to be really into each other. Eric was a former football player who had recently come out of the closet. He was an alumnus. They looked good together. Unfortunately for Magnus, Eric left the party early, since he had to get on a plane back to San Francisco the next day. Magnus looked no worse for wear. My man-chasing pal Janet was already putting the moves on the somewhat drunk bisexual stud when I decided to make my move. I asked Magnus to dance. Since I was a cute gal and a celebrity in my own right, he couldn’t resist me.

We were dancing and all eyes were on us. Around us, couples were dancing. Men with men, women with women and the occasional straight couple. I must say that Magnus and I looked alright together. Our bodies were awfully close and I must say that I was quite horny. We went upstairs into one of the bedrooms. Magnus undressed before me as I sat on the bed. I looked at him as he stripped. Tall, muscular and masculine. He was quite beautiful in his own way. He gestured for me to come to him and I did. Slowly, we kissed as he undressed me.

We were rolling around on the bed, our naked bodies pressed against each other. I felt his hard cock against my legs. I put my arms around him, wanting to feel Mutlukent Escort him against me. Magnus entered me with one firm thrust. I felt his hard cock inside my pussy. I cried out and begged him for more. I had never had sex with a man before. I was strictly into girls. That’s how I defined myself just days ago. Yet here I was, in bed with a man. I was screaming in primal joy as he took me to high heaven. When he came inside me, I shrieked. It was glorious. And this is how I lost my virginity to a man.

Magnus lay next to me, sleeping. I looked at him. I never thought I would ever give myself to a man. Especially not a man like him. He thought he was God’s gift to both men and women. He was so cocky and full of himself. He got into fights with people on campus, both verbal and physical, yet was allowed to stay because he was a superstar and the school couldn’t win without him. He had hopes of getting into the NBA. Yet he was fairly open about his sexuality. The guy took both men and women to his bed and didn’t care to hide it from the world. I didn’t know what to make of him. The man I had just given myself to was a paradox. Is it any wonder I fell in love with him?

When I woke up the next day, he was gone. I sat up on the bed, thinking about last night’s events. I had done it with a man. I hadn’t thought myself capable of doing such a thing. Yet I had done it. My body knew its needs better than my brain did. That’s an argument women make often against men but I guess it was true for women as well. I had acted without thinking and ended up in bed with a handsome man who was a great lover but wrong for me in so many levels. I didn’t know that my whole world would change. I couldn’t foresee that my GLBT friends would turn against me for loving a man. I couldn’t foresee how much all of this would change me. This encounter. I guess life can surprise you. Until next time, then.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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